Hellbourne Blog Story Part 3

Chapter Three

Nikko woke to the most delicious scent filling his nose. Nuzzling in closer he sought to wrap himself around the smell. Warm flesh met his lips and a soft giggle vibrated the skin beneath him.
Oh, the little fae. The sweet, sweet boy with the broken heart and the most powerful blood he’d ever tasted. Energy still zinged through his body from the little sip he’d taken the night before. Remembering the taste, his mouth watered, and his fangs slid forward, eager for another burst of intoxicating flavour.
“Good evening, beautiful,” he murmured, wallowing in the feel of the slender man wrapped in his arms. Skin slid against skin as he found a smooth thigh to rub against. He nipped Luc’s shoulder with his fangs, lapping at the streak of blood oozing from the small wound.
“Oh, yeah. Right there,” the lyrical voice whispered as the sleek fae rubbed against him.
Need surged through Nikko like a tidal wave. Wanting to have his lover come with him, the vampire wrapped his hand around both of them, pumping them in concert.
It didn’t take long before he felt wet streams shoot against his stomach. The feel of Luc’s release pulled Nikko into an orgasm, sparkles lighting behind his eyes.
“Wow,” Nikko said, giving an awkward pat to Luc’s smooth, silky back. He waved a hand and magically dissolved the mess between them before wrapping them back up in their cocoon of blankets.
“That’s a great talent to have,” Luc’s voice was filled with admiration. Nikko couldn’t help preening a little inside even as he lapped at the sexy man’s neck. His voice became heavy. “I’m tired.”
“Go back to sleep, beautiful. We’ll get up in a little while.” He wrapped his entire body around the smaller man, instinct driving him to want to keep the fae safe, purposely ignoring the little voice whispering that this was the first lover he hadn’t kicked out of his bed right after sex.
In his mind he envisioned the collar he would put on his pretty, pretty lover. He waited until Luc’s breathing was slow and easy before he slid out of the bed in slow, easy movements, careful to not wake his companion.
Nikko dressed and removed the wards covering the door, resetting them once he was on the other side. Nothing would get to his fae while he slept.
Gabriel stood guard in the hall outside their room with a gleam in his eyes, flashing a bit of fang. “How’s it going boss?” he asked with a smirk. “I hear you found yourself a pretty boy to play with.”
“Bring me that gold collar in the showcase,” Nikko said, ignoring his lieutenant’s words.
Gabriel lost his smile. “You’ve only had him for a few hours. How much could you know about him?” he protested.
“I know that if you don’t bring me that collar, I’m going to lose my temper,” Nikko growled. He watched with satisfaction as the other vampire fled down the hallway. The need to return to the sleeping fae tugged at him like an aching tooth.
“Here, Master.” Gabriel bowed, presenting the thin red leather box formally.
Nikko must have sounded firmer than he thought if he was getting the full treatment.
Popping open the latch, he lifted the lid of the box and admired the sparkling rubies nestled in squares of pure gold. Each one-inch link of gold was antique and tempered with age. The elaborate piece looked as if it were something royalty might have worn in a bygone time.
To Nikko, it was perfection for his gorgeous lover.
“Master.” Gabriel kneeled, his auburn head bowing before Nikko. “Please don’t do this. You don’t need a thrall. I can get you any number of young men.”
“Gabe,” Nikko interrupted. “Have you seen my lover?” It was inconceivable to the master vampire that anyone could meet Luc and not understand his new obsession.
His lieutenant looked up with puzzled eyes. “No. But I was told he came here just last night.”
“Ah, come with me.”
He de-spelled the door and went through, guiding Gabriel to the bed. Nothing was visible but a still lump beneath the covers. “Luc, my sweet,” he said in a low voice. “Wake up and greet Gabriel, my second in command. He’ll be in charge of you whenever I’m away.”
There was a rustle of the sheets then a head of brilliantly coloured blond-gold hair appeared followed by a perfectly formed face. Silver-backed emerald eyes blinked blearily at him.
“What’s up?” Luc asked in a sleep-roughened voice.
“Wow.” He heard Gabe whisper behind him.
Nikko couldn’t hide his proud smile. Yeah, he was riding a lucky star when he ran into this beauty.
He saw the moment Luc’s eyes focussed. He got a sweet smile that extended to his lieutenant.
“Nice to meet you,” his sweet boy said with a tentative smile before sliding out of bed and slipping into his clothes.
Nikko wasn’t surprised to see his new lover had no sense of modesty. If you were flawlessly beautiful, there was no need to be ashamed of exposing yourself to others.
He could smell the hormone level rise in the other vamp.
“Mine,” he growled, flashing his fangs.
“But he’s so glorious,” Gabriel murmured in a low voice. “I don’t even like men and I’d sell my soul to be his lover. What does he taste like?” His voice was wistful like a child seeing a new toy he yearned to have.
“Nirvana,” Nikko said before walking away from the other vamp and stepping closer to his lover. “I brought your collar.”

