81 thoughts on “Contest Time!

    1. It’s got to be Anthony, the way he handles Silver, Zeus, Trin and especially his father – cracked me up when his father brought Trin a sword and the words they exchanged !!

  1. My favorite right now is Quentin Heart. Though Tam Larson and Diomedes are both up there. And I love Dane Sanders.

  2. I am going to have to go with Tam!! I love so many of your books buts that’s the one that immediately came to mind.

  3. I’ve read this book so many times that if it was a physical books it would be in tatters.
    So I’m going with Shaun McKellan from “The Changing Years”.

  4. Mine would be Declan from My Man Declan. It’s one of my favorite stories to re read.

  5. That would be Jory, and his dragon mates of course. In fact, I’m painting a space dragon. It’s done all but the dragon’s color. Still undecided what I want it to be.

  6. Randall and Sasha story( Blood Sings )was the first book I read of yours it is my favorite off all your books so far

  7. Hard to pick only one. But I am going with Nick from Vampire wanted.
    From Moon pack, Anthony.
    Tam from the Larsons.
    William from Hidden Magic
    I am going to stop now.

  8. Anthony, Silver, Dare are all yummy. But I also really like Ben and his guys from Baiting Ben from the Silver Pack.

  9. Hi Amber

    Happy birthday! 🥂💐😘

    Love your contest, but it’s tough to choose only one, your characters are amazing and I have quite a few favorites, but if I really have to choose I go with Kreslan Piers from the Thresl series. He is so courageous, funny, dangerous and loving (Kres’s style😁).

    Regards El

  10. My favourite character is Declan in my man Declan. I love the way he is really close to his mum

  11. Sorry but you can’t make pick a favorite that is not fair to the other children (characters) that you have created.

  12. Not gonna be popular but Hera she is no match for Trin ! She gets a bad reputation but no one can not fall in love with Trin he will save them all!😂😂

  13. Joriah… I think because it was my first AK book.
    Though I also like Quentin…and the Thresls…and Declan too… I should stop now, it’s too hard to pick just one.

  14. My favourite is Jaynell. 


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  15. My favorite is Jory from Dragon Men book 1(Mate Hunt). I like Jory because he is strong and confident.

  16. Nick from Vampire wanted. I would love a second part to this. Next favorite ie Quinten Heart again am dying to read the second installment of this series.

  17. Exited to see what kind of trouble Trin will get into. I’m sure he will lead Anthony and Silver a merry chase!😁

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