Catnapped Part 3

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* * * *

Bennie laughed. “Just think, now you can play the ultimate game of cat and mouse.”

“Just what I always wanted.” Nevio rolled his eyes.

He returned to the car along with the driver and Bennie. He sat in silence for a while, thinking as the landscape swept past him. “I’m going to have to think of a way to get him back to the house.”

“Why? Why not just leave him there and demand blood payment?” Bennie asked.

“Because I want him.”

Now that he’d seen the blood source, Nevio was determined to have Jacques in his bed. The best bonds were both physical and emotional. He couldn’t forge an emotional connection if he treated Jacques as just another blood donor.

“You can’t always get what you want.” Bennie shook a finger at Nevio.

He pondered yanking it off and beating Bennie with it. Bennie must’ve got the gist of his thoughts because he snatched his hand out of reach.

“I will have that shifter,” Nevio announced.

“What if he doesn’t want you?” Bennie asked. “Are you going to imprison him?”

“Of course not, don’t be an idiot. He’s a living human being. I’m going to seduce him and bind him to me until he loses the will to leave.”

“Much better,” Bennie approved. His tone indicated he thought otherwise.

“What’s wrong now?” Nevio scowled. His friend was becoming a bit of a roadblock in the path to capturing Nevio’s alluring lion.

“The Alpha didn’t appear overly excited about you getting his son. Are you willing to start a war to get a little nookie?”

“It’s more than sex. He’s my mate. I will fight for him until I can’t fight any more.”

“Which might be right after you tell the Alpha you want his son.” Bennie patted Nevio on the back. “Let me ask around and find out more about him. If the lion really lives with the wolves I’m sure someone will tell me all the dirt. There have to be a few wolves unhappy about that.”

“True. I wonder how long he’s been here.” Nevio hated the thought that his future mate lived only a few miles away for several years.

“I’ll find out.”

“Good. We need to get the alpha to hand over the lion shifter without creating a shifter war. Any suggestions?” If Alpha Caldera truly raised the lion shifter he might consider him like a child.

“This is the first time you’ve tasted the cat blood, right?” Bennie asked.

“Lion Bennie, he’s a lion. It’s like saying a wolf is a greyhound because they are both gray.”

Bennie snorted. “Fine, lion then. If he hasn’t been a donator before and he is this time he’s just starting to become an adult. Young men are always trying to prove themselves. If you can convince that daring to talk to a vampire is something only a grown male would do it might get him to your side.

“Are you saying I should dare Jacques to be my friend?” Nevio asked. After centuries of dealing with his right hand and best friend he still couldn’t always tell when he was joking. This was the perfect example.

Bennie nodded. “Exactly! You dare your young lion to make friends with a vampire. Obviously he will do things against his adopted father after all he donated blood. Caldera probably knew you would notice the difference in his blood and was trying to avoid this exact thing.”

Nevio thought over Bennie’s words. “You are probably right. Caldera is rather clever for a wolf. He would do anything to protect his child. It’s almost a shame I have to yank the young lion out of his pack but boys have to grow up sometime.”

A wide grin crossed Nevio’s face as he imagined all of the delicious things he could do to Jacques. Even from that brief meeting he could tell the pretty lion would keep him entertained for a long time.


Catnapped #4

Over the next two weeks Jacques daydreamed about the gorgeous vampire he had run into. He buried the smidgen of guilt he had over meeting Nevio. His father had gone to great lengths to make sure he didn’t make the vampire’s acquaintance but it wasn’t like he had done it one purpose. Running into the car had been a fluke and he would definitely use that when the Alpha learned what happened. He didn’t doubt his adopted father would discover Jacques encounter, Alpha Caldera found out everything.

A knock on his bedroom door sent a foreboding chill of premonition down his spine. Shaking off the odd sensation Jacques went to see who was visiting.

“Hey kid, Alpha wants to see you.” Bradford Stewell, the pack beta, eyed Jacques as if trying to determine his crime by intense examination.

“Do you know why?” Jacques probed.

“Do I look like a messenger pup?”

