Birthday Contest #10

For a $10 Amazon Gift card, write a small story using these words:

Keys, Gears, City and Magic.

Thank you for playing with us today.

14 thoughts on “Birthday Contest #10

  1. I had to drive into the city but I didn’t want to due to all of the magic in the air unfortunately I had no option but to go so I grab my keys put my car in gear and hit the road. I was not a fan of the magic that permeated everywhere. It made my car run badly ,the gears would grind often and all the little things that would randomly happened. Such as turning on your blinker and suddenly be two blocks over but I had to go. Why you ask? Well, I have a pet and he is demanding, and the last thing you want is for a salamander to be angry at you. Little did I know that this trip I was so dreading would lead to the adventure of a lifetime

  2. After hunting for what seemed like hours I finally found my keys as if by magic. I finally started out to the big city driving my stick shift truck or should I say trying to drive because I was grinding the gears like crazy. I knew I should not have bought a stick shift because I do go most days to drive an automatic truck.

  3. When I started driving a truck I had to learn to shift the gears without grinding them it took a lot of time but city driving was a lot like doing magic.
    One of the things I had to learn about My truck was not to lock my keys in the cab so I would tape 5 keys to the frame of my truck.

  4. I was tired so I used magic to get to the city center. There were many people there and none could enter the ornate building sitting at the town center. I approached cautiously and pulled out the keys. I herard the gears turning as the doors slowly opened to a stunning surprise.

  5. The City of Magic was waking up. You could hear its inhabitants starting their day. The gears of the Great Tower, the one that provided all the energy needed for it to work, could be heard from a distance. The Master of the Keys, was waking through the main hall of the palace, en route to the Royal’s Suites, to inform the King of the latest incidents.
    He wasn’t happy. Why was he the one that always had to bring the bad news to his king? It was going to be a tiring day!

  6. Simon inserted and turned the two keys required to open the access hatch to the city gate. The magical gears to open the gate would not work otherwise. He sighed in relief when the hatch lifted. It was known to be temperamental! Time to open the gates for the day!

  7. Baelee approached the city as most slept. He could feel the slumbering magic of the city-dwellers, replenishing the energy they had expelled during the day’s trials. He paid them no mind. He had only come here for one reason and one reason one. The tower in the center, surrounded by the maze of circuits and gears in an effort to confuse those who sought its treasure. He was after something else. Something far more dangerous than mere baubles. But while the city slept, he would see if the rumors of the dangers beneath were true.

  8. Claire took her car keys and started her drive to the city to attend a magic conference. She would have taken her bike, but the gears were broken.

  9. Andy found keys that looked really old that had magic scratch into the metal. As he was searching he found a door that looked like gears where he saw a key size opening. Once the door opened he saw a city with magical beings.

  10. My ride through the city had come to an end. I just couldn’t face going up the long hill in front of me. I sat down heavily on the bus bench and drank half my bottle of water. While contemplating what to do next, I found the answer in Gears, the bike store that appeared like magic across the street. Right out in front, there were electric bikes. I raced right over and bought one on the spot. They even accepted my old bike in trade. I now had my key to freedom.

  11. I hated going into the city ,there was always to many people and to many things built with gears blocking my magic from working or allowing me to access the magic around myself. I much preferred open areas where i didn’t have to worry about being able to protect myself without magic or if i had forgotten to lock the door behind me with keys

  12. Reinaldan hadn’t thought much about the City of Magic while living in the boonies of the Dark Continent. Now that he had made his way to the City walls, he couldn’t help but gape in awe. The barrier all but hummed with the life force it radiated in protection of the city. The Magicians that had cast this were not only extremely powerful but ancient. If only he could meet one of them. Even if just for a second. He was sure if he could just explain the current plight the Dark Continent found themselves in, overrun by berserker demons, if even just one of them helped, it would be the key to their survival. However, he already had his target. Taking a deep breath for courage, Reinaldan got his butt into gear. He had his game plan. Find the cheapest inn, shower, wear his fanciest clothes that he packed… and he would offer himself to the High Tower Magician. The Most powerful Mage in the world. He was certain in his value. He was, after all, the only living half-breed. A Demon, magician hybrid. And he knew just how much all Magic users liked to collect unique things….

  13. Keys, Gears, City and Magic.

    Each morning I awakened to the sound of keys turning and gears grinding. Light would filter through the dust in the air making it look like magic sparkles, and then the library’s famous doors would slowly open to allow entry to all. Alas, magic had departed the city with the death of the last warrior-mage and his familiar aka my fathers. Thus, I remained trapped within a protective stasis zone – hidden from everyone who entered this chamber. Without magic to unlock the spell, I was out of sync with the world and condemned to watch the changes of time occur around me. Each year brought new languages, new books, new wars, new students trying to solve the mystery of the missing heir.

    If only they knew. All they needed was a key, a little magic, and a warrior-mage; but, there were none left. So instead, I remain here in the library, but not. Confined to this space and the small courtyard area that abuts the marketplace. I can step outside, and not feel the sun, the rain, wind, or mud between my toes. My five senses are muted, my physical form stopped aging, but my mind continued to absorb all of the knowledge my fathers had left behind in both the physical library, and in my magical stasis library. My only hope is that before they left they told me, “One day you will be strong enough to call the key to unlocking the stasis we are putting you in for protection. However, just being able to unlock your stasis doesn’t mean you will be safe. Make sure to learn as many different methods of magic as you can.”
    Those words give me hope, but in the meantime I am growing ever more lonely and just wish someone would see me.”

    Maybe today will be different…The mist seems to be extra sparkly today, and I hear a low-level hum from the courtyard. Please let today be different…

  14. Maddie was really tired. She had been working on the city Clocktower all evening long. Replacing the new gears had been hard enough but given that the tower was magical, and every time she looked away things moved around it was starting to become almost impossible. She was having to use more of her magic than she had ever thought she would need to hold the gears in place while she worked, but thankfully she was able to give the keys back to the mayor. She had replaced the last gears at 12. Now she just had to sit back and hope the magic continued to work. The clocktower was the only thing hiding their city from the normals.
    To be continued …….

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