Luc slipped on his shirt but didn’t fasten it since most of the buttons were still scattered about the floor. He glanced at the pretty vampire that accompanied Nikko, but when the other vamp didn’t come closer, he turned his attention to his new lover.
Damn, but the man was adorable. Who knew a master vampire could look shy?
He flashed Nikko a reassuring smile.
Nikko dropped the box. It fell on the plush carpet with a soft thud.
Luc leant over and picked up the jewel box, opening it to find a stunning necklace inside. Ooh, pretty. The sparkles in the gems glowed with the inner fire of fine quality gems.
“Put it on me.” He thrust it at the vampire with eager hands. The fae part of him adored the sparkly while the part of him that was the devil’s son coveted the value of the gems.
Nikko’s large hands looked even larger as they fumbled with the necklace. The cool stones felt chilly against Luc’s warm skin, but quickly warmed with his body heat. The weight was reassuring instead of suffocating, giving him the impression of being cherished instead of owned.
“When you mentioned a collar, I was thinking something shoddy and leather,” Luc admitted.
The vampire gave him a quick kiss before stepping away to admire his neck. “Beautiful, just like you, my sweet fae.”
Luc gave Gabriel a quick look. The other vamp was gorgeous, but he just didn’t have the same appeal as the master. Why did he always have to fall for the mega-alpha?
A banging on the bedroom door caught their attention.
“Enter,” Nikko shouted.
The pretty waiter from last night rushed into the room. He stopped before them, bowing low to Nikko before speaking. “There’s an enormous wolf outside trying to tear down the door.”
“Bran,” Luc said without thinking.
Nikko gave him a narrowed look. “Is there a reason you know this?”
“Yep. I would bet my pretty new collar that my ex-lover is at your door.”
Fuck, Sal. Luc was going to have some fun. After all, the only thing more fun than meeting your old lover with your new one, is to do it while wearing a shiny ruby collar.
He’d teach that dumping bastard.
Luc pulled his cell phone from his pocket, pressing and holding the one key to activate speed dial.
It rang a few times.
“Talk to me,” Sal’s voice came across the line.
“Your missing wolf is here,” Luc said. He cut the connection, not wasting time on further conversation. He looked up to see all three vamps staring at him as if he were a new, interesting species they’d just encountered.
With a sweet smile to all, he walked past them and sashayed out the door.
Luc could hear a banging noise as they reached the lower levels of the club.
The doors groaned with the impact; the sound of shattering wood rose from the room below. Bran must’ve smashed the doorframe. A wolf’s cry pierced the air.
He knew that howl. The hair on the back of Luc’s neck rose at the sound.
Bran was in the building.
The master vampire came up next to him on the catwalk. They both looked down into the club. It was too early for a big crowd, but the vampire bouncers were leading a few club babies out the door at record speeds. By the glazed look in the humans’ eyes, Luc knew they wouldn’t remember leaving.
Vamps lined the walls, keeping away from the growling wolf prowling the room. In a contest between a wolf the size of a small pony and a vampire, Luc would put money on the animal. He’d seen how wolves fight and nothing comes between a wolf and his target.
“Bran, stop it,” Luc shouted down.
The huge animal sat on its haunches and lifted its head towards the sound of his voice.
“Let me guess, your last boyfriend was the alpha of the Evergreen Pack?”
Luc shrugged. “What can I say, I like alphas.”
Nikko growled as he descended the stairs, pulling Luc behind him.
Luc could feel the tension pulsing through the air, squeezing the oxygen out of the room. Stubbornly, he stepped to the side of Nikko, letting the wolf see him.
“What do you want, Bran?” he asked, more than a little proud that his voice didn’t shake under the baleful gold gaze.
There was a shimmer in the air. When it cleared, a man stood where the wolf had been. The Evergreen alpha had smooth mocha skin, lush black hair and the same gold eyes in either form. Bran stepped forward fully clothed, his eyes fixated on Luc’s slim form.
“I’ve come for my mate,” he said in a deep, sexy voice. The same voice that used to whisper sweet words of love to Luc in the darkness of the night.
Luc ruthlessly stamped down the memories as he looked at the handsome wolf. “I’m sorry to hear you lost her already.”
They stared at each other—two strong men neither willing to look away.
“Why is it that you have clothing when you shift?” Nikko asked.
“It was a gift from Luc,” Sal’s familiar voice rang out. “He wanted to keep us safe when we shifted.”
Luc looked past the alpha wolf and saw that besides the beta a few other members of the pack had arrived.
“And out of jail,” another voice spoke up.
A few laughs went through the group, an old joke shattering the tension. Luc felt the sweet pull of a shared memory. How he missed his friends.
“I love you, Luc. Come back to me.”
The words were perfect, but the tension in Luc’s chest told him there was more to it than the perfect words. “Why?”
Bran’s handsome face crinkled in confusion. “Why, what?”
“He means. Why should he go back to you instead of having his new man suck you dry and throw your corpse into the river?” Nikko’s arm came around Luc’s shoulder, his embrace strong and protective. The vampire’s long fingers slid across Luc’s neck, drawing attention to his new jewellery. “Besides,” Nikko said, tucking a finger beneath the collar, “I’ve already claimed him.”
