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I just can’t get enough of this cover by Anne Cain.
Right now Dreamspinner Press is having a sale. 30% off the ebook here until Sept 9th and 30% off the print book with free shipping to GRL (code GRL2015). You can get that discount here. The print is actually the better deal because you get the ebook for free with print purchase but if you are watching shelf space like me you might prefer electronic.

By now you probably know Keys is my first over 60,000 words novel. This was a HUGE challenge for me and I’m quite happy with how it came out. Time will tell if you, my fans, agree.

I thought I’d post a bit more about it to lure you into purchasing. LOL!


My name is Octavius Septimus Stalk, but my friends call me Oss. I live in the City of Keys, a town of gears, keys, locks, and wonder. Our forefathers banished magic long ago, bolted the doors and locked everything up tight to keep people out and the town’s secrets in. Four Lock Lords control what information is left, and everyone else is left struggling to survive.

Despite what Thorne, my naïve lover, thinks, I was an orphan, but not a victim. When I walked the streets at the age of twelve, I learned fast where to steal the best food, how to use my daggers, and where to hide my would-be attackers’ bodies. No one suspected me of such violence. No one knew then or now that I have magic inside me.

Now, power hungry men intend to release the magic for their own benefit—at the expense of the rest of the city. We will stop them, even if Thorne must battle his own kin, even if I must reveal my hidden talents and the role I seem destined to play.

Layers of cloth created my uniform. I pulled my rough woven
shirt over my head, then slid on my thick trousers, carefully tucking
my top into my waistband. Two of my knives were shoved into their
usual spaces, wrist sheath and the special insert in my trousers then
I tossed the third blade on my bed. I fastened the buckles up my
calves before transferring my poisoned darts from one set of boots to
the other. I finished my outfit by donning my long duster. I glanced
around the room. Only one thing left.

Kneeling I snatched the knife off the bed and set the tip to the
edge of the floorboard at the bottom of my bed. The wood screeched
as it pulled free, sending up a puff of dust. Coughing I swept up the
small velvet bag beneath and added it to the rest of my cache. My coin
collection didn’t rival the Lords’ treasury, but it would bide me over
while I looked for a new place.

Shouting outside caught my attention. Keeping out of sight, I
peered through the dirty windowpane.


The magistrate stood in the front yard shouting at the tenants, no
doubt laying down his rules, which I could guess included him getting
the largest share of everything. I couldn’t hear his words, but the sneer
on his face didn’t promise anything good for the lodgers.

I grabbed my satchel and slid it over my head and right shoulder
before settling the bag’s strap on my left. The satchel held all my work
gear: a small lantern, a box of matches, and my goggles. Although I
would collect a larger lantern at the Key Master’s office, I liked to
have a backup.

A quick check in the mirror had me brushing my hair. The light
blond mess never settled properly, but some days it stuck up more
than others. Thankfully today it lay down after a quick run of my
fingers. Another shout hurried me on my way.

I opened my door and peered down the hall. No one. The
magistrate must still be screaming out front. Not willing to take
any chances, I ran down the stairs faster and more silent than ever
I’d dared before. My belongings weighed me down, but I ignored
my body’s twinges and aches. Next time he asked, I would accept
Thorne’s invitation to run with him. The guards had a strict exercise
regimen, maybe one I should adopt.

The back door appeared unguarded, but I peeked my head out
before I committed to the action. Still, no one.

Okay, I could do this. Pushing open the door, I slipped outside
and closed it behind me. A twinge of guilt had me turning my thoughts
inside the building. I touched the outside wall, and closing my eyes, I
simultaneously connected with all the interior locks.


Cries of joy echoed around inside. Thorne would’ve been proud
of me. Too bad I’d never tell him. Careful to not garner any attention,
I headed to the park behind the house. The sun had risen enough that
most of the vagrants had wandered away.

I could still hear the magistrate shouting as I walked, but since
no footsteps followed me, I ignored the sound. I didn’t see Paul.
Hopefully he’d found a way inside. Legally the magistrate could only
demand 10 percent of an occupant’s belongings as part of his take, but
I didn’t trust him. He didn’t follow the law, and he had enough judges
in his back pocket to have any legal challenges disappear.

