I’ve had a few requests for a booklist so in the next few days I’ll add a booklist page that lists all past and upcoming books (with excerpts). I’m trying to evolve this blog so it gets people the information they need to locate my books. Thanks for the feedback.


Joined Twitter

Hello all,
I’ve given in and joined twitter I’m under amberkell (original I know 🙂
I’m not sure what all I’ll post there and we’ll see if I outlast a week or two but so far it seems like a black hole sucking me into an empty alternate universe but we’ll see if it works out or not. If anyone has twitter tips or has a fascinating twitter log let me know and I’ll join you and see how its really done!!!

I will probably put info about new books and coupon codes and maybe once in a while updates about current books. I put a widget in my blog so you can read my twitter updates without having to get a twitter account if you don’t want one.

Thanks everyone for your support and feedback about my writing and all of you who’ve done the contest this week. Hmmm. I see I’m going to have to write a book with a strong fae element soon 🙂

Have a great day,

Tuesday Teasers – VKH Excerpt 2

I’m fighting a sinus infection this week. What is it about life that you always catch a cold when you have a deadline:)

Here is another excerpt for The Vampire King’s Husband

“How old are you?”

Bastion sighed knowing where this was going. “Twenty-one, sir.”

“My apprentices are half you age.” The blacksmith laughed. “Besides you don’t look like you could lift a hammer much less use one.” The brawny man lifted one massive arm and pumped it showing off his impressive muscles.

“Thanks anyway.” With an absent nod, Bastion turned quickly so the blacksmith couldn’t see the wetness pooling in his eyes. So much for the blacksmith, the jeweler, the bank, and just about every other possible place of employment. “Face it Bas, your useless.” He muttered kicking a stone in the street.

Since his parents’ death two weeks ago his life had taken a distinct downward turn. Kept from his fortune until he turned twenty-five Bastion Karrion, was left at the hands of his unscrupulous uncles. One who wanted Bastion to marry his unfortunate stepdaughter and the other who wanted to corner Bastion in dark halls and grab him with his clammy fingers. As Bas preferred men and not his sixty year old uncle he needed to find a way to get money.

Unfortunately the banks wouldn’t lend him money because of his uncles’ polilitical power and no one would hire him because he was too old to learn a trade. For some reason hosting dinners, speaking twenty languages and being able to play a musical instrument didn’t lead to useful job skills.

“Still looking for work, son?” A gruff voice spoke nearby.

Bastion jerked his head startled out of his introspection. Turning, he found a short grey man beside him. The man had long grey hair, a silvery gray suit and even his skin had a grayish cast. A quick look confirmed that yes the man’s eyes were grey too.

“Yes. I’m still looking.” He didn’t add that he doubted he’d find anything any time soon. If the man had been watching at all he knew of Bas’ luck.

“Have you tried the castle?”

Bas looked at the huge golden building in the distance and shuddered. The vampire’s king’s castle was a testament to brilliant architecture in a series of gravity-defying towers and light airy arches.

He shuddered. “No.”

The man stared at him with piercing grey eyes making Bas think the older man could read into his soul. With a sigh he gave into his curiosity. “What are they hiring for?”

“Blood donors.”

Bas flinched. “I-I don’t think I can do that.” Just the image of a vampire biting him sent tremors of fear up and down his spine.

“Do you have a better offer?”

A picture of his uncle flashed in his mind. Boy did he have offers but none of them were what he’d call tempting.

“No.” He confessed. For some reason he didn’t feel it was wise to lie to the man.

“Here.” The man held out a piece of paper. “This will get you through the gates.”

“Do you think I can do it?” Bas asked.

“You got blood don’t you.” The other man laughed.

The man’s infectious laughter brought a reluctant smile to Bas’ lips. “Yes, I do.” He took the paper giving it a quick glance. It had a bunch of writing scrawled across the page but Bas was too nervous to focus on the print. With a slightly shaking hand he folded it and tucked it into his pocket. “Th-thank you.”

“No thanks needed boy.” The gray man said. “Just make sure you go.”

Bas nodded. “I will.” After all at this point he had nothing left to lose.

Contest of the Week

With this week’s release of Dragonmen the question is:

What is your favorite mythological creature? Do you like unicorns? Dragons? Satyrs? Elves? That sort of thing and why.

Good Luck, Amber ratings

I’m surprised that after all these weeks I have the following ratings (we’re still waiting for The Little Viking to wake up to find out the winning person for the contest:)

AA #1, DD #2, BB#4, CC#5, Hellbourne #6, EE #10. All my books are on the top 10. I don’t expect this will last very long but it’s nice that so many people are enjoying them. Thanks everyone for purchasing my books!!!


I had a question about the lengths of upcoming books:

Dragonmen is going to be 30,000+ (And no I didn’t finish it on time :()

Hellbourne II is going to be about as long as Hellbourne I

Finding Farro is going to be double length 25,000+

Vampire King’s husband approximately 20,000 (but it’s still in progress and may change.)

Thanks for asking 🙂

Updated Release Dates

April 10 – Dragonmen Book 1
April 17 – Hellbourne Book 2
April 24 – Finding Farro
May 1 – Vampire King’s Husband (single book)

I’m not sure if the other dates will adjust yet but I’ll keep you updated.

I was ripped off!!!

I’m so angry right now. I just found my books listed in .pdf form on a file sharing site to give away.  It just irritates me that people think its just fine to put someone elses work out there and I’m someone who’s against DRM it just makes me want to support it :p

Sorry I just had to vent.

Thursday Thoughts


I don’t know yet what I’ll do on Thursdays I’m thinking of eventually having a blog story but today I’m just asking for feedback if any of you use Twitter? I don’t really get it and was wondering if any of you find it a useful tool

I’d love to hear back from people.

Thanks, Amber