Blog Story Part #7

Warning. This one is super short because it is the end of the chapter. Tomorrow’s will be much longer. Thanks for your patience and following along!

“Just do your job detective,” Smith snarled.

“I am. I just want to make sure I’m not outed the first day. How are we going to prove I’m Knightshade’s child? They aren’t going to just take my word for it.” He could drive a truck through the holes in this story.

A smug smile curled Spears’s lips. “We have a sample of Knightshade’s DNA and will be adding it to the serum. Combined they will give you the appearance of being the duke’s son.”

Finn didn’t bother asking where the got the duke’s DNA, he didn’t want to know. Some things were better left undiscovered. “All right. When do you want me to take the serum and how long will it last.”

Shadowvent took over the conversation, a disconcertingly manic smile on his face. “It will last until we reverse it or three months. That’s the longest anyone has lasted on the serum before reverting.”

A hard knot lodged in my stomach. Maybe losing my job wouldn’t be that big of a deal. I could go do something else, anything else. I could go back to school.

Shadowvent pulled a blue glowing vial from his pocket. “I want you to take the serum now so if we discover you have an allergic reaction we can find an alternative recipe.”

“Does that happen often?” He eyed the liquid. His unease grew with each slosh. Was he taking a serum or consuming nuclear waste?

“Only twice. Don’t worry they both survived,” Spears piped up. This was the cheeriest Finn had seen the dragon.

“Great.” Finn cleared his throat. “Is there anything else I should worry about?”

“Nope. Here. Down the hatch!” Shadowvent handed over the neon vial.

Finn wasn’t ashamed to admit his fingers shook a little as he accepted the serum container. Instincts he’d always listen to before were shunted aside in the hopes this assignment could get him a promotion or at least better cases. “Here goes nothing.” Finn pulled out the tiny cork then down the ingredients. Cold. Like bits of ice in a smooth, silky fluid. Finn didn’t swallow the serum as much as not choke as it slithered, snake-like down his throat. Heat flushed his face and sweat popped out across his skin while he was hit with an ice-cream headache pulsing through his skull. A groan burst from him when the freezing sensation spread across his chest like ice on a pond.

Shivers wracked his body and as his legs went weak, Finn dropped to the office floor, convulsing from the changes racing through him.

“Deep breathes, Finn,” Spears said.

Finn wished he was a dragon shifter just so he could spit fire at the asshole who thought you could breathe through your body transforming. He hoped Spears didn’t have a wife who had to go through childbirth.

Just as the chill began to recede file burned in long stripes down his back. Finn screamed as something burst from his shoulder blades in a wet sucking sound and a splay of red covered the office. Before he could make sense of what was happening, Finn’s world turned black.

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  1. Wow! You really have a way with words, Amber. Loved the description of the transformation.

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