For another

I hope you all have wished Amber a happy birthday. I am hard at work on a fun December, with hopefully some guest authors. Who would you like to see visit the blog?

Answer the question for a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card.

31 thoughts on “For another

  1. Hi Sheri, I hope Amber enjoyed her birthday. Guest Authors I always hope to see will include, Lisa Oliver, A.E. Via, Mary Calmes, RJ. Scott, Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Andrew Grey.
    Thanks for all the lovely blog post.

  2. I did and hope she had a good day.
    I’d love it if some new or nearly new authors got to be on the blog, especially if they write similar style books. It would be wonderful for readers to find out about them and maybe find stories to tide us over between Amber’s stuff. 😁

  3. I hope that I remembered but if I did then I will wish her a Happy Belated Birthfsy!!!! And as to authors Mercy Celeste, she’s had a lot of up and downs in her career and she is a very good write

  4. Mercy Celeste, Parker Williams and any new to me author that I haven’t discovered yet.
    Have a marvelous birthday Amber!

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