Out in Audio!


Keys is now out in Audio! You can get a copy here


My name is Octavius Septimus Stalk, but my friends call me Oss. I live in the City of Keys, a town of gears, keys, locks, and wonder. Our forefathers banished magic long ago, bolted the doors and locked everything up tight to keep people out and the town’s secrets in. Four Lock Lords control what information is left, and everyone else is left struggling to survive.

Despite what Thorne, my naïve lover, thinks, I was an orphan, but not a victim. When I walked the streets at the age of 12, I learned fast where to steal the best food, how to use my daggers, and where to hide my would-be attackers’ bodies. No one suspected me of such violence. No one knew then or now that I have magic inside me.

Now, power-hungry men intend to release the magic for their own benefit – at the expense of the rest of the city. We will stop them, even if Thorne must battle his own kin, even if I must reveal my hidden talents and the role I seem destined to play.

The End of November!

I wanted to thank everyone for joining me for my Birthday Month. Both visitors and authors have been great! All winners will be announced on the Birthday Bash 2015 Winners page here

It will be updated until all authors have listed their winners.

I hope everyone had as good of a time as I did. Now on we go into December!


Welcome to My Birthday!


Finally, my birthday is here! I’ve always enjoyed my birthday maybe because I share it with my sister. I was born on my older sister’s 4th birthday so I’ve always considered it a fun day. My sister…not so much. LOL!

To celebrate today I am going to run a contest every hour. My wonderful assistant Sheri has come up with some fun contests for you to enter. Some of them you can enter to win a signed copy of End Street Vol 1 from RJ Scott and myself (yes international fans are welcome), or your choice of one of my ebooks. I will also be giving away ARe giftcards and Amazon gift cards and few prize packs.

All entries will be put in a big pot at the end of the month and one person will win a Kindle Paperwhite!




Welcome to Amber Kell’s Birthday Bash!

Birthday bash 2016 icon

Hello Amber Fans,

Once again November has swung around on the calendar. I don’t know where the year went. This month we’ll have a lot of amazing authors stopping by to share a bit of birthday cheer and information about their latest releases. I will be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I will post each bit that I write. Keep in mind the book I write will be heavily edited later and not revised while I write so please ignore all errors.

I will also be giving away a bunch of prize packs this month and we’ll have a new release of the next End Street book on my birthday so stay tuned. The beginning of each day will start with an author posting and the end will be my blog post. Days will be determined by Pacific Time because it’s all about me. BWAHAHAHAHA!

Two New Releases!

Hunting Henry french pngHenry out in French! Available at Amazon here

Henry travaille en tant que cuisinier auprès de la meute, heureux de dissimuler un passé douloureux et de réprimer son côté loup. Dakota est un loup à qui on a injecté un sérum afin de le transformer en homme. Que se passe-t-il quand un homme qui ne veut pas être un loup se lie à un loup qui ne veut pas être un homme ?


Out in Audio at audible.com here

After his sister’s death, businessman Marshall Hunter gains custody of his niece. Unused to children, Marshall struggles to connect with her. In an effort to make her more comfortable in her new home, he hires professional muralist Pace Barlow to personalize her room. Pace is intrigued by his tiny client, and even more interested in her handsome uncle, but Pace isn’t certain he’s ready for the commitment of an instant family.