“Claimed? You claimed my man?” Bran’s eyes shifted, gold eyes turning a burnt orange. Feral. His hands shifted into claws.
Luc slid to the side in one graceful movement as Bran leapt at Nikko, claws extended. The pair spun, slashing at each other. Hopping onto the nearest table, Luc settled into a comfortable position, crossing his legs, he watched the alpha wolf and the alpha vamp try to tear each other apart.
He should stop them.
Oooh, beer.
Sipping the rich brew, he watched Bran take a bite of Nikko’s right leg. The vampire got even by sinking his fangs into the wolf’s side.
Ouch, that had to hurt.
“Aren’t you going to stop them?” Luc recognised Sheila from the night before.
He shrugged. “Why?”
“Because they’re fighting over you,” she said, her eyes hard and accusing.
Luc smirked. “They aren’t fighting over me. They’re fighting over who has the bigger balls.”
“You could settle that too,” she smirked, jumping up to sit on the table beside him.
“Yep.” Luc swigged another sip of beer.
A chair flew over their heads, crashing into the opposite wall. “Nice throw,” he yelled to the pair.
“It’s like you can’t help yourself,” Sheila said, laughing.
“Naw.” He took another sip. “More like I don’t bother to try.”
Clinking their beer glasses together, they watched the fight.
It ended when Bran took full wolf form and the alphas separated to flash fangs at each other.
“Very impressive boys,” Luc said, clapping. “Are you finished yet?”
Two pissed off alpha males turned to glare at him. Bran shifted back to human.
“Oh, you like to live dangerously.” Sheila giggled beside him.
Weres and vamps filled the room, each group surrounding their respective alpha.
“What are you doing here, Bran?”
“You’re my mate. Where else would I be?”
Luc stood up on the table. “Fuck you. Maybe you should be at home with your new wife. You know, the bitch you dumped me for.” Fury rode him hot and hard, power surging through him like lightning. He could feel the burn as symbols on his face and arms glowed red with the strength of his anger.
Every wolf in the place took one step back. Every vampire froze.
Sal, stepped forward blocking Bran from Luc’s view. “Easy, Luc.”
“Don’t you easy me, Salvador. I left the pack so that there wouldn’t be any problems. Why are you all here? Why can’t you leave me the hell alone? Haven’t I given up enough?” Anger drained from Luc as quickly as it had come, the symbols on his skin blinking out like burnt light bulbs.
Bran stepped around his beta, lifted Luc off the table and into his arms. “Don’t do this to us, pretty.”
For a moment, memories flooded Luc’s mind. Years of breakfast in bed and twilight walks, discussing pack issues and politics. Birthdays and holidays celebrated with the pack like a big happy family. Sweet memories quickly drowned out by fresher ones of his former lover courting an entire cadre of bitches in heat.
“I didn’t do this to us, you did.”
Bran released him and stepped away; his face tight with anger. “You think this vampire can replace me? What happens when you start to fade because you aren’t getting enough physical contact? Last time I checked vamps weren’t big on collective touching. He’s a master vampire he’ll turn on you in the end. Vamps can’t be trusted.”
Luc closed his eyes, turning his face away from his former lover. “Neither can a man who promises me love then marries another.” He tried to sound strong but even to his own ears he sounded more broken than anything.
A muscular arm wrapped around him. Luc recognised the feral smell of the beta and the feel of the other man’s strong chest at his back. “Come on, Luc. Let me take you to your room.”
Luc nodded. “Okay.” He’d had enough drama for one night. Anymore and someone would have to die.
Letting the other man lead him away, Luc was careful not to look at either of his lovers as he left. No one tried to stop them as they went to Nikko’s rooms.
Sal broke their silence at the door. “I know even after all this time you still don’t understand everything about weres, but vampires are even more dangerous.” He stroked Luc’s hair like he was petting one of the wolves. The motion was automatic and soothing. “Despite what you might think, Bran loves you and his wolf is hurting because he yearns for his mate. The human part of him may want children, but I don’t know if his wolf will ever be able to take another. Be patient. He’s hurting right now but he’ll come to his senses soon enough.”
“So, what do you want me to do? Wait around while he fucks every female on the planet? I’m not going to go through that over and over while he makes up his mind. This is my life too, and he made it more than clear that I no longer had a part in his. He might want to share that information with his wolf.”
Sal pulled Luc close and kissed him on the top of his head, a familiar, loving gesture that brought tears to Luc’s eyes. “Just don’t give up on the whole pack, baby. Some of us still want you in our lives. Some of us still need you.”
The last part, whispered against his hair, was so quiet Luc might have imagined it. He kissed Sal on both cheeks as they separated.
“Take care of him, Sal,” he said, meeting the beta’s eyes. “He’s not perfect but he is your alpha.”
“I know.” Sal gave him a sad smile as he turned to leave. “I know.”
The soft click of the door closing sounded final to Luc’s ears.

