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Lord of Small Magics – 24

Vedder eventually left after tossing a few ideas around. He offered to distract the prince from Meck and from Meck’s knowing smile Anders didn’t think it would be much of a hardship to the powerful wizard.

“He might be a good match for the prince,” Anders said.

Meck nodded. “He told me once he was fated for royalty. I don’t know if that is true or not but I think he really believes it.”

“Hm. He doesn’t seem the type to care.”

“I don’t think he cares about marrying or bonding with royalty just that he has been told he will. Eventually time will answer all his questions.”

“That’s rather philosophical of you,” Anders said, surprise coloring his voice. His little wizard had a practical wisdom he found appealing.

“Maybe, or maybe I’ve just given up on trying to predict anyone’s path.” Meck’s wry smile had Anders contemplating the wizard.

“Tell me a little about yourself Meck, where do you come from?”

Meck opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by the ringing of a loud gong.

“What’s that?” he asked as Anders blood ran cold.

“War. There has been an attack. Stay here.” Anders shouted, running out of the tent. He plunged into the crowd of soldier gathering weapons and armor. “Damn.” Before he could turn to get his armor it appeared on him, wrapped around his body as if he had put it there himself. He would have to thank his wizard later. Racing to the sound of the gong he heard someone shout news of soldiers from the north.

Damn the gods. He had thought they would have a few more days before another battle. The last soldiers they had beaten back had ran away like the fast cowards they were. The crackle of electricity in the air told Anders that the enemy had returned and brought magic with them. Power had a certain stench that couldn’t be replicated. A sizzle and crackle Anders could recognize when he smelled it.

“Soldiers to me,” he shouted as he rushed to be in the first wave of defenders hoping Meck’s enchantments held.

Something invisible slammed into his chest, ricocheted off then knocked an enemy soldier off his feet. Anders smiled. Meck must have added anti-enchantment spells to his armor. “Best not let the prince see that,” he muttered.

In the heat of battle Anders lost track of the number of men he slayed. Blood splattered his shiny armor, then spilled down it as an invisible force pushed it away. After countless hours at battle Anders still looked prestine.

“You either have the laziest wizard or the most powerful one,” Prince Farlon said, eyeing Anders armor.

“Could be a combination of both.” An archer’s arrow bounced off of Anders’ chest making the prince gasp.

“By the gods, I need to borrow your man,” the prince said.

A crackle of lightning preceded the enemy archer being blasted where he stood. “Vedder is doing well,” Anders said, nodding to the wizard who dealt the last blow.

“Is that his name?” Farlon asked. He paused to slam the butt of his sword onto his fallen combatant when the man tried to get back up.

“Yes, he’s friends with my wizard.” Anders made sure to emphasize his possessiveness.

“Does he do protections?”

“He does battle,” Anders prevaricated. “I’ve heard he’s a very powerful battle mage.”


Anders didn’t get to hear what else the prince might think because something exploded and everything went white.

Lord of Small Magics – 23

“Well you’ll have to work something out. The only other way is for the prince to take you in as one of his wizards. Now I’ve only heard rumors but I don’t think the prince takes very good care of his wizards.” Anders had not actually heard anything about the prince’s care of his people one way or another but Meck seemed to need some encouragement. He refused to lose his wonderful wizard to an unworthy royal.

Meck sighed. “Maybe I could try to teach them a few things.” He fidgeted with the hem of his shirt as he mumbled while looking down.

“What is that? Did the shirt do something to offend you?” Anders asked.

“I said I could try. I can’t guarantee anything, but I don’t want to work for the prince either.”

“I could work for the prince,” Vedder offered, a wide smile on his face.

“Do you know protection spells?” Anders had no problem throwing Vedder at the prince as long as Farlon didn’t think they were a package deal and try to nab Meck later.

Vedder groaned. “I don’t know spells that will make armor almost impenetrable.”

“I didn’t mean to,” Meck defended.

“That’s what makes it all the more impressive,” Anders interjected before sitting down at the table. “I don’t want to put pressure on you Meck but the prince said you could teach his wizards and I’m afraid if you refuse he will have you grabbed against your will.”

“He would do that?” Meck paled.

“Meck, the prince isn’t one of those politicians who waits around for someone to make the move he likes to plan ahead. If he saw you weren’t sharing your secret or techniques or whatever he will decide to keep you for his own.”

“Why don’t we worry about that when he comes? Until then I will continue to meet with his wizards and try to find one of them who can match my technique. It isn’t elaborate or difficult.”