“Well, you are delivering a message.” Jacques laughed and ducked Bradford’s playful swat.

“Funny guy, get going. Your dad’s in his office.”

“Will do.” Jacques carefully moved around the beta but yelped when a hard swat smacked his ass. “Ouch.”

“You deserved that,” Bradford grinned.

“Maybe.” Jacques rubbed the sore spot and scampered out of reach. He wouldn’t put it past the beta to try again.

“You come find me when you’re done and we’ll do a workout. It’s been too long since I’ve put you through your paces,” Bradford called after him.

“Oh joy,” Jacques muttered. The beta trained the pack on defensive and offensive fighting. Jacques would complain more but he knew he was lucky that Bradford was willing to take time out of his day to train him. Jacques learned different techniques because the larger difference between his human size and his lion one. Using the weight of his lion form he could take down prey quicker than the wolves and Bradford liked to train him using any advantage.

Musing over what his father could want Jacques made it to the office door. He tapped tentatively on the wood surface half hoping the Alpha would be elsewhere.

“Come in.”

“Crap,” Jacques whispered.

He pushed open the door and entered, promptly closing it behind him. Under his father’s stern gaze he offered a quick smile. “Hey, Bradford said you wanted to see me.”

“Have a seat.”

Oh, this couldn’t be good. A quick scolding didn’t need seating. This could only be an in-depth discussion. Holding in a sigh, Jacques sat in the chair indicated and waited with ill patience for his father to speak.

“I have heard troubling things?”

Jacques cleared his throat. “Um, really? What kind of things?” Best get to the heart of the matter right away.

“That my son was flirting with a vampire.” The Alpha’s hard gaze made Jacques wince.

“I wouldn’t say flirting. I merely objected to him kidnapping me then ran off.” There surely he couldn’t get into trouble for that.”

The expression on his dad’s face told him otherwise. “Really? Then why did I just get a phone call from the vampire leader Nevio to negotiate a blood treaty with my son Jacques. Strange how he knew your name.”

Jacques scratched the itchy patch of skin on his forehead. “I’m sure he could’ve heard it somewhere.”

“And it says here that you are a lion shifter. I’m sure we didn’t let that information get out anywhere.”

He rubbed a little harder. “I might have met him as he was driving off the territory but it was purely accidental.”

If eyes could emit lasers Jacques would be a pile of dust.

“So you’re saying after I tried so hard to keep you away from the vampire sucking your blood you happened to run into him.”

“Yes. Um. That’s what I’m saying.” He ran a finger beneath his tshirt collar. He hadn’t noticed how stuffy the room had gotten. His father really should open a window.

“Jacques.” The sadness in his father’s eyes was his undoing.

“I’m sorry. I really didn’t do it on purpose.”

His father rubbed his eyes. “I know. These things just happen to you.”

“Exactly!” Jacques raised his hands. “I don’t know why but they do.”

“What do you want to do?”

Silence fell between them while Jacques ran back over his father’s words. “You mean about the contract?”

“Yes. It’s a good one for that sort of thing. He offers you a nice salary, a place to live and it says specifically that any sexual contact between parties is not contractual.”

He could tell his father was trying to give him the positive. “And the bad parts.”

“You would have to live with him. He could stop you from coming onto pack land or seeing the family.” The alpha’s gaze scanned the contract. “Here. Take this with you and look it over. You don’t have to decide today. Think it over.”

Jacques stood and awkwardly accepted the paper. “What do you think?”

“I think that it is your decision. You let him meet you. You donated the blood. As you keep telling me you are old enough to make these kinds of life decisions and I won’t stand in your way if you want this. I just want you to think it over.”

He choked a bit on his desert dry throat. “Okay, thanks.”

Some days he really hated being an adult.

Catnapped Part 2

Sorry this is a little short but it was a good breaking point! 🙂


Nevio walked down the line of wolves. They eyed him with distrust, but no one spoke. The hatred in a few of their eyes would’ve unnerved him if he weren’t so eager to find his wolf.

“Is this everyone?”

