Happy November/Birthday Month/Contest!!!

Hello fans,

This year has been a series of ups and downs. Covid, changing states, changing homes, and settling in have all taken precedence over getting new books out. Normally this time of year I’m rushing to do a birthday month. This year I’m going to take things a little slower and focus on posting various things that catch my fancy, running contests, and promoting fun!!!

I’ve decided to join Nanowrimo to finish my Locks novel. The parts I’ve written need to be heavily revised so they make more sense as I go on so I thought it would be a strong project and then that will be the end of that trilogy which I’ve really enjoyed writing.

The Moon Pack boys will be getting some love and I’ll start pushing out the remainder of that series. It might not be until the beginning of next year due to the holiday season. I don’t want to get tangled up with all the holiday books. That doesn’t mean they won’t feature in some vignettes during the month of November.

I’ll be writing baby short stories featuring characters from different books, especially those I’ll be writing sequels for soon so we can revisit some of our favorites. Feel free to post suggestions. They haven’t been written yet so everything is flexible.


To start things off we’ll focus on positivity! The prize for this contest is a $25.00 GC to Amazon or your favorite ebookstore. To enter, post your favorite thing that has happened to you this year either by your actions or the actions of others. The winner will be announced, more or less, by next Tuesday. I’m going to try and give each contest one week to run 🙂

46 thoughts on “Happy November/Birthday Month/Contest!!!

  1. When I was in the hospital at end of June and my BFF came out with my son to see me, reassure themselves I will be okay and the fact they drove over an hour one way to be there,

  2. My son got engaged and is planning a lovely Fall 2023 wedding and I can’t wait to have a wonderful daughter-in-law join our family!

  3. Some iron infusions earlier in the year really helped and hopefully the sleep study tomorrow provides some more answers. I guess my favorite thing is working to correct physical issues.

  4. In February, I became a great aunt for the 24th time to a beautiful baby girl named Grace. In April, I became a great-great aunt for the 2nd time to a beautiful baby girl named Paisley. And finally, in May,I became a great-great aunt for the 3rd time to a beautiful baby girl named Daisy. I will be 51 this month and I am excited about the possibility of being a great-great-great Aunt someday. Crazy, right?

  5. I have been taking care of a special needs girl. This has become my source of income. She is so funny. I am so happy to be here for the family.

  6. I guess it says something about my year when the best thing I can think of is that when the guy came to work on my house foundation(so that the south end of the house wouldn’t collapse), he went above and beyond and cleared most of the blackberries that had taken over my property without charging me the backhoe rental fees or for the gas and time.

  7. This year has been the start of my new normal. And it hasn’t been fun living without my other half. The only positive is I moved back to CA and close to my kids.

  8. I am working on getting prequalified to build a house! My first home and I’m so excited! It won’t be until Feb or so, but I’ve got my floor plan done and working on saving money for extra must haves. This year has been a decent year, nothing to complain about finally!

  9. My favorite thing this year was my cow surprising me with a happy, healthy bouncy baby girl! She was on camera & being observed, to boot!

  10. One of the long term dogs in the shelter where I volunteer has found a lovely family at last… He’d been waiting for six years in the shelter…I’m so very happy for him!

  11. A friend gave me $500 towards the computer that I needed to buy. No expectation of repayment.

  12. Hello Amber, this year has been a big one for me. We started classes in person and it was very gratifying to see my students again.
    In the family front, my oldest son got a new job and is moving, my oldest daughter got a promotion with a lot of perks. So I’ve been having a lot of good things happening.
    And last but not least, I’ve lost 30 pounds!

  13. I’m most grateful for my husband’s successful surgery and being able to walk, after a fall that nearly paralyzed him from the neck down.
    This year has been a tough one.

  14. The biggest thing would be having my youngest son start high school and see him thriving and then to watch my eldest son continue to be successful in his first job.

  15. It has been a hard year for me, favorite thing this year has been a family vacation, with Covid, this is the first year we took one of these since the Covid started.

  16. Earlier this year We rescued what we thought was a female kitten but turned out was small for her age 9 months approximately and surprise 4 weeks pregnant. She gave birth to 4 kittens which we kept one and rehomed the rest. Mom and son are the cutest and he’s now 4 months old and bigger than her.

  17. My daughter graduated from Colorado State this year and found an awesome job she loves as a case manager. The best part is that she’s self-supporting now.

  18. I wanted to see Heilung in concert for my 50th birthday. Took a lot of saving and sacrifice, but we had over 8 months after we bought the tickets to do it so we could afford: gas, hotel, food, petsitters, etc.

  19. My favorite thing that happened to me this year was winning 2 ebooks. I’ve never had a chance to win anything!

  20. This year has been for me just normal nothing to big happening but also nothing to terrible which makes me happy. I’m at the age where normal is great!!!

  21. The school I worked for closed down this year and was merged with two other schools. It had been scary not knowing if I had a job. In the end I got a position at one of the schools and got to keep my position.

  22. I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to two live pro wrestling matches alone. I got to meet some of the wrestlers and see others up close as they drove in. It was great fun.

  23. My favorite thing that’s happened to me this year is my going to Lori Fosters book signing where I saw old friends and made new ones

  24. Sorry but this has been a craptastic year for me. If one thing has gone wrong it’s been too many to count.

  25. went to my first book signing since covid, was great to see so many familiar faces as well as meeting new ones, was worried my anxiety would get bad since i struggle in crowds but things went great 🙂

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