Lazy Sunday!

I went for a long hike today and I’m tired. So I’m going to do a second contest. In the spirit of birthdays list your favorite birthday activity. I like to drag my family to the art museum because I can look at everything and they can’t complain because it’s my birthday. bwahahah. The prize for this one is one of my backlist books. Five winners will be chosen. If you are a superfan and have all my books you may pick from one of my next 3 solo releases.

32 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday!

  1. I will take myself out to see a movie on my birthday. Usually something animated. Staying a kid a heart for my birthday!

  2. I enjoy going with my daughter to get pedicures . Then my family of four goes to my in-laws to have dinner and watch movies.

  3. Usually dinner and a movie but I have also enjoyed going to the History Museum or a local antique mall when there’s more time. 🙂

  4. I have joined several restaurant loyalty programs over the years so I spend several days going from one to another eating my free birthday items. In between going to book stores checking out the lovelies.

  5. I ask for my favorite meal. I cook most of the time so on my birthday I ask the hubby to buy my favorite meal or cook for me

  6. Out on the road some of the truck stops have meals free for birthdays. So I get a free meal if I’m out. At home I like to get my favorite meal(steak and potatoes) then pick a good movie to watch.

  7. I share a birthday with several friends. So we often spend it together.
    They are older than me. So I know I will only share a few more birthdays.
    That makes each one more precious.

  8. Mom, me and my sister really go for it at a second hand store… dad stays at home… (i do not know why). then it is a late dinner.

  9. Going to the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. Both my hubby and I are native to Santa Cruz and it holds some wonderful memories to us both. And the ski ball is fun too.

  10. My hubby and I usually go to a beach for the week of my birthday. I am a superfan! 🤣

  11. Spending the whole day with my bestie. We do something different every year for our main event like the zoo, bowling, museum or some new day trip. Afterwards we take a short nap before going to dinner and then out to party until the club closes. Then we get a very early breakfast. See why we need the nap?

  12. My family and I go eat then enjoy an activity together this year it’ll be enjoyed at TopGolf.

  13. I like to go out for a hike if weather is nice and then maybe dinner and a movie at night.

    1. My birthday is the end of January so going out is not a good idea. We usually are getting major snowstorms. So we usually make a meal that we don’t usually have like Chicken Parm.

  14. Hi, I was just curious as to whether or not you were going to continue the Attracting Anthony series.  I miss them!  Thanks!

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