* * * *

Luc tried to stay awake. He desperately wanted to know what happened downstairs, but the events of the day had drained him. Despite his best intentions, he was drifting towards sleep when the slam of the bedroom door jerked him awake. He blinked blearily at his lover. “What’s up?”
“I am.” Nikko’s lips crashed down on his. “I don’t care if he has a prior claim. I’m not letting you go.”
Luc broke away from the kiss to get back some of the oxygen Nikko sucked out of his lungs. “I didn’t ask you to. I won’t have sex with a married man. I may be pitiful, but I’m not desperate.”
“I don’t think he’s really married.” Nikko stroked Luc’s face. “The beta told me the mating isn’t official since the pair didn’t have sex.”
“It’s official enough,” Luc said, hearing the bitterness in his own voice. Seeking to distract the vamp, he undressed his lover and pounced.
The sex was wild and rough. Afterwards, both men were panting and sweat-soaked.
“Now that he knows where you are it’s better to stay here. He won’t hunt you as a wolf if he senses a larger predator.”
Luc nodded. He didn’t bother to tell the pushy vampire he could take care of himself.
A man needed his secrets.
Besides, he wasn’t feeling up to house shopping right now. He just wanted to take things easy for a while and coast on nights of hot sex and partying. Was that too much to ask?

Hellbourne Blog Story 2

Chapter Two

The size of the man might intimidate most people. Nothing intimidated Luc. When the devil raised you, no one else was evil enough to fear.
He used his most wheedling tone and tried for an innocent look. “But Nikko-baby said if I wasn’t there in ten minutes, he was going to be very angry with me.” Sometimes it was fun to make crap up. Luc added a little fear in his voice just for kicks.
“Master Nikkolai said that?” the guard’s voice trembled.
Wow, you could really see the whites of the guy’s eyes.
“Yep. But I could tell him that you just didn’t want to break protocol.” Luc let that statement hang in the air for a moment. “I mean surely he’ll understand. He’s good that way.” Now he was just messing with the guy to watch him sweat.
He took another sip of his beer waiting to see what the vamp guard would do.
The vampire stepped to one side. “He’s in the lounge, second door on your left.”
“Thank you.” Luc placed a soft kiss on the man’s cheek in way of apology, pleased when the guard’s heart skipped a beat.
It was nice to know that he still had it, and if Luc’s path up the stairs was a little wobbly as he drank his beer, well, there wasn’t any audience. How many beers did that make, three, four, hmm, maybe six…whatever.
He stopped at the top of the stairs; the door the man had indicated pulsed lightly with power.
Taking a last sip of his beer, Luc opened the door and walked through to another world. A large room, with a plush black carpet—probably hid blood stains quite well—and red and black décor spread before him. It was almost as big as the dance floor below, but instead of crowds of goth dancers and hard wooden seats, this room was littered with comfy upholstered chairs, couches and people draped across them. Women, men, some vampires, some food, all dressed in fancy almost-there wear.
“Anyone have another beer?” Luc asked, waving his glass in the air.
For a moment the room fell into absolute silence, all eyes on him. He suppressed a giggle, but it was a challenge.
A low velvety purr came from the far corner. “Sheila, get the beautiful man a beer.”
Luc turned in the direction of the voice.
He gave a cursory look at the two scantily clad women draped on either side of Nikkolai, as if they were matching accessories, and felt a flash of fire burn in his belly.
“Go,” he snapped.
The women jumped up and ran for the door.
Oops, maybe he put a little too much nudge into that command.
Nikkolai laughed. “Baby, you’re a fierce little fae.”
“Here’s your beer.” The sultry blonde, Nikko called Sheila, approached in a skimpy black dress and handed him a glass of dark beer with a come-hither smile, while taking the empty one out of his hand.
“Thanks, darlin’.” He smiled back at her, sliding a friendly hand down her arm as he accepted the drink. After all he didn’t hate women, he just didn’t want one in his bed.
A growl came from the corner.
Luc hid his smile as he took a sip.
Someone was a little jealous.
Luc walked over to Nikko and straddled the vampire’s lap by placing one knee on either side of the deliciously broad body. Tilting his beer, he took a nice long drink, taunting the vamp with a clear view of his neck. He swallowed the beer, licking his lips to remove the foam he could feel bubbling against his upper lip.
“Hi, sugar, I’m here just as you requested.”
Lust burned in Nikkolai’s eyes like twin flames. Two huge hands curved around Luc’s ass, holding him firmly in place. “You listen well, little fae.”
“Master Nikkolai, can I get you something?” Sheila spoke to Nikkolai, but Luc could feel her eyes on the back of his head.
Master? Why did he always go for the alphas? “Master vampire?”
Nikkolai nodded.
Luc tried to stand up, but those strong hands held him fast.
“Going somewhere?” Nikko’s tone implied yes wasn’t the proper answer.
He decided to try honesty. “Look, I don’t mind you being a vampire, but a vampire master is a little more than I’m willing to cope with right now. I’ve had enough alpha types to last me a while.”
“Deal,” said Nikkolai before possessing Luc’s lips in a take-no-prisoners kiss.
Heat. Delicous. It poured through him like an inferno, burning away some of his liquor-induced haze. Luc couldn’t stop the moan that rolled through his chest even if he’d wanted to. He could feel his will melting beneath the passionate fire of Nikko’s touch.
Reluctantly, he broke away to get oxygen. “Fine, but only for one night.”
Luc could claim drunkenness in the morning. One night could be excused. Two nights was just stupidity. No way was he getting involved with another alpha male who would break his heart. On the plus side, vampires couldn’t have babies, so he wouldn’t be dumped for some werebitch.
“Let’s go to my room,” Nikko growled, breaking into Luc’s beer-slushed thoughts.
He slid off of the vampire and watched that long, long body stand.
Oh, yeah.

