Blog Story Part 6

His ass barely made contact with his desk chair before the captain shouted out his name. Smith waved him back to the captain’s office.

He groaned.

“You didn’t think he’d give you time to back out did you? Axel asked. “He knows you’ve probably spent all night examining your options and he wants to get to you before you can get away.”

Finn didn’t bother replying. Axel was right. Captain Smith might be an ass but he knew his people and could anticipate their behavior. It was one of the reasons he was respected by his squad.

Caught up in his thoughts, Finn reached the captain’s office before he was ready. The same trio stood in the captain’s office.

“Good morning,” Finn greeted with a nod of his head. Instincts he long relied on screamed that this would change his life.

“We have your test results back.” Spears didn’t bother greeting him which wasn’t unusual for dragon kind. They never appreciated the niceties unless they were dipped in gold and rolled in precious gems.


“One hundred percent human,” Shadowvent replied, a frown on his delicate face.

“Why don’t you seem happy about that? I thought that is what you wanted in order for me to take the serum.”

“Oh, it is.” Nightstorm agreed. “But it is unusual for anyone to be completely human. Almost always there are strains of para DNA somewhere in your ancestors. That lends us to believe your family were human purists which isn’t reflected in your file.”

“That’s because it isn’t true. Well, at least my mother wasn’t. She loved learning about different kinds of paras.”

“What about your father?” Nightstorm asked.

Finn shrugged. “Don’t know, he abandoned her before I was born.”

“And you never looked into that? Not very curious for a detective,” Shadowvent said.

“She said he knew about me. If he didn’t want anything to do with me, I didn’t feel the need to hunt him down for a personal rejection. Now are done contemplating my mother’s tragic love life?”

“Calm down Bronich. They are just doing their job,” Smith warned.

Finn clenched his jaw to hold back the other words he wanted to snap at them. How dare they claim his mother was part of a hate group? Sally Bronich had been a kind, sweet woman who had done her best to raise Finn as a happy boy. He wouldn’t take these strangers judging her actions. Had he wondered about his father when he was younger? Yes. Did he plan to ever hunt the man down? No. From what his mother said the jerk had used a fake name and promptly left Sally when she became pregnant. He didn’t need a father figure like that in his life. “Did you still need me to become fae or did you change your mind?” He tried to keep his voice level and not snarl at them.

“Oh no, you’re perfect,” Nightstorm preened. “We were just double checking. Did he tell the truth Spears?”


Finn had forgotten dragon shifter’s ability to sense the truth. He had better remember all these little details if he planned on staying in the para unit. “You never did give me the case files.”

“There’s time for that later,” Spears insisted. “Let’s see how you take the serum.”

“What do you mean? You said I checked out.”

“Yes, but how will you manifest? Will you be light or dark fae.”

“Does it matter? Are the murders in both courts?. You haven’t exactly been full of information.” The more they talked the less they told him. He might be trapped into agreeing to this case but he would gather as much information as possible before starting this mission.

“Yes. The murders started in the fae realm but recently the body of a dark fae was discovered in the light fae queen’s garden. It is seen as a possible act of war and only through negotiation was battle averted. If another body turns up war may become impossible to avoid,” Spears revealed.

“So part of my job is to stop the two factions from fighting?” He didn’t see how that would be possible. “By the way, how are you going to introduce me into court. There aren’t so many fae that one can sho up randomly, at least I didn’t think so.” The fae were notorious for keeping careful track of their progeny in order to record bloodlines for mating and magic. They matched up their people two by two in a carefully planned choreograph of breeding. To have someone pop up out of nowhere would disrupt the balance.

“We are going to have you enter as a bastard child of Duke Knightshade and an unknown light fae, he didn’t have any children but he was quite the ladies man. He died twenty-three years ago and if no one comes forward before twenty-five years passes his estate goes to the dark king. The light queen will be thrilled to harbor his child.”

“Wow, this has bad idea written all over it.” The words escaped before Finn could stop them. “It’s like a royal fae soap opera.”

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  1. Sounds like a set up to me I have a really bad feeling about this whole thing except we know in the end it will all turn out great. Should be a good story.

  2. Oh, sounds to me like they’re using him to get the estate. It also sounds like they might not be straight up good guys. Can’t wait to see what happens next❣️❣️

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