Last Day & Contest!

It is the last day of November. How did the time pass so quickly? The goal of this month for me was to get back into the practice of writing and from that perspective I was successful. Maybe next year I can invite back all of my author friends 🙂

I will continue my slow story posting into December and longer if necessary. I will post at least twice a week if not more often so I don’t lose my momentum. To finish off November let’s have a contest!

$25.00 Amazon gc for one lucky winner. To enter tell me what your goals are for next year. Not new years resolutions but genuinely what you’d like to get done in the new year. I’d like to finish my Moon Pack Series!

58 thoughts on “Last Day & Contest!

  1. I hope that I will be able to get the house cleaned all at once. And pack away alot of stuff I have
    on every space available.

  2. Finish the class document my friend started before she passed away. I was already on board to help edit & present, now I need to write some.

  3. I would like to finish organizing my living area to maximize the space better. It feels like a never-ending project.

  4. I would like to travel, with my sons if possible. They are both adults so that may be hard to schedule.

  5. I need to finish the basement bathroom get it functional. Also get new carpet in bedrooms. Possibly of a new suv

  6. I would like to get rid of some of the weight I gained in the last 2 years and then keep it off.

  7. My goals ate to get a good vegetable garden up and running and to finally get all my flower beds finished.

  8. I’ve got some writing projects I’m working on between now and March. After that, I don’t know. I may be looking for a new job, so we’ll see.

  9. I’ll try to rearrange my house now that my kids don’t live here anymore. And maybe travel with my husband somewhere nice!

  10. More crafts I crochet and do embroidery. I’d like to finish some projects I’ve started lol

  11. I’d like to clean out my son’s room and make it more neat as he moved out and we now have space.

  12. I want to unpack boxes I haven’t sorted when I moved into my current apartment six years ago, and move into a larger affordable apartment with plenty of storage space (I’ve been on the waiting list five years!).

  13. For me I’m going to get the yard cleaned up and the shed and house painted before it gets to hot to work outside. I can’t paint now because it is a little cool but I have started already on the yard and come Spring will get to painting.

  14. I’d love to get my HR certification, but also to continue my momentum of gym visits and diet change. I’ve been going strong for about a year now, but the Holiday period is hard…

  15. I want to reorganize my bedroom and eventually start looking for a job for the first time in years now that my kids are older.

  16. I’m gonna try to get back to writing. I have been wanting to start writing again for so long but work is always getting in the way. and just… one thing after another… it’s frustrating really. So, I really want to try to write again.

  17. I would like to pay off all my bills and get my credit score up enough to buy a new house. I would be the first kid in my family to own a home so we’ll see how it goes.

  18. To continue the process of getting healthier! Continue losing weight & get back to exercising daily.

  19. Lose some weight, clean out the house so we can sell it and move, visit relatives we haven’t seen for quite a while. Visit my sister who moved to Alabama. Yes, Alabama.

  20. My goal and plan is to work with friends to lose weight, get back to quilting, and spend more time on my life outside of work.

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