It’s My Birthday and I’ll Post if I want to…

I told Sheri I was going to take the day off, then I woke up and wanted to ramble. Today is my 52nd birthday. I can’t believe I’m past the half-century mark. Everyone says the years go fast, that your children grow faster and you don’t really believe them until you wake up and realize so many years have passed. This year I’m not going to wait until the New Year I’m going to take stock of my life now and think of the things that I like and the things that I should change. I believe we spend too much time concentrating on the bad parts of life, where we went wrong, what we could have done better, and forget what we might have done right. I’m going to focus on my health in the upcoming years. Not just to lose weight but overall healthy. To get out of the house, go for a walk, meet some new people, become more thoughtful, and reconnect with my love of writing. Even as a young child, my favorite activity was to sit down and jot down ideas for stories. Somehow through the years that has become more of an obligation than a pleasure and my writing has always been a source of joy in my life, a joy I’ve let wander by the wayside and grow grey hairs without me. In the spirit of this note, I’m going to give one random person a $10.00 GC to Amazon. To enter you have to share one thing you’ve stopped doing that you think, ‘perhaps I’ll give it another try’. Thank you for reading my ramblings.

39 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday and I’ll Post if I want to…

  1. After 30 years as a stay at home Mum, I became a personal care worker, so much better than sitting around at home. Should have done it years ago. I also lost 35kgs in doing this job.

  2. Taking stock of how I feel currently. This is a whole body thing including mental and physical. I did this periodically for a while pretty much randomly as I would just notice a difference. It seems I have stopped, but more than one type of doctor has recommended it over the last few years to help figure out triggers for some health issues. I know many major ones and avoid them, but just seemed to forget how well this helped all aspects of me. The key for myself seems to be making sure to not let myself go so far in the wrong direction that it feels insurmountable to change course.

    1. Hope you had a lovely bday. Maybe trying to work out some if knees and ankles would cooperate

  3. Happy Birthday Amber!!! Many blessings for your life.
    For me, one of the things I have let go is dancing. I love dancing and that is my to go exercise. So, I will get on with it again starting today. Thank you for your positive outlook.

  4. Happy birthday! I quit doing cross stitch and I had several started I feel I could do better now.

  5. Happy Birthday Amber!! I tried many years ago to take a cooking class but quit when life hit. I think I would love to do that or a Painting class with a few friends now that we can get out again.

  6. Happy Birthday Amber! I will be 51 in 8 days!! I hope to create more in new ways and old. I’m an oil painter and love to craft so I’m going to look to others to teach me new tricks.

  7. Happy Birthday! I used to love doing embroidery and cross stitching; I don’t know why I stopped but I’d love to get back i to it.

  8. Driving or pho (Vietnamese is one of my favorite cuisines otherwise, but I had a bad cheap pho bowl the first time)…

  9. Singing in a choir. I’m hoping to join a new one in January that’s all women. I haven’t been in one since high school and I really miss it.

  10. Have a very joyful birthday. Be present in the moment and just be.
    I need to start cooking healthy again.

  11. I’m in my 50s so this may not be the best thing to get back into doing after a long hiatus but I’d love to be able to start bike riding again (if my health ever allows).

  12. Happy Birthday and many more!! I hope it will be better weather for gardening next year I really need to get back in shape.

  13. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, Amber. Learned take ‘me’ time, eat healthy and rest when I’m tired.

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