May Moon Pack Madness – Baiting Ben!

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Chapter One

Benjamin Sallen entered the club with wide eyes and a hopeful heart. It was a toss-up what was more fascinating: the flashing lights, the flow of dancing bodies writhing half naked across the floor, or the scantily clad waiters sashaying around with trays of food. After filling out innumerable forms to validate his werekin status, he was finally allowed through the club doors.

His enhanced werewolf senses absorbed the smells of sweat, lust, and sex. Never had he gotten so hard so fast, but the pheromones filling the room would make anyone want to have sex. Ben had come to find a mate, but at that moment, he would take hot, sweaty sex with a total stranger if it would take the edge off. As it was, his dick was trying to burst through the zipper of his favorite jeans. He wondered if this was the type of club that had a room in the back for the convenience of its members.

Ben jumped back as a wereleopard slammed his partner against the wall and started dry humping him. Maybe they didn’t need a private area. Shaking his head, he walked across the dance floor, toward the bar. His throat was dry, and he didn’t have to work tomorrow. His job as an independent CPA let him set his own hours and prevented him from having to answer embarrassing questions about why he couldn’t work on days close to a full moon.

After months of settling into his new environment and living without a pack, he yearned for the touch of another werekin. Even the brief brush of flesh from the shifters on the dance floor helped soothe the lonely animal beneath his skin. Despite leaving his Alaskan pack only six months ago, he was desperate for the company of others like him. Hunting under a full moon wasn’t the same without a pack—it lacked the joyous lust, and the prey he could catch was more of the rabbit variety than full-grown deer.

Purchasing the club membership was his chance at a new life. If he met and mated with a local werekin, he could gain acceptance into the pack. Even if he hooked up with another lone wolf, at least they could become a pack of two. In werekin culture, anything was better than one. Lone creatures didn’t survive long in the big bad world, especially small wolves. At five feet nine inches, Ben was on the short side for a wolf shifter. He blamed that on his human mother. If he were full-blooded, he would easily have topped six feet. At least he could shift. He’d heard of half-blooded werekin who were unable to shift but still felt the call of the moon. Ben decided they must be in a special type of hell, one he was lucky enough not to be a part of.

Using his smaller size to slip through the crowds, Ben made his way to the long wooden bar covering most of the back wall. The bartender moved with fluidity that screamed cat shifter.

“What can I get you?” The bartender batted his long sable lashes over a pair of piercing sea green eyes. “Besides me.”

Ben chuckled. “A rum and Coke, please.”

“Oooh, a polite one.” The bartender’s hands moved so fast the motion blurred. In seconds, he was presenting Ben’s drink with a flourish and a flirty wink. “Anything else?”

After giving the cute shifter a tip in the glass jar beside him, Ben flashed a grin of his own. “Not right now, but I’ll let you know if that changes.”

It wouldn’t. He was looking for one of his own kind. In his wilder days, the bartender would’ve been a prime hookup, but he was looking for something more permanent. Ben wanted a mate. He wouldn’t get it where he came from. At the Great Claiming, none of the werekin had stepped forward to choose him. Maybe if Dillon had been home, things would’ve been different.


An image of a tall, dark werewolf with forest green eyes flashed in his mind. Ben ruthlessly pushed it away along with his feelings of longing. It had hurt to leave the pack knowing he’d never see the handsome man again, but Dillon was part of his past and tonight was about securing his future.

“Hello there, cute stuff,” a rough voice spoke from behind him. He turned to see a huge man with cold black eyes looking him over like Ben was a prime piece of meat he wanted to devour.

“Um. Hi.” He gave a polite smile and shifted a bit to the side to look around the other man. A sniff proved the guy was werekin, but not one with any mate potential. He didn’t give off the right scent.

To Ben’s shock, the man settled a heavy arm around him. “What do you say you and I get to know each other better? I’m Ned, what’s your name?” It was more a statement than a question, as the other man was already lifting him off his barstool and guiding him toward the exit.

“B-Ben.” Panic rabbited in his chest. Great, his first time in the club and already he was in trouble. Why did things like this always happen to him? All he wanted to do was meet the werewolf of his dreams and settle down, not be kidnapped by a Neanderthal.

A deep voice broke into Ben’s panic. “There you are, honey. Ned, thank you for finding him for me.”

“Thomas.” Ned’s arm fell off his shoulders so quickly Ben lost his balance, causing him to stumble into the speaker. Firm arms wrapped around him, surrounding him in a comforting embrace. He had the oddest sensation of coming home.

“Hello, honey.” Ben’s quick glance up gave him an impression of laughing hazel eyes and a wide white smile before warm lips descended and kissed him to within an inch of his life. Heat burned through his body. Whimpering, he moved closer to the other man, rubbing his erection against the newcomer. The man called Thomas felt long, hard, and perfect against him. The smell of wet dew on a grassy meadow filled his senses. He fought back the urge to howl at the rightness of his scent.


The stranger pulled back. Ben snarled, his gums burning as his teeth elongated in preparation to bite. His wolf wanted to mark the other man so everyone could see. How dare he pull away? The man was his! He battled his instincts to take the larger man down like a lame deer. To bite him, fuck him, and make sure everyone knew he was claimed. Startled by the violence of his thoughts, Ben stepped back.

“I guess he is yours,” Ned said behind him. “You better keep an eye on him before some mate hunter steals him away.” The words trailed off as Ned walked back into the crowd, quickly swallowed by the waves of dancing people.

Trying to subdue his oddly aggressive wolf, Ben gave his head a little shake. As one of the least alpha members of the pack, he was surprised at this sudden compulsion to claim the other man. Hope burst through him as he wondered if maybe he’d found what he was looking for after all.

A small part of him protested that this man wasn’t Dillon. Ben ruthlessly suppressed it and turned his attention on the tall, dark man who looked like a model from a glossy magazine. The kind you had to read with one hand.

* * * *

Thomas looked down at the pretty red-haired wolf and almost came right then. Gold eyes, an aquiline nose, and lips so lush they would make a straight man dream of fucking males. He’d seen prettier men; his alpha had the most beautiful man on the planet for his partner, but he’d never met one so compelling.


The word whispered across his mind, a message from his inner wolf. Everything fell into place, the smell, the looks, and the incredible kiss. There was no doubt in his mind that the little wolf beside him belonged with Thomas.

“My name’s Benjamin, but everyone calls me Ben,” the pretty man said, holding out his hand.

“Thomas Moon.” He waited for the younger man to claim his affiliation. In werekin culture, your last name indicated the pack you belonged to. When Benjamin didn’t answer, he decided subtlety was wasted on his mate. “Where’s your pack?”

