Okay I’m a bit late (Moon Pack Monday)

Strong hands stroked him. Knowing fingers scratched that perfect spot behind his ear before digging into the itchy spot between his shoulder blades with a knowing touch. Blinking, Dare tried to focus his gaze. After a long day at work he’d come home and fallen asleep.

“Awake now?” Steven, Dare’s mate, asked.

Dare shifted, seeking his human form and wanting those amazing hands on his bare skin.

“Hmm much better.” Steven swooped in for a kiss.

Exhaustion fell aside and sleepiness disappeared. “I thought you’d be gone all night.”

Steven shrugged. “The guy we thought was selling shifter hides had imported them from Africa from real lions. He only told his contacts they were shifters because they were sick fucks. He gave us all the names and promised to make money some other way.”

“What other way?”

“I didn’t want details. Being a fraud in this case wasn’t a bad thing. He had all the legal paperwork for his hides.”

“Huh. Weird. I guess that’s good at least. It’s bad that people want to buy our skin though.”

“Yeah, we’ll take care of his buyers tomorrow. Tonight I wanted to check on you.”

“I’m fine.” Ever since Dare had gone through a blind streak Steven had worried over him as if by hovering Dare would be sure not to fall apart.

“Good. I’m just worried it could happen again.”

“If it does at least this time you’ll know who to check on.”

“True.” Steven’s shoulders relaxed. Dare hadn’t realized how stressed his mate had become.

“How about we go to bed and work off all that tension?” Dare trailed a hand down the zipper of Steven’s pants. “One of us is way overdressed for this party.”

“That is a shame and you know how I like to be dressed appropriately for every occasion.”

“I do.” Dare swung his legs over until he sat up on the couch. He accepted the hand Steven held out to him.

As soon as he got to his feet Steven wrapped an arm around Dare and steered him toward their bedroom. “I like coming home to find you here. You work too many night shifts. I’m going to talk to Silver about it.”

“You’re going to mess up my schedule so I can be home waiting for you?” Dare frowned at his mate.

“Well, it sounds bad when you put it like that.” Steven squeezed Dare. “I just want to spend more time with you.”

“Then you ask. You don’t threaten to go to my boss.” Dare shook his head. Sometimes his mate had no sense of subtlety.

“I guess I just assumed you felt the same way.” Steven dropped his arm and put some space between them.

Dare stepped closer and licked Steven across the cheek. Laughter greeted his action. “That’s barely acceptable when you’re a tiger.”

“Then get a clue. I’m not saying we shouldn’t spend more time together. I’m saying you should’ve just said you missed me and I would’ve changed it on my own.”

Steven wrapped his arms around Dare pulling him close. “How about you talk to Silver about your hours and I will devote my time to making sure you feel appreciated.”

“Hmm, I see a lot of evening blowjobs in my future.” Dare sighed happily.

Steven laughed. “Whatever you want, my love, whatever you want.”

Enter to Win!


My Marketing Manager (aka my 9-year old) said I needed to give away some fan packs with dragons and pens. If you are not going to RT, Euro pride Con, UK Meet, GRNW or GRL you can enter to win a dragon and pen combo by listing your favorite book of mine. Five winners will be chosen Sunday.

Note: I’m asking people attending conferences not to enter because they can pick these up at the above conference :)

Out Now!

Unexpected Alpha jpg

I finally have it published. My book where all the proceeds go to an autism society of Washington. If you have a different autism charity you support if you donate a minimum of $5 and email me the receipt I’ll send you a free copy of Unexpected Alpha. It is currently on my site, ARe & Smashwords and pending on Amazon, BN and other ebook retailers.


Stanley didn’t expect his life to change when he went jogging one night. Barely surviving a dog attack he woke in a strange bed with odd urges. He didn’t mind the sexy man hovering over him. In fact if Fen wished to join him in bed he’d have no objections.

Fenris wanted the alpha at his first growl. The sexy man’s commanding air and sweet smile were a combination out of Fen’s hottest dreams. Unfortunately family issues and outside forces tried to push the lovers apart and keep them from their happily ever after.

