Dragonmen Excerpt

The space station looked like every other space station he’d ever seen. Utilitarian and dull, an enormous blue banner the only spot of color in the otherwise dreary building. In white letters against a blue background were the words “Meet your mate at our mate hunt.”
Joriah looked at the sign wondering what exactly a mate hunt entailed. His gaze snapped from the sign as three men, wearing nothing more than silver loin cloths and strategic tattoos, slinked by. Oiled muscles, shimmering with power, flexed as they prowled across the airport, giving flashes of muscular butt cheeks with every step.
“Wow.” Jory whispered watching the fine specimens walk by.
The man on the left looked over his shoulder at Jory and gave a come hither look with a smile.
Visions of lying in bed with three gorgeous studs flashed through his mind in brilliant detail. The second man in the trio licked his lips in Jory’s direction.
Really he didn’t need an engraved invitation.
He only made it one step before a motion to his left caught his eye. A man sat at a table by the walkway sipping something blue out of a crystal glass.
Maybe Peter was right.
He was fickle. Of course that was still no reason to burn all his beautiful clothing in a bonfire, in the middle of his room.
Evil Bastard.
Moisture pooled in Jory’s mouth as he checked out the handsome stranger. Long, long legs stretched out under the table into the empty space across from him. Leather pants faithfully showed off a pair of muscular legs and a tight white t-shirt gave mouth-watering testimony to a fine set of muscles. The man’s hair was deep black, trimmed short but long enough to get a proper grip in a moment of passion and didn’t his hands just twitch with that thought.
As the man looked up, their eyes met giving Jory a shock down to the soles of his boots. A power stronger than he felt able to resist, pulled him towards the other man.
He only got a few steps when a voice spoke behind him.
“Waiting for me?”
Jory glanced behind his shoulder and froze. The slimy bastard who’d hounded him the entire flight stood beside him with a smirk. Although the man wasn’t unhandsome there was a hard light in his brown eyes and a cruel tilt to his mouth that Jory didn’t trust.
“No.” He said at last. “I have a ride.” He didn’t really, he was going to catch some transportation but his thoughts derailed at the sight of the gorgeous hunk across the terminal.
Fingers wrapped proprietarily around his shoulder. “I don’t think you understand what I’m offering.”
Damn didn’t the guy give up? Jory didn’t quite know what to do with this man. How rude could someone be before it was okay to punch him? Would it jeopardize his new job if his boss found out? Shit he never realized how much his bodyguards saved him from. It was amazing his father let him leave without guards, but he had yet to see one lurking around. Of course if he could see them they weren’t one of his father’s guards those men were at least half ghost.
“Baby, is this man bothering you?”
The other man released his grip.
Jory couldn’t believe it. The gorgeous stranger from across the way was coming to his rescue. He flashed Mr. Gorgeous a relieved smile before throwing himself at his rescuer. With a graceful jump he wrapped his legs around the other man’s waist and slid his arms around that strong, thick neck.
There was a grunt of surprise at the impact and then his savior wrapped two large arms around him to support his weight.
“I was just telling him I had a ride.” Jory replied innocently. Not giving the man a moment to resist he took the other man’s lips like an invading army. He knew how to go after what he wanted. It was the keeping it he had problems with.

Vampire King’s Husband – Excerpt

Unedited Excerpt: (There is no release date yet on this book)
King Valian kneeled before the altar, his long hair sliding across the ground as he leaned over and touched his forehead to the cold floor. Rough stone scraped a layer of skin off his face leaving a burning trail across his face. Brushing the pain from his mind he closed his eyes. Nothing would deter him from his worship.
This was his last chance.
The king’s throat swelled as he swallowed his tears, squeezing his eyes tight.
If he didn’t find a mate this season he wouldn’t ever marry. He knew that as well he knew the position of the stars and moon. In his dreams, an endless empty hall echoed through his soul.
The thought of going through the rest of his long life alone sat like a stone weight upon his chest. What kind of leader could lead without a heart?
“Please goddess, find me a mate.” His gravelly voice echoed along the cave walls. “Male or female, handsome or ugly I care not. Just bring me someone with a solid heart and a good head. Someone I can spend my days and nights with. I beg of you with the blood of my forefathers, please bring me my other half.”
Pulling himself up from the ground he walked to the stone mantle and kneeled before it. From a sheaf mounted on his belt he pulled a sharp knife severing his wrist from one side to the other. He let out a soft hiss but made no other sound as he held his arm over the altar dripping the blood over the letting stone.
“I plead with you goddess Amethia, protector of the innocent, guardian of the sun and stars, matcher of souls. If you ever had any fondness of my people’s line give me someone to love.”
His voice broke at the last words. Bowing his head he let his tears mix with the blood pouring down the collection hole. If this didn’t work he was out of ideas. Everyone else in his family matched long ago.
He was the only one walking alone
There were starting to be whispers that King Valian was godforsaken.
Whispers no doubt started by his cousin Derl next in line for the throne. Kneeling on the rough stone steps, the strongest vampire king in a millennium cradled his face in his hands and cried.