Still, Vedder didn’t seem appreciative of the prince’s new goal of acquiring Meck. “I will keep focus on teaching the new wizards and see if they can learn. The other men nodded.

“Fine, if you won’t seek emergency escape for the future I wash my hands on you.” A disgusted expression crossed his handsome face as he folded his arms and glared.

“Fine. Be that way.” Meck frowned back at his friend.

“I’m trying to be supportive,” Vedder frowned.

“By telling me I can’t teach anything and that I’ll end up conscripted to a future king.”

“You will handle this fine. I’m just worried for the future,” Anders said. “You didn’t see the gleam in his eyes.”

“That’s probably for the best I don’t appreciate people collecting me,” Meck said, his eyes flashing annoyance.

“I don’t like people collecting you either. I haven’t known you long but I want to keep you for more than a few days.” Anders didn’t get attached, not usually. The fact his inner wolf wanted to wrap around Meck like a furry coat and keep him safe from all other predators was highly unusual.

“If the prince becomes push I know how to push back.”

An electric charge filled the air and Vedders’ eyes widened. “Meck pull it in.”

“I don’t want to. Maybe I can fry the prince.” Meck scowled.

“You are getting ambitious. I approve,” Vedder said, grinning like a beserker.

“If you do that they will throw you in prison and never let you see the light of day,” Anders said. “Now behave. I won’t let anything happen to you. You are mine.” He had nothing further to say on the matter. Meck was his and he’d fight tooth over claw to keep him by his side.

Prince of Small Magics – 22

For the first time Anders considering killing his prince. He clenched his fists and used all of his self-control not to attack. “He isn’t for sale.”

Farlon’s mouth dropped open before he quickly shut it again. “I didn’t mean I was going to buy him I thought maybe I could offer you a boon. He seems to be a talented wizard and I could use someone with his power in my court.”

Anders refused to be swayed, but he had to at least brush off his manners to deal with the prince. “I’m sorry if my words offended you, my prince. I just recently acquired Meck as my personal wizard and I’m reluctant to hand him over so soon.” He tried a slight smile to indicate no hard feelings but he doubted the expression made it to his eyes. The prince’s expression held more caution than warranted. Maybe he could read his demise in Anders stance if he insisted on going after his wizard.

“Of course. I can understand that. If I had someone like Meck I’d want to horde the treasure for myself also. He is a pretty boy as well as strong. I’ve never seen the strength of the protection on your armor.”

“I’m sure he could teach it to your wizards,” Anders offered. Maybe he could get Meck to pass on his knowledge before the prince decided to take off with him.

Prince Farlon tapped a finger to his chin. “If you can get him to train my personal wizards that would be acceptable.”

“I’ll give him the message. Anything else I can do, my prince?”

“No. You’d best be on your way before you give into your violent urges. Even I can tell you are touchy about your little wizard.” The prince’s mouth curved up. “I’ve never seen you possessive of anyone before.”

“It is a new experience.” Not to mention an unwelcome one. Already his attachment had put him to odds with the prince.

“Keep in mind that if you find you have nothing to fight for you might not have a reason to survive your next battle. Even the most hard-hearted of us need to have a motive to seek victory. If your wizard is your heart I won’t take him away but know when you tire of him you can pass him over to my court.” The prince’s understanding smile would have lost a few teeth if Anders hadn’t grabbed his self-control with both hands.

“Thank you, my prince.” Anders gave a short bow then left the tent not giving the royal a chance to excuse him or say anything else that might force his wolf to the surface. A good old-fashioned mauling sounded good about now.

Fuming he marched through camp growling at anyone he met. Not even trying to make conversation with the people who greeted him. He entered his own tent to find Meck sitting at the table with his friend Vedder. The sight of the powerful battle mage eased him. At first he had been a little jealous of their closeness but after his wolf senses smelled no attraction between the two men his suspicions faded. They were good friends, nothing more.

“Good morning General Anders.” Vedder stood and gave a short bow.

“Battle Mage Vedder,” Anders said with a nod of his head.

“Vedder wants me to add protection to his battle armor. If I do I’ll be tired for the rest of the day so I thought I’d check with you first,” Meck said.

“Sure, sure that’s fine. I was just talking to the prince and he would like you to teach his wizards how to do what you did for me.”

Meck paled. “That might be a problem.”

“Why?” Granted he didn’t know much about magic but he had thought they could trade spells and share tips or whatever magical people did.