A chill came into Ben’s gold eyes. The smaller werewolf backed away until there was an uncomfortable foot of space between them. Thomas resisted the urge to grab Ben and drag him back into his arms where he belonged.

“I left my pack. I have lone wolf status.”

Fear trickled up Thomas’s spine like a winter chill. Lone wolves were dangerous. Most of them went solo because there was something wrong with their psyche that prevented them from traveling in a pack. Other times, it was because the pack found something wrong with the werewolf and banished him. There was rarely a good reason a wolf chose to travel alone. Looking around, Thomas realized they couldn’t address something this important in a crowded club. They needed privacy.

“Come with me.”

A wary look came into Ben’s eyes. Smart man. “Why?”

“I just want to talk. I’ll even leave the door unlocked, so you can go whenever you want to,” he promised. He didn’t want to scare the man off, but he really wanted to talk to him in a quieter area.

After a long moment, his mate nodded. “All right.”

* * * *

Ben followed the handsome werewolf up a small flight of stairs. It was odd to see a pack in an urban environment. Growing up in the wilds of Alaska didn’t prepare him for the strangeness of city wolves. The man walking before him looked cosmopolitan and suave, like a werewolf version of James Bond. Watching Thomas’s fine ass flex as they climbed the stairs sent sparks of desire dancing up his spine.

“Stop watching my ass.”

“Nope,” Ben replied. “I’m enjoying the view too much. If you didn’t want me staring, you shouldn’t be so gorgeous.”

Surprised at his own daring, Ben smiled when Thomas flashed him a startled look over his shoulder before continuing upstairs.

A beautiful man in a jewel-encrusted collar waylaid them at the top of the steps.

“Thomas, you must tell Silver I don’t need guards to watch my every step. I practically trip over them. Please, please intervene,” the stunning creature dramatically clasped Thomas’s hands while he pled.

“No, Anthony, you need guards.”

He felt bad for the beauty when Anthony’s face took on a look of such disappointment. He felt his own heart clench in sympathy. Those sad eyes looked away and latched onto Ben.

“You found your mate.” With a dizzying flash of mood change, the blond gave Thomas a tight hug. A growl built in Ben’s throat but was quickly suppressed when Anthony released Thomas and hugged him instead.

Skinny arms wrapped around him like a cozy blanket as a feeling of intense well-being oozed through his body like a narcotic. The man smelled like a living forest, moist soil, green fields, and old oak trees. Anthony smelled like home, even though home was more cold, snow-covered woods than toasty warm forests. Ben dipped his head in the beauty’s neck and breathed. Stress he didn’t know he was holding left his body in a rush, leaving him calm and almost dizzy with relief.

A low, dangerous growl broke through his calm.

“I’d suggest you let go of my mate before I rip off your arms and beat you with them.” The voice was so deep and cold he could almost feel the homicidal rage hidden beneath the words.

The blond wiggled out of his arms. “Relax, snookums. I was just greeting Thomas’s mate.”

Watching the sweet, beautiful man walk up to the psychotic almost twice his size made Ben’s fingers twitch with the urge to yank Anthony to safety. The threatening man’s sleeveless shirt exposed a set of mile-wide shoulders and arms bulging with tight muscles. His gray eyes were the color of an Alaskan winter sky and just as warm. Ben’s protective instincts rose up until he saw the man turn and give the sleek blond a look of total adoration. It was like watching an iceberg melt before his eyes. One massive arm wrapped around Anthony, cradling him close in an obviously tender hold.

Anthony smiled. Standing on his tiptoes, he placed a soft kiss on one granite hard cheek.

“I’ll pay you back for the snookums comment,” the giant said.

The blond looked completely unperturbed. He blithely patted his lover on one bulging bicep while batting his beautiful eyes artfully. “I’ll look forward to it.”

Ben watched the whole thing, fascinated. The power pouring off the male was alpha strong, but it was obvious who was in charge of that relationship.

One large hand reached out to him, he tentatively took it. “I’m Silver, the alpha of the Moon pack. Thomas is my right-hand man.”

“I’m Ben.” A quirk of the alpha’s brow had him confessing. “I’m a lone wolf.”

Silver stiffened. “Why?”

“We were planning to go talk about his status when your mate stopped us to plead for fewer bodyguards and to grope our bodies.” Thomas reached over and grabbed Ben’s hand to drag him down the hall.

Ben was chilled his mate would throw Anthony literally to the wolves. He dug in his heels, bracing himself to jump in. The alpha might kill him, but he felt oddly protective of the pretty man who smelled like a forest. Instead of growling, Silver threw back his head and laughed.

“You two go ahead and have your discussion while I explain to my headstrong mate why he needs so many guards.” The alpha growled at the slim blond who barely came to his shoulder.

“You-you’re not going to hurt him, are you?” Ben couldn’t help it. He feared for the smaller man’s safety next to his huge mate. The alpha didn’t appear angry, but Ben had enough experience with alphas to know their tempers changed with the wind.

Anthony gave him a big smile. “You’re very sweet, but Silver would never hurt me. Welcome to the pack.”

Silver growled. “You’re not allowed to welcome people to my pack. I’m the alpha. I get to welcome or not.”

Wow, this looked like a real fight. The welcoming expression left the blond as the shimmering gold eyes turned solid before turning back to his mate. He could’ve sworn he saw lightning flash in them before Anthony turned, but he figured it was a trick of the hall lighting.

“Shit,” Thomas whispered behind him. Ben was slowly pulled away from the bickering pair. He could tell the other man was trying to remove him from the line of fire.

“Oh it’s your pack, is it? I guess I’m just a pet accessory. I foolishly thought we were partners in this relationship. You just let me know what your decision is then, big man, and I’ll decide whether you’re welcome in my bed.” With a frightening calmness rivaling the rage of his mate seconds before, Anthony slammed the door to the apartment he’d recently left.

“Fuck.” The alpha glared at Thomas. “He better fucking be your mate because there’s no way I can go tell mine that I didn’t approve him.” Leveling an icy glare at the pair, Silver followed in the smaller man’s wake into the apartment.

“Well, that was enlightening,” Thomas said with a wide smile at Ben. “Looks like Anthony can sense mates.”

“Why does he smell so good?” Ben didn’t want to give the wrong impression, but damn. “Don’t take this wrong. I mean you smell great, but he smells amazing. Not mate amazing, but amazing.”

Thomas nodded and gave him a knowing grin. “Anthony’s mother is a forest witch. I still haven’t found out what his father is. Just a word of warning, smell him at a distance. That’s what we all do.”

