What’s Going on with the Blog Story?

Okay you are probably wondering what I did with the blog story. I’ve decided it’s too disorganized to finish how it is. I’m going to have to revamp the entire thing to tie up loose ends. Sorry but it needs a solid redo.

I’ll be starting a new one when I get back from RT in two weeks.

Thanks for your understanding!

Also I let my FB group know if you aren’t going to a conference and live in the US you can order a stress ball dragon for the cost of box and postage. You can order one here if you are interested. I will also be at RT, Euromeet, UK Meet, GRNW, & GRL to hand out dragons. *hugs all around*

Tuesday Teaser (on Wednesday)

This one’s working title is Barely Human (but it might change)


Edward had heard rumors all his life about his mystical family tree. How there was scarcely any human blood to mar its paranormal branches, but it wasn’t until today that he’d put his own ability to the test.

It all started with a cat up a tree.

He’d just gotten off work at the police station. Heading home he cut through an affluent neighborhood that butted up against his working class digs. A soft meow, and the sound of crackling fire had his head snapping around to find the source.

“What are you doing up there?”

A small cat at the uppermost branches of a tree wouldn’t draw a lot of attention. The fact the animal crackled with fire certainly would. Glancing around Edward didn’t see anyone on the streets. Apparently rich people didn’t have time to walk down their well manicured sidewalks they were too busy raking in their billions.

Not that he was bitter about the split with his wealthy family or anything.

A family that laughed when he said he wanted to be a cop and tossed him out when they realized he wasn’t kidding. Police didn’t belong in a magical family who thrived on theft and deception. As far as they were concerned Edward had turned traitor by going the straight and narrow path.

“Here kitty, kitty,” Edward said in a sing song voice. On that famous family tree were more than one siren giving the ordinary policeman a few extraordinary abilities.


Edward sighed. “I’ll catch you.”

The hell cat crackled on the branch a bit more, charring the innocent tree and making Edward wince at the damage. As soon as the stupid animal came down he could pull up his limited fae abilities and heal the poor plant.


“Dammit, you’re going to make me come up there aren’t you?”

He hated doing it but he couldn’t let the hellcat stay on the tree, possibly catching it on fire if it lost its temper or became even more distressed. A distressed hellcat could bring down a city. He’d be damned if it burned down his city.

Glancing around again and not seeing any occupants Edward accessed the one power he hated above all others…flying. Scared of heights, he held a great deal of sympathy for the pathetic cat. Taking a deep breath Edward released his hold upon the earth and let the breeze carry him up to the flaming creature.

When he reached the branch holding the cat he held out his arms. “Come on?”

The cat looked at the ground and then at Edward.

“Don’t ask.”

If he didn’t know better he’d think the cat understood him but that was ridiculous. Hellcats were the lowest of the demon pool. This one probably was brought over by a newby wizard who promptly let the little thing escape.

The cat reached out a paw but then jerked it back before he touched Edward.

Impatient and getting nervous about his ability to keep the same height for long, Edward snatched the cat off the tree bracing himself for claws.

A low purr was the only response. Pleased with his victory Edward floated back down to earth letting out a sigh when his heels touched the ground.

The cat gave a soft meow when Edward finally was all the way down again.

“No. I’m not putting you down. You can’t burn me, my great-great-grandmother was an ice witch.” One of the many immunities granted him at birth. Edward might not have any strong abilities or a tendency towards any particular branch magic but his jack-of-all-trades approach worked for him. On the outside he looked like a normal human but on the inside there were barely a few completely human genes to rub together.

“We’ll take you home and then I’ll call a friend of mine to come check you out.”

He’d call Fields his demonology expert. Fields would know what to do with a flaming cat who needed to return to hell. As turned and headed towards his apartment, Edward waved his hand and muttered a few words. He heard the tree’s whispered thank you as he walked away.

Let’s Pretend it’s Monday

It’s been a busy week, you know like every other week. I’ve been horrible at keeping up with my blog lately.

* * * *

A sleek, glossy raven flew into the cave. It landed on a pile of jewels, cawed then fished out a ruby.

“Don’t think because you’re my mate you can take all my prettiest jewels.” Rhaegar scolded.

“He doesn’t think it. He knows it.” Blake strolled up to him, bare-chested and carrying a coffee mug. Steam trailed upwards. Following Rhaegar’s gaze Blake handed the cup over.