Grinning I headed for work. I’d escaped with my stuff intact. I
could shove everything in my locker before I began my day. For once
I’d been lucky.

Fracture is Out!

The flight HA 1710 plane series with five other authors is now complete. They can be read individually or as a set. Mine is the book to wrap it all up but it also can be read alone.

Fracture 400

You can buy it this weekend with a 30% rebate at ARe here

or on Amazon here


Xavier Soto knew something as wrong with the jack screws but he couldn’t get anyone to believe him. After a plane crashed and his supervisor fails to take Xavier’s concerns seriously, he flies to Ireland to talk to an investigator.

Brent Clery didn’t believe his caller right away. But upon further investigation he decides to look into Xavier’s concerns. When they uncover a conspiracy to hide the truth about the crash, they have to pool their skills to find out what happened.

Death stalks their investigation and if they’re not careful they’ll be the next ones to die.


Xavier Soto examined the material report. He ran the numbers again, but they still didn’t make sense. Damn it, what was he missing? No way would this make it all the way to testing if there were the major flaws Xavier was seeing. The other engineers would’ve caught it before then.

The jack screw material report had to be wrong; that was the only explanation. Otherwise, the numbers just didn’t add up. No way could the wing take that much pressure if the screws were weak. He tapped his pencil against the desk as he examined them for the tenth time. Maybe he’d messed up the calculations, or read it wrong? For the next hour, Xavier pulled up more documentation, searching desperately to find supporting facts to show he’d made an error.

His boss had given him the reports as practice. He wanted Xavier to understand how the company projects flowed from start to finish. As a junior engineer, Xavier still had a lot to learn, but he could run calculations like the best of them and these weren’t good no matter how he examined them. Doubts surfaced, cluttering his confidence like leaves on a pond and coating his conviction with a layer of debris.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” He clenched his fist around the pencil in his hand and heard it snap. Xavier groaned. Frustrated, he tossed both wooden halves. His listless gaze followed their bouncing progress as they ended up falling into the crevice between the desk and the wall.

He’d pick them up later, or the janitor would. Right then, he didn’t care which. His mother would’ve smacked him in the back of the head about then. She’d worked her fingers to the bone, cleaning homes and offices while raising her four children. To see Xavier tossing things on the floor would’ve gotten her Mexican temper up.

Sighing, Xavier leaned under the desk to fetch the broken pieces.

“Problem, Xavier?”

Xavier jerked. The back of his head smacked against the bottom of his desk. He bit back a curse. His manager might not know Spanish, but he could probably figure it out by Xavier’s tone.

Stay professional. He used that mantra whenever he had to deal with frustrations at work. Especially when the senior engineers discounted his ideas, like they were the formations of a dimwitted child and not the researched concepts of a well-educated man. Xavier had been first in his class when he graduated from college, which was why Helling Aeronatics had recruited him. Sadly, once they snatched him up from any other potential employers and moved him to England, they treated him like every other junior engineer who didn’t know the difference between a bolt and his asshole.

Xavier cleared his throat. “I dropped my pencil.”

Abandoning the search for the time being, he slid back into his chair, then spun to face his boss.

Frank Mann examined Xavier with a clear, intelligent gaze. “Having problems understanding the plans?” He settled on the corner of Xavier’s desk, eyeing him with a concerned expression. “You know I’m always happy to answer any questions. That’s why you’re here. To learn from the more experienced.”

Xavier nodded. He did know that. Even if the others treated him as that know-it-all American, Mann always treated him with respect. It didn’t help that sometimes Xavier found problems with the senior engineers’ work and wasn’t shy about pointing them out. Except now he had Mann bring them up in meetings after one engineer tried to strangle Xavier. If the idiot had put as much passion into his work as he did in trying to wrap his hands around Xavier’s throat, he’d be a better engineer.

Xavier sighed and lifted a corner of the paper. “This materials report you told me to look over. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but I keep coming up with the wrong figure for the jack screws. If this is right, then the metal we’re using isn’t strong enough to take the pressure during flight, and there isn’t enough grease being recommended for maintenance.”

