47 thoughts on “Birthday Month Contest #1

  1. Vampire – Too cool – would never have to get up until dark, awesome powers, with modern facilities could just drink donated blood or partners blood. Strength, longevity and powers – not seeing any negatives here.

  2. I would like to be a large raptor Eagle, Hawk or Falcon. Or a large cat Panther, Cougar or Tiger.

  3. We’re at, black panther. The strength, the beauty and the joy of running and jumping😍

  4. I would go dragon. I just love the idea of being huge with wings. This honestly falls with Pegasus, griffon, or any other huge mythical creature with wings.

    1. It would be hard to heal others. If the wrong people found out they would kill you by accident trying to get everyone healed.

  5. I would love to be a shifter, particularly either a Dragon or a Snow Leopard shifter. Dragon because they are obviously awesome and majestic, and who wouldn’t like to fly, and Snow Leopard because they are my favorite big cat. They are smart, fluffy, lethal, gorgeous and are the only big cats that can carry their tail in their mouths.

  6. I think it would be cool to be a gorgon shifter. Turning people to stone would be a great offensive and defensive ability, but only if you could reverse the process though. Having your hair turn into sentient snakes would be wicked too!

  7. hmm…maybe a shifter, because being attuned to the more base instincts and nature would probably be different, but probably of an unusual sort, that didn’t live in packs or prides or other social structures…because I’m sort of anti-social.

  8. Far, some kind of Elven. Because they are so in tune with nature. They have a real appreciation of the world around them.

  9. I’d love to be a flying, fire-breathing dragon shifter. If anyone gave me grief about hoarding books or playing with my jewelry or my pretty, shiny rock collection, I’d singe their eyebrows.

  10. I would love to be able to fly and because Dragons are absolutely badass that is what I want to be!!!

  11. Either Vampire (who can eat food & go outside during the day) or a Fae. Vampire because I already seem to have a lot of their traits (don’t like the sun, stay up all night), and Fae because of how elegant they seem.


  12. I’d like to be a dragon shifter because I’d be able to fly, hoard books with no shame and chomp anything that bothered me.

  13. A wolf shifter because I have always loved wolves. I have all kind of wolf things and a couple of wolf tattoos.

  14. I always go between a Dragon or a big cat. Lion, Jaguar, etc…. so I’ll just go with a type of Griffin. lolll

  15. I think I would want to be a wizard. For two reasons, one, if your a shifter I would think you’d be able to smell and hear everything around you which I’d would believe is kind of bad. Number two, you actually have to put effort into magic so no accidental shift. Plus I just like the idea of magic.

  16. I’d want to be a dragon, because they can fly and breath fire. Nobody would want to mess with a dragon.

  17. i would love to be a tiger/ wolf hybrid cause would be interesting to have traits from two different animals like the strength of a tiger with the agility of a wolf or similar

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