Luc allowed the vamp to lead him out of the room to a stairway at the opposite end of the hall where a huge guard stood blocking access.
Wow, what did they feed these guys? They must be on super blood or something. Maybe they had a vampire cloning machine in the back that created six-foot-five blood-sucking clones by the dozen.
In addition to being huge, the guard had mahogany hair and melting brown eyes.
Totally his type.
He must have made some noise because his new buddy gave him a glare. “He’s not for you,” Nikko growled.
Luc returned the vamp’s glare with an innocent look. “Of course not, I’m obviously busy.”
At least tonight. Tomorrow, who knew?
The guard gave him a wink as they passed.
Luc let the large, alpha vamp drag him upstairs. After all, he really only wanted a nice quiet space to check out Mr. Sex-on-two-legs. Curiosity was his downfall. His father always told him it was one of his sins. Luc hoped to work on a few of the other sins tonight, starting on lust. Maybe moving through greed, gluttony and ending in sloth.
Yep, it was important for a man to have goals.
That fine ass kept moving up the stairs. Luc followed, mesmerised by the strong muscles flexing before his eyes. A smile flashed over Nikko’s shoulder told him the vampire knew the impact of that ass.
They passed a few other people, but Nikko didn’t greet them, acknowledge them or step around them as they scattered.
Wow, the vampire master had worse manners then the wolves.
Oddly, that was a turn on.
Before he knew it, there were no more people, no more music, nothing but the two of them as Nikkolai pulled him into a dark room, slamming the door behind them. It closed with a solid thud. Luc watched the vampire whisper a few words over the lock, sealing them in.
This wouldn’t be a room easily escaped.
Well, for most people.
Luckily, Luc wasn’t most people. He could conjure a portal in his sleep and if there was a mirror it was even easier.
Shoving him against the wall, Nikkolai lifted both of Luc’s wrists above his head, stretching his body until he was pressed between the hard wall and the harder vampire. Heat from Nikkolai poured into him searing away the chill in his soul.
“I always thought vampires were cold,” Luc said, the words escaping his mouth as he soaked in the heat from the body pressed against his own.
Nikko’s forehead crinkled in thought. “Why?”
Luc shrugged or tried to since he couldn’t wiggle that much. “In books and movies vampires are always cool. You feel hot to me.”
The vampire laughed, a bit of fang peeking through his lips. “Honey, we feed on warm blood why in the hell would we be cold?” Nikko shook his head at his nonsense and kissed him. Luc could almost taste the vampire’s smile.
“Mine,” Nikkolai growled when he let Luc up for air.
Oooh, possessive.
Luc’s toes, barely touching the floor, curled with pleasure as he gave himself up to the other man’s will. He loved strong and commanding in his lovers because outside of the bedroom, life was so much damn work.
He leant into the next kiss and let Nikko overwhelm him. The man’s body was firm and hard against his. Rubbing his body against Luc’s erection, the vampire gave him just the right amount of friction to send sparks throughout his body and shivers up his spine.
They weren’t going to make it to the bed was Luc’s thought right before he was thrown through the air, a hungry growl rising from Nikko’s throat. He landed on a soft surface with a gentle bounce barely registering the luxurious comfort before two large hands descended and started ripping off his clothing. The sound of threads snapping told him he might not have all his buttons anymore, but Luc couldn’t find the will to care.
Once they were both naked, Nikkolai stood at the bottom of the bed and stared, his eyes glowing in the dim light.
“Come here, Nikko.” Luc held out his hand to encourage the other man closer.
And was devoured.
Nikko’s huge muscled body slid beside him, shadowing Luc with his tall form. Before he could catch his breath, one calloused hand grabbed his prick, pumping it up and down without warning. The contrast between the rough grip and Luc’s delicate skin was intense. Too intense.
Unable to do anything more than take the pleasure forced upon him, Luc bucked under Nikko’s hands. Hands that gripped, pumped, caressed and drove him out of his ever-loving mind.
Exactly what he needed.
Without warning Luc’s body exploded. Cum burst from him like a geyser, draining him of both fluids and energy. Nikko’s motions slowed, the kisses turning more affectionate than passionate.
The vampire’s soft chuckle in the dark was low and intimate. “Will you get it up again?”
“You’re so fucking beautiful. May I, have you?” The master vampire’s voice was oddly hesitant considering the take-charge attitude he’d had up to that point.
“I’m all yours,” Luc reassured him, placing a soft kiss on the other man’s exposed throat.
“All mine.” Nikko’s teeth flashed white and pointy in the dark. “I like that.”
Luc felt a sliver of unease try to break through his foggy thoughts.
What did he just agree to?
Then those large, hot hands were on his body giving him sweet, demanding touches while warm, soft lips melted his brain. Luc forgot the question, forgot even his own name.
There was a soft snick then a finger, oiled and slick, pushed into him. A groan tore from his throat as he sank upon that digit longing for another. “More.”
“No. Not yet. You’re too tight. I won’t hurt you.”
Luc whimpered and, in the end, he begged in soft, broken tones for more. More touching, more fingers, more something. “Please Nikko, please.”
Two fingers.
The slow molten pleasure felt as if it were dissolving his bones, turning him into a pliable, liquid mess. He moaned and whimpered, making encouraging noises and shifting his body to urge the vampire on, anything to get this man to hurry up. The intense need was torturing him, and he’d been tortured by the best. Eventually, after minutes that felt like hours, three fingers filled his hole.
“Please, I’m ready, come inside me.” He could only take so much. This was going from pleasure to torture.
“Your skin, it’s glowing,” Nikko said on a breath of whispered reverence.
Luc glanced down and saw that his skin was indeed glowing a soft white. “It’s the fae blood,” he said in needy tones. “Now fuck me.”
The vampire responded by kissing him while his fingers pumped in and out of Luc’s body. Nikko’s motions pegged his prostrate making him whimper with need. Finally, when he was about to cry from the ache of it all, the vampire removed his fingers and pushed inside him, filling him, completing him.
Still so careful, his lover slid in and out with slow sinuous movements. Luc dug in his heels trying to speed him along. In response, Nikko hooked his hands behind Luc’s knees lifting his heels from the bed and removing his leverage. “Don’t rush. Savour.”
He wanted to scream at the man to move. He didn’t want to savour he wanted to be fucked, but the expression in the vampire’s eyes trapped his words inside. Nikko wrapped a hand around Luc’s prick, pumping him while moving back and forth inside with controlled bursts of power.
“Shit.” Luc’s hips snapped forward when he felt the vampire’s cum pump inside of him. Control shot, he spewed hot ropes of liquid across both of their stomachs. High on endorphins, it took him a minute to realise the man in bed with him wasn’t just nibbling on his neck but getting sustenance from it.
The vampire was feeding.
Fear shot through him.
“Shh.” Nikko licked his neck. Luc guessed he was sealing the wound. “You’re safe. No one will ever hurt you again my sweet tasting, little fae. You’re all mine.”
With those words, Nikko wrapped his big body around Luc like a giant blood-sucking teddy bear. Those big ass hands rubbed up and down Luc’s back in long soothing strokes. For the moment, Luc forgot his worries and slipped easily into sleep.