Faced with opposition Stanley did the only thing he could. He let everyone know that the new alpha on the block wouldn’t accept anyone getting between him and his man.


If Stanley Brown had known what kind of day it would turn out to be, he would’ve stayed in bed. No two ways about it. In bed with the door locked, the curtains drawn, and maybe a giant boulder in front of the entrance to his apartment building, like the ones in cartoons.

He definitely wouldn’t have gone running in the park.


But how was he to know something he did on an almost nightly basis would turn disastrous?

Not a lot of people visited the park at night. Technically, it closed at dusk, but Stanley considered the opening times posted as more of a guideline rather than a hard fast rule, and had discovered many fellow joggers with the same opinion. Except tonight none of his other running rebel friends were around to keep him company. Shrugging off the slight shiver tickling down his spine, Stanley continued on his routine path. He had no reason to find that night any scarier than other nights. In fact, the full moon brightened up the park far better than the pathetic glow from the dim streetlights a block away.

Hitting his stride, Stanley followed the familiar curved gravel path. The apartment key he kept on a chain around his neck and under his shirt. The small bit of metal tapped a calming rhythm against his chest with each step. A dog growled behind him. Damn, some moron had let his pet off leash again. He hated dog owners who thought the idea of a good time was to take their barely tamed animal to the park and let them run free. Those kinds of people tended to be mindless idiots who never worried about their beasts mauling some poor kid playing in the grassy field as long as Fido didn’t have to be oppressed by the leash laws.

Still running, Stanley reached into his jacket pocket and wrapped his fingers around the container of pepper spray he kept tucked inside. He might like to run amongst the trees, but this city boy never traveled without some sort of protection. He blamed the owners, not the mutts for their misbehavior, sadly it was the animals that got sprayed. Dousing the owners would’ve been much more satisfying.

The growling became louder. Maybe running away from the snarling dog had unleashed the animal’s hunting instinct. Well fuck, he wasn’t going to stop now.

Fumbling to pull the canister out, it caught on the inside mesh of his jacket pocket. A loud howl filled the air, closer this time. Before he could react, thick claws stabbed into Stanley’s back like sharp razors easily slicing through his thin nylon clothing.

Screaming, he fell face first onto the ground. Fear accelerated his heartbeat, hammering a staccato rhythm against his chest. He rolled over, still trying to pull the pepper spray out of his pocket. Stanley kicked at the creature, then pushed off with his feet and rolled away from his attacker. The dog, wolf, thing turned toward him, saliva dripping from its long snout.

What the hell is that? A feral dog? A runaway lab animal?

If he believed in monster movies, this would’ve been the perfect set up. His thoughts jabbering away in his mind, Stanley continued to yank at the pepper spray. Finally, the canister pulled free. With shaking hands, he lined up the nozzle and pointed it at the shaggy, snarling creature.

“Take that, you fucker!” Stanley stumbled to his feet and sprayed the large animal. If he found the beast’s owner, he’d sue the bastard for terrifying the crap out of him. Before he could douse the beast a second time, it jumped at Stanley and scratched the hell out of his arm. Unprepared for a second attack, Stanley tumbled to the ground. He let out a gurgling cry as the beast lunged and clamped onto Stanley’s throat with its massive teeth. Like a set of Ginsu knives, the beast’s sharp canines ripped through Stanley’s flesh. His vision dimmed from lack of blood as it splashed a warm river across his throat. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists, not daring to buck off the beast gnawing at his throat. Thoughts of his parents’ sorrow when they heard of his death renewed Stanley’s fading determination.

Flinging out his hand, Stanley scrabbled to grab hold of anything. A piece of branch filled his palm, the wood scraping his flesh. Desperate for any bit of help, Stanley clutched the small branch. With his last surge of strength, he brought the stake up between them and stabbed the beast through its chest. Blood coated Stanley’s arm, its sticky essence soaking his shirt in a hot, crimson river. He turned his head when the first flow tried to get into his mouth. Spitting out the acrid taste spilling across his tongue, he still couldn’t quite clear his mouth of the flavor.

Autism Awareness Day!