Sneak Peak at Enticing Elliott


This is an unedited proof:
Elliott looked at the big metal door with the wolf head knocker and almost balked. There was no sign on the outside or windows or sign that this was a nightclub just a big metal door. He almost ran.
But Anthony asked him to come, ordered him really. He couldn’t say no to Anthony. He didn’t know anyone who could. There was something about the man that made you want to make him happy, want to do what he asked.
No matter how ridiculous.
Like wearing leather pants and a copper colored mesh shirt. Hell even the boots were an Anthony requirement. There was nothing so embarrassing as your new boss taking you shopping and then demanding your attendance at a bar…club…whatever.
He wasn’t even sure it was legal for Anthony to do this. Of course he wouldn’t be the one bringing that up.
He’d met the man’s mate.
Tentatively he took the wolf knocker and banged it.
The door opened to a tall lean man with massive shoulders. Cool grass green eyes looked him up and down. “Are you a member?”
Elliott shook his head back and forth more of a spasm than a voluntary movement. “A-Anthony invited me.”
“Elliott Samuels.”
Those green eyes eyed him intently. “Samuels?”
“I-I’m half-wolf.”
“Can you change?”
Elliott didn’t know why it mattered but he nodded. “Full independent change.”
Some half-wolves couldn’t. Couldn’t change or involuntarily changed under a full moon.”
“Excellent.” The man gave him a smile that could only be called…wolfish.
Elliott had the dizzying sensation that he was the prey.
The man pulled a walkie-talkie phone from a clip on his low riding black jeans. Elliott blinked at how low those jeans really rode. He could swear he could almost see the man’s pubic hair.
“I need a replacement.” The bouncer’s voice was low and pleasant.
“Coming.” A scratchy female voice said over the intercom.
“It will be just a moment. Do you like what you see?”
Elliott swallowed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare.” He could feel his cheeks burning with embarrassment.
The bouncer chuckled. “If I didn’t want people looking I wouldn’t wear them so low.”
“I’m Parker.” He held out one massive paw to Elliott who cautiously took the man’s hand. He was surprised at how gentle the handshake was. The large man was careful of his massive strength.

Upcoming Book News

This is for those of you who have asked about upcoming books. The next one in the Moon Pack series is Enticing Elliot (Parker’s story) which will be approximately the same length as the others. But the book following is going to be Finding Farro. It will be a longer book and will come out mid-April.

Next week the first in the Hellbourne trilogy will be released.

There is talk of releasing a MoonPack print anthology but we are still discussing that. I would add an extra story (Maybe an Anthony and Silver story) for the print edition. If you’re interested please email the publisher at admin@literaryroad.com and let them know.

So Release Date Info So Far:

Hellbourne: Lost & Found (March 20th): This will consist of three books.

Enticing Elliott (March 27th)

Dragonmen: Mate Hunt (April 3rd) This is also a three book series but each book in this one will stand alone.

Finding Farro (April 17th – may change due to the longer nature of this book)

I’ll also be posting blurbs for each book. There will approximately be one to two Moon Pack books per month.

Thank you for your interest,


Amber Kell

It’s ready early :)


Now Available Denying Dare.

Weretiger Dare longs for the attention of Steven. But the werewolf is searching for a mate among his own kind. Until Anthony douses his friend in a batch of catnip and the big kitty pounces. Book Four in the Moon Pack series. m/m sexual situations.

It can be purchased at this link

Until Thursday it is 20% off. The discount will show up at checkout.

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in this next book.