“My magic is a bit different than other peoples. I don’t now how to describe it.”

Vedder interrupted. “What Meck is trying to say is his magic comes from the heart not from spells and he doesn’t know how to make other people care about the person they are performing them for. “

“Something like that,” Meck agreed.

“But you did the spell for me after we barely knew each other.” Anders truly didn’t know how this worked.

Vedder laughed. “That’s what’s so special about Meck. He cares for just about everyone. It wouldn’t occur to him that someone wasn’t worthy of being helped.”

Today is officially my birthday!!



This year I’ve decided to be lazy…I know you are wondering how this is different than every other year but this year I will have only one birthday post. (I’m not going to post a  blog story today either but I will post extra tomorrow.)

Instead of having a bunch of individual contests I’m going to have only one. I’m turning 46 this year so I will give away 40 $5.00 GC to amazon and 6 $50.00 GC to the ebookstore of your choice. Everyone who doesn’t win one of the above will be able to win one of my ebooks, but it has to be from those I’ve self-pubbed because I don’t want to have to buy copies from my publishers. LOL! However if you already have every book I’ve put out there (you know who you are) you can claim one future book. We’ll have Sheri keep track of those. *looks innocent*

So everyone gets a present on my birthday. Cutoff will be midnight tonight Pacific time because that’s my time zone and it’s my birthday. You can’t enter more than once and if you enter past the deadline FB will let me know because it time stamps everything.

The big question you’re wondering is how do you enter. To enter, post below the one thing you would wish for when blowing out your candles and what movie you would go see on your birthday if you got to pick any movie at all to see. (I’m going to go see Fantastic Beasts tonight). Have a great day. I’m spending it with my youngest then we’re all going out to a dinner and movie tonight so it should be fun.

Lord of Small Magics – 21

Sorry it’s a bit short today.


The clink of dishes woke Anders from his dreams of running in his wolf form. In his mind his wolf had wrapped around his little wizard beneath a tall tree sharing cuddles and body heat. There wasn’t anything sexual about the dream only a bone deep satisfaction that carried into his awakened world.

“Good morning,” he greeted Meck as he put down the breakfast tray.

Meck gave him a sheepish grin. “Sorry for waking you but the prince’s messenger came by and asked for an audience with the prince in an hour.”

“Ah. Thank you then.” There was a great deal more he could thank Meck for but the wizard had a skittish cast to his movements. Anders would talk to him later when he calmed down some. Although Anders had no plan to get rid of his wizard any time soon he didn’t wish to have a discussion about his feelings either. His wolf had already claimed Meck as their own. “How are you going to spend your day?”

Meck handed Anders a plate filled with food. “I thought I’d check on Vedder. I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to him yesterday. Also, I’ll need to refresh the protection spells on your armor. Once it has been used the magic begins to fray.”

“I didn’t know that. Of course there is little I do know about your trade.” Anders tried to think of Meck’s magic as any other skill. Ignoring the whispers that followed magic users throughout the kingdom. Meck could no more prevent having magic than he could have stopped being born. Anders own shifter status had been something he came with at birth, no sense in blaming others for an unpreventable fact.

Meck nodded. “If you had more than a few impacts the spells could begin breaking down. It’s better to check between battles than have something fail in the middle of one.”

“I bow to your superior knowledge.” Anders waved a hand indicating Meck could go ahead and do whatever he saw fit. “The only way I have of checking is to take an injury and I’d prefer you prevent that if you can.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Anders ate his breakfast then left the tent after admonishing Meck to eat something also. He planned to keep an eye on the shy wizard, Meck was too small to be skipping meals. Maybe he could get that Vedder character to help watch over Meck. The idea of the friendly, good looking wizard being overly friendly to Meck had Anders inner wolf growling but he didn’t like the idea of his wizard wandering around camp unsupervised. He made a mental note to talk to the battle mage later.

Prince Farlon’s tent made Anders’s look like a shabby lean to. The shimmering gold silk that formed the outside might as well have an archery target declaring important person here. At least Anders tent was the same color as the others and not as easily picked out.

Four soldiers stood outside the prince’s tent. They all bowed as Anders approached and made no motion to stop him from entering. Anders spared them a nod before entering to find the prince sitting down to breakfast at a large table laden with enough food for four soldiers. Anders tried to hold back a scowl but he hadn’t done a good job if the prince’s expression was anything to go by.

