42 thoughts on “May Moon Pack Madness – Contest!

  1. Anthony and Dare. Hey, I can’t choose a favorite among my 2 kids so I can’t choose a favorite here!

  2. How does one choose a favorite from so many great characters? I have to say Dare. I would love to be his friend

  3. OMG! You really like to put me in the spot! 🙂 I would say Anthony and Dare, but when I think about it, I also like Silver, his loyalty and love towards Anthony and his pack. It doesn’t matter what is happening, his love is unmovable. I like that.

  4. Dakota, he gave up the freedom of the wild, everything he knew and trusted, for Henry.

  5. Wow! Talk about a tough choice–that’s like choosing your favorite child. Each of your MC’s are noble and wonderful, but they aren’t flat, two-dimensional paper cut-outs. I don’t know if you mean wolves in the Moon Pack or simply characters in the series. Here are a few of my favorites, by species:
    ~Jaeger tried to fit into his old pack, working himself ragged to tithe so his pack prospered, but the alpha was a greedy bozo that tried to bleed him dry. My heart hurt for him. So glad he found Ryder.
    ~Henry and Dakota. Henry couldn’t forgive himself for not saving his brother and Dakota was changed from a natural wolf to a shifter without his consent. They protected the pack from the mutants and healed each other.
    ~Noel…no one should have to suffer the way Noel did when his partner and daughter died violently. He’d been living a half-life before he met Hart. So glad they found one another.
    Love all the books in this series and it’s darned hard to pick just one!

  6. I am going to say Steven today, because without Steven dragging Anthony to the club there would be no Moon Pack series and I love this series:)

  7. Gah, how can I choose, I love them all. Okay if I have to choose it would be a toss up between Anthony and Dare. I think today it will be Dare.

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