According to his numbers, they should’ve been greasing about twice as often as listed and the metal didn’t have the proper strength to handle the wind forces it could possibly encounter during a bad storm.

Frank leaned over Xavier’s shoulder to follow where he pointed. He clapped Xavier on the back. “I see what you’re saying, but it’ll be fine, kid. They’re using a new kind of grease. There must be an updated report I didn’t download, just skip that part for now. The new stuff doesn’t need as much application because it stays on the metal longer.”

Relief swept through Xavier almost making him giddy. At least one problem had been address. “Okay, that makes sense. What about the jack screw material? Did they change that too? The stuff they’re using here; it’s not going to withstand all of the possible pressure.” He clicked over to show the numbers he’d reached. In every model he’d run, the screws broke when they reached high stress levels within the design parameter of a flight. If the jack screws broke, the pilot would lose control of the flaps and the plane could spiral out of control.

“See that’s where you went wrong. Those conditions will never exist in real life. You’ve applied too much pressure in your model.” He patted Xavier’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. With a little more experience, you’ll get to know all the tricks.”

Mann’s confidence swept away some of Xavier’s concerns, but a niggling sense of unease prodded him to continue. “I know you have a lot more experience and I don’t mean to keep contradicting you, but if there is a strong storm with high winds, these conditions could be met.” Despite Mann’s statement, Xavier had seen winds reach that velocity before. Besides, all parts should far exceed any possible incident, not scrape by. Mann had told him that last week.

“Don’t worry so much. All the tests and safety inspections for them came back just fine. You don’t need to worry.”

He must not have appeared convinced because Mann continued. “Tell you what. I’ll log your concerns into the report, and we’ll see what manufacturing says. I’ll let you know what they come back with. Sound good?”

Xavier nodded, but his gaze was drawn back to his numbers. To assume one set of variables would never happen was bad engineering. How had they passed the safety inspection? He bit his lip. Asking questions for clarification was one thing, challenging his boss another. He liked his job. He planned to keep it. “Also could you make sure they are using the right grease?”

Dangerously close to questioning his boss’s competence, Xavier tried to keep his tone as respectful as possible.

“Yes, Xavier. I’ll double check on the grease, but I’m telling you it’s fine.” Mann flipped through the pages Xavier had referred to, then stopped midway through to point out a piece of data. “See. Right there it says the jack screws did fine in testing. I appreciate you being thorough and double checking everything, but in this case, you can let it go.”

“If you say so.” Mann had decades more experience. If he said everything would be fine, it would have to be, wouldn’t it? Doubt trickled through Xavier’s head. Despite the numbers, he didn’t trust the report. Something seemed off. A niggling worry kept poking at him. His grandmother would call it the family foresight, but she probably should’ve been put in a nursing home years ago.

“You’ll learn more of the ins and outs of manufacturing when you get further experience. If there were truly an issue, I would let you know. I am glad to see you’re noticing all the details involved. Good eye.” Xavier ignored his boss’s patronizing tone and focused on his words.

“Why does it matter if it’s not a real issue?” He couldn’t help the sullen tone in his voice.

Mann grinned. “If you’re pointing out errors, it proves you’re paying attention, and I can trust you to catch the smallest detail. Good work.”

“Thank you, sir.” He tried to keep resentment out of his voice. His boss might smile often, but something in his eyes told Xavier not to push him too far.

“Now let this go and focus on the report I gave you yesterday to check over.”

Xavier nodded. “I’ll get right on that.”

Relief flashed across Mann’s face. Maybe he thought Xavier would continue to beat the issue to death. “I’ll check on you later and see how you’re doing. It might be time to get you on board with one of those new contracts we’re getting in.”

“Thank you, sir.” The company had recently signed an agreement with several airlines to manufacture new planes. With new orders came new customization. Xavier kept his eyes down, not wanting Mann to see his expression. He regretted bringing the matter up with Frank because, no matter what his boss said, it still struck Xavier as wrong. No matter how he looked at them, the numbers still didn’t add up.