Ben nodded. “Distance, got it.” He was positive he didn’t want to be on the bad side of the alpha even if he didn’t end up joining the pack.

* * * *

Thomas walked down the hall to his suite in silence. With Anthony’s approval, he knew his mate would be accepted into the pack. There was normally a meeting to determine if a new mate would fit in with the pack hierarchy or if they would need to join the other wolf’s pack. Sometimes it was a matter of whether a new personality fit into the group dynamic. He had a feeling Anthony would short-track the entire process. After all, Silver didn’t want estrangement from his beautiful man, and his mate was more than a little strong-willed. The alpha mate might not be a wolf, but he was powerful in his own right.

Feeling better about the relationship by the second, Thomas led the cute redhead to his door.

“Each of us has a suite. The higher in the hierarchy we are, the better the accommodations, but no one has bad rooms. Some prefer to live in their own places outside the pack house, but we encourage as many as possible to live here. It’s harder to protect everyone if they’re scattered around town.”

Ben nodded. “Makes sense. I imagine it’s difficult to keep track of everyone in a big city. Is there more than one pack here?”

“There are four packs in the area, but the Moon pack is the only one in the city and Silver supervises the entire Northwest. Most consider him the strongest wolf in the United States. Anthony, who you just met, is an architect and is currently building a hotel to host out-of-town paranaturals.”


Thomas nodded. “We’re pretty proud of him. He was reluctant to be Silver’s mate at first because he lost a lover to a heart attack some years ago, but he’s settled in well. As you can see, they still have some power issues to work out. We won’t have that kind of problem.”

He watched his mate puff up his chest like an animal trying to make himself bigger. “And why is that?” Ben’s eyes took on a challenging shine.

Damn if that didn’t make his dick stand up and take notice.

“Because although I’m the larger of the two of us, I think we’re pretty evenly paired power-wise. The problem with the alpha and his mate is that they have different types of magic. Silver has issues with having a strong mate who looks like a good wind will knock him on his ass, which is why he usually has a retinue of bodyguards surrounding Anthony. I don’t even want to know where they were this evening; Silver’s going to have some harsh words for someone.”

Thomas could tell by the pleased expression on Ben’s face that they were going to be fine. He rarely met someone he meshed with so quickly. Seeing the man in Ned’s clutches had almost unhinged him. It was fortunate the other werewolf had released his grip on the redhead quickly. He made a mental note to talk to Silver about Ned’s progressively aggressive behavior. They would have to bar him from the club if he kept it up. As much as the place was for werekin to hook up, it was also a place they were supposed to feel safe. They couldn’t have anyone there who scared the other customers. Ben’s panicky expression had Thomas rushing to save him even before he knew they were mates.

He opened the door to his apartment and, after hanging up their jackets, indicated to his mate to proceed to the couch. Thomas kept his promise and left the door unlocked. It wasn’t like anyone was going to interrupt them anyway.

“Sit down, honey.”

He knew his gaze was feral, but he was determined to find out more about his mate before he pinned him down, marked him, and made sure they were bound for eternity. Ben sank down into the soft cushions, his eyes wide with caution.

“This must be nice to nap on,” he said, petting the soft fabric.

Thomas had a brief vision of the man doing the same to him. The redhead’s fingers were long, elegant, and he wanted them wrapped around his cock more than he’d ever wanted anything else in his life. He pushed back those thoughts, using a great deal of restraint.

“I want to learn a little more about you. If we’re going to be mates, we should find out about our likes, dislikes, how old you are, why you left your pack, and what you do for a living.”

Ben winced. “I don’t suppose we could kiss first and answer questions later.”

Thomas laughed. Scooting over, he slid a hand up his mate’s leg. “Tell you what, pretty. For every question you answer, I’ll give you one kiss.” He knew it was probably a terrible idea, but the thought of not touching the other man within the next few seconds was killing him. Both his human and wolf sides wanted the man with an unprecedented need.

“Fair enough,” Ben agreed quickly. “I’m twenty-five.”

He would be lying if he didn’t hope his future mate would’ve started with something more personal. He gave the answer the response it deserved.

Thomas leaned over and gave Ben’s cheek a peck.

“That wasn’t a kiss,” Ben complained.

“A small answer gets you a small kiss. Besides, you’re just a baby. I’ve got a hundred years on you,” Thomas teased.

“Wow.” Ben’s eyes went wide, making Thomas wonder if age was going to be a problem between them. In general, werekin didn’t worry about age differences because they lived long lives. What would be an insurmountable age gap in a human couple wasn’t worth mentioning between werekin.

“Does the age difference bother you?” Thomas asked.

“No. I was just surprised.” Ben’s expression hadn’t changed from wide-eyed wonder.

“Yeah, that’s real convincing.”

Ben rolled his eyes. “Give me a moment to adjust, all right? Not everyone learns their mate is so much older than them.”

Mate. The word made Thomas smile.

He leaned over, sliding his fingers into Ben’s hair, gripping the man’s head in a firm hold. “I believe I owe you another kiss to convince you of my worthiness as a potential mate.”

“Yes, I believe you do,” Ben agreed.

This time, the kiss wasn’t chaste, light, or brief. This time, Thomas searched for the size and shape of Ben’s tonsils. He took Ben’s mouth like a parched man seeking the last drop of water in a desert.

One kiss blurred into two, until the sexy redhead lay shirtless beneath him. Thomas nipped and sucked the smaller man’s nipples. Pleased with the reaction, he kept it up, palming the ridge in his mate’s pants as Ben squirmed beneath his touch.

“Fuck questions, I need to feel you around me.” Thomas froze as an unwelcome thought entered his mind. “You will bottom, right? I don’t mind switching back and forth in the future, but right now, I need to claim you.” He barely breathed as he waited for his mate’s answer.

“I won’t always be on the bottom, but for tonight, I’m all yours.” Ben leaned back and let Thomas’s hot mouth take control.

Unable to resist the need for bare skin-to-skin contact, Thomas’s touch was sure and confident as he stripped off his mate’s clothes in swift, economical movements before removing his own. He barely got a glimpse of smooth white skin, with a sexy sprinkling of red hair, before he covered the younger man with his body.

“Hey! I didn’t get to look,” Ben protested.

“Why bother to look when it’s so much better to feel?” Thomas growled, sliding his body across Ben’s and sending shivers of need through his smaller frame.

He was careful not to put his full weight on the younger man. He didn’t want to crush his newly found mate. He wanted to bond with him.

May Moon Pack Madness – Attracting Anthony!

