Author: Amber Kell

Contest – “The Little Viking” Technique


I have two boys. One of them is nine and the other is three. My husband has Nordic blood and after watching a special on the vikings my oldest son nicknamed my three year-old the “Little Viking” for the way he goes ruthlessly after anything he wants.

Really I’m getting to the point…

So in order to make this contest a completely random one, I put all of your screen names on little pieces of paper which I folded and then scattered. I then had the Little Viking pick one because who is more random than a three-year old πŸ™‚

Anyway the moral of this story is the Viking chose orannia as the winner. So oriannia you can email me at and since you don’t have any of my books let me know which one you’d like and if you want it in .pdf, .lit or .mobi format. Congratulations.

PS: The image came from stock exchange at

There’s a flaw in my contest

I obviously didn’t think this contest thing over very well. Because you have to find out tomorrow if you won a book released today (which totally undermines the immediate gratification need).Β  So future contests will be run from Monday – Thursday with the winner announced on Friday so that you can be one of the first people to get it. If you win the contest tomorrow but already bought EE I will give you the dragonmen book free next week.

Thanks and sorry for the lack of planning on my part!!!

Enticing Elliott is now available

Enticing Elliot is now available and will be 20% off today through Sunday. Discounts will be taken at the checkout.

Here’s the blurb:
Elliott comes to the Moon pack bar to meet with Anthony. Little does he know that Anthony’s plans include handing him off to Parker, the pack security officer. Parker takes one look at the slim accountant and knows he’s found the submissive mate of his dreams. Here’s the purchasing link

warning this book includes m/m sexual encounters with some uses of rope.

Win your next Amber Kell Book for Free.

Hello Moon Pack fans,

I’m running a contest for those of you who are awaiting Enticing Elliott. Just leave a blog note about who is your favorite pack member (Anthony and Dare are included) and why, and you could win your next book for free. The winner will be announced on Saturday March 28th. I will be doing this on a weekly basis to win whatever book is being released that Friday. I will start subsequent contests on Monday and they will go five days until that Friday. PS: On weeks where there isn’t a particular book being published you can pick any of my books for your free win.

Winners will be chosen on a completely random basis, there might be a toddler and a cat involved πŸ™‚


Whipped Cream Reviews

Attracting Anthony

Whipped Cream Reviews gave Attracting Anthony 4 1/2 cherries. Calling it a “..short but surprisingly well written story.”Β  and “Tony is a delightful character with a fun and charming personality.” And my personal favorite…Β  “…for an unknown author to produce a satisfying and well-written book in such a short story is a great new find. Those who enjoy light BDSM kink to their sexy men will undoubtedly enjoy this first book of a new series.”

There were some negative comments but overall it was a nice review. To read the entire thing you can get to it here

Today is apparently the day to get reviews back πŸ™‚

Two Lips Reviews are In…

According to Two Lips Reviews. “When you want your romance hot, sexy and a walk on the wild side Attracting Anthony is the book for you.” Attracting Anthony received 4 1/2 lips full review here

They didn’t like Baiting Ben as well, they thought it should have more pages to build the story out but over all they gave it 4 lips. The full review is here

The third book was their favorite.

“Courting Calvin” for me was amazingly well done read, I can’t wait for the next installment to this series!” – Two Lips Reviews.

That one got 5 lips. You can read the review here

Release Dates-Updated

Updated Release Dates: (I made an error previously and had two listed on April 17th)

I’m reposting this because the previous one got buried and I had several people email me questions. So this is what we have so far but remember they might shift a bit!!!
March 27 – Enticing Elliott
April 3 – Dragonmen Book 1
April 17 – Hellbourne Book 2
April 24 – Finding Farro
May 1 – Vampire King’s Husband (single book)
The last and final Hellbourne book will be sometime in May but a date hasn’t been set. Thanks again to everyone for reading my books πŸ™‚

FYI title change

Although it is listed as Educating Elliott on the back of the Denying Dare book. The next Moon Pack book title was changed to Enticing Elliott. Thanks.