Christmas Interlude

“Die Hard is not a Christmas movie!” Steven sniffed.

Dare flopped down beside him, wrapped an arm around Steven’s shoulders, and gave him a tight sideways hug. “Of course it is. How can it not be? It has a Christmas party, Christmas music and takes place during Christmas Eve. It doesn’t get any more Christmassy than that.”

Steven remained unmoved. “It’s full of shootouts and corporate takeovers.”

“You never had Christmas dinner with my grandmother. Otherwise you wouldn’t use that line of reasoning.”

Steven’s bright laughter had Dare smiling goofily back at him. It had been far too long since he heard Steven laugh like that. “I’ll keep that in mind if we ever go to meet your family. Your brother, Jager, is more than enough for now.”

“Jag agrees about Die Hard being a Christmas movie too. Next you’ll be saying Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween film.”

“Now you’re being ridiculous. Everyone knows that’s a Christmas movie.” Steven’s smug smile had Dare tilting his head up as if asking for divine inspiration.

“Fine. I’ll give you that one but Die Hard is definitely Christmas.

“How about we agree to disagree,” Steven offered.

“I’d rather spend the time persuading you to see things my way.”

In a slithering motion reflecting his inner cade, Dare slipped to his knees between Steven’s legs. “Maybe I can persuade you into my point of view.”

“You can give it your best, but I won’t change my viewpoint.”

“Hmm, we’ll see.” Dare slid the zipper on Steven’s pants down halfway. “Are you willing to give?”

“Never.” Steven infused a believable protest in that one word.

If he were in his cat form, Dare’s tail would be flicking. “never is a long time.”

“I won’t be moved.”

Dare finished prodding the zipper down all the way. Without care for Steven’s clothing, he ripped the pants down to his ankles.

“I really liked those,” Steven mourned. “They made my ass look incredible.”

“I did too, but you know what really shows it off? Nothing.”

Steven gasped as Dare used his claws to remove the final layer blocking him from his prize. Steven’s erection sprang up at him as if even his body knew of Dare’s worshipful ways. Without warning, Dare swallowed Steven down.


Steven dug his fingers into Dare’s hair and clutched it tight as if confused about whether to keep him there or prod him into action. “You are a talented cocksucker, kitten,” he praised.

Dare gave a pleased hum around his mouthful.

Steven groaned. He released Dare’s hair and clutched the coach. Free from the tight hold and no longer worrying about going bald, Dare spent the next ten minutes exploring his mate’s cock and showering him with attention. Dare ran his hands up and down Steven’s legs. Slow, sensual touches that increased his skin’s sensitivity and built anticipation.

“I’m not going to last,” Steven warned.

Dare squeezed Steven’s legs letting him know it was all right. Steven gasped rewarding Dare for his efforts. Dare swallowed down his prize. After he pulled off, Dare licked his lips. “Are you sure Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie?”

Steven eyed Dare with a heavy-lidded gaze. “I’ll call it an Easter film if we go into the bedroom and let me take care of you.”

Dare snickered. “Sounds like a deal.”

The pair left the living room with the sound of gunfire bursting from the television. Another Christmas movie checked off Dare’s ‘to watch’ list.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Interlude

    1. Nice way for Dare to solve an argument. Steven is going to have to step up his Christmas game. Would be a great full length story of you add it to Anthony and Silver’s Christmas. Maybe add Henry and Dakota.

  1. Another favorite couple! Maybe a Christmas book with snippets of all the couples we love? Thanks Amber!

  2. Amber, I agree with Maria. I’d love to see a Moon Pack Christmas book with snippets of all the couples.
    And yes, it’s a Christmas movie. 😉

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