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Anthony Carrow never thinks to find the love of his life when he goes to a bar with his best friend Steven Dell. Getting over the death of his lover has been a hard task for Anthony. After two years he’s still broken-hearted and doesn’t have any intention of joining the dating scene. However, going with Steven to scope out a werewolf club to help his friend find a mate leads to unexpected consequences.

Silver, alpha leader of the Moon pack, has been searching for his mate for a long time. Unhappy with the men he meets he’s given up searching for the man of his dreams until Anthony walks into the bar.

Can a man who’s already suffered a loss once be persuaded to give love a second try or will fear hold them back from finding the love they both deserve.

Chapter One

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Anthony Carrow muttered to his friend, Steven Dell, as he glanced around the club. After two seconds, he seriously considered walking back out. If it hadn’t taken Steven weeks to get a membership to the shifter-owned club, Anthony would’ve left after the first few minutes. However, he wasn’t going to ruin Steven’s first visit.

No matter how much he wanted to.

He’d dressed how Steven had requested but that didn’t diminish the fact that he felt like an idiot. He wore his leather pants without a shirt, exposing both his pierced left nipple and the brilliant memorial tattoo on his back. It made him feel more naked than he was used to in public. It took him a moment to realize less people were looking at him than at the young man walking past him with a leash attached to the harness around his cock; a leash clasped in the firm grip of a slim man with silvery hair, wearing a designer suit and walking with the smooth grace of a werekin.

In reality, with his magical disguise, he drew less attention than the dozens of men standing around like they were waiting to take part in a Mr Beautiful pageant.

He remembered the days when he used to bar hop, until he’d been taken off the market by the love of his life. Pain jabbed at him as he remembered why he could now visit these kinds of places again.

This is all a horrible mistake. The thought whipped through Anthony’s mind in a dizzying fury, setting his nerves strumming so loudly he was surprised the noise didn’t echo off the ceiling of the crowded bar.

Panicked, he turned to flee.

A strong grip clamped onto his shoulder, holding him in place.

“No escaping. You promised you’d come with me, and we both know you need to get out more,” said Steven, Anthony’s best friend. He watched the provocative pair with the cock leash pass with interested eyes.

“I know but I don’t think I’m ready,” Anthony stuttered. How could he convey the utter terror he had of falling for someone else just to lose them again? Drew had been Anthony’s sun, moon and shining star. To stand there in a sea of attractive people for the sole purpose of finding someone again struck Anthony as wrong on so many levels he could barely function beneath the weight of them.

“You’ve barely dated since Drew died.” Steven flashed Anthony a sympathetic smile. “You know he’d want you to move on, and although I appreciate your new look, I don’t think you did it for me.”

Anthony stifled his laughter at Steven’s rueful expression. Even though he had agreed to accompany his friend to the club, he’d cast a strong suppression spell on his appearance so he wouldn’t stand out in the crowd. Anthony didn’t need a stampede in his direction on his first night out. Easing into the dating scene gently was the only way he could even think about dating again. Even now, it felt more like dropping straight into the ocean rather than a gentle wade to get his feet wet.

Looking at the club’s clientele, Anthony had doubts he was going to find a nice, quiet man to dominate him. He missed his Drew, the strong man who’d been his lover until a heart attack killed him at the age of fifty. Anthony was brokenhearted at the death of his lover, especially knowing that if he’d been home at the time, he might have been able to save him.

Magic did nothing if you weren’t there in time to use it. Instead, he got home to find his lover dead on their living room floor. An event in his life he knew would stay with him for hundreds of years. Despite what they said about ‘time heals all wounds’, he knew some injuries to the soul never healed. They might scab over a bit but underneath the pain would always be tender.

The spell he’d cast before coming to the club had dulled his gleaming golden hair to a dirty blond and subdued his naturally glowing skin to a light bronze. Features normally heart-stoppingly fine roughened beneath the weight of magic, changing his typically beautiful features into a pleasing but not memorable face. Everything else he left as nature made it, figuring there would be a lot of muscular bodies in the crowd so he wouldn’t stand out. Due to his spells, he was now attractive enough to get a man but not gorgeous enough to overshadow his handsome friend.

However, as much as he wanted to find another person to share his life with, the mere thought of dating sent pain ripping through Anthony’s chest. Shifters as a group were fit, and as his eyes roamed over the dance floor filled with hot flesh and eager partners, all he could think of was that none of them were Drew. Images of his dead lover flashed before his eyes like a moving picture, peeling back his careful indifference to expose a loss so deep it threatened to drown him. Taking a deep breath, Anthony steadied his pulse and forced a reassuring smile to his lips, hoping to stave off the worried expression he saw in Steven’s eyes.

Surely three years was long enough. He could do this.He was ready.Maybe if he chanted it a few more times in his head it would become true.

“You aren’t asking me to go out more. You dragged me here because you want moral support for your mate hunt. Why you even want a mate is beyond me.”

He didn’t even want to imagine what would happen if Steven found and lost his mate. Werewolves bonded for life, something that could be good or bad depending on your mate. If Steven died because his mate did, Anthony would never forgive him. Bastard.

“You have something against wolves?” Steven’s challenging tone caught his attention from the crowd. His friend’s eyes glowed feral in the club lights.

Anthony felt an uncomfortable number of people turn toward him with disapproving expressions. Great, just what he wanted; to insult a room full of werekin. A low growl sounded near them. Anthony’s temper flared, but he firmly held it in check. Steven would never forgive him if he crumbled the building and ruined Steven’s mate hunting grounds.

He felt the surrounding people lose interest in his conversation with Steven once they decided he wasn’t a threat. Nothing would be worse than a human hunter sneaking onto shifter property. Anthony had heard of that happening in other cities, and the resulting carnage wasn’t good. The amount of damage the hunters did was nothing compared to the wolves’ retaliation. Towns had lost whole populations in shifter/human wars.

“Don’t be an idiot. We’ve been friends forever. If I had a problem with wolves you’d know it by now. I have something against mates,” Anthony snapped.

“Oh don’t start that.” Steven’s voice wasn’t unkind, but the underlying firmness in his tone told Anthony his best friend was running out of patience. “Just because your lover died doesn’t mean you can’t find another. Besides, if you don’t start dating again, your parents will intervene, and I’ve met your parents. They scare the crap out of me.”

Anthony shivered at the memory of his parents’ matchmaking skills. “Last time they fixed me up with a fairy.”

Steven snorted. “I thought you didn’t like labels.”

“No. He was an actual fairy, you know, from Faeland,” Anthony corrected.

That got Steven’s full attention. “What happened?”

Anthony shrugged. “Let’s just say it didn’t work out.” He wasn’t going to relive the horrible details of that blind date, even for his best friend. Fae princes were a touchy lot. The one he had dated became a bit obsessed, and Anthony’s father had to put a magical sanction on him. “Anyway, it just proved I wasn’t ready to date.”