Blog Story Post #11

Vin could tell this battle could get ugly fast. “I don’t plan to be in the middle of a territory war.”

The vampires looked guilty as if just realizing Vin was still in the room while they tore chunks off each other.

“Mate, you can’t be traipsing around campus with those others.” Loren scowled, his handsome face set in adorable lines of disapproval.

Vin wanted to lick his face until he forgot how to frown.

“Vin has a good head on his shoulders, uncle. He’ll be fine at college.” Jess’s firm chin mirrored his uncles.

Vin couldn’t understand how he didn’t know they were related at first glance. Loren was a more mature, more beautiful version of Vin’s best friend. “I’m not leaving school. I’ll spend the weekends here but during the week I’ll be in my dorm.”

He didn’t know how to explain to Loren how Vin watched out for the kids in his hall. They were a bit mixed up but they looked to him for help. Even the giant twins came to Vin when they were having problems with their homework. Vin helped tutor and badger his friends into doing better. If he weren’t there a lot of them might not graduate.

Loren sighed and rubbed at his forehead as if he had an ache. Vin fought the urge to offer a head rub. Any contact with his beautiful mate right then would end with Vin giving into all of Loren’s demands.

“And if I don’t agree.”

Vin gave a stubborn look of his own. “It’s not negotiable.”

“You will look weak.” Another vampire, Mark if Vin remembered correctly wandered in. “They will think you can’t control your mate.”

“Fuck you I don’t need controlling.” Vin’s magic crackled against the palm of his hands. He’d zap the bastard before he took another step forward.

“All mates need controlling. If one isn’t the dominant partner what do you have?” Mark snarled.

“I don’t know…a relationship?” Vin refused to be pushed into a corner. He glanced over at his mate but Loren didn’t argue with Mark’s viewpoint. “Is that what you think too?”

He didn’t try to hide the hurt inside. Every time he’d thought of a mate in his future he’d thought of two people building something together. Not once had he formed an image of being controlled by another man.

“I have my position to think of,” Loren started.

Vin had had enough. He met Jess’s eyes. His friend nodded. Like always his best friend had his back. Vin wrapped his hand around Jess’s wrist and teleported.

They landed with a bounce on Vin’s bed.

Jess ground and threw himself backwards. “I fucking hate teleporting it makes me want to hurl.”

“Sorry I could’ve left you there. Your uncle would’ve brought you back.” He was almost certain of that.

“Fucking uncle. I can’t believe he didn’t stand up for you.”

“Yeah, me either.” Pain lodged into his chest. “Maybe I expected too much from our short bonding. I mean it’s not like he really knows me yet.”

Jess patted him on the back. “Don’t give up hope yet. Those older vamps can be set in their ways. Maybe he just needs his young mate to snap him out of it.”

“Maybe.” Despite Jess’s encouraging words Vin couldn’t move the lump from his throat or the stone weighing down his heart.

They spent the rest of the evening watching the latest paranormal spy show and eating popcorn.

He didn’t hear from Loren.

Tuesday Teaser – Keys (Out September 30)


I’m super excited about this particular book. It’s the first time I reached the 60,000 words point. It’s actually a little bit longer (pats self on back).

Right now through September 15th you can pre-order a print copy through Dreamspinner for 30% off here. If you are going to GRL they will bring it and you won’t have to pay shipping.

You can pre-order an ebook here

My name is Octavius Septimus Stalk, but my friends call me Oss. I live in the City of Keys, a town of gears, keys, locks, and wonder. Our forefathers banished magic long ago, bolted the doors and locked everything up tight to keep people out and the town’s secrets in. Four Lock Lords control what information is left, and everyone else is left struggling to survive.

Despite what Thorne, my naïve lover, thinks, I was an orphan, but not a victim. When I walked the streets at the age of twelve, I learned fast where to steal the best food, how to use my daggers, and where to hide my would-be attackers’ bodies. No one suspected me of such violence. No one knew then or now that I have magic inside me.

Now, power hungry men intend to release the magic for their own benefit—at the expense of the rest of the city. We will stop them, even if Thorne must battle his own kin, even if I must reveal my hidden talents and the role I seem destined to play.



