Blog Story #14

Sorry this one is a bit short. It is at the end of the chapter. Tomorrow’s will either be long or two posts to get in before the holidays 🙂

“Let’s put that aside for now,” Finn said. He didn’t want to deal with fighting fae. Since taking the serum his life had been a rollercoaster of emotions. Peace was needed, desperately. “What does the King Eohric want with me? The queen has offered me shelter.” Without solid allies, Finn had to maneuver for the best position between royals.

Criss cast a superior look at Amon before addressing Finn. “King Eohric extends his invitation for you to visit the dark court. Queen Tatiana explained how you have markers of each side of the fae and there are ways for us to identify your ancestors that the queen is unaware of.”

“What ways?” Cian asked. “We don’t want you dissecting him to see how he works.”

“I would never,” Criss pressed a hand to his chest, but his mock outrage didn’t reassure Finn in the least.

Something bubbled along his skin. Finn absently scratched at his arm while he considered his next move. His life was spinning out of control and he didn’t know how to reel it back in.

“What’s wrong?” Amon came to stand beside him.

“I don’t know what to do next,” Finn confessed. “If I visit the dark king will I offend the light queen or if I stay here will I offend the king?”

The days events overwhelming him. Pacing back and forth, different scenarios flashed through his head. What should he do?

Cian stood in the middle of his path, forcing Finn to stumble to a stop.

“You need sleep. Get some rest and you can address everything in the morning.” Cian folded his arms as if waiting for Finn to agree with him.

“You can visit Eohric without Tatiana becoming upset,” Criss promised. “She contacted him about you which means she won’t mind the contact. Despite what rumors say, the royals get along to some extent. They might be the leaders of different factions but they often work together to achieve the best for fae kind.”

“I read that they fight amongst themselves.” He had never heard of the light and dark fae working together before.

“Of course not. Battles are good reading. Peaceful resolution never gets the good press.” Amon squeezed Finn’s shoulder. “Cian had the right idea. Get some rest then tomorrow we can discuss your options.”

Deciding to pick and choose his battles Finn wished everyone good night. In minutes he was stripped and enjoying the hot water. His wings fluttered sending water into all directions. Finn concentrated on his wings and imagined them beneath his skin. It took several gallons of water down the drain before he finally got his wings to recede. Gasping he leaned against the shower wall trying to regain his composure. Although it hadn’t hurt, the experience had been uncomfortable. “I hope it gets better with time,” he groaned.

The strange tingling across his skin when he recessed his wings caused great discomfort. Doing that all the time wouldn’t be his first choice. The fae seemed to want to see his wings denoting him a royal and feeding the court gossip line. However, if he planned to continue his police work he would need to be able to retract his wings at will.

He left the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his hips. When he returned to his bedroom, a set of red, silk pajama bottoms lay across his bed. Finn ran his fingers down the soft fabric relishing the smooth texture beneath his fingertips. His towel landed on the floor and Finn slid on the luxurious pants.

“Nice,” he approved. Mostly because he hadn’t brought a change of clothes with him. He wasn’t a red silk kind of guy but as they say beggars can’t be choosers, especially if he fell into royal fae category. Maybe he could convince on of the court lackeys to retrieve some clothes.

After dressing, Finn slid into the bed. The long day pressed down on him. It was time to rest and refresh. In the morning things would look better, or at least not worse.

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  1. The way things are going for Finn the bubbling beneath his skin is going to be really really bad.

  2. I feel like Amon and Criss will be fighting over Finn soon enough. If so, hope he doesn’t have to choose. 😉
    Also, those wings are fascinating. 🦅

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