“Thanks, mate.” They both watched as the raven ignored then and continued to rifle through Rhaegar’s shiniest gems.

“You do know he’s going to ignore you.” Blake held out his arm. The black, feathered head popped up. A minute later the bird flapped its wings and flew over to Blake landing on his arm. The raven tilted its head and examined Blake with an intelligent gaze.

Rhaegar leaned over to meet the crow’s gaze. “Our new bed came in.”

The bird hopped down. A few minutes later the bird transformed into a beautiful man with dark hair and matching eyes.

“There you are.” Blake wrapped his arms around Leif. “You are a very pretty bird but I prefer the human version.”

Leif tilted his head up for his kiss.

Rhaegar watched his mate’s kiss. While they were occupied he ran his hands down their bare backs taking the chill of their skin. His mates were sweet but didn’t have a dragon’s inner fire to keep them warm.

Leif stepped away from Blake and leapt into Rhaegar’s arms. He grinned up at Rhaegar. “You have the prettiest rubies.”

Rhaegar kissed Leif on the nose. “It’s like being mated to a little dragon,” he grumbled. “At least Blake won’t take my hoard.”

Blake grinned. “I don’t know. I can probably hock a bunch of this stuff and life like a king.”

Rhaegar spit a cloud of smoke at his mate.

Blake coughed, waving his hand to clear the air. “That was mean.”

Leif laughed. “You did have it coming.”

Blake kissed Rhaegar’s cheek. “Grumpy dragon.”

“Where’s the bed?” Leif slid to his feet.

Rhaegar took one hand and Blake too the other. Between them they led Leif into the adjoining cavern.

“Oh! It’s gorgeous.” In the middle of the room stood a round bed with crows and wolves engraved on all sides.

“There aren’t any dragons.” Leif crouched down to examine it from all sides. “There should be dragons.”

Rhaegar smiled. “Little bird, you and Blake gave up everything to live in a cave with me here. I think that is enough dragon.”

Blake threw himself onto the bed. “You’re right Leif, this bed is missing a dragon.”

Leif joined Blake on the bed, snuggling up to his side. He held out his arms and made grabby hands. “Come here dragon. Let’s fix this oversight.”

Rhaegar grinned and stripped off his clothes. “Anything for my mates.”

Tuesday Teaser (BWAHAHAHAHAHA)

Hal blinked trying to adapt his vision to the bright light.

Where the fuck am I?

He sat up and took in the luxurious room. It had the impersonal feel of a hotel and the smell of cleaning spray beneath the surface. He scanned his memory but could only remember going to dinner with his parents the night before. They’d gone to a steakhouse and discussed his future.

Hal hadn’t known what to tell his parents about his plans. He’d never thought about leaving the pack even though they had never accepted him since his first change. Apparently turning into a scaled wolf with wings freaked out the normal wolves. Hybrids weren’t supposed to exist. Hal didn’t know of any others like him. Of course reproduction between a wolf and a dragon didn’t happen often and the few times Hal had heard of resulted in either a dragon or a wolf not a weird conglomeration of both.

The alpha of their pack had grown increasingly upset with Hal’s presence. He had to either challenge the alpha for leadership or find some place else to call home. Hal had hesitated to leave his parents. Although at twenty-one years old he’d stayed longer than he planned.

A piece of paper caught his attention.

Dear son,
You need to start your own life now. There are rumors the alpha is planning your death. We have paid for this room for a month. We also opened your trust fund so you have money. Love you son. Keep in touch.
Mom and Dad

Hal stared at the note for a long moment. His parents had effectively banished him. He’d never doubted his parent’s love but he hadn’t seen this coming. They must’ve drugged him in order to get him here.

“Now what the fuck do I do?”

Groaning, Hal threw himself on the bed. Depression pressed him down. He didn’t have any reason to get up. He understood why his parent’s had acted but it didn’t take away the sting.

It only took a few minutes before he was so disgusted by his self pity he had to get out of bed. Exploring his environment would be a good first step. He needed to figure out where he was and if he planned on putting down roots here or if he’d be heading out somewhere else.

His parent’s were right. Sticking around where the alpha could find him wasn’t a good idea. Hal could’ve stayed and killed the alpha but despite his prejudices Alpha Viden was a good man. It wasn’t completely his fault the pack never warmed to Hal.