* * * *

The howling of his cell phone pulled Luc from his slumber. The wolf howl was a ringtone he’d recorded during a full moon and assigned to the pack house main number. The sound had Luc scrambling to free himself from his cuddling lover. Memories of limitless beers fluttered through his brain before vanishing.
Luckily, he never got hangovers.
Luc stumbled to locate his pants in the dim light and once found, fumbled to find the pocket with his phone inside, anxious to stop the noise before it woke the vampire.
His fingers found the phone in his left pocket. Luc pulled it out and flipped it open to stop the noise. “Hello.”
“Luc, thank the goddess I found you.” The raspy voice of Salvador, the pack’s beta, came across the line. “Bran’s missing. Is he with you?”
Pain stabbed through Luc’s heart. “Of course, he’s not with me. Isn’t he off on his honeymoon?” Anger gave his voice a rare edge. Trust his ex-lover to garner attention when he was supposed to be out of sight, out of mind.
“Betsy called me in tears. His wolf rejected her, then he ran off.”
He’d never heard of that happening before. The line went silent while Luc waited for an explanation…and waited.
“What the fuck do you mean his wolf rejected her? Didn’t they already have sex?”
Not that he wanted the details. The thought of his former lover’s strong hands touching another made him ill. His attention snapped to the bed as Nikko’s body shifted beneath the covers as if sensing his distress. One long arm reached out, fingers searching for him as the vampire slept.
Salvador drew his attention back to the phone. “Betsy said when they tried to mate Bran freaked. According to her, his eyes went wolf and he flew out of there. We think he’ll head for you.”
“Why in the ten hells would he come to me? He made it completely clear that he wanted pups. In case you didn’t know, I can’t give him that and I have no interest in being his piece of ass on the side.”
“I know, I know, and the pack appreciates all you’ve sacrificed,” the beta’s voice was heavy with sorrow, making Luc wonder for the first time how his separation affected the pack.
“Are you some place safe? I don’t think Bran will harm you, but if his wolf’s loose he’ll hunt you down and I don’t know what he’ll do.” There was a pause as if he were gathering his thoughts. “We know you’re his true mate Luc. Betsy was a poor replacement sought for Bran’s human half. Our alpha might be able to fool himself, but he can’t fool his animal nature.”
Luc blinked back the tears filling his eyes. “II always knew he would cast me aside, Sal, but I didn’t think it would hurt so much. I miss you guys.”
“Hang in there, Luc. You’ll always be part of our pack, Bran or not. Where are you?”
“At The River Styx.”
“The vampire club?”
Luc laughed. “Yeah.”
“What have you done?” Sal’s voice took on a familiar commanding tone. As the pack beta, he was used to being obeyed by just about everyone except the alpha. With Bran gone, the beta was in charge.
Luc bristled in defence. “I drowned my sorrows. Don’t fucking judge me, you didn’t just lose everything.”
Sal sighed, the sound weighty and sad. “Don’t be so sure, my friend. Don’t be so sure. Are you safe?”
Luc looked around the spell-secured room taking in the thick walls and reinforced magic. “I’m as safe as can be.” He’d have to find a way to get Nikko to let him stay until whatever bug was up Bran’s butt escaped.
“Good. I’ll keep you updated. Call me if you see Bran. Take care.” There was a pause then Sal’s voice came across softer. “I mean it, Luc. I know you’re hurting right now but you’re important to the pack and not just because you were Bran’s lover. You helped us more times than we can count. Call me if you need anything, and I mean anything.”
Blinking back tears, Luc cut the connection after promising his friend that he would call if there was a problem. With mixed feelings, he put his phone back into his pocket. Part of him was concerned about Bran while the small, petty part felt a little smug that the big, bad alpha couldn’t mate with the woman he insisted would be a better match than Luc.
Heart sore, Luc crawled back into bed. Nikko moved to snuggle him close as soon as he lay down.
“Is there a problem, beautiful?” Nikko rumbled against his chest as the vampire wrapped his arm and leg around Luc again.
“My ex is hunting me. Can I hang out here for a few days?”
“If you stay with me, you’ll have to be my thrall.” Nikko nuzzled beneath Luc’s ear, derailing his thoughts for a moment as all sensation pooled to his groin.
“Thrall?” he gasped out.
Nikko nodded. “Non-vampires can only stay in a tribe if they belong to one of the vamps. Since I’m the master of this group, the others will only accept you if you’re my thrall. I can’t break the rules I expect others to abide by or I’ll lose all respect.”
“Wh-what does that involve?” Luc was starting to wonder what he’d got himself into. Was a werewolf mauling better?
“You’ll have to wear my collar to signify your status as my possession and sit at my side when we’re in groups with other vampires. Be my arm candy,” Nikko whispered against Luc’s skin, licking a sensitive spot on his neck and triggering shivers down his spine.
Luc started laughing and couldn’t stop. He’d lived with werewolves for twenty years, but it took going to a vampire to put a collar on him.
Nikko rubbed a soothing hand across his bare back. “I’m glad you’re amused.”
“Anything else?” It sounded as if he were a prized pet. He wondered if he got a comfy pillow to sit on. Maybe a chew toy.
“No giving blood to anyone but me.”
“Not into sharing, huh?”
“No.” There wasn’t even a hint of laughter in the vampire’s growl. Luc peeked up at the other man. Nikko’s face wore a fierce frown.
“Ooo-kay. Do I at least get clothes?”
“Of course. I wouldn’t want anyone else looking at you.”
How did he get himself into these situations?
“It would only be for a few days,” Luc ventured to say.
“It’s a start. You might find you like being mine.”
With Nikko petting him and luring him back to sleep, Luc’s last thought was he might enjoy belonging to someone else for a while. It would help if he couldn’t remember years of hot, loving kisses and miles of smooth mocha skin with his name tattooed across one shoulder, but that’s what the beer was for.
To help him forget.

