Blog Story #12

Chapter Six

It was decided by the queen that Finn would stay in her court but that they would send a note to the Dark Fae King Eohric to let him know of the new royal member.

“See to it that Finn gets quarters in the royal wing,” Tatiana ordered.

“Yes, your highness,” Amon said. He bowed low but when Finn followed his lead Tatiana spoke.

“You are a royal Finn, you do not bow so low to others. I am your queen and it is proper to just bow your head in my presence. You will not grovel before family.”

Finn took care not to let his eyes not to wander to Prince Oisin who had bowed when he approached the queen. “As you wish, your majesty.” Finn bowed only his head and when he lifted his gaze, Tatiana smiled her approval.

Amon grabbed Finn’s arm and moved him backwards while bowing until they were out of the queen’s sight.

They both let out a sigh.

“I hope you two don’t think you are escaping without me,” Cian muttered.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Amon flashed a bright-toothed smile.

“Good. Because I already know which rooms are available in the royal wing.”

“How do you know that?” Amon asked.

“I flirted with a girl from housekeeping. “ Cian smirked.

“Good job,” Finn praised.

“Thank you, my lord.”

Finn rolled his eyes. His small dealing with fae had sapped his energy already. Tatiana was terrifying.

“Just show us where he is to go,” Amon placed a hand on Finn’s arm and continued to drag him around.

Finn would’ve argued but he appreciated the support. Without these men he would’ve floundered badly when dealing with the queen. Prince Oisin had remained behind when they left the throne room and Finn couldn’t regret not dragging him along. The prince might’ve said he liked Finn, but the vibes he gave out said differently.

The stone halls became more elegant the further into the castle they walked. Bare stone gave way to thin carpets which gave way to luxurious carpets and large brilliant paintings on the walls. The bare tables changed to elegantly carved side tables covered in glass blown vases filled with flowers. Floral scented air wafted down the halls. Finn took a deep breath to suck in the amazing smell.

“Tatiana’s favorite. They were named after her,” Cian pointed to fat pink flowers with delicate petals and an incredible odor. “They are called Tatiana’s blush.”

Amon snorted. “I doubt she can blush any more.”

“Careful my friend, the walls have ears,” Cian cautioned.

Finn glanced around, his gaze sliding off the servants standing around pretending not to stare. As a cop Finn knew better than to assume no one was listening to private conversation. They didn’t say anything else until they reached an ornately carved door.

“This is yours.” Cian waved a hand toward the door.

Finn turned the handle and pushed the door open. Inside was a beautiful sitting room larger than Finn’s living room. “Wow.”

“Well, you are royalty, what did you expect?” Cian asked.

He had expected to be thrown in jail for daring to impersonate royalty. Finn wisely decided not to share that idea in case someone took him up on it.

Once all three of them were in Finn’s suite he asked his question. “What do I do now?”

“What do you mean?” Amon asked.

“I was given the serum because there were murders happening in the court and they wanted someone inside. What do I do now?” Finn passed back and forth not allowing time for either man to answer. “I’m completely out of my comfort zone here. I was a police detective this morning and this afternoon I’m part of the royal family and no one knows how.” His wings fluttered frantically as he continued to stomp back and forth. He only came to a standstill when Amon grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Easy, sweet boy.” Amon pressed his fingers to Finn’s collarbone.

Finn sucked in his breath when his wings returned to his back and Amon wrapped his arms around him. “What are you doing?”

“Trying to calm you. You’ve being overwhelmed. Transforming into a fae and meeting the queen has been too much to you for you to do in one day.”

Finn scowled and pushed Amon away. “I’m not a princess needing to be saved. I’m a cop!”

Amon smirked. “You might not be a princess but you are a prince and you might be in need of saving. Do you want to contact your old unit? They are the ones who persuaded you to take an unknown serum and I’m not sure what they would’ve done to you if it had worked as they wished.”

“They were going to have me claim to be a duke’s child and use it as an in.”

“And what would happen after you claimed the duke’s estate? Did they expect a cut of your supposed inheritance?”

“I don’t know.” He had been stupidly naive to trust his boss. “Are there even any murders happening?”

“Yes,” Cian frowned. “There have been four murders. We would appreciate any help you can give.”

“Good.” At least one thing they told him was true.

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  1. Well at least there was some truth in what they told him. Judy is right, I can’t wait for the Dark King to show up😂😂

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