“Fuck it, Anthony, it’s been almost three years. Even if you don’t want a mate, there are plenty of hot guys here for a hookup. You can’t be celibate for the rest of your life. Hell, even if I don’t find the ‘one’, it’ll still be fun shopping.” His hungry gaze briefly scanned the crowd before turning to lock eyes with Anthony, his blue eyes filling with compassion. “If you didn’t think it was possible to find someone else, you wouldn’t have come.”

Anthony looked away, blinking rapidly. “I know. I do. It’s just hard.”

Sighing, he looked around the bar. It was an extremely selective club; they didn’t let just anyone join. He knew Steven went through a detailed screening process to get a membership and have Anthony put on the approved guest list. He was only one of a handful of friends who were on it. No one got in without a background screening; a wise move on the club owner’s part. It would be all too easy for a hunter to persuade a naïve shifter he was their friend only to go on a killing spree once he got inside.

Everywhere Anthony looked there were men and women dancing, drinking, and doing things not usually allowed in public. There were certain advantages to belonging to a private club, and as long as no money exchanged hands between partners, just about anything was allowed between consenting adults.

Tonight, it was Steven who was on the hunt to find his one and only.

Adopted as a baby, Steven’s parents were full human and knew nothing about the complex world of werewolf society. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but there were only so many facts you could find on the internet. Werekin didn’t give up secrets to people not of their kind or their mates. Steven’s parents were sweet and tried hard, but they weren’t werewolves. Steven’s entry into the club would be his first submersion into werewolf culture.

Anthony tried to be supportive of his friend’s search for a mate, but it was hard. Part of his soul died with Drew, and he doubted he’d ever be able to reclaim it. He worried that Steven’s hopes of hearts and flowers would end in tragedy like his own love affair. It wasn’t better to have loved and lost; it was fucking unfair.

Still, Steven was right; he couldn’t stay alone for the rest of his life, and werewolves were known for taking charge in the bedroom. There was nothing he loved more than a firm hand.

With that thought in the forefront of his mind, Anthony looked the room over with new eyes. Instead of trying to keep hidden, he assessed the others to see if any would appeal to either him or to his not-so-discerning friend.

As if catching onto Anthony’s thoughts, Steven shared a wicked smile, and the pair prowled the room with new intent.


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I’ve written a little interlude featuring characters from my Zander Oaks series.
Birthday Photo Shoot
By Talia Carmichael
An Zander Oaks Interlude
November 2020
Genre: Contemporary
Series: Zander Oaks
Length: Interlude

Turner smiled as he heard him approaching through the door. He lifted his camera and got ready. The front door opened and he took his first shot.
“That is priceless.” He laughed as he lowered the camera.
Jaxx scowled and his light grey eyes were stormy. “What the heck are you doing?”
“Taking your picture.” He lifted his camera and took another shot. “Another priceless shot.”
“Why are you taking my picture?” Jaxx scowl deepened.
“To make this wonderful day that you get older.” He said cheerfully.
Jaxx sighed. “I knew he was an alien. Mama said not to get involved with people from out of space.”
Turner smirked at his words. It had been one of the first things he asked him when they meet, if he was an alien. “You should have known better than to let stranger into your house like that. Now you’re stuck with me.”
“Yeah I know.” Jaxx sounded disgruntled.
“Hush you know you love me.”
“Must have lost my mind.” He grumped.
“No need to be pissy.” Turner paused then. “Just because it’s your birthday and you’re getting old.”
Jaxx glared at him. “That’s not what you said last night.”
Turner eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. Jaxx closed the door and sauntered over to him. When he was standing before him he stopped then put his finger under his chin and gently closed his mouth. Turner rolled his eyes. Jaxx smirked then leaned down and kissed him softly before he nipped his lip.
“Hey.” Turner protested as he licked his lip.
“That’s for the old crack.”
Turned opened his mouth.
“And no jokes about that.” Jaxx held up his finger in warning.
“Come on you laid it right out there for me.” Turner said. “So grumpy when you get older. Come on I have something to sweeten your mood.”
“No party.” Jaxx narrowed his eyes.
“Later.” Turner interrupted already seeing he was about to argue. “But before I have our own way of marking this occasion. You, me and this camera.”
“Look Mister big shot photographer who is in such demand.” Jaxx crossed his arms over his chest. “You don’t need to take my picture to butter me up to go to a birthday party. I’m not going.”
“Ohhh…butter.” Turner headed for the kitchen.
Jaxx followed him. “Why do you need butter? Never mind. I am not going to whatever cockamamie party you have cooked up.”
Turner ignored him and went to the fridge and grabbed the butter. “Come on.”
Turner pushed past him and headed to his studio they had set up in the house.
“Turner you are not listening to me.” Jaxx followed him.
Turner turned and walked backward as he took some more shots of him. Jaxx strode toward him. The strength and raw masculinity was all on display.
“Stop taking my picture.”
“Nope.” Turner lowered the camera. “These are for the party so I can show in public.” He lifted his hand with the butter. “The others will be between us.”
Jaxx looked at the butter then him. “I see that devious look and I’m not sure if I want to know what you have planned.”
“Two words.” Turner turned and walked to the door of the studio paused and looked over his shoulder. “Birthday Suit.”
Jaxx eyes darkened and he smirked. “Naughty photographer. What would people say that Mister Award Winning Photojournalist is taking nude shots?”
“Lucky Man.” He stared at Jaxx then narrowed his eyes. “But I might change my mind since someone is being all grumpy birthday boy.” He turned and went into his studio.
Turner turned to the door and waited. Moments later Jaxx strode into the doorway.
Turner blinked. “Damn how did you get naked so fast?”
Jaxx put his hands on his hips. “I’m an alien.”
Turner laughed. Jaxx came toward him and pulled him into him. He rested against his naked body.
“Now as for this photo shoot.” Jaxx leaned close to his ear. “I hope I’m not the only one who will be in their birthday suit.”
“If you go to the party without complaining.”
Jaxx snorted.
“too much. I might be persuaded too.” Turner smoothed his hand over his side.
“You know this is going to become a birthday tradition.” Jaxx kissed the side of his neck. “Birthday suit.”
“I’m hoping it will.” Turner whispered.
“Definitely.” Jaxx turned his head to him. “And for your birthday I will be the one behind the camera. And,” He paused. “We won’t be having an indoor shoot.”
Turner breathed out. “Well damn. If I knew I could get you to agree to take some shots outside I so would have done that.”
“Never said for me.” Jaxx stroked his finger down his cheek. “You’d look good spread out in the sunshine.”
“I so would.”
“Mister Modest.”
Turner laughed. He pulled Jaxx closer and kissed him. He was one lucky man. A birthday suit photo shoot with this man who he loved. It was the best way to spend a birthday. And yep he’d make sure it would become a birthday tradition.
Copyright © Talia Carmichael, 2020.
All Rights Reserved.

