Winners again

Hi guys. Sheri here. WordPress ate my previous winners post. I was legit wondering why no one had contacted me, and then I got the flu followed by bronchitis and got distracted by that. As I went to wrap up the the blog for the year, I couldn’t find it. So let’s try this again.

All winners email me at authoraccomplice@gmail.com. Please give a week for prizes, I send them out in batches. I also compare emails to comments to avoid scammers.

Blacklist ebook winners

Sherry G


Rose R.

Dawn Lacroix

$10 Amazon Gift Card

Sherry G.


Teresa Beeler

Terri Culverwell


$25 Amazon Gift Card

Angela Willis

Rowena B.

$50 Amazon Gift Card

Bobbi Topacio

2 thoughts on “Winners again

  1. Color me surprised this just came in. I will email you in a minute.
    I hope everyone has a very safe and Happy New Year!!!

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