Moon Pack Birthday!

It’s a little short but sweet.

I know I usually do an Anthony and Silver, or Dare and Steven story ,but this time I’ve decided to go with Dakota and Henry.


Dakota opened the oven door then grabbed the hot rack with a potholder to protect his fingers. A waft of heat infused with cinnamon bathed his face. He gave the cake tins a dubious look.

“How are they doing?” Dare asked over his shoulder.

Dakota pressed one of the cakeish disks with a cautious finger. “It’s not rising.”

“Did you remember the baking powder?”

 Without responding, Dakota slid the rack back in, then closed the door. A growl preceded him flinging the potholder across the room. “I followed the directions, exactly.”

He folded his arms across his chest and pouted.

“There, there.” Dare patted Dakota’s shoulder in a condescending show of support.

“You’re not helping.”

“I’m only here for moral support. I’m not much of a baker.”

“I’m not either but this was under Henry’s list of ‘impossible to screw up’ desserts.

“You are usually quite good in the kitchen,” Dare said, supportively. “Maybe one of the ingredients was off.”

Dakota scowled at the oven. “Or maybe I’m off.”

“I doubt that, love.” Henry appeared in the doorway.

Dakota saw Dare slink off out of the corner of his eye.

“What are you doing in here?” Henry’s gaze took in the batter coated bowls, the dirty mixer and the containers of ingredients Dakota had yet to put back.

“I was trying to make you a birthday cake.” He wasn’t pouting. He wasn’t!

Henry came closer. He towered over Dakota and generally he liked that. Not today. Not when he was feeling out of sorts.

Henry traced Dakota’s shoulders with his big hands. “You don’t need to fuss over my birthday, darling.”

“But you always do for mine.”

“Because I enjoy it. Not because I want you to reciprocate.”

“I wanted to do something nice for you.”

Henry pressed a soft kiss onto Dakota’s bowed head. “Having you wake up beside me every day is a gift. Having you part of my life is a gift.You don’t have to bend yourself into knots to make me happy, Dakota. You are everything to me.”

Dakota sniffed. “Does that mean you don’t want your flat cake?”

Henry laughed. “I’ll try the flat cake if it makes you happy. Or we could scrap it and make a fresh one together.”

“I’d like that.” Dakota loved days where it was just him and Henry in the kitchen cooking. “I was trying to make your spice cake.”

Henry peeked into the oven. “Hmm. Well there’s a few things that could’ve gone wrong but how about we don’t worry about them and just start over.”

“Are you sure you want to be cooking on your birthday?”

Henry’s warm smile wiped away the last of Dakota’s sulk. “Baking with you will be the best present yet.”

“Does that mean you don’t want your gift?” Dakota teased.

“I’m pretty sure I didn’t say that,” Henry replied. “Where is it?”

“Upstairs in our apartment.”

“Turn off the oven.”

Dakota clicked off the stove and removed the flat cakes for good measure. He didn’t want them burning while they were gone. Hopefully it will take a while for Henry to examine Dakota’s new underwear and the selection of toys he purchased. After listening to the antics of some of the people in the club Dakota began a list of things he wanted to try out. What better time to try some of them out than on Henry’s birthday. One of them had a vibration and heat option.

He might feel a bit guilty about giving such a self-serving gift if he didn’t know Henry would enjoy them too.

“Happy birthday, Henry,” he whispered.

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