Birthday Blog Story Part 1

I should have pretty cover art in a day or two. Note these are unedited!

This is the short beginning of the story I’m calling Fae Light, Fae kNight

Chapter One

Finn Bronich slumped down in his office chair and chugged the last of his triple almond mocha. Overpriced extravagance at its finest. He really shouldn’t have wasted the money but as he sucked down the last bit of chocolate sauce he couldn’t regret the purchase.

Junior detectives didn’t earn much and his savings account had cobwebs, but a little indulgence was good for the soul and Finn had a sweet tooth the size of North America.

“Hey human, did you finish the Smith report?” Senior detective John Stance asked. His were lion gold eyes flashed annoyance at Finn’s existence.

“Hey don’t be using your hate speech here, Stance,” Axel Smithfield, vampire and Finn’s partner, scowled at the shifter. “Captain has already written you up twice this month.”

“I sent the report to your inbox this morning.” He kept his voice neutral even as he bit back words that would see him mauled.

“Good, at least you are good for something.” Stance stomped off.

“Why do you let him talk to you like that?” Axel asked. “Employee services would tear him a new asshole if you complained.”

Finn scratched at his itchy elbow, further irritating the reddish bump. His new lotion didn’t agree with him. “I don’t want to get a reputation as a whiner. You know I’m a pity hire. They only did it so they can claim they hire non-paras.” He tapped at his desk to emphasize his point. “I’m the only human detective and I had to score ten percent higher than everyone else in my placements to even be given a shot.”

“It’s stupid,” Axel argued. “You are a damn good detective. You might not be able to run like a cheetah shifter or smell things like a werewolf but your investigative skills are top notch.”

“Thanks Ax but we both know you weren’t that thrilled I was hired at first either.”

“That’s because my clan sees humans as food. You don’t play with your food.” He offered an unapologetic smile. “I’ve learned better. At least one human is worthwhile.”

Finn threw a paperclip at him which Axel promptly caught. “That’s more speciesist than calling me human.”

Before they could get into another squabble the unit administrator approached.

“Bronich, Captain wants to see you.” Janie Golds, a pretty part-siren offered him a shiny smile.

“Did he say what it was about?”

“Nope.” She patted her metallic gold curls. “Just that he needed you in his office.”

Axel stood to go with him.

Janie held up her hand. “Only Finn.”

“What? Why? We’re partners,” Axel protested.

“Then I guess this isn’t a partner situation,” Janie argued. “He only asked for Finn.”

“I’ll tell you about it later.” Finn couldn’t imagine anything the captain could discuss with him that he couldn’t tell his partner.

Axel nodded. “See you in a bit.”

Finn followed Janie to the Captain Smith’s office not sure why he needed the escort to a room one hallway away that he’d been to before. He didn’t get a chance to ask questions before she opened the office door and peeked inside. “Detective Bronich, here for you sir.” She waved him in.

He rubbed his hands on his pants and took a bracing breath. Passing Janie he entered the office and came to an immediate halt.

Inside was not only the captain but three other people he’d never met before. Besides his gnome captain there were two dark elves and a possible draken.

“Am I interrupting?” His instincts urged him to run…far, far away.

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  1. Yay! More of my favorite author. Glad you are back to writing. Hope all is well with you.

  2. Oh boy, never good when a mere little human wants to run. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  3. Looks like a great start to an interesting story. Will this be a fell book or a short story?

  4. Oh no! We all know he ain’t gonna run. Men are to stupid to leave when their instincts tell them to. 😁😁 can’t wait to see what happened❣️❣️

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