Alpha Caldera nodded. “This is every wolf in my pack.”

A few smirks alerted Nevio that something was up. “All the wolves?”

“As you requested. I believe you said you would leave us alone if I followed your request.” Caldera’s stood tall, his head tilted up. This alpha wouldn’t willingly bow to anyone.

Caldera’s calm aura infuriated Val. They were hiding something. Nevio could tell when someone lied and the Alpha was telling the truth. However, there were many types of truths and Nevio knew they were holding something back.

“Is this the entire pack?”

The Alpha scowled. “I told you this is all the wolves.”

There was that tick again. That little jolt in Val’s senses that said he was missing a clue.

“What about anyone else?”

Caldera’s mouth tightened before he spoke. “You requested the wolves. I’m sorry if none of them are who you expected. I believe we’ve held up our end of the bargain.”

Nevio growled. There wasn’t anything he could do. The alpha was right. He’d followed Nevio’s request. “Fine but eventually I’ll figure out what you’re hiding.”

“Maybe.” The Alpha smirked.

Spinning on his heel, Nevio stomped out of the pack house. Bennie grabbed his arm on their way back to the limo. “How do you know he wasn’t there?”

“I just do.” Nevio couldn’t explain it but he knew deep in his bones that his bonded wasn’t there.

Dispirited, he climbed into the limo. Bennie barely slid inside the vehicle before Nevio signaled the driver to move on. This entire evening had been a waste of time.

“What do you think they’re hiding?” Bennie asked, reflecting Val’s thoughts.

“I don’t know.”

They turned the corner and something large slammed onto top of the car. A loud roar pierced the air. The limo screeched to a halt. Nevio opened the door and slid outside ready to face whatever happened. A lion lay in the dirt.

“Oh shit, did we hurt it?” Bennie asked.

“What the fuck is a lion doing here?” Derek the driver asked.

“Maybe it’s a shifter,” Bennie said.

The lion stood up and gave a shaky meow.

“Is it hurt?”

The lion shrank into a golden-haired young man with golden eyes. To Val’s surprise the man wore clothes. He’d never seen a shifter who could change and keep his clothing.

“Ouch.” The lion shifter stumbled as he got to his feet.

Nevio rushed over and wrapped an arm around the shifter’s waist. A heavenly scent reached his nose. “You’re the one.”

Suddenly the Alpha’s insistence that all the wolves were there made sense. Val’s mate was a lion shifter.

“What are you doing on pack ground?” Nevio asked. One on one a lion could easily take a wolf but a pack of wolves could kill a single lion. Fear for the cat shifter had him walking faster, rushing the foolish shifter to his limo.

“Hey, hold on. What’s wrong? I mean besides the fact you hit me with your car.”

“The wolves might be coming any minute.”

The lion shifter dug in his heels. “So. They raised me. I don’t think it will be a problem if they find me here at home.”

“Who raised you?”

“My papa, Alpha Caldera.”

Bennie groaned. “This just gets worse and worse.”

“Your papa, was trying to hide you from me,” Nevio grumbled.

The lion shifter ducked his head. “He said I shouldn’t have donated blood. But everyone else does. I read the treaty and everyone who uses the land is supposed to donate.” A mutinous expression crossed the gorgeous man’s face.

“What’s your name?”


Nevio could hear an underlying accent in Jacques voice. “Are you French?”

“Mama was French. I haven’t lived there since I was a boy.”

That explained why the accent was so faint. Nevio escorted Jacques to the car. Nevio dug in his heels. “Where are you trying to take me?” Suspicion glowed in Jacques stunning eyes.

“I’m going to take you home with me. Your father won’t mind if we go for a little ride.”

The lion shifter laughed. “I don’t think so. I’m not going to let you abduct me and use me against my father.”

Before Nevio could defend himself, Jacque transformed into a lion and ran away.

“Well, fuck.” Nevio cursed.

“You gotta give him points. He’s pretty smart,” Bennie said. “I wouldn’t let a strange guy drag me into a limo either.”

