Winner and a new contest!

The winner of last week’s Amazon gift card is: arella3173.

Please email Sheri at authoraccomplice@gmail.com to claim your prize.

For this week’s giveaway of another $25 Amazon gift card, if you could live in any of Amber’s worlds, which one would you choose? Would you be a human or a supernatural being?

37 thoughts on “Winner and a new contest!

  1. Supernatural Mates, with Talan and Adrian, I love these two men together and have re-read Talan’s Treasure many times. The reason I choose this world is because of the main characters but also the supporting ones, especially Talan’s sisters. As a woman reading and supporting these wonderful romances with an open mind and heart I feel these women represent my character. As for being human or supernatural, I choose a snow leopard, beauty and grace all in one.

  2. The Thresl Chronicles, that’s a chance to be a supe and a space traveller.
    Congrats to winner.

  3. I only know the Moon Pack world, but I don’t think I’d want to live in it. It seems like there is always trouble.

  4. I kinda would like to be a buddy of Tam. He is deliciously evil in a good way. I’d be a shifter if I could choose..

  5. That is a hard one. It would be either Matchmaker world or the Case of books with RJ Scott world, and would definitely want to be supernatural.

  6. I’d like to hang out with Declan so I guess that would be the moonpack world. I’d want to be a supe, shifter of fae I’d like to have wings..

  7. Probably Wizard’s Touch world or the Thresl’s. Definitely would want to be a supernatural being, or a human who is changed in to one. 🙂

  8. I think having a magical powers or being a shifter could be fun. I can’t decide which one of Amber’s worlds I would want to live in since there’s so many good ones to choose from.

  9. Thank you so much!!!! lol…

    and well, I think I would love to be a part of the Thresl world. IDK what it is about that series but I really freaking love it! I do think I would also love to be a part of either the Moon Pack world or Dragon men but… haha yeah… idk. Thresl world holds a very memorable place. ❤

  10. I am having trouble choosing between wizards and dragons. On the one hand having magical powers, on the other being a magical creature that can fly and is seriously bad ass.

  11. Deagons of Seattle. I want to be a dragon, I would love to singe the people who get on my nerves. 😂😂

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