Another contest

Sheri here. I know I have such creative blog post titles, right?

This time for a blacklist or future ebook copy(and 2023 will hopefully have many new titles). Tell me what is your favorite Holiday tradition?

38 thoughts on “Another contest

  1. My favorite holiday tradition is dressing up for Halloween but I’m thinking you mean this holiday. I think the only tradition we have left is going to do a holiday walk at the outdoor historic village. They have caroling, horse driven carriages and chestnuts roasted an open fire.

  2. Making ginger snaps from scratch and real hot cocoa (not from a mix). When it’s all ready play Mahalia Jackson’s O Holy Night and decorate the tree. Stopping to dip a ginger snap in the hot cocoa every now and then is a part of the fun.

  3. The day before Christmas, my sisters and me get together and start cooking the Christmas feast, with the help of our kids. We cook the traditional plates that our mom used to make. It’s a time for re-bonding and remembrances.

  4. We always have Christmas morning with my mom. I am 56 years old and have missed ONE. (I was out of state). It is the best family time ever.

  5. Having Christmas with my dad. My whole family is there to but my dad has always made time for him and me during this day

  6. Seeing family in person that you may not see much at all the rest of the year. And all the great foods that you don’t have at any other time.

  7. I loved the time before the meal when I was in the kitchen with my older relatives helping prepare the food. There were lots of laughs, tips and memories.

  8. My favourite holiday tradition is the toast to the family. I come from a well travelled and forces family so our tradition is to drink a toast on Christmas Day at 11am our time wherever we are in the world. Last year all those in UK did it online and we hope to do that again this year 😀

  9. Decorating the house. I’m never truly in the Christmas spirit until I pull the boxes out and splash Christmas everywhere. I’ve started earlier past couple of years. Plus the tree!

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