“For all the locks in the world, there is just one key, and with his
will, he can free the world.”
High Prophet Thomas H. Locksten—Prophecy of Keys



The clamoring bell from the Lock Tower filtered into my dreams,
a loud, obnoxious nudge reminding me to wake up and begin my day.
My name is Octavius Septimus Stalk. My friends call me Oss, and my
enemies hide from my blades. Stab one key keeper for grabbing your
ass and you never live down a violent reputation.
The brush of warm lips across my bare shoulder pulled my
attention to my bedmate. I always go from slumber to full alert with
little space for sluggish-headedness in between. Growing up a street
rat gave me certain habits I doubt I’ll ever be able to break. My instant
alert ability, the most minor of my infractions, came in handy when
Thorne wished to give me a proper send-off for the day.
“Morning, love.” Hawthorne Smith, Thorne to me, had a deep
voice that shivered down my spine like vibrations from the tolling
of the Tower bell. I’d stood next to it once while it rang, hiding out
from guards. They’d stopped their pursuit at the bottom of the stairs—
wiser than me I suspect, and happy to keep their hearing. Two days
later my eardrums were still ringing.
Thorne had a similar effect on me. I could still feel his hands
roaming my body days after we’ve made love. He’s lasted the longest
of any of my partners, if rushed gropings in a dark alley counted as
partners. Thorne has assured me it doesn’t. He’s certain I need no one
else and is determined to keep me sated enough I seek no others.
“Morning.” I don’t repeat the endearment. I’ve grown fond of
Thorne in the three months we’ve been warming each other’s beds,
but love took longer than that, or it should. I don’t know anyone in
love, so it is only guesswork on my part. Growing up on the streets
didn’t lend itself to being a trusting, loving person. My cold nature
has scared off more than one potential lover before we’d even reached
a properly dark bit of street to relieve some tension.

Thorne traced a finger down my back. My body jerked like a
marionette dancing along a string. Thorne knew how to be a proper
puppet master. Groaning, I pushed back into his touch. I craved my
man. Deep down I hoped to keep him, but I buried that ambition
in the darkest corner of my mind along with all my other dreams
and expectations. The Lord of the Keys didn’t easily grant scrubby
key keepers their heart’s desire. If Thorne stayed mine until the next
quarter cycle, I’d consider myself blessed.
“Hey, did you go back to sleep?” Thorne rolled me onto my
back. I smiled at the vision above me.
I dare anyone to wake up to that face and not feel their heart
hiccup at the sight. Thorne had the golden tan of a city guard. The
sun didn’t just kiss Thorne, it used its tongue and devoured him in
its shiny embrace. Thorne’s skin had the burnished glow only a man
working outdoors could acquire and hard, thick muscles from pulling
himself up rope ladders to reach the dirigible ships.
Becoming a guard took dedication, and Thorne had only one
more level before he reached Master of the Guard. Pride for him had
my lips parting in a smile.
“I was thinking of you.” I winced over my words. They sounded
far more foolish aloud than drifting through my head.
“Good. I want you to always think about me.” Thorne’s green
eyes sparkled down at me like the rare glass in the church windows.
He grabbed my hips and dragged me closer as if he couldn’t stand the
two inches of space between us.
I melted a bit at his show of strength. I had always prized my
smaller form for my ability to squeeze through tiny spaces, but I
didn’t wish the same shape for my lover. I preferred my bedmates big
and strong. The green eyes and cocky smile were optional but greatly
appreciated. Inhaling deeply, I breathed in his scent of cinnamon and
sunshine, an odd combination but one I always thought of when near

“Does your ego weigh you down when you climb up the
ladders?” I asked, sliding my hand across his furred chest. Thorne
had the body of a man, not like my smooth skin that refused to sprout
more than a few random hairs.
Thorne flexed an arm. “My muscles compensate.”

Moon Pack Monday


Parker paced back and forth. Elliott would be home soon. Everything had to be perfect. Elliott deserved nothing but the best. For the past week Elliott had been working overtime for Anthony trying to get everything ready for tax season. He’d called Parker earlier letting him know he’d be wrapping everything up tonight. It was time for his sweet wolf to have a bit of pampering.