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Fall Into Me
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When a man who doesn’t like disorder meets a man who embraces it they find they are made to fall into each other…

Jaxx Coulter doesn’t like change. He’s used to things a certain way and in its place. When a man comes to his ranch and shakes up his orderly world, he’s not in the mood to deal with it. But this man doesn’t seem to get he’s not one to mess with. He challenges him and Jaxx is surprised he finds himself drawn to Turner who is unlike anyone he knows.

Turner Black doesn’t follow anyone’s rules. He walked away from a fortune because he refused to be dictated to. Now he’s here on a ranch at the request to help out a friend. Yet when he arrives, he finds that he’s not expected and confronted by a man who needs to loosen up. A man who pushes all his buttons. Now it’s time to show Jaxx that sometimes disorder can be a good thing. You just needed to embrace it.

Will Jaxx be able to release his need for control and embrace what Turner has to offer?

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Welcome Birthday Guest Aja Foxx!

“Roses red, violets blue, sugar sweet and so is you, but roses wilting, violets dead, sugar lumpy, and so is you head. So is you head. You head. You head. Lumpy you head.”
“No lumps this time, Bug.”
“Eeep!” I jumped back, pressing a hand to my heaving chest. A man who stood six and a half feet tall should not be able to sneak up on me like that. I pointed a threatening finger at Bear. “You no scare Bug!”
Bear chuckled as he drew me into his arms. “I wasn’t trying to scare you, Bug. Promise.”
“What you want?”
“I can’t just come to see you because I want to?”
I thought about it and then shook my head. “You working. Bug no bother you. Boss man get mad.”
“Well, I just so happen to be done working and thought we could go for a ride.”
“Mate ride or club ride?”
There was a difference.
“It’s not a club ride because it will be just you and me, and if it was a mate ride, we’d be headed upstairs.”
I wasn’t opposed to that.
“Mate ride good.”
Bear chuckled again. “How about we go for a ride on my bike now and then come home for a mate ride?”
I didn’t even have to think about that one. “Okay.”
Bear leaned down and brushed his lips across mine then gave me a little swat on the ass. “Go get your gear.”
I hurried upstairs to our room and grabbed my heavy riding jacket, gloves, and helmet. Bear never let me ride without them, not even in the summer time. Something about not getting road rash or a broken skull if we crashed.
Considering how much I loved being on the bike behind Bear, it wasn’t worth arguing, even when it was so hot I felt as if my skin was going to melt right off.
Bear was waiting for me out back, straddling his bike. It wasn’t until I climbed on behind him that I realized Bear’s bike was the only one in the garage. “Where everyone?”
“Oh, Ryder took them for a ride,” Bear said. “I wanted to ride with you.”
I was pretty good either way. I enjoyed the rides Ryder, the Soldiers of Fortune road captain organized, and I enjoyed the rides I took with just Bear. I just liked being on the back of Bear’s bike. I didn’t care who else was along for the ride.
Once we were on the road, we had to make it through weekend afternoon traffic before we reached the outskirts of the city and then it was nothing but hills and valleys and trees. Lots and lots of trees.
When we stopped at a four way stop and Bear turned right and started following the road that went along the river, I smiled. I knew where we were headed. “Bear play chase?”
It was one of Bear’s favorite games. He’d bring me up to this spot in the woods, I’d go hide, and he’d track me down. If he found me within a certain amount of time, he got to do whatever he wanted with me. More times than not, I purposely made noise so he’d find me.
Still, it was a fun game for both of us.
“Not today, Bug,” Bear replied through the comm. unit built into our helmets. “I have something else planned for you today.”
I was intrigued.
But I was also confused when Bear pulled onto the dirt road that led to the camp spot used by the club and not the one he usually took me to when we played chase. That was a little farther up the road.
“We miss meeting?” It was the only way I could think of to explain all the bikes parked in front of the trail that led down to a large wooden park pavilion where we had our outdoor meetings and get-togethers. “We in trouble?”
Bear parked next to the other bikes then turned the engine off. He grabbed me and pulled me around in front of him.
One of my favorite spots.
“No, Bug. I promise we’re not in trouble.”
“We miss meeting?” I asked again.
“There is a meeting, but we didn’t miss it.” Bear lifted me up in his arms and climbed off his bike. I groaned when he released me and I slid down his hard body. “In fact, they are waiting for us.”
“Why?” Yes, technically, I was a member of the Soldiers of Fortune MC. Butch had given me the patch right off his own cut. That didn’t mean I was involved in every aspect of the club. There were some things Bear didn’t want me involved in. Other things I just didn’t understand.
“How’s your tummy?” Bear asked.
I frowned. It acted up when danger was about. Since it wasn’t acting up, I figured I was safe. “Tummy okay.”
Shouldn’t it be fine?
Bear grinned. “Good.”
“You being weird.” Considering I was talking to a bear shifting biker, that was saying a lot. “What wrong?”
“Nothing is wrong, mate. I promise.”
Promises were important.
Bear gripped my hand and gave it a little tug. “Come with me.”
I’d follow him anywhere.
He led me down the trail that led to the through the trees to the wooden pavilion. I loved this spot. Not only was the pavilion right next to the river so we could go swimming, but it was set in the middle of a small field. Bear and the other members of the MC could shift and lay about in the sun or play in the river or just hunt for berries.
I could hear music playing and people talking before we reached the field. When we broke through the trees and I saw the small crowd of people, I could help feeling a bit apprehensive. “We not in trouble?”
“No, babe.” Bear’s arm settled on my shoulders. “We’re not in trouble.”
“What meeting for?” I don’t remember anyone saying anything about there being a meeting.
“Soldiers of Fortune,” Butch shouted out. “Front and center.”
Uh oh.
I swallowed tightly when every patched member of the club lined up next to Butch. Tex even stepped into line, and he was still a prospect.
Bear stopped me several feet in front of the line of men and stood behind me, his hands on my shoulders. “We don’t know exactly when you were born, Bug, so Butch and I decided to pick out a birthday for you, and that day is today, so happy birthday, Bug.”
One by one, the men standing in front of us brought out a present they had been hiding behind their backs. They all had grins on their faces, even Tex.
“Bug birthday?”
I didn’t remember ever having a birthday.
“Yeah, baby. This is all for you.”
It was good to be me.