“I know, I know. It’s like they think I can eat three times my weight. Don’t worry, I’ll let my guards finish it up. It won’t go to waste.”

“That’s good to hear. Good morning, your highness.” Some of his animosity faded only to rise back up at the prince’s next words.

“I brought you here to bargain. What do you want for your wizard?”

Lord of Small Magics – 20

Hello all, here is your not for under 18 warning!



Meck bounced slightly on the bed where he landed. Excitement rushed through him. He scooted to the top of the bed to make room for Anders to join him. Soon there were two naked men entwined on the comfortable bed. Perfect.

“Last chance. If you say you don’t want this I will stop. I don’t want a reluctant lover.” Anders handsome face had a serious mien. “It really isn’t part of your job.”

“It is part of my job,” Meck teased.

Anders dug his fingers into Meck’s sides making him squirm. “You know what I mean.”

Meck laughed. “I do. Trust me I want this as much as you do.” If Anders didn’t start doing more touching Meck would take over and he doubted the alpha wolf shifter would appreciate his efforts.

“Good. I’m better with my hands than my words.” Anders moved them until Meck lay on his back with Anders hovering over him supporting his body with his hands. Once he was certain he had Meck’s complete attention Anders pressed his hips between Meck’s legs.

“That isn’t your hands,” Meck pointed out.

Anders grinned before sliding down to suck the tip of Meck’s erection into his mouth. The low humming noise he made would have Meck shoving his cock down Anders throat if the shifter hadn’t gripped Meck’s hips in a tight hold.

“I can’t,” Meck whimpered.

Anders lifted his head long enough to grin. “I’m sure you can. Let go little wizard then I’ll give you even more pleasure.”

When Anders returned his attention and mouth to Meck’s cock he tried to hold out. After all he rarely had the opportunity to have a man this gorgeous in his bed. A fact that might change in the future or this might be a one off. Meck couldn’t find it in himself to care. Little jolts of desire twisted inside him. He tugged at Anders’ hair letting him know he was about to come but the general didn’t let up. Meck scraped at the bedding, clawing to find something to hold onto and keep his world from spinning away.

A startled scream left him as he poured his seed down Anders throat. His word went a little foggy as he tried to blink it back into submission.

“That was a good beginning,” Anders said after lifting his mouth then licking his lips. His deep voice had a smug tone Meck wished he could deny but he had never been self-delusional. Anders deserved his pride at being a good lover.

“I don’t know if I will survive until the end,” Meck confessed.

“I think you’ll be fine. Maybe a bit sore tomorrow but fine.”

“Hmm, we’ll see.” Luckily his job didn’t entail him sitting much.

“We will indeed.” Anders pulled something out from under the pillow.

“What’s that?” When Anders showed Meck the label he blushed. “I didn’t know you had that under there.”

“I don’t usually. I was feeling optimistic.” Anders unscrewed the cap and dipped his fingers into the jar before spinning the cap closed again while holding the wet fingers up. “You might want to turn over.”

Meck almost objected but then he rolled obediently. It wasn’t like anything could be more beautiful than watching Anders suck on him. He tensed at the first intrusive touch before he began to relax and allow Anders ministrations.

“Easy babe, this will hurt a bit but I’ll make it as painless as possible.”

“I trust you.” The words spilled out before Meck could hold them back. They were true never the less.

“Good. Keep that mind set over everything.”

Meck lost the will to talk when Anders slid his fingers inside of Meck. “Oh fuck.”

“I plan to,” Anders said, placing a kiss on Meck’s right shoulder. “and if you are willing, very often.”

“I don’t have any objections to that,” Meck’s words ended in a gasp as he adjusted to Ander’s fingers.

“Good. Now for something a bit larger.”

After making sure Meck was ready Anders pushed his cock into Meck’s hole.

“I think you underestimated your size,” Meck groaned. He pushed back slowly allowing Anders inside.

“See we fit,” Anders whispered in his ear. “Perfect.”

“Mmhmm.” Meck couldn’t find the brainpower to speak. All his focus went into pure sensation not words or letters. Anders replied with grunts of his own. They merged into one being of flesh and need, instinctively moving to reach the peak together.

“I’m not going to last,” Anders growled.

Before Meck could reply Anders bit him on the shoulder. Overwhelmed, Meck came for the second time that night. Before he bonelessly collapsed onto the pillow he hearc Anders whisper. “Sorry.”

A trickle of dread slid through him but quickly vanished as he succumbed to sleep.