Sorry this was delayed!

There will be a lot more writing tomorrow. I couldn’t find what I had written earlier. My computers aren’t talking to each other. LOL

Here is a tiny vignette. The others will be longer.

Anthony Carrow flipped through the catalog earnestly searching each page. After fifty flips he slammed it closed. “Damn.”

“What’s wrong, boss?” Dare sauntered through the open doorway to Anthony’s office.

“Silver’s birthday is next week, and I can’t decide what to get him.” He waved the catalog at the tiger shifter. “Nothing in here helped at all.” He threw it into the waste can beside his desk.

Dare shrugged. “You know Alpha isn’t really into stuff. Why don’t you just tie a bow around your neck and call it done.”

Anthony laughed. “It might come down to that if I can’t find anything. What do you get the man who has everything he needs and doesn’t want what he doesn’t have?”

“You can’t fight against success.” Dare dropped into the chair opposite Anthony’s desk. “There’s nothing wrong with someone who’s happy with his life.”

Anthony rubbed his eyes. “No, there isn’t but it makes him really hard to shop for.”

“When’s the last time you slept?” Dare leaned forward examining Anthony’s face.

“All night? A few weeks. Trin’s been having nightmares. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want to talk about them, so I end up holding a sobbing child while Silver and I try to calm him enough to go back to sleep.

“Doesn’t do much for your sex life either,” Dare interjected.

“Not at all. I’m so tired. What I really want is a nice nap in order to get enough energy for sex.”

Dare smirked. “I came to drag you away for lunch. If you’ve been tired, I doubt you’re eating well.”

Anthony sighed. “You’re right and I have meetings this afternoon so no time for a nap.”

“How about time for lunch?”

Anthony checked the time on his phone and nodded. “Sure I can be free for a hour.”

Anthony stabbed his salad, his mind still on what to get his beloved for his birthday.

Dare propped his chin on his hand. “Did the tomatoes impudently squirt you or something?”

“No.” Anthony dropped his fork onto the plate. “I’m still thinking about Silver.”

The tiger shifter set his napkin on the table. “Listen, I’ve got a small cabin by the lake a few hours out of town. How about you take Silver there for his birthday. It’s not glamorous but it is quiet, and I’ll watch Trin for the weekend. That will give you some alone time with your sweetie. I’ll even throw in the bow.”

Anthony laughed. “That sounds really good, thanks Dare.”

“No problem.” Dare flashed a bit grin. “Make sure you bring me back a more relaxed Alpha, and pictures.”

“I make no promises about pictures, but I will see what I can do about the relaxed Alpha.”

Two days later Anthony took Silver to the lakeside cabin for his birthday. Anthony had cake, a big bed and a shiny red bow around his neck.

19 thoughts on “Sorry this was delayed!

  1. My problem was my husband always found out about his gift. Never could surprise that man so I know how hard it is to buy gifts. Nice to hear from Anthony ans Silver

  2. I bet Silver is over moon about getting time to spend with his man, great birthday present.

  3. Dare to the rescue! Anthony and Silver were at their wits end, trying to calm a hysterical Trin after weeks of night terrors. Maybe Dare can figure out what’s going on while Anthony and Silver decompress at Dare’s cabin.

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