Blog Story Part 5

Sorry for the delay. I was running around today! Hope you enjoy! The next one will be longer.

Chapter Two

Finn slept poorly that night, his mind turning the pros and cons over and over. In the end he only had one choice. If he wanted a promotion this century he had to agree to their terms. Maybe he would learn something about paras, more than his mother’s library revealed. It was one thing to read about them, another to be one no matter how temporary.

He chugged down his hot coffee and pet his cat. “Wish me luck, Spot,” he muttered before grabbing his jacket and heading out the door. One way or another today would change his life.

Axel intercepted him on the way to his desk. Slinging a casual arm across Finn’s shoulders he steered them to the break room which was empty for the moment.

“What’s up?” The furtive looks Axel was giving the room set his instincts on edge. “Something happen?”

“Listen,” Axel’s spoke in a tone so quiet Finn had to lean in closer to hear him. “I’ve heard more about your assignment?”

“How?” As far as Finn knew it had been all hush hush. If everyone one knew he was given the chance to turn into a fae it would take away his chance to be a spy.

“You know my father went to school with the captain. They discussed it over drinks.”

“Of course,” Finn replied bitterly. “Can’t worry about the fate of the human if he gets killed because the captain can’t keep his mouth shut.”

“For once it’s a good thing. Father told me the cases you are going to be looking into are fae killing fae. That’s why you have to be in court to check out the feel of royals.”

“And why couldn’t any other fae do it. It’s not like the court is lacking. I know the said the detectives were well-known, not that they told me why, but there is literally dozens of fae they could’ve recruited.” Frustration bubbled over. Finn couldn’t help wondering if he knew anything about this situation other than they wanted to change him at the genetic level for nebulous reasons.

“I doubt they’ll tell you more.”

Finn clenched his fingers into fists, then shook them out, letting his anger flow through him.

“Hey, talk to me.” Axel squeezed Finn’s shoulder. “That is what partners are for.”

“You sure it isn’t to be annoying?”

“Nope. That is just  side benefit along with being dashingly handsome.”

“No one says dashing any more. Your old age is showing,” Finn teased.

“Pfft, I’m barely over a hundred and I can use dashing if I want.”

“All right old man, who am I to tell you differently?”

“Exactly!” Axel tilted his chin up. “Now what did you decide?”

“To take the serum, what else?” He didn’t have a lot of options.

“Or you could transfer to a different division. It isn’t this or nothing. You don’t have to accept this assignment in order to feel like you belong.”

“That’s not it.” Well, not entirely. Despite dodgy hiring practices, Finn had never meshed well with anyone else at the station other than Axel and he had been forced to be his partner, like one of those kids you are forced to play with because your parents insisted.

“Isn’t it? Look I can’t say I understand how you feel, but go into this with both eyes open and a backup plan if things go south.”

“I do have a backup plan,” Finn informed Axel. “You. If I don’t check in on time I expect you to rescue me.”

“You know I will.”

Finn nodded. Instinct had him needing to hear reaffirmation of his backup. If he went into this situation blind he needed to have someone he could depend on to get him the hell out of there if had to be extracted. Axel told him years ago that his vampire kiss had a non-combative agreement with the fae. He was one of he few people who could saunter into the fae courts without recrimination.

Finn frowned. “Axel why didn’t they just ask you to do the job? You have a valid reason to be in the fae courts if you were to go represent your grandfather.”

“It’s part of my employment agreement. They can’t send me anywhere that might conflict with the politics of my kiss. Grandfather wouldn’t approve me spying on his allies no matter how valid the reason.”

Finn sighed. So much for getting out of this. His brief spurt of optimism died a spastic death.

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  1. Oh no thing are starting to look bad. I think he’s really going to need Plan B. Can’t wait for the next one. 😁

  2. This whole thing stinks I just can’t figure how tricking this one human is going to do anything? Will be waiting for the rest of this story.

  3. Holy smokes! Finn is getting set up. Hope Axel can pull him out of rescue him if needed. Finn needs to bring a few of his mother’s books.

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