Supernatural Mates Vol. 1 is here!

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Winner of a year’s worth of books…and a bonus prize!

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Pace is intrigued by his tiny client, and even more interested in her handsome uncle, but Pace isn’t certain he’s ready for the commitment of an instant family.

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Welcome Birthday Guest KC Burn!

Happy Birthday Amber! Thanks for the invite to the party! I’m KC Burn and I’m stoked to be here again.

Memorable birthdays… I’ve sort of downplayed my birthday for years, so I really had to think about this one. When I was ten I met a couple of girls and I’m pretty sure we’ll be friends for life. I mean, it’s been over 35 years now, and I see no reason to change it up at this late date. Anyway, our birthdays are all in about a 3 week span of time, so once we were teens we more or less started celebrating together, which suited me fine. My hubby, whom I met when I was 19, has his birthday 6 days after mine, so we often celebrate together too, and my birthday tends to take more of a back seat. This past year we did 4 escape rooms in one day which was so much fun. But memorable? I don’t much do memorable birthday celebrations.

I mean… there was the time I had to travel for work on my birthday. Or that time I took an intensive self-editing course.

There was also the year I turned 18 when my mother lost her damned mind and rented plastic penguins for the lawn and arranged for a dude in a bear suit to sing happy birthday to me at work. Memorable, yes, but if you knew my mother… just too, too weird.

However, for our 40th birthday, my girlfriends and I took a long weekend and met up in Boston (I’d been living in the US for a few years at that point and they were both in Toronto). That was an awesome trip. We walked all over Boston, saw Boston Common, visited Harvard, went to museums, took a boat trip to Salem, and ate all the things including (unexpectedly) the best and biggest damn cannoli I’ve had in my life. It was such a good trip and in a couple years I’m hoping we’ll be doing a similar weekend for our 50th.

In honour of that birthday cannoli, let me know what’s your favourite birthday dessert and one random commenter will win a $10 Amazon gift card.

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Zach Evans is a television writer from Los Angeles who loves all things cowboy. He’s in Las Vegas to do some research at an end of year rodeo event. Too wary to approach any of the sexy cowboys he sees, he finally takes a chance when he bumps into Jonah.

Spending the next week in Zach’s bed might seem like Jonah’s luck has changed, but when Jonah realizes he’s falling for a man who lives in a city where none of his skills are employable, he’s got a choice to make. Fear of the unknown will cost him Zach, but accepting that the universe has more luck in store for him might be more than he can handle.

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About KC
KC Burn is a Canadian transplanted to California who writes happy-ever-afters about men loving men, whether they’re psychics, space travelers, aliens, professors, construction workers, cops, amateur sleuths… you name it, she’ll probably write it. She’s got a pair of black cats, aka muses/nuisances, and a supportive, understanding hubby.

Visit KC at her website: kcburn.com, on Twitter: @authorkcburn or on Facebook.

Welcome Birthday Guest V.L. Locey!

Hi everyone! I’m so tickled to be here to join in Amber’s November Blog Birthday Bash.

Aren’t birthdays just the best? We have so many important ones in our lives. That sweet sixteen, when we turn eighteen and then twenty-one. Many people feel that hitting thirty and/or forty are causes for celebration as well!

As someone who has seen all of the previously mentioned special days, I can say that they all were incredible in their own ways. I’d have to say that my most significant birthday was when I hit fifty.I really began to understand myself and my dreams when the big five-oh rolled around. It was then that I decided to try my hand at writing professionally and am I ever glad that I did!

My life has changed so much since I decided to give being an author a whirl. I’ve met so many wonderful people and been able to spin a few darn fine tales of romance along the way! I’m hoping to still be sitting here at my desk writing stories for many birthdays yet to come.

To win a copy of Coast to Coast, Arizona Raptors #1 tell me what your favorite childhood birthday gift was. One winner chosen randomly. Good luck!If you’d like to check out my latest release here’s a bit of info about it—

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The greatest journey isn’t from England to the States, it’s the one that two men take on the way to find each other.

Sebastian Brown is on a mission to rescue the Arizona Raptors and a vow he made to a friend in college. Either that or he’s on vacation. He’s not entirely sure that he’s made up his mind yet. Either way, traveling from England, to the arid desert of Arizona isn’t exactly a picnic, particularly with the doubts and worries he takes with him. He’s turned even the worst of companies around, but faced with the challenge of improving the reputation of a hockey team that everyone seems to hate, he knows his work is cut out for him.

Focus is key, but that is easier said than done when Seb is sent into a tailspin by the intriguing Alejandro. Seb’s entire marketing plan hinges on making Alex a poster boy for equality and fair play. But with Alex’s utter dedication to the game, and his dark secretive eyes, the gorgeous Alex is stubborn, opinionated, doesn’t want any part of being the team focus, and worst of all, doesn’t appear to like Seb at all. It takes everything that Seb has to keep his hands off of Alex, but things get out of hand and Seb’s life might never be the same again.