“Yeah, I’d rather he were a little dimmer and in my bed,” Nevio argued

New Blog Story – Catnapped Part 1!

Sorry it’s taken me so long. I had a problem deciding which story to use. I decided to pick the story Catnapped. It’s about an adopted lion shifter named Jacque Caldera who lives with the wolf pack who adopted him. When the vampires who own the land demand tribute Jacque donates blood along with the rest of the family. What he doesn’t know is his blood is much more potent and the leader of the vampires wants to know the source because he’s never felt this powerful before and he’s convinced Jacque is his mate.

The first entry is a little short. I just wanted to set up the story. I will try and post on Mon/Fri that way you can begin and end your week on a fun note. 🙂

Hope you enjoy.

* * *

Nevio Bellone, leader of the Pacific Coast vampires, scowled as he read the email from Alpha Caldera. The local wolf leader’s refusal of his request had been abrupt but polite. The urge to rip out the alpha’s throat made his teeth ache.

“What’s wrong?” Zio asked.

Nevio glanced over at his second in command. “That wolf bastard won’t give me the donor names. He says it’s confidential.”

Bennie nodded. “He’s right. By our own laws he doesn’t have to identify donors.”

Nevio slammed down his laptop lid, the computer made an ominous crack. “I don’t care about rules. One of those wolves is my mate!”

Zio’s eyes widened. “Are you certain?”

“Positive. And since I’ve never sampled that taste before it had to be someone new. Does anyone have a roster of the wolves? Anyone new join?” Nevio tapped his lips, remembering the luscious flavor spilling over his lips. It was like drinking tap water his entire life then being fed ambrosia.

There were muttering denials around the room. None of the vampires there were of any help.

Bennie cleared his throat. The blond toyed with a strand of hair as he replied. “You could make him present them. Maybe say you suspect one of them is tainted and you want to see them all. As soon as you see him you’ll know which one it is.”

“That’s brilliant!” Nevio shouted.

“I know.” Bennie grinned. “I just have one question?”

“What?” Nevio opened his laptop pleased to see he hadn’t cracked the screen…again. He began to type up his email as he listened.

“What are you going to do if you get your hands on the guy? You can’t just snatch him from the wolf pack.”

“Why not! He’s mine!” Nevio growled. Why would the wolves keep one of their own from teaching his full potential?

“What if the wolves don’t want to give him up? Not everyone wants to mate with a vampire,” Zio pointed out.

“I don’t care. I’ll persuade him if I have to.” Nevio flashed his elongated incisors in an eerie smile. “He’s my other half. If I need to bring in a second pack to take them out and hand him over, I will.” The wolves only had their land on his say so. If they wanted to play hardball he could kick them all out.

Vampires searched all their lives to find their blood mate. The fact he found his mate after only three centuries put him ahead of many of his contemporaries. He refused to give up the blood connected to after one taste.

Bennie made a disgusted sound in the back of his throat. “They’re wolves they don’t have to do anything.”

“They run on my territory. If they want to continue to have room to hunt they’ll give him up.”

“You might want to be more diplomatic than that.”

“I’m letting the alpha know that I expect him to present all of his wolves when I visit next weekend. How does this sound? ‘Refusal will be in direct conflict of our contract and I will evict you from my property’.”

“Sounds like you lost your diplomacy,” Bennie said. “Maybe you should check your pockets.”

Nevio snorted. “Good. They need to learn I’m not fucking around.” Anger at the wolves burned through his veins. He refused to let a fur ball get in his way.

“And how will your mate feel if he finds out you threatened his pack? They are really protective,” Bennie asked.

“He’ll get over it.” Nevio suppressed the spurt of concern. He’d make his mate understand. Once they were bonded the shifter wouldn’t be able to leave him. “Besides once we’re mated he’ll be trapped here.”

Bennie rolled his eyes. “You’re all romance.”

“I don’t have to be romantic. I have fate on my side.” Nevio turned out his friend and focused on his email. He read it twice before clicking send.

“Done?” Zio asked.

Nevio nodded. “Yeah! That’ll send the pups into a frenzy.”