Derailed & Contest

Sorry I didn’t get a story out today. I’ll post a longer one tomorrow. The story is a bit derailed but I’ll persevere! To make up let’s run a contest!

$25.00 GC to Amazon for a random contest participant if you answer the question of which is your favorite Moon Pack character!

Hugs all around.

64 thoughts on “Derailed & Contest

  1. My favourit is without a dpubt Silver. He is the big, strong and brooding alpha, yet has so much heart and his love for Anthony and his loyalty to those he holds dear alwasy melts my heart 😍

  2. Yesterday it was Dare; today it is Dakota, and tomorrow seems to favor Mikel; so who knows where future favor will fall. My love for the characters is the only constant.

  3. Hope you’re feeling back on track.
    Usually I’d say Anthony, but right now I’d go with Trin. I excited to see who he becomes.

  4. My go to is usually Anthony since it was his story that started it all, but I’ll go with my second fav this time, lol.. which is Gabriel ❀

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