Blog Story! #20

See, I didn’t abandon it…just a little. LOL! I will definitely be revamping this story before it’s published but until then we will chug along to its final ending. We are up to almost 19k words…and still so much to learn.

“Magic is claiming you,” Criss whispered in his ear.

“What does that mean?” Despite having read a lot of fae lore in his life, nothing had covered the event of one claiming a member of the family. Most fae rituals weren’t mentioned in regular books. The fae were a secretive race and Finn had to learn as he went along.

“It means you have all the privileges of a royal without the responsibility,” Criss replied.

“Hmm.” Life had taught Finn if things sounded too good, they were. Before he could continue the discussion a gold ball sized ball of yellow energy slammed into him. Pain. Sharp, piercing, can’t-catch-his-breath pain engulfed Finn from head to foot radiating out of the point of entry.

Finn pressed a hand to his chest, gasping to regain the air in his lungs. Shallow pants were the deepest breath he could acquire. He didn’t realized he was clutching onto Criss until a soft pained breath puffed against his ear. Unable to speak he released his tight grip and patted the injured space. His chest squeezed and Finn had to turn all his attention breathing and trying not to throw up.

The air glowed, a kaleidoscope of color surrounded him. Finn blinked rapidly, trying to get his eyes to focus. They kept wandering left, then right in flickering looks as he couldn’t decipher what he was seeing. “What’s happening,” he pushed out between his lips, bare puffs of wasted breath.

Amon pulled him out of Criss’s arms and cradled him close. The heat of the fae’s body soothed anxiety Finn had barely acknowledged. “Shh, we’ll get you through this then we’ll explain everything.”

Finn managed a slight nod, far shallower than he wanted to offer, however moving his head caused his vision to swim even worse. He regretted the little he did move it.

“Easy.” Amon kneeled beside him and began massaging the back of Finn’s head where it met his neck. “I’ve got you. There is no hurry to get back up.”

When did he lay down? Memories went a bit hazy after the magical punch of power slammed into him. He still couldn’t breath properly. He blinked up at Amon, once again unable to express his needs

“He will be fine,” the king announced from across the room where he towered over them.

“What happened to him?” Criss asked the question Finn also longed to know the answer of.

“He got his inheritance.” The king watched Finn with and emotionless expression. “Now we will wait to see what he will receive.”

“What talents you acquire through ritual adoption,” Amon translated.

He hoped his eyes conveyed his thanks because the words weren’t coming out any time soon.

“Put him to bed. We will talk in the morning,” King Eohric ordered.

Before he could figure out how his body worked Amon lifted Finn in a bridal hold, surprisingly avoiding placing undue pressure on Finn’s wings.

“I could take him,” Criss commented.

“I already have him. You can get all the doors. Where do we take him?” Amon asked the king.

“The royal wing. Ask one of the servants in the hall. Everyone knows where I was going to put him,” the king replied.

Criss bowed low, Amon nodded, and Finn concentrated on my puking all over everyone’s shoes. Taking advantage of the situation Finn wrapped an arm around Amon’s neck and cuddled in close. If he was going to be carried like a damsel-in-distress then he was going to milk it for all it was worth. He didn’t know if he liked Amon in the romantic way but it was never a bad situation when you got to hold a gorgeous man close.

No one spoke until they exited the ritual room and Criss caught the attention of a young lady carrying a duster. After a short conversation they were back on their way. When they reached a staircase Finn offered to walk but stopped after the glare he received.

“It is my honor to carry you, my prince,” Amon said.

Finn sighed over the address but smiled when the air in his lungs didn’t hurt. “Thank you.”

He didn’t meet the eye of anyone they passed. Word of him being carried through the castle would spread faster than wildfire but there was nothing he could do about it. He would have to pick his battles. Finn rested his cheek against Amon’s warm chest. He’d been in worse predicaments with less benefit.

After he rested Finn vowed to investigate what this royalty gig meant to him. Did it tie him to the realm or would he be free to return home after he got used to his wings and strange power? Whatever that turned out to be. Too many things were spiraling out of his control. Nothing had gone according to plan since he’d been given the serum and his detective instincts were screaming at him to look into the fae deaths.

“Here we go.” Criss opened a door to reveal a large, luxurious bed-chamber even bigger then the one he’d been assigned in the light kingdom. A large sitting area with comfortable couches and low tables were all done in beautiful wood tones and lush fabrics. Two doors were on the opposite side of the room.

“Wow.” Finn spoke before he could catch himself.

“It is impressive,” Amon agreed, “almost worthy of a prince.”


“We haven’t seen the bed yet.” Amon’s heated look shut Finn up.

“This way.” Criss headed for the door on the left. He opened it and peeked inside. “Yep. This one.”

Amon carried Finn through the door. Inside sat the biggest bed Finn had ever seen.

“How many people are invited to this orgy?” Finn blurted out. A blush crossed his face.

Criss flashed a wicked grin. “At least three.”

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  1. Been waiting for the next installments to arrive and was not disappointed at all!!!! I will be buy this book when it is done. It is so wonderful to read a new stories of yours again!!!!!!

  2. Poor Finn didn’t get a chance to prepare before the magic claimed him, knocking him for a loop. Hope King Eohric unbends a little and helps Finn come to terms with his new powers.
    Amber, thanks for continuing the blog story. When it’s published, I’ll buy it.

  3. So giddy to wake up to more of the story! I’m loving the idea of Amon and Criss with Finn. Just….yum.
    And what will Finn’s powers be? Something never seen before in the kingdoms? Waiting🤓

  4. Thanks for coming back to telling stories. I loved Finn’s little blurt at the end of this chapter.

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