The door swung open revealing a rumpled Elliott. His hair stuck up all over probably from running his fingers through it.

“Hey love.” Elliott’s tired smile twisted Parker’s heart.

“All done for the year?” He better be or Parker was going to be talking to Anthony about overworking Elliott.


“That’s a lot of work for one club.”

Elliott grinned. “Anthony asked me to help out with some of his other properties.”

Parker held back a snarl. It was a good promotion for Elliott. He didn’t need Parker being anything other than supportive.

“Are they finished too?”

“Yeah, that’s why I was late.” Elliott walked up to Parker. He tilted his head up for a kiss. Parker shortened the distance between them and took the kiss offered. He knew how hard it was for Elliott to initiate anything. Parker would never leave his mate hanging.

Elliott tasted sweet. He probably had a piece of candy at his desk before coming home.

The kiss lasted several minutes before Parker pulled himself together enough to pull away. He had to keep focus.

Elliott’s slightly dazed expression boosted Parker’s ego. “I’ve got a special surprise for you.”

“What?” Elliott grinned, his eyes glowing bright.

“This is something you have to it.”


“They finished our house.” After Parker exploded his house he’d petitioned to have a new house built on pack lands. Even thought Silver preferred everyone together there had been enough of a group wanting houses to start a small community.

“When can we see it?”


Elliott practically glowed with happiness. Parker would do anything to keep that expression on his face. “You’re not going to blow this one up are you?”

Parker laughed. “No baby, this one is for you.”

“I love you.” Elliott kissed Parker on the cheek then dodged when Parker tried to tickle his ribs.

Parker grabbed Elliott’s waist and tossed him over his shoulder before slapping him on the ass. “We can go see the house tomorrow. Call Anthony and tell him you’re taking the day off.”

“Yes Parker.” Elliott laughed as Parker carried him to their bedroom.

Tuesday Teaser!

Hmm…what should I share today? So many story ideas are running through my head all of the time.

* * *

He’s a sneak peak from Owning Oliver (it might change but here is an unedited bit)

Oliver jerked awake. His crossed his arms and rubbed his hands up and down his skin trying to rub some heat into his frigid skin. Maybe he was wrong. Maybe it wasn’t happening. He closed his eyes and took a deep cleansing breath.

“I’ll just call.” Anthony had never lost his temper over Oliver checking up on him before.

His fingers shook as he picked up the receiver. He usually liked his old-fashioned phone with its curly cord and rotary dial but with his dreams jumbled and a heavy sense of foreboding weighing him down like a stone weight he could barely breathe.

“Shh, babe. It’s all right.”

Oliver jolted when a thick arm wrapped around him to cradle him back into his embrace.

Oh, oh damn.

He’d been drunk last night. After talking to his father he’d left work and headed for the closest bar. Brief flashes of memory were coming back to him now. A pair of sparkling green eyes and a wicked grin had lured him into the unusual invitation to a total stranger. “I have to make a call.”

“Not if you’re upset.” The firm refusal had shivers rolling up his spine. He’d always been a sucker for a strong-willed man. With his father’s overbearing personality he should’ve rebelled against anyone telling him what to do but Oliver couldn’t resist a man who knew his own mind.

“I have to make a c-call, Anthony needs me.” His dream swamped him, visions flashing in his mind. Pain, so much pain. Oliver trembled. It took him a moment to realize the soothing noises came from his companion.

“I’ve got you babe. Who’s Anthony? I don’t like competition.”

Oliver choked on his laughter. “He’s my boss. I’ve got to call him.”


“I had a dream. He’s in trouble. I have to go help.” Oliver sat up. He turned to see his bed companions. Damn, his drunk self had much better taste than his sober self. Hard muscles covered a wide chest.

Oliver licked his lips.



A deep chuckle sent a warm vibe through Oliver’s body.

“What kind of trouble?”

“I-I don’t know but I have to go see.”

“Are you psychic?”