To learn more about Bug, Bear, and the Soldiers for Fortune, check out their story in:

Soldiers of Fortune 1
His name was Bug. I assumed it was because he was nuttier than a bed bug until he saved me when I was attacked. For reasons known only to him, Bug thought it was his duty to keep me safe. I was the sergeant-at-arms of the Soldiers of Fortune MC. I didn’t need saving, but I couldn’t bring myself to tell him so, especially not after I discovered he was my mate.

His name was Bear. It fit. He was tall and scary and built like a bear. He was also my savior, even if he didn’t know it. When I saw someone attack him in an alley one night, I knew I had to save him. When everyone brushed off my concern for his safety, I knew I was the only one who could save him. But, when he started talking about mates and bear shifters, I had to wonder if he was even crazier than I was.

When troubles comes for the Soldiers of Fortune MC, convincing Bear and his club brothers to listen to the whispers I hear from the shadows might be harder than accepting the fact that shifters are real and I’m mated to one of them.

~ Bear ~
“Roses red, violets blue, sugar sweet and so is you, but roses wilting, violets dead, sugar lumpy, and so is you head. So is you head. You head. You head. Lumpy you head.”
I cracked an eye open and looked up at the man softly singing as he stroked his fingers through my hair. I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. The world around me was a bit fuzzy, all except the man hovering over the top of me.
Pale skin, a thin face with high cheekbones, hollow, sunken eyes, and a wicked looking scar that went from his cheekbone back into his hairline. Long, stringy hair that might have been blond if it hadn’t been so matted and dirty. But it was the pale moss green eyes that held my attention the most. There was a world of pain and anguish in those little green orbs.
I frowned when a flower was placed on my cheek. When I went to reach for it, the grungy little man gasped then scurried back several feet. He stayed crouched on the floor, hunkering down as if trying to make himself as small as possible and covering his head with his arms.
“Lumpy, lumpy, lumpy,” the man whispered, but maybe he was more of a boy.
I couldn’t quite tell.
I started to sit up then groaned when shards of pain sliced through my skull. When I reached up and felt the nice sized egg on the back of my head, I suddenly understood what the man had meant by lumpy.
No wonder my head ached so damn much.
I sank back down onto the cold concrete and closed my eyes. I breathed in through my nose then out through my mouth, trying to calm myself enough to get through the pain slamming into me.
I opened my eyes again when I heard a scraping noise. The man moved closer, once again placing flowers on my face and down my neck, then over my chest as if the last thirty seconds had never happened.
He started chanting that stupid rhythm again.
“What is your name?” I asked.
The man froze. He didn’t even blink. He might not have even been breathing.
“What is your name?” I asked again, in the softest tone I knew how to make, which wasn’t easy. I didn’t exactly have a soft tone, but I didn’t want to scare him.
“Bug. I’m Bug. I scurry around and hide in dark, so yeah, I’m Bug. Not bad Bug. Not cockroach Bug. Good Bug.” He held up a handful of flower petals. “Maybe ladybug, but not lady. No, no, not lady. Boy Bug. Boy Bug. So, I’m Bug.”
Okay then.
“Bear.” Bug nodded and started with the flowers again. “Bear. Bear. Big, bad Bear. Teddy Bear.” Bug patted my chest just open the collar of my shirt. “Furry Bear.”
Okay, apparently he knew who I was.
“Where are we, Bug?” It was dark and all I could see were shadows cast by a sliver of light coming in through a crack in the wall.
“Hole. Hidey hole. Small little hidey hole.” Bug’s brow flickered. “No bad guys here. No. No. Safe here. Bug keep Bear safe.” Bug shot up and hurried over to the corner. I watched as he dug into a pile of stuff stacked on the floor. It looked like garbage, but what did I know.
When he came back, he set a gun down on my chest then held his closed fist out. When I opened my hand, he dropped a handful of bullets into my palm. “Safe. Yes, Bug keep you safe. No more wilting flowers. No more lumpy.”
I moved slowly when I sat up, trying not to scare Bug, but he still scurried out of arm’s reach. I checked over the pistol. It wasn’t mine. I had no idea who it belonged to.
“Is this your gun, Bug?” For some odd reason, it didn’t sit well with me thinking that Bug needed a gun to protect himself.
“No, no.” My eyebrows shot up when Bug laughed. “Bug no like guns. Guns hurt. Guns loud. Guns make people go away. Guns bad.”
All of that was true.
“Where did you get the gun, Bug?”
“Mmm,” Bug hummed to himself as he tapped the side of his head with his fist. “Bad man, bad, bad, bad man. Hurt Lumpy. Hit Lumpy. Make Lumpy bleed. But Bug got him, yes he did. Bug make bad man go away. Bug keep Lumpy safe.”
Holy shit!

The vicious bite of an enemy, a shout, a cry in the dark. A lover’s touch, the whisper of a kiss. A sigh, a groan, heart beating faster, desire surging through a body. Love words spoken in the shadows. The yearning for a soft caress. I’m a writer of fiery passion in all its glorious forms. Paranormal, Contemporary, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, MM Romance books.
There is no limit to my imagination.

Welcome Birthday Guest Arden Steele!

Hi Everyone!

First, I wanted to offer my gratitude to Amber Kell for allowing me to be a part of her celebration, as well as wish her a very Happy Birthday!

Secondly, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Arden Steele, and I write both contemporary and paranormal M/M romance. To find out more about me, including a list of my available titles, check out

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Copyright © 2020 by Arden Steele

Darkness had settled over Mission Grove, blanketing the sleepy, Texas town in shadows. The music, laughter, and conversation from the boardwalk across the lake had faded away, leaving only the frogs and crickets to serenade the night. A singular streetlamp outside the two-bedroom bungalow filtered through the slats in the blinds, casting skewed rows of amber across the hardwood floors.

Seated on his worn, but perfectly comfortable sofa, Cameron Stone flicked aimlessly through the channels on his television. Finding something to watch might have been easier if his attention hadn’t been constantly drawn to the clock in the corner of the screen, the numbers mocking him as they silently inched toward midnight.

It was tradition, and it had been ever since he’d first left home for college. Even when he had to wake up at an ungodly hour for work, he still stayed up every year on this day until the clock struck midnight—the official beginning of his birthday.

Precisely after the clock changed over, his phone would ring, and his mother would be on the other end of the line, always the first to wish him happiness and good fortune in the coming year. Then, she’d pass the phone to his father, who usually interspersed his congratulations with some tidbits of “dad wisdom.”

It was something Cameron looked forward to every year…until now.