Alejandro Garcia has had to work hard to get where he’s at. Born to Mexican immigrants, his siblings and himself have never had it easy in this new country their parents dreamed of calling home. A native son of Arizona, Alex has always been the odd man out on the ice but he’s not going to let a stupid thing like his heritage get in the way of his dreams. He’s now a Raptor and he plans to put all that training and collegiate hockey experience to good use. Working hard comes naturally to him. It’s something his parents have instilled in him from the time he was a toddler. Being one of a handful of Latino hockey players makes him strive for success with even more determination. His first pro season has had some ups but a lot more downs, but Alex is one stubborn young man and failure is not an option.

As the Raptors struggle to rebuild not only their team but their core values, Alex finds himself drawn to one of the owner’s friends, a tall, lanky Brit with the face of an angel and an accent and attitude that bewitches and befuddles him. Sebastian is everything he thought he would never be attracted to but he can’t push the sexy, older, fun-loving man out of his thoughts. If ever there were a man he would not be able to take home to his parents – not that he can bring a man home since he is deeply closeted – it’s Sebastian, but desire knows no socioeconomic, age, or international borders. The heart wants what the heart wants and Alejandro’s wants Sebastian.

Welcome Birthday Guest Tara Lain!

The Birthday Where I Said, “Let’s Do”

Hi! I’m so happy to get to share Amber’s birthday! I hope it’s the best one yet. I’m Tara Lain and I write the Beautiful Boys of Romance. I’m especially excited because Amber invited me to come visit today, which is the release day for my new romance, LOVE AND LINGUISTICS.

This book asks the question, “What if Eliza was a guy and he fell in love with Henry?” Yep, this is my contemporary MM homage to My Fair Lady! But more about that in a minute.

Amber asked us all to share our very best birthday. This is hard for me because I’ve had some amazing birthdays. I’m a Libra and we believe in celebrating. My honey says I don’t have a birthday, I have a birthday season! So I’ve had amazing trips to see the New England fall colors, cruising through the Panama Canal, seeing Madame Butterfly and the Marriage of Figaro at the Met in New York and lots more, all in celebration of my birthday over the years. But when I think about it, I realize that my most amazing birthday was far more low-key.

Back thirty plus years ago, I met this guy. Well, actually I’d known him for a few years as part of a yoga center we both belonged to. Both of us had been married briefly and neither of us planned to do it again. Then in August we ended up sitting across from each other at a group dinner in LA when a bunch of us were going to see a play. We chatted. I knew he was an architect and had always thought he was handsome, but at dinner he admired my new hairdo, the first personal thing either of us had ever said to each other.

A few weeks later, the woman I worked with in an ad/PR agency decided to buy a small building for our company and was wondering if the one she had in mind could be built-out the way she wanted it. I told her I knew an architect who might be able to help, and called this handsome guy. He came over to see the building and I showed him around. We joke that the walls went away and someone started singing “Some Enchanted Evening” in the background. We discovered that the next weekend we were both volunteering to work at a retreat site our yoga center owned and we decided to go together. That was the beginning –of meeting each other’s families, sharing hopes and dreams, having dates and fun.

On October 9th, less than two months later, we went to his favorite beach in Laguna. He bought me a cute bikini for my birthday since he said all my bathing suits were dowdy. We played in the water and sat on the sand. At the end of the day, we looked at each other and said, “Well, shall we do it? Shall we get married?”

We decided yes, called a few friends, and two months later, on Dec 5th, we had a wedding near the ocean for about 400 of our closest friends. LOL.

That was 38 years ago on my wedding anniversary, which is 9 days from now. My honey and I have had many wild anniversaries since then, including the one where I hobbled out of the hospital after cancer surgery ten years ago. We’ve also had many amazing birthdays, but none was as much of a to do as the one where we said, “Let’s do” and I got the best birthday present of my life that has kept giving every day since.

Now, about that new release. Below is an excerpt from LOVE AND LINGUISTICS plus a link to a Rafflecopter where you can enter to win an Amazon GC.

Just for Amber’s pals, I’ll give one winner chosen at random your choice of an audiobook code (US only) or an ebook of RETURN OF THE CHAUFFEUR’s SON, the first book in my Movie Magic Romances and my homage to Sabrina. Just leave me a comment below. (If you have both the ebook and audiobook, enter anyway and we’ll work something out!)


Thank you again, Amber and HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY!

Amazon | Dreamspinner

In his neighborhood, El Martin stands out, and that can be life threatening. Against the odds, he’s managed to graduate high school and then master IT. Now he’s desperate to get a good job to free his drunken dad and himself from the control of gang leader M2 and the drugs he sells. But with his piercings and his slang-ridden speech, El looks and sounds like a Bronx gangbanger, and potential employers won’t give him a second look. So when El hears about Henry Fairhaven, PhD, linguistics researcher and wealthy New York socialite, El takes his life in his hands to escape from M2 and ends up sleeping in the stairwell at Henry’s building, hoping to learn how to speak.

To Henry, who wants to prove himself as a scholar and not merely a rich dilettante, El isn’t only the most beautiful man he’s ever seen—he’s also the key to getting a paper published on Henry’s ground-breaking linguistics methods before a competitor beats him to the punch. But Henry doesn’t tell El the truth, and El thinks Henry’s helping him because he cares.

El’s dreams collide with Henry’s ambitions at the elegant Met Gala, where El captivates a prince of Silicon Valley. But the real collision comes when M2 tracks El down and Henry has to choose between the validation he craves and a future with the man he’s come to love.

Intro Line / Tag Line: What if Eliza was a guy – and then he met Henry?

Release Date: November 26, 2019

Excerpt of Chapter 1: https://taralain.com/books/movie-magic-romances/love-and-linguistics/