Oliver lifted his eyes from the man’s gorgeous chest. “Listen, I appreciate your concern but I’ll be fine. I hate to kick you out…” he let his words fall off.

“Don’t worry I’m coming with you.” His bed companion whipped off the covers and completely derailed Oliver’s thought process. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to wear clothing. Other than a strange scar across his stomach that looked like some sort of wild animal had tried to tear out his stomach, the stranger had no other flaws.

“What?” How had he lost control of this conversation?

“If you don’t know what kind of trouble you’re heading into I’m not going to let you go by yourself.”

“Y-you don’t get to choose.” For a confident person Oliver couldn’t find it in him to be more aggressive with his statement. He instinctively moved closer to the stranger in his bed.

Strong hands slid into his hair and yanked him closer. “Of course I do. Don’t you remember you’re mine?”

Before he could respond to that ridiculous statement, his bed partner plunged is large hands through Oliver’s hair and yanked him close. Strong lips pressed against Oliver’s. Oliver sighed against his lover’s lips. His entire body hummed with need as if he were attuned to the man playing him like a fine instrument.

When his bedmate released him. Gold fire flared briefly in the stranger’s eyes.

“Oh, fuck. You’re a shifter.”

“Memory coming back, babe? I know I should’ve waited until you were more sober but I couldn’t resist your pretty blue eyes.”

Oliver blushed. He’d never had anyone talk to him like that. He was a skinny wizard geek who spent his life avoiding attention. How did he end up with a gorgeous shifter snuggling beside him?

Someone rang his doorbell pulling Oliver’s attention away from his bed companion.

“Excuse me.”


Despite his words Oliver’s companion pulled on his jeans. Shirtless he followed Oliver to the front door.

“I can answer on my own.”

“I don’t doubt it,” The shifter smirked.

Moon pack Monday!


Henry pulled the Shepherd’s Pie out of the oven and set it on the counter.



The kitchen door banged open. His mate Dakota stomped into the room, his brilliant wolf eyes immediately narrowing in on the hot dish.

“Looking for something?” Henry asked.

Dakota dragged his gaze from the food the glare at Henry. “You do that on purpose?”

“What?” Henry crossed his arms and leaned against the oven door.

“Lure me down here.” Dakota stalked closer to Henry, his wolf always lived closer to the surface than the others. Some pack members gave Dakota a wide birth because of his feral nature. There were prejudices against a wolf that turned into a man versus a man who could turn into a wolf.

“I like you close.” Henry wouldn’t defend his wish to have his mate with him.

Dakota usually helped out in the kitchen but he’d been out of the kitchen all morning and Henry had been too busy to hunt him down. His mate didn’t always prefer his human shape and Henry didn’t allow him in the kitchen in wolf form.

“Good. I like being near you too.” Dakota jumped up to sit on the stainless steel counter in front of Henry. Good thing he cleared that spot off in anticipation of Dakota coming. He’d learned to anticipate his mate. Dakota lifted his chin waiting for his kiss.

Bracing his hands on either side of Dakota, Henry pressed his lips to Dakota’s. No way would he leave Dakota hanging. Dakota only showed affection to Henry and he liked to encourage that side of him.

Dakota slid his cheek against Henry’s, one side then the other, marking him so no one else dared to think they had a chance. “Mine,” he growled, his voice rough with disuse. Dakota only spoke when necessary and not often.

“Always sweetheart. What have you been up to?”

“I was with Dare on the rooftop.”

Henry froze in surprise. “That’s good.” He supported anything that integrated Dakota more into the pack.

Dakota nodded. “The tiger is soothing.”

“Soothing, huh. I think Steven has a different take on that.” Dare often drove his mate Steven to the edge of his patience.

Dakota’s disdainful snort made Henry smile. “Steven needs more stillness. Dare understands a proper nap.”

Henry laughed. “I’m sure he does.”

“Is that ready yet?” Dakota tilted his head toward the food sitting on the counter.

“It’s still hot.”

Dakota nipped at Henry’s ear before leaning back. “Come back to the apartment. I’ll keep you busy until it’s cool.”

Henry glanced around at the mess of his kitchen. “Let’s go.”