“Happy Birthday to me,” he muttered under his breath when the display finally showed twelve o’clock. Picking up his cell phone, he held it ready, waiting for it to ring. And it did. Right on time. Sighing, he connected the call without really looking and brought the phone to his ear. “Hi, mom.”

“Nope,” came a familiar yet unexpected voice. “I’m hijacking her call this year.”

“Asher?” Cameron sat up straighter, all traces of weariness gone.

Warm, rich laughter drifted over the line. “Of course, it’s me.”

“Hey, Ash.” Cameron couldn’t help but smile at the edge of cockiness in Asher’s voice. “How are things going there?”

He’d known from the beginning that he would have to share Asher with the world. Such was the price of being in love with a successful author who had more than a dozen bestsellers under his belt. Even if that meant Asher was in California, on the set of the film adaptation of his latest mystery novel, instead of home for Cameron’s birthday.

“Everything is fine, but I don’t want to talk about me. It’s your day.” His tone took on a more subdued quality. “Tell me what you’re thinking right now.”

“I miss you,” Cameron blurted before Asher had even finished speaking.

“I miss you, too.” There was a long pause, then, “Hey, I got you something.”

“Oh?” All he wanted was Asher, but the guy was trying, so he did his best to feign enthusiasm. “Something from the movie set?”

“In a manner of speaking,” Asher said around another chuckle. “It should be there. Check your front porch.”

Cameron looked over his shoulder toward the windows that bracketed the front door, his brows drawn together. It was far too late for a delivery, but then again, it wasn’t the most outrageous thing Asher had ever done.

“Okay, one second.” Taking the phone with him, he made his way to the door, unlocked it, and pulled it open. “What exactly did you—”

His voice cut out abruptly, the last word still stuck in his throat as he gaped at the man standing in the circle of light cast by the porch lamp. He was dressed casually—well, as casually as he ever was—in fitted jeans and a lightweight shirt the same color blue as Cameron’s eyes. He looked tired, and maybe a little thinner than the last time Cameron had seen him, but the smile on his face seemed to light up his entire being.

“What are you doing here?”  The last he’d heard, Asher had another three weeks left in Hollywood before he could return home.

Reaching across the threshold, Asher grabbed him around the waist and pulled him into a crushing hug. “You really didn’t think I was going to miss your birthday, did you?” With a finger under Cameron’s chin, he tilted his head up for a hard, heated kiss. “I love you.”

Being with Asher meant fame and fortune were forever a part of their lives. Cameron had no interest in fame, but the lifestyle suited Asher. As for fortune, he enjoyed living comfortably, but he’d give it all up just to be in Asher’s arms. That was all the fortune he needed.

“I love you, too. I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me, too.” Taking his hand, Asher led him into the house and closed the door quietly behind them. “It’s good to be home.” Then, he caught Cameron up in his arms again and planted another kiss on him that made his head spin and his knees tremble. “Happy Birthday, sweetheart.”

Night and Fae

Blackhaven Manor, Book 2

Colorful and eccentric, Leelan Rivers knows he’s a little too “extra” for some people. Since those people are exceedingly boring, he couldn’t care less about their opinion. Yet, when a night out leads him right into the arms of fate, he never expected the broody vampire to deny the connection between them.

Wealthy and powerful, Sebastian Delgado is used to people wanting things from him. He’s not even surprised at the lies they’ll tell to get them. So, when Leelan claims to be his mate, he’s skeptical to say the least. Leelan might be beautiful and enchanting, but Sebastian has been disappointed too many times in the past not to be suspicious. 

All it takes is one bite to reveal the truth but claiming Leelan comes with its own set of problems. Especially when he realizes he’s not the only vampire at Blackhaven Manor interested in the faerie.

Available at Amazon

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“No need to play hard to get. You know you want it, or you wouldn’t be dressed like that.”

While true Leelan had been hoping to attract someone to take back to his room for the evening, that didn’t mean he lacked standards or self-respect. “I really think you should leave.”

Too fast for his eyes to follow, the vampire reached across the table, grabbing Leelan’s wrist and squeezing it roughly. “I think you should be nicer—”

“Now, now,” a smooth accented voice interrupted. “Is that any way to behave?”

Leelan’s eyes rounded as the most gorgeous specimen of male he’d ever seen stepped up behind his date and wrapped a hand around the back of the vampire’s neck. Dressed impeccably in a tailored black suit that molded to his broad, muscular frame, the stranger looked like he could have stepped right off of a runway.

No visible tattoos marked his tawny skin. He had no piercings, wore no jewelry, not even a watch. His dark hair was cut short and styled in a conservative though fashionable side part. While not really the type Leelan usually went for, he still somehow managed to embody every wet dream Leelan had ever had.

But that wasn’t why he couldn’t stop staring.

“Get your fucking hands off me,” the vampire growled as he struggled against the hold on his nape.

The new guy stroked the side of the male’s neck with his thumb. “Even a limited vocabulary doesn’t excuse poor manners.” As he spoke, his thumbnail grew, lengthening nearly two inches before ending in a sharp point. “Now, apologize.”

While he spoke calmly, danger practically radiated from his very being. The vampire must have felt it, too, because he subsided in his chair and lowered his head in obvious submission.

“I apologize,” he mumbled.

Leelan’s rescuer smiled then, revealing long, lethal-looking canines. “Not to me, fledgling.”

The guy seemed far less inclined to offer Leelan an apology, but he eventually lifted his head just enough to meet his gaze. “Sorry.” He winced when the sharp claw dug into his skin. “I’m sorry for being such a dick.”

The other vampire—Leelan was pretty sure the newcomer was a vampire as well—turned his dark, penetrating stare on him. “Well, it wasn’t very eloquent, but will that suffice?”

Leelan nodded numbly.

“Very well.” Releasing the younger male’s neck, he grabbed the collar of his tank top instead and dragged him to his feet. “Off you go.”

The guy wasted no time getting the hell out of there, and honestly, Leelan really couldn’t blame him. That had been simultaneously the sexiest and most terrifying thing he’d ever witnessed.

“Thank you,” he blurted. “For, well—” He waved his hand vaguely toward the exit. “—you know.”

“Of course.” Lowering himself into the now vacated seat, he reached across the table with another of those oddly chilling smiles. “Sebastian Delgado.”

Leelan took the proffered hand and shivered as a jolt of electricity raced up his arm from the contact. Distracted by the sensation, as well as the misty haze of pure golden light that surrounded the vampire, he lost all train of thought.

He knew he should say something, but by the fae, he couldn’t even remember his own name. Everything in his brain had been shunted to the side, allowing just one word to repeat on an endless loop.


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