AllRomanceebooks.com ratings

I’m surprised that after all these weeks I have the following ratings (we’re still waiting for The Little Viking to wake up to find out the winning person for the contest:)

AA #1, DD #2, BB#4, CC#5, Hellbourne #6, EE #10. All my books are on the top 10. I don’t expect this will last very long but it’s nice that so many people are enjoying them. Thanks everyone for purchasing my books!!!



I had a question about the lengths of upcoming books:

Dragonmen is going to be 30,000+ (And no I didn’t finish it on time :()

Hellbourne II is going to be about as long as Hellbourne I

Finding Farro is going to be double length 25,000+

Vampire King’s husband approximately 20,000 (but it’s still in progress and may change.)

Thanks for asking 🙂


I was ripped off!!!

I’m so angry right now. I just found my books listed in .pdf form on a file sharing site to give away.  It just irritates me that people think its just fine to put someone elses work out there and I’m someone who’s against DRM it just makes me want to support it :p

Sorry I just had to vent.


Thursday Thoughts


I don’t know yet what I’ll do on Thursdays I’m thinking of eventually having a blog story but today I’m just asking for feedback if any of you use Twitter? I don’t really get it and was wondering if any of you find it a useful tool

I’d love to hear back from people.

Thanks, Amber


Tuesday Teasers

I’m trying to be a little more structures in my blog. Unfortunately I’m not exactly known for my structured mind so we’ll see how it goes. Monday is contest announcement and now Every Tuesday I’m going to post a random excerpt on something I’m working on.

This is from Dragonmen Book 2: Negotiations

Morning was not his time of day. All night Baroy traveled him through the stars. A psychic piggyback, that drained the fire burning under his skin.

At home, Tor didn’t rise into well into the afternoon but research told him that the king was an early riser. Not wanting to look bad before his majesty the duke let his servants dress him in his traditional dragon leathers.

The brown leather pants laced up the sides leaving an inch of skin exposed on either side. While the leather jacket covered his white silk shirt a dragon head was carefully worked onto the back, its design carried out through the pants so it looked as if a dragon was wrapped around his body. It had taken a master leather worker over a year to make the custom set. The boots discreetly hidden beneath the pants were made from scales shed by his dragon Baroy. They were iridescent and flame proof. He had dragon armor that fit over the entire outfit but Tor didn’t feel he’d need them to face the king. As far as he knew breakfast wasn’t a battlefield, except of words.

As usual the procession that went with him was larger than necessary. Two bodyguards, four warriors, and three personal servants followed him. He knew there were at least ten other of his men and women somewhere around the castle but he had no idea what they did during the day. He knew they switched places so that someone was always on twenty-four hour call but he didn’t know the whys that was what Pietro was for.

After what seemed like forever they reached an entryway wide enough for a team of horses to pass through.

Tor’s stomach growled.

“Follow me, my lord.” His servant, Sachon whispered on his left. “You are a few spots down from the king.”

A long metal cylinder was presented to him with a graceful bow. “Your coffee, my lord.”

Tor grabbed it like the lifeline it was. “Oh, I love you Sachon.” He said giving his servant a kiss on the cheek as he passed.

“I’m getting him coffee tomorrow.” He heard someone hiss behind him. He popped open the cylinder and downed the hot bitter liquid. Sachon had mixed it with the perfect amount of rich cream.

“Mmmm.” He let the sound roll across his tongue as he was seated by Pietro.

King Naron almost choked on his toast when the duke entered the room. Tousled honey-gold hair surrounded perfect sculpted cheeks and full pouty lips. And while the king saw dragon leathers every day of his life he’d never seen them look so damn good.

The molded leather was an unusual color, the same as the gorgeous creature’s hair, cut to both protect and show off that finely formed body. He admired the workmanship of both the body and the clothing.

When the duke tipped back his head and drank from the canister, Nalon barely held back the urge to leap over the table and mark that throat. The sexy sound the man emitted made Nalon harder than his planet’s famed stones.

“Your grace.” He greeted after that sexy, sexy, man was seated with extreme ceremony by an older gentleman. There were also several guards and so many extra people Nalon wondered what they all did.

“Your highness.” The other man’s voice was smooth honey but the dark glasses prevented him from seeing his expression.

“On my planet it is a courtesy to bare your eyes.” Yearning made his voice hard and demanding.

