Blog Story Part 4

Finn went home still trying to decide what to do. He threw his keys at the counter and slumped down into his favorite chair.


“Hey Sunspot.” He ruffled the hair of his orange rescue Bengal cat. After a courtesy sliding of Sunspot’s face against his, she flopped down in his lap and dug in her claws until he commenced to petting. “Boss girl,” he grumbled, disengaging her claws from his pants.

She responded with a rumbling purr.

“What am I going to do Spot? They want to turn me into a fae. They claim it’s temporary but how much can we trust them?” He unloaded his concerns to his uncaring feline friend. “I should’ve asked how long the serum is supposed to last after I stop taking it or if there are any long-term affects.” He’d hate to have unknown instincts still buzzing through him years after his assignment ended.

A head butt had him scratching behind her ears. “As long as I still have fingers you won’t care. I’m going to have to see if Haley can watch you if I go on a long-term assignment. I can’t leave you here all alone no matter how self-sufficient you are.”

The plaintive meow he got in return reminded him he hadn’t fed Sunspot this evening. “Come on, up.” He tapped the cat’s side. “I can’t feed you if you don’t get off.”

A reluctant Bengal jumped to the floor.

Finn went to the kitchen to his cat’s favorite cupboard. He pulled it open to examine the stack of cans he had stashed inside. “What do you think? Chicken and vegetables or beef dinner?”


“Beef it is.” Finn grabbed the cat’s dish and set it on the counter. He pulled the tab back and braced for the smell. “Ah, that’s terrible.”

Sunspot clawed his leg.

“Stop that!” He dumped the food in the bowl and almost dropped it on the floor. “If you claw me you can become an outside cat,” he scolded.

After setting the cat food beside his rude beast, he rinsed out the can and put it in the recycle bin.

“Time to find something for myself.”

The refrigerator revealed an unexpired pack of ham and some sliced cheese, unfortunately, his loaf of bread has green spots that didn’t indicate anything good about the state of his baked goods so he made a roll with the ham and cheese and threw it on a plate with a salvageable apple. “My mother would be appalled,” he muttered into his plate.

After his sad dinner, he called his sister, well adoptive sister. There are ways stronger than blood that makes someone a sibling. His mind floated in cloudy thoughts of yesterday as he called her.

“Hello Champ, how are you going?” Haley asked, her voice bright and cheery.

“I’m all right. I’m calling because I might be getting a long-term assignment.”

“You need someone to watch Sunspot?

“Yeah. Did Greg’s finger every properly heal?” Finn winced as he recalled Sunspot’s last babysitting incident.

“Don’t know, don’t care, we broke up last week.” Her usually warm voice dropped arctic cold.

“What? What happened? I thought you two were going to move in together soon?”

“Oddly enough I did too. Greg however thought he should be screwing women in my bed and he didn’t even live there!” A fine bit of rage filled that sentence. “I should’ve known something was wrong when your sweet cat hated him.”

“Sunspot is a good judge of people,” Finn admitted. One man he’d brought back home had been chased off by Sunspot. Found out two months later the guy had been arrested for domestic violence.”

“Anyway, I’d be happy to watch your cat for you. She’s a great snuggler.”

“That she is. After this assignment is over we should get together for dinner, I’ll even let you cook.”

“Wow you are sweet. Thank you for helping me avoid food poisoning with your culinary offerings.”

“You’re welcome.” Finn grinned. At least he had distracted her about Greg. “Haley if you had the chance to be a paranormal, would you take it?”

“You mean with all the added sensed and everything?”


“Hell yeah, I’ve never liked being a dull human. Why?”

“Just wondering. One of those empathic exercises at work.”

“What did you answer?”

“I’m still thinking it over.”

After little more small talk Finn told Haley he’d call her back to arrange when or if she needed to pick up Sunspot.

Hanging up Finn walked into the bathroom to stare at himself in the mirror. Axel had been right, Finn did look a bit fae. Maybe if he were lucky the tests would come back with some strain in his bloodline and the decision would be made for him.

Unfortunately, Finn was rarely lucky.

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  1. Well I’m not the opinion you can have alot luck it doesn’t mean it’s good. Here’s hoping that he gets what he needs, even if it’s not what he thinks he wants.

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