Anthony pulsed his magic quieting the hinges and opening the bedroom door. His hands remained curved around a papered box wrapped in cartoon wolfs. It had taken a special rush order to procure the wrapping paper. He particularly liked the party hats. Grinning wildly, he moved across the plush carpet, careful not to bump into anything that might fall outside his silence bubble.

Ten steps from the bed, the lump buried beneath the covers moved.

“What are you doing, beloved?” the deep voice froze Anthony mid step.

“How did you hear me?” he sighed. It was next to impossible to surprise a werewolf.

Silver sat up in bed with messy hair and crinkled eyes. “I didn’t. But you smell like all the best things in my world, and you didn’t block your scent.”


Silver laughed. “Come join me.” He patted the spot beside him in bed. “It’s too early to be awake.”

“Happy Birthday.” Anthony climbed onto the mattress and settled hip to hip to his lover.

“What did you get me?” Silver plucked the box from Anthony’s hands and shook it.

“Hey, don’t shake it.” Anthony laughed at the big, bad alpha’s childish glee.

“Is it fragile?”

“Only when a werewolf shakes it.”

Silver laughed. “Can I open it?”

“Yes, it is your birthday after all.”

“I like the paper,” Silver admired the wrapping.

“I thought of you.”

“I can tell.”

With a vicious smile, Silver tore off the paper then opened the box. A laugh burst through him. “You got me a stuffed wolf?”

“Look at its collar.”

A brass medallion dangled from a loop around the wolf’s throat. “One free night out.”

“We’ve both been so busy.” Anthony let his words trail off.

“We have been.” Silver carefully set the box on the floor the cupped Anthony’s face between his hands. “But no matter how busy we are, know that I’m always thinking of you.”

“Happy Birthday.” Anthony leaned into Silver’s warm touch. His callused hands sent pleasurable chills down his spine.

“It’s been great so far.” Silver pressed his lips against Anthony’s.

Heat poured down Anthony’s spine.

“Where’s the munchkin?” Silver whispered in Anthony’s ear.

“With Dare.” Anthony swung his leg over and straddled Siver’s lap.

“Excellent. Happy Birthday to me.”

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  1. Nice to see Anthony and Silver having time to themselves. We can all use this. Thanks Amber

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