Blog Story #13

“Once Tatiana contacts the dark king someone from his court will visit you. They have different tests and maybe he will be able to test your roots.” Amon reassured him.

Or it would’ve been reassuring if Finn didn’t worry everything. “What do you think he’s going to do?”

“What do you mean?” Cian asked.

“Is he going to want me in his court or will he see me as a problem?” Historically unknown royals showing up had never been well received by the ruling class.

“King Eohric isn’t worried about anyone taking his throne. He’s been an established ruler since before my grandparents were alive. He rules with fair but ruthless hand. Unfortunately the fae kingdom is known for its infighting and violence so the number of royals isn’t that great. He will more than likely fight with Tatiana to keep you in his kingdom.”

“I’m not sure if that is better or worse than I expected. I would still like to investigate the murders. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to stay here.” Being a cop was the only job he ever wanted and he had a job to do. Maybe it originally wasn’t given to him with the best of intentions but it was his.

Cian snorted. “Do you actually think you’ll be able to go back to your life?”

A cold ball of nerves and worry curled in Finn’s stomach. “What do you mean? I work for the paranormal police, becoming a fae shouldn’t affect my job.”

Amon patted Finn’s shoulder, the feel more condescending than reassuring. “Dear one, the royals will never allow you to go back above. You are their kin and they will want to protect you. There aren’t more than a handful of winged royals. No matter which court you end up in you will be considered precious. You will have guards assigned to you as soon as you step foot outside of your quarters again.

“So what am I supposed to do with my life? Sit in my suite and be pampered? I grew up with a single mother who worked her ass off for me to have everything I needed. I’m not going to become a court royal and suck up to the queen or king all day!” Finn’s wings flared out again under the force of his ire.

“Good to know,” a rich, velvety voice spoke behind him.

Finn spun around. Wind whipped through the air slamming the stranger into the wall outside his suite.

“Shit.” Finn raced over to help the other man to his feet. “Sorry about that. However I did it.”

The man he had helped to his feet gave him a wide grin. Smooth golden brown skin graced cheekbones only a sculpture could capture. His gold-flecked eyes lit with interest as he examined Finn beneath a shaggy mass of black hair that hung to his shoulders. “Greetings young royal, I’m Criss Shadehold your new guard.” He flicked a glance up and down Finn’s body. “Let me know if you need me to guard you inside or outside the bedchamber. The closer I am, the better I can protect you.”

Even as socially awkward as Finn was he couldn’t miss the blatant invitation.

“He is fine without a personal guard,” Amon snarled. He stepped between Finn and Criss blocking Finn’s view of the handsome newcomer.

“With you guarding him I doubt he’d last the day. Wasn’t it one of yours that was murdered five days ago?” Criss taunted.

Finn tried to see Amon’s face, but the guard blocked Finn from stepping around him.

“That was ruled an accident,” Amon stated, his voice colder than Finn had heard so far.

“Your court is having a lot of accidents lately,” Criss replied.

“I hear yours had a few yourself,” Cian stepped into the conversation.

“Excuse me but could someone tell me what is going on?” Finn wasn’t an idiot but he’d gone from being ignored by pretty much everyone to becoming a bone of contention between two powerful factions. He’d like to return to being unknown as soon as possible. Unfortunately he had a feeling that wouldn’t be happening anytime soon, if at all.

Criss pushed his way into the room. “Despite your pretty impressive air magic, you are vulnerable. There are a few factions who don’t appreciate newer, more powerful entries into the battle for power. You coming in with royal blood and poised to be a king and or queen favorite won’t sit right with many people. The fact you have beautiful and impressive wings will just feed into the jealousy and people will either try to kill you or bed you.”

“Interesting that you don’t even bother stating you wanted to bed him while he’s so vulnerable,” Amon hissed.

“And I don’t supposed you’ve done any flirting of your own?” Criss asked, raising an eyebrow.

“That is because he’s gorgeous not because I want to raise my status?”

“Really?” Criss’s apparent disbelief had Finn questioning everything he’d learned about Amon since they’d met.

Was Amon only helping him because he wanted a better position in the court. He’d like to say no but when has anyone ever helped him without wanting anything in return. For he first time since the entire thing started Finn deeply missed Axel. His vampire partner might have lost patience with Finn from time to time but he’d always been good at breaking things down. Right now Finn would kill for a political cheat sheet that would tell him which fae belonged where and what their political motivations would be.

Looked as if life among the fae wasn’t any easier than life with humans.

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  1. Man, he can’t get a break, but he sure has a lot trying to break him into the Fae world, or should I say the a Fae’s bed.

  2. Finn is already tired of the BS, and he’s been there less than a day. Now he doesn’t know who to trust. Hope Axel shows up soon. He needs a trusted ally in his corner.

  3. Oh, I am feeling sorry for Finn right now!!! But I think he will give them a surprise, he is no slouch!

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