“Forgive me King Nalon.” That seductive voice said. “I wear glasses for the protection and comfort of others. I was dragon struck as a child.”

That was one rumor confirmed.

“What happens if you take off your glasses?”

The duke shrugged a hopelessly elegant motion. “Nothing much.” There was a hesitant pause and another of those elegant shrugs. “My eyes unsettle most.”

“We are all dragon riders here we can stomach your eyes.”

There were murmurs of agreement among his men. Not all of them friendly. The beautiful man unknowingly challenged his people with his words.

“Come here and stand before me.”

Without hesitation the man slid out of his seat. Nalon didn’t miss the looks cast by the duke’s staff. Unfriendly would be kind. It was clear they didn’t like his tone.


A cane was pressed into one elegant hand and two of the largest men the king had ever seen stood on either side of the duke. Not that the duke was short, but these men were massive.

Unlike his people the duke obeyed swiftly and without scowling. Making Nalon wonder what else the young man would be obedient about.

The duke stopped on the other side of the table.

“You were forewarned your majesty.”

Hmm. Maybe not quite so obedient.

“Remove them.”

At first the king thought the duke had eyes that were completely black but then there was a flash, then a series of flashes. In the space of seconds he saw galaxies move and stars born and die in those magnificent eyes.

For the first time Nalon felt the duke’s power pour over him. The rumors were true. Those amazing eyes were dragon struck.

Space dragon struck.

But it wasn’t the beauty and power of those eyes that pulled at him. It was the sorrow.

This beautiful dragon-bonded man was carrying so much sadness it was a miracle he could stand upright.

“Your majesty.” His advisor Yuman nudged him.

Nalon blinked.

How much time had passed?

“You may put them back on. I don’t think my people are ready for the power of your eyes.”

Or that much pain.

The duke nodded. His body language calm as he smoothly slid his glasses back on and returned to his seat.

Nalon watched with amusement as the duke was quickly wrapped in the bosom of his people. One man sat him, another brought him a covered dish and still another reached to take the silver canister.

The king bit back a smile as the duke did the first aggressive thing he’d seen. The man fucking growled. Tilting his head he could just make out the servants placating tone.

“I have more your grace. Fresh.”

A nervous smile graced the servant’s face as he made a production out of producing a fresh cup and an elaborate silver hammered pot. Black liquid was poured out and some fresh cream was added.

“What do you drink, your grace?”

It was only after he asked the question that Nalon wondered if he asked due to curiosity or to hear that marvelous voice again.

“Divinity.” Was the duke’s answer before taking another sip. A smile lifted one corner of the elegant lips. “Would you like a cup?”

“Yes. I believe I would.”

The chatter at the table went to a hush as the duke accepted a second cup from his servant and instead of sending it over like one would expect a royal to do, the man brought it over himself as if he was visiting a friend. With natural grace the duke slid into the seat beside him.

The consort chair.

Nalon was going to speak but the chair started glowing softly. Fuck if this man might be his new mate.

“Here, I had it prepared like I do mine but you might like a little sugar.”

The king tried to still the triple pounding of his heart as he accepted the cup.

He leaned forward and he got a whiff of the duke’s natural scent.

Male heat and leather.

Suppressing a groan, the king took the cup careful to not touch those elegant fingers. He was certain contact with the duke would end with a very public display on the dining table.


He took a tentative sip of the black liquid. Flavor exploded on his tongue bitter and smooth.

Oh. So wonderful.

He turned back to the wide smile of the duke.

“Good isn’t it.”

“Yes. What is it called?”

“Coffee.” There was that beautiful smile again before the duke said with a smug tone, “I might be persuaded to part with some during our negotiations.”

“Splendid.” Now was not the time to tell the man that the only non-negotiable thing was him leaving.


Contest this Week

dragonmencvr The book to win this week is the first of the Dragonmen Series. Now I’m hoping that this one comes out on time, but it is spring break for my oldest so we’ll see if I get my edits done. I’ll update the blog as to my progress. If you win this book and I don’t finish it in time I’ll throw in a free copy of Finding Farro. So it is a potential two book winner!!!

So the question to answer this week is…

What kind of shapeshifter do you find the sexiest? And no it doesn’t have to be wolves 🙂

The winner will be picked on Friday.