A quick shower and a peek in the closet revealed his wardrobe had been entered. He wondered how long they had planned this venture. He’d thought they were responding to his recent comments. This smacked of planning. A great deal of planning.

Moon Pack Monday!

Anthony twisted his ring around his finger. The two shifters guarding his office door smiled at him when he turned in their direction.

“I don’t need babysitters.” No matter how many times he said it, Silver still insisted he had guards.

“We know.” Inno replied. ‘But shooting lightning in the middle of a skyscraper isn’t a good idea.”

Anthony rolled his eyes. Silver hadn’t even sent tough guards he’d sent Inno, a baker who considered it a crime against humanity, if he burnt cookies and Gabe who usually had twin bodyguard mates of his own.

“Where are your mates?”

“Downstairs,” Gabe replied.

Inno grinned. “Asleep.”

They giggled!

Anthony sighed.

“Are you going to get married?” Inno eyed Anthony with a hopeful expression.

“Why would we?” In the eyes of the shifter world they were already married and to humans Anthony’s ring had them referring to Silver as his husband. A wedding wouldn’t change anything.

Inno shrugged. “It would be fun to make a wedding cake.”

“Don’t you get orders at your store?” Inno had taken over his sister’s bakery and had it open on the weekend only. The rest of the time he baked for the Moon pack.

“Sometimes but I’ve never made a shifter wedding cake. I could make sugar wolves.” Excitement lit his eyes.

Gabe smiled. “Really? That’s awesome.”

“Why did Silver pick you two?”

“Everyone else was busy. He figured we could at least call our mates if we got into trouble.” Inno said.

“Why? Don’t you think we can do it? We’re still wolves you know and Gabe is learning some fighting skills
from his mates.”

“No. I’m sure you’ll be fine.” No one had ever attacked his office. He didn’t bother to mention he had human security guards to stop anyone from coming upstairs who wasn’t supposed to.

“Still, think of the cake.” Inno nodded.

“You could get married.” Anthony hid his smile. He’d love to see the expression on Inno’s mate. Mikel tended to do whatever Inno wanted but he didn’t know his stance on marriage.

“I’m not going to make my own wedding cake!” Inno’s outraged expression made him laugh.
Silver walked through the doorway while they were chatting. “What’s going on?”

“Inno has wedding cakes on the mind.” Anthony stood and accepted his mate’s kiss. He lost track of time with Silver’s lips on his.

Silver ended their embrace by nipping his bottom lip. “Who’s getting married?”

“No one. Inno just wants to make a cake.” Anthony kissed Silver on the cheek.

“Ah. Well you two can go. Gabe your mates are going to wear a hole in Anthony’s lobby carpet. Inno, Mikel called and said he’s on the way.”

Anthony’s guards left him with waves and smiles. He waited until they left.

“Why were they really here?”

“Mikel wants Inno to feel more like part of the pack and the twins wanted Gabe to feel independent.”

“So their mates requested their presence.” Anthony shook his head. “You’re such a softy.”

“I can understand someone wanting their mate to be happy.” Silver wrapped his arms around Anthony. “I’d do anything for mine.”

Anthony kissed his mate. When they broke apart both of them were both breathing heavy. “How about you take me home and show me how much you want me to be happy.”

Silver grinned. “How about you teleport us and I can get started quicker?”

“Mm, you have the best ideas.” Anthony wrapped his arms around his mate and sent them home.

Out Today & Giveaway!

Cookies for Courting-400x600My first release from Dreamspinner Press is out today! It is part of an anthology I participated along with RJ Scott, Amy Lane, Marie Sexton & Mary Calmes. All great author friends of mine. They are not directly connected so they can be read in any order.

Buy links: DSP, Amazon, ARe (ARe is having a rebate sale today…just saying)
After his sister’s death, businessman Marshall Hunter gains custody of his niece. Unused to children, Marshall struggles to connect with her. In an effort to make her more comfortable in her new home, he hires professional muralist Pace Barlow to personalize her room.

Pace is intrigued by his tiny client, and even more interested in her handsome uncle, but Pace isn’t certain he’s ready for the commitment of an instant family.

When Marshall decides to move for the sake of his niece, will he be able to keep his relationship with his young artist, or will he have to give up love to become a good father for a lonely little girl?

The love baked into an old-fashioned recipe might bring the two men together, but some things take more than magical cookies to fix.

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