Blog Story Part 3

Spears spoke for the trio. “It is a well-tested serum. It was developed as a research exercise for humans to take in order to feel what it is like for paras. To understand our instincts and how it pertains to our culture. The department has used it on occasion to infiltrate different groups where we might not have the perfect type of para to slip into an assignment.”

“How does that work exactly?” Finn wasn’t scientifically minded but the entire thing sounded questionable at best and highly dangerous at worst.

“I doubt you can understand the specifics.” Spear’s condescending tone made Finn want to punch him. Not that it would do much against a dragon shifter. “But the reason we have to use humans if because you have blank DNA. It doesn’t carry conflicting strains whether is be shifter or other. The few times it was used on non-humans it ended badly.”

“That isn’t exactly encouraging” Finn replied. “What does badly entail? Did they drop dead? Grow a second head? What was the problem?”

Captain Smith broke joined the conversation. “It doesn’t matter. We don’t have time to regurgitate scientific journals. All you need to know is we need a human for this and you are the one we have. If you do this you will receive a promotion to senior detective.”

“What about my partner?”

“What about him?” the captain frowned.

“What is he going to be doing while I pretend to be fae?”

“He will be your point of contact and extract you if needed. The fae and the vampires are on good terms so it wouldn’t seem too strange if you were seen talking to him,” Spears responded.

Finn asked the question that had been on the tip of his tongue. “Why is a dragon shifter in charge of the operation? I would’ve thought the elves would’ve taken over.”

Spears smirked. “Because I’m their boss.”


“So what is it going to be?” the captain asked.

“Can I take some time to think it over? I know you said it was temporary but it still is a major change.”

Spears nodded. “We need to get a blood sample from you anyway. It is always a good idea to test a sample against the serum to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to it.”

Finn nodded. That made perfect sense. “All right. I agree to the blood sample and I’ll give you my answer tomorrow.”

Before he could change his mind, Nightstorm came forward with a small case. “I can take your blood now.”

“All right.” No sense in waiting. Best to know if he can even do this before he worried about taking a sketchy assignment. It didn’t escape his notice that they haven’t really given him any facts about the case.

No one spoke as Nightstorm took Finn’s blood. After he finished the elf nodded to Finn then tucked the vial of blood in his case then returned to his partner’s side.

Smith clapped his hands. “Now that is done, Finn you are free to return to your desk. Maybe get your partner’s take on the serum. I’m sure he’s heard of it before.”

Finn nodded, gave his goodbyes to the others and got the hell out of there.

Axel pounced as soon as Finn was back at his desk.

“What did the Captain want? Are you in trouble?”

Finn frowned. “Why would I be in trouble?”

Axel shrugged. “The Captain has never asked to see you alone before without it being you in trouble or personal and we both know he’s not your biggest fan.”

Finn pressed a button on his desk raising a privacy shield. It covered both of their desks since they were attached front to front. He didn’t want everyone to hear his business. “I was called in about a special assignment.”

“And they didn’t want me?” Axel’s hurt expression had Finn hurrying to explain the situation.

“Now I have to decide if I want to do it or not.” Finn fidgeted with a pen he’d grabbed off his desk.

“Sounds like they want to make you a guinea pig.”

“They say they’ve used it before so it isn’t exactly untested.” The questionable rewriting of his DNA was a sticking point.

“Maybe you’ll get wings!” Axel exclaimed. The vampire’s blood-red eyes glowed with excitement.

Finn laughed. “I doubt it. Only the royals have wings.”

“How do you know? I thought fae lore was hidden. Even the vampires only know enough to have trade agreements with them.”

“Is it?” Finn tried to remember if he’d ever heard that before. “My mother collected unusual books. She has a lot on the fae.”

“Maybe she can help you with your decision then.”

“I doubt it. She died two years ago.” The pain still struck him at odd times, like an old injury your forgot about until it began to twinge. His mother had been one of the few who had supported him no matter what.

“Oh, sorry about that.”

Finn shrugged. “It’s not like you knew.”

“Anyway, wings or not, you would make a cool fae. You kind of look like one anyway.”

Finn almost choked on his mocha. “What?”

“It’s true,” Axel insisted. “For a human you’re really intense and your features are a bit fae. I wouldn’t be surprised if they found some in your DNA.”

“Good then maybe I can’t use the serum.” That would solve everything. Then he wouldn’t have to make a choice that would impact his career, because no matter what the captain said Finn knew if he turned them away his chances of advancing any time soon were going to vanish.

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  1. Eek! That little meeting in the boss’s office was just to get a blood sample. Finn’s mother was probably a Royal Fae.

  2. Maybe he will get Wings. So far I love this book. Can’t wait for the next installment❣️❣️

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