Autism Awareness Graphic

“Autism is diagnosed four times more often in boys than girls. Its prevalence is not affected by race, region, or socio-economic status. Since autism was first diagnosed in the U.S. the incidence has climbed to an alarming one in 68 children in the U.S.”

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that my younger child is on the autism spectrum. He is highly functioning and it took me several years before I could get anyone to agree to look at his symptoms. As a mother I knew something was different about him but since he is highly intelligent I couldn’t get anyone to acknowledge there was a problem. The number one thing I hear from people who meet him is that he is a cute, sweet, intelligent child. My concern is that his sweetness will be crushed by others who don’t appreciate those who are different. The world is a harsh place for people who don’t conform.

This month I am doing three things. I am giving $25.00 Amazon GC away to a random commenter, I am participating in an auction where you can bid on my three print Thresl books here, and I am publishing Unexpected Alpha a book where all the profits will go to the Autism Society of Washington. Unexpected Alpha will be out in a few weeks and I will announce when it is available.


Forever My Love #37

I have hesitated to finish this book. I’m still trying to decide how it is going to end. It will be revised heavily in the future.

* * * *

In halting words and a lot of tears Lee spilled his heart out to the angel.

“That bastard!” Chamuel raged. Thunder shook the stained glass windows.

Lee watched wide-eyed as the angel’s wings flared out. “Are you okay?”

“Michael has been interfering with love!” Anger pulsed from the angel’s white wings turned red at the tips.

Lee took a step back from the celestial being. He didn’t know what kind of powers Chamuel might have but he didn’t plan on being caught in the crossfire. “What are you going to do?”

Chamuel fluttered his wings. “What you requested human, get your lover back.”

Lee watched the angel disappear. He sank down on a pew. “I hope I didn’t make a mistake.” He didn’t want to start an angelic war.

Closing his eyes he rested his head against the wood and prayed.

“Going over my head?” A hard voice had him jumping to his feet.


“How dare you contact Chamuel!”

“How dare you steal my husband!” He’d run out of patience days ago. Even an archangel wouldn’t stop him from getting Antonio back.

“You really think you are up to fighting me human?”

Michael’s scorn should’ve burned him where he stood.

“Yes.” Lee shook as he confronted the celestial being. He’d never been one to embrace fighting but he’d do anything for Antonio.

Michael crossed his muscular arms. “You do know I can destroy you.”

“Can you? Aren’t there rules about killing mortals?” He didn’t know whatever laws angels had to follow but he’d bet one of them included not killing innocent humans.

“No he can’t.” Chamuel agreed, appearing beside Michael. “Now give him back his soul mate.”

“Soul mate,” Michael scoffed. “What nonsense.”

Chamuel fluffed his wings making him appear larger than the archangel beside him. “You don’t want to go against me old one. You might be one of the original angels but I have power of my own.”

“Antonio will make me a good companion.” Michael said.

“No, he is mine!” Lee wouldn’t give Antonio up.

“Lee is right. Antonio belongs to him,” Chamuel said.

“Then he can fight me for him.” Michael tilted his chin up.

Lee squeezed his eyes tight to hold back the tears. “I don’t need to fight you. He belongs to me.”

“Are you afraid he won’t choose you?” Michael jeered.

Lee laughed. “No. I’m worried if he chooses me you will try to make us both suffer for the rest of our lives.”

“You have a good point.” Michael scratched his cheek. “What do you think would be a good solution?”

“For you to stop being an ass.” A deep voice had Lee spinning around.

His husband stood in the church aisle wearing a stranger’s skin. Lee would still know Antonio’s soul anywhere. Racing between the pews he jumped into Antonio’s arms.

Antonio squeezed him tight. “I missed you, beloved.”

“I missed you too.” Lee sobbed against Antonio’s shoulder. “I missed you so much.”

Tuesday Teaser!

This is the second one on this manuscript.

first blurb

Once again banging on the door woke me from a deep sleep. Still sleepy I stumbled down the hall and whipped open the door. Carl Johnson stood on my doorstep holding a box of my favorite donuts and a paper tray containing two cups of coffee.

“Morning, I thought I’d come by and apologize for abandoning you last night.”

