Birthday Contest #4!

To win a Gears prize pack, let us know which series you are most looking forward to from Amber next.

50 thoughts on “Birthday Contest #4!

  1. Would like another Quentin Heart Vampire Bounty Hunter book. Also on my wish list would be a expanded book for Lord of Small Magics.

  2. This is a really hard question. I have two, I love City of Keys and Moon Pack.

  3. I would really love to see more of the Dragons of Seattle series. I really liked the mysterious of the book. How crazy it was Jiang was turned to stone for almost a thousand years! I look forward to more. Thank you

  4. I’d love to read the next book in the Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter series, and/or the next book in the Love & Vampires series (My Shining Star is book 1).

  5. more Quentin Heart or Dragonmen or Planetary Submissives but any series would be welcome too 🙂

  6. I would love to hear more of Tam, or else the End Street Detective Agency. I always felt that the latter still had stories to tell.

  7. Either the Larson Legacy or more of the Quentins Heart series. Also curious about the Dragons of Seattle

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