Blog Story #17

Amon ushered them out of the hall. “We’ll finish eating in the dark fae court,” he whispered.

“Good idea.” Finn quickly agreed. Sitting down to eat where someone had been poisoned wouldn’t be a wise decision.  He looked around but didn’t see the third fae. “Is Cian going with us?”

“No.” Amon placed a hand on Finn’s back to usher him down the proper corridor. “He has other duties to attend today.”

“All right. How are we getting there?” He didn’t know the ways of fae transport. Would they be teleporting or maybe another fairy circle?”

“To the carriages,” Criss piped up. “We will take them to the other kingdom.”

A bit of disappointment followed Finn as they walked. He had hoped for something esoteric not archaic. Still it wasn’t as if he were used to traveling by carriage. Shaken from the poisoning, he allowed the duo to get him out of there as fast as possible. The investigator part of him wanted to stay behind and find out what happened but the wiser half demanded he get the hell out of there before something else happened. He had only just transitioned into a fae, he didn’t want his next step to be a dead fae. It was no longer a nebulous idea that someone was targeting them. The real question was how they got the poison to the table. “It has to be an inside job,” he muttered.

“What?” Criss asked. He leaned closer to hear Finn. Scents of honeysuckle and mango drifted in the wind. Finn inhaled as if Criss had turned into the only source of oxygen.

“You smell amazing,” Finn whispered. He took another deep breath.

“Back off!” Amon hissed.

A smirk curved Criss’s mouth. “It’s not my fault he finds me irresistible.”

Finn too several more slow steps with Amon before his head cleared. “What happened?”

“Criss is wearing fae attractor cologne. It’s formulated to appeal to anyone with our genetics,” Amon said.

“Why would you do that?” Finn asked. An odd sense of betrayal pierced his heart as if he’d expected more from him. Since his change, Finn had been running on instinct. Right now he wanted to punch Criss for a scent that didn’t belong to him.

Criss raised an eyebrow at Finn. “I’ll have you know that I am not wearing a fae attractor. I only do that at the clubs. Finn finds my natural irresistible,” he bragged.

“Hmm, I think I can resist.” He didn’t tell them how hard resisting would be. The two men he was traveling with were unfairly handsome. Why couldn’t he travel with ugly guys or girls?”

Amon snickered.

“If we weren’t expected together I’d leave you to approach the dark court alone,” Criss said with an exaggerated huff. The humor in his eyes eased Finn’s anxiety that his escort had truly taken offense.

A bit of teasing hadn’t led to him being left alone.

“We’ll take this one.” Amon pointed to a gold tinted carriage with bright yellow horses attached to the front.

“Um, are those horses yellow, or am I seeing things?” After he spoke both of the horses turned green.

Criss laughed. “They are fae horses. They change colors.”

“Oh.” Finn relaxed. At least he wasn’t hallucinating. With all the changes in his DNA he wouldn’t be the least surprised to learn he was seeing things.

Amon patted him kindly on the shoulder. “Don’t stress. You aren’t the first person to not know what they are.”

“Maybe the first fae,” Criss teased.

Before Finn could retaliate Criss opened the carriage door and slid inside.

“Who’s going to drive this thing?” Finn asked as he climbed up the carriage steps.

“Drive it?” Amon asked as he joined them.

“Yeah, steer it to where it needs to go.”

“No one. They only go between courts, they drive themselves.” Criss patted the seat beside him. “Come sit here. You might get nauseous if you sit backwards.”

Finn glanced at Amon who nodded. “All right, thank you.”

Criss offered a salacious grin. “Trust me darling, I don’t bite.”

“Uh huh. Sorry if I don’t believe you.” Finn dubiously eyed Criss’s sharp-toothed smile.

“Well not out of the bedroom at least,” Criss amended.

Amon kicked Criss who sat across from him. “Behave.”

“That’s asking a lot for a dark fae,” Criss frowned and rubbed his shin.

“How long does it take to go from one kingdom to another,” Finn intervened hoping to derail another argument.

“An hour. There are small portals that transfer us from one kingdom to another. They are interlinking across the realm. The carriages all have a portal activators on the top to trigger them.”

Sounded more electronic than magical but Finn kept his opinion to himself. This realm was much different than the one he had been living in. As he opened his mouth to ask further questions the carriage took off. They raced forward not unlike a race car taking off or an amusement ride, slow and steady with fast acceleration. It made Finn consider whether there was some time as well as distance magic happening here.

For the first time since becoming fully fae, Finn leaned back to simply enjoy the adventure. First was the meeting with the fae king, then he had to investigate an attempted murder.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the differences between the dark and light fae courts. Hope the murderer isn’t following them.

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