70 thoughts on “Birthday Contest #3

  1. Borrowed from a book I’m currently reading, the ability to shape matter and other particles would be nice. It seems simple or useless until you realize everything is made of it and you could make dust particles hold someone in place.

  2. The ability to bring people together, having them understand without a past we have no future… that we must learn from our mistakes, not erase them from History.

  3. I would love the power to teleport then I could go to all the places I dream about visiting before I get to old to travel..

  4. I would love to be able to shift into a dragon. If that’s not considered magic then Elven powers so that I can help heal the earth.

  5. teleportation could be cool. to be able to get from here to there quickly avoiding traffic/bad weather/etc or wasting time due things like traffic or distance.

  6. The power to make annoying people or drivers disappear to somewhere else. Not disappear forever, just away from me.

  7. I would like the ability to erase people’s minds. Just in case I did something stupid I could start over…… like ground hogs day!

  8. It’s not exactly a superpower, but I’d choose kindness. It costs nothing to smile and thank a sales associate for their assistance.
    If it has to be a real superpower, I’d like the ability to speak/communicate and heal all living creatures from both the animal and plant kingdoms.

  9. To be able to transform in a dragon that can change size. Healing or teleportation would be nice too.

    1. Absolutely teleportation. I live an ocean and a 7 hour plane ride away from my entire family. The idea that I could pop over in a second sounds like heaven to me.

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