“That’s sweet.” I didn’t know what to say. Carl had never shown a considerate side before. I didn’t know how to take it.

“I thought so.” He grinned at me smugly.

“Come on in.” I stepped back and motioned him inside.

He walked past me and set the food in the kitchen. “Come here.” He pulled me closer and kissed me gently. I returned the kiss and leaned into his hard body a moment before stepping back. He might spend the day behind a desk but he worked out to keep his body trim. I appreciated his efforts even if I hadn’t sampled all his wares yet.

“Hey darling, did you want me to make coffee,” Hunter’s growly voice made me close my eyes with annoyance.

“I-I didn’t know you had company. I guess I should’ve called first.” The flash of pain in Carl’s eyes changed to fury when Hunter sauntered into the room wearing only a pair of boxers.

“I’m not company,” Hunter wrapped an arm around my waist as if we were long lost lovers.

I nudged him away with a not so friendly elbow placement. “He’s not company he’s a friend staying over in the spare room.”

Hunter nodded. “Which was very lonely after you left the bed.”

I could’ve kicked him. It didn’t matter that I’d slept divinely in Hunter’s arms. He knew as well as I did that there was nothing between us. I didn’t know why he was trying to ruin my relationship.

“This is Hunter, Hunter this is Carl the guy I was telling you about last night.”

Carl relaxed at those words.

Hunter tensed. I could practically feel his animosity grow. “Why don’t you go get dressed Hunter. I’m sure you have to be at work soon.”

He shook his head. “No, I got the next two days off for my injuries.”

Carl swept a gaze across him. “You look perfectly healthy to me.”

I elbowed Hunter again. “Concussion that’s why Jade is looking after me.”

Relief swept through me until Hunter gripped my shoulder. “Jade and I have been friends for years.”

“A year,” I corrected. “Carl’s right why don’t you go get dressed.”

I glared at him willing him to leave alone with Carl who I was sure would quickly be pushed into the category of men I used to date after he ditched my ass.

Hunter had the gall to kiss my cheek. Tingles went down my spine from the contact.

I kept my gaze on Carl as Hunter walked away. “He’s straight.”

“He didn’t look that straight when he was eyeing you like the first cup of coffee of the morning.”

I laughed. “You don’t have to worry about Hunter.”

“Hmm.” Carl handed over my coffee.

I took a sip of the hot liquid humming my contentment. I loved coffee. There was something about the bitter bean that made my morning perfect.

Carl handed over my donut a big sugary beast with custard filling. I sucked at the tip tonguing out the cream filling with a moan.

“Holy crap.” Hunter’s voice had me looking up. I licked the cream off of my lips. His piercing gaze stared at me like he’d never seen me before.

“What’s wrong?”

Carl stroked a hand down my back. I turned back to him. Carl cupped my cheeks and kissed me, a hard claiming kiss. I opened my mouth and let him inside. It was a pleasant kiss but not spectacular. A warm body slid across my back. “You don’t mind if I make my own coffee do you?”

I gasped as Hunters erection brushed across my ass. I quickly broke the kiss and took my coffee and donut with me.

“Well, I just came to bring you coffee and donuts. I’ll see you later Jade.”

Hunter’s snort had me frowning. “What?”

“He didn’t come to bring you coffee he came for a booty call. He ditches you last night and wants to make up for that sex he didn’t get.”

Carl blushed as my eyes got wide. “Did you come for a booty call?”

“Now love I missed you last night.” He moved and I saw a mark on his neck. Grabbing his collar I yanked it down. A hickey glowed luridly.

“You must not have missed me that much.”

Carl jerked back. “We never agreed to be exclusive.”

Disappointment churned my stomach. “No we didn’t but I won’t be lied to. Get out.”

“Now Jade, darling.”

“He said get out.” Hunter was there getting into Carl’s face. With at least an inch of height and twenty pounds of muscle more than Carl, Hunter’s cold expression had Carl stepping back.

“Fine, I’ll call you later,” Carl pointed at me.

“Don’t bother.” I couldn’t stand liars. My father had spent my childhood lying to my mother about working, about other women, about everything until she grabbed me and rebuilt her life away from his influence.

The door slammed behind him.