Birthday Snippet

A long time ago I started this story and I never finished it. I’m hoping by posting this I’ll be inspired again. I was going to title it Kiss me Kismet. I might have posted this before but I couldn’t find any other reference so apologies if you’ve seen this before.

“Where are you going?”

Kismet grinned as the two wolf shifters froze in their tracks.

“Um, out.” Darvis, the larger of the two men winced after he blurted out those words.

Kismet bit his lip to hold in his laughter as his father’s two best pack defenders shivered in their Gucci loafers.

“I want to come.” He flashed them his best pitiful gaze from beneath his lashes and watched them try to weasel out of it.

Playing with the puppies always amused him. The nervous tic he could sometimes get twitching along Jenner’s right eye started, topped his joy like a sweet cherry on his dipstick sundae. He probably should feel bad about it but his father forbade him to kill any of the pack so he had to get his kicks somehow. Teasing the puppies kept him from dying of boredom in the stuffy pack.

“You wouldn’t enjoy it. It’s a mate meet,” Jenner said.

Kismet frowned. “One of those get all the packs together and find your soul mate kinds of things? You two want mates?”

The idea of riff and raff finding their other halves and starting families had Kismet looking at the pair with a whole new perception.

Both shifters nodded not moving the rest of their bodies, bobble headed statues in motion.

“Huh, well then I’ll come along and help.”

Darvis sighed. “You can’t go like that!”

Kismet looked down at his buttery soft jeans with bits of golden skin playing peek-a-boo through the holes and his stretchy black T-shirt then back at the two men in suits. “Sure I can. I’m not hunting for a mate and that way I won’t detract from your fine selves.”

Jenner growled. “Fine. If anyone asks, we aren’t together.”

“But, who will hold my hand?” Kismet pretended to clutch at his heart.

“And don’t start any fights,” Darvis ordered pointing a finger at Kismet.

Kismet rolled his eyes. “I’ll be good. Well mostly good. How about I won’t kill anyone unless they are asking for it.”

Really, there were only so many promises he could keep and his half demon, half panther nature didn’t suffer fools gladly. In a scale of one to ten in deadliness, Kismet was a three hundred point five.

“That’s probably the best we’re going to get,” Jenner said to Darvis.

The other wolf nodded.

Kismet followed the pair to a pack limo. “Why aren’t you driving?”

“Because we hope to be bringing mates home and we didn’t want to have to focus on traffic.” Jenner’s tone indicated he thought Kismet should’ve figured that out on his own.

“So you two really think you’ll find your mates tonight?” He knew they held these get togethers a few times a year. Was the success rate so good that mates were a guarantee?

Darvis shrugged. “We like to be optimistic.”

Kismet settled into his spot in the limo across from the wolves. “Good luck.”

The shifters stared at him as if trying to judge his sincerity.

“What? Just because I live to give you crap doesn’t mean I don’t want you happy. It’s good for the pack to have mated couples and if the pack is happy, father is happy.” Kismet wanted his father happy. There was little he wouldn’t do for the man who raised him when his own mother had tried to drown Kismet in the river.

Darvis and Jenner relaxed. Everyone knew Kismet would never do anything to harm the pack as much as a shit stirrer as he was.

Kismet smiled as they entered the party. With wolves he’d expected maybe a dance club atmosphere with a lot of sweaty bodies and grinding. He had looked forward to it really. Instead the formal uptight atmosphere made his tail twitch.

Nose twitching, Kismet ditched his escorts when they were distracted by a pretty wolf who flashed them a smile as she passed. Kismet could tell she wasn’t their mate, their scents didn’t co-mingle, but that didn’t mean the trio couldn’t have a good time.

A delicious smell caught his attention. He spun around to follow it. A large man in an expensive suit stood in one corner surrounded by other wolves that could only be his bodyguards.


Someone new to play with. Kismet grinned. He loved to take the stiffness out of proper wolves. They often subdued their inner selves and forgot the beast beneath their skin.

He used a bit of demon speed to flash past the bodyguards. “Hi, I’m Kismet!”

Ives Marchent blinked as the beautiful dark haired man with mocha skin appeared before him. Bright green eyes filled with mischief dared him to share the other’s amusement. The sprite barely reached Ives shoulder and he smelled of magic and something feline-like.

“Nice to meet you Kismet. I’m Ives.” He held out his hand, unable to resist the odd man’s allure. The jolt of a callused palm against his own sent shivers down his spine.


His inner wolf growled.

Ives tightened his grip to pull Kismet closer. “What are you?”

Kismet scowled. “That’s not polite. I just came to say hello and you’re getting all interrogate-y.”

“Is there a problem?” Two strange wolves appeared before them. “We can take Kismet off your hands.”

Ives pulled the small man closer. “No.”

“Alpha Marchent you don’t want to do that,” the strange shifter on the right said. “Kismet can come with us and no one will get hurt.”

Ives and his protectors laughed. “You think you can hurt me?”

Kismet cleared his throat pulling Ives attention away from the idiots and back where it belonged.

“No, they’re worried I’ll hurt you.”

Ives’s smile faded at the serious expression on the shifter’s face. “How will you hurt me?”

Kismet shrugged and slicked his tongue across his lips leaving an appealing sheen behind. “I wouldn’t.”

His green eyes glowed with an unnatural light.

What is he?

Although cat shifter all but oozed from the smaller man’s pores, something else peered back at Ives, a darker essence not born of a shifter’s desire.

“See we’re fine.” The worry wafting from the two strange shifters had Ives wondering what he’d gotten himself into.

A touch startled him. Kismet entwined his fingers with Ives. “I’m going to go home with Ives for a few days.”

Ives opened his mouth to protest but the words died in his throat.

“Forget it, Kismet.” One of the strange wolves said.

A wave of protectiveness swept through Ives. “Don’t talk to him like that!”

The guard tilted his head, acknowledging Ives alpha status. “Alpha Marchent are you willing to take responsibility for Kismet?”

The formality of the question gave him pause. “Yes. I’ll take him home for a few days.”

He refused to do more than agree to take the sexy man with him.

“You will behave!” the wolf shifter ordered Kismet.

Kismet shrugged. “Maybe.”

Ives laughed. Trust a feline shifter to refuse a direct order. Cats weren’t known for their cooperation on anything. He pulled Kismet to his side and tucked him into the protective shelter of his arms. “I need to stay for a few hours. When we leave you can come with me.”

Kismet nodded. “All right.”

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  1. Awesome. Any more of the story please? It looks like a ton of fun. Seems Kismit may have met his match

  2. Sigh. Sucked into the story already and it’s not complete. Well, hop on it girl! 😂 we need to know what happens next. Loving Kismet’s character so far.

  3. Happy Bday to me too! I’ve been lurking for so long I’ve forgotten so many things. Like how ‘alive’ your characters are. Even the incomplete ones. Thank you & Happy Birth-month.

  4. I want it now 😭😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 this would make a really fun quick read or even better longer. Sigh writers have the bestest imaginations ever.

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