Because everyone keeps asking for a list, here it is. I’ll try to move the coming soon ones (i.e. one’s I’ve finished to the other page). Names are definitely open to change 🙂

Disclaimer: I do have some m/f books on this list but only a few.

A Dom To Borrow

A Face to Remember

Alpha with Sparkle

The Alpha’s Assassin

The Alpha’s Wild Child

The Art of the Collar

Barely Human

Bartering the Beta

Bidding on the Dom

Bonding With Graven

Blood Signs 3

The Business Trip





Chait’s Star



Color My Passion

The Comfort Wizard


Cooking for the King

Cops and Subs

Cops and Vamps

Crème Brulee

Demon Lover

Destiny of Dragons 3

Devil’s Daughter

Discreetly Yours

The Dragon’s Wolf

Dragonmen 5

Dragonmen 6

Elemental Cats

Faerly Human


Fill Me With Magic

Finder’s Garden

Forever My Love

Gaia’s Son

The Healer and the Hitman

Heart Connections

Heart Broken

Hellbourne 3

His Majesty’s Protector


Janet’s Wolf

Keep Me Claim Me

The King’s Choice

Kiss Me Kismet

The Knight’s Magician



Lost in Forest

Maggie’s Wolf

Mark and the Minotaur

Master by Mistake

Murder of Shifters

My Captain My Love

My Omega

My Starlight

My Sweet Nerd

Mystery Writer




Puss in Boots

The Psychic’s Vampire

The Raptor Brothers



Searching for His Heart

Seducing the Sorceror

Shifter Olympics

Spelling Trouble


Stealing the Prince’s Heart

The Sunroom

Techie Love

Tri Form Mates

Vampire Bondsman

Vampire Needed

White Walls

Winged Master

Winged Mates

Witch Cop

The Wolf’s Heart

You Can’t Mage Me

27 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Hi! Love your works! And quite astonished at how much you wright.
    Right now though I wanted to ask about my favorite series, End Street Detective Agency. Love Sam)) and would really like me some more of Sam and Bob. Last year I saw on RJ Scott’s site that several more books in the series were planned but now it’s no longer there. I asked RJ Scott about it via Goodreads question system a while back but never recieved an answer. I don’t need any specifics if you don’t want to give them but I would love to know if I should keep my hope for more books in the series or not.
    Thanks in advance for any amswer you can give me.

  2. Amber love your work. Own all but the treble chronicles. You are phenomenal. Thanks for keeping me sane these last 6 months recuperating from my surgery of my Achilles tendon, knee and acl. Keep up the great work, awaiting more moon pack,just basically all your work.

  3. I finished re-reading the Hellbourne series last week and I was wondering how it would be if Luc knows Anthony from the Moonpack series and if they don’t how would it be if they met and solved a case that Luc has been given and Anthony helps because of his connections. Wouldn’t it be fun if they were long lost cousins or something? Or the meeting between Bran and Nikko from Hellbourne and Silver from Moonpack, I bet the sparks would fly, especially between Bran and Silver, all 3 Alphas in one room, I can just imagine it.

    The brain wanders and wonders 🙂

  4. Hello!
    I love your books.

    Just curious though to know if Yearning to Love will have an additional installment within the series?
    Just found these books and have read all three within an hour. You could say i’m hooked.

  5. Hello,
    I am wondering if you plan a sequel or trilogy that begins with “My Man Declan”. I thoroughly enjoyed “My Man Declan” and am a fan of Moon Pack series. I loved the overlap of the two.


  6. I love your books and wondered if there would be anymore Twisted Rose books loved Ian and Daniel also whether any more Unexpected Alpha books are coming

  7. I really love your books, was hoping to more on Nicks Vampire, it had humor, a little drama, and Nicks struggle to maintain his independence was amusing. Oh, was hoping Quintens Heart will be published as a novel, I really hate waiting till the next day. You really are a true artist with books instead of canvas

      1. YAY! I have been wondering if that series is ever going to finish/find a good ending without to many cliffhangers!!! SOOOOOOOOOO excited about it!
        But look after yourself first!

  8. Hi amber been reading your books for years love them all! I have two questions
    1. Blood signs will Liam,Tian and Dustin get a book?
    2. A few years ago you gave a snack into a book band I was wondering what ever if anything happened to it it was about a I believe bound hunter and vamps he came to this house and like arrested a vamp with this glowing ball and then this other vamp thanked him and I believe gave him a necklace. That story bit always got to me it sounded soon good.


  9. Hi Amber!
    I’m a big fan of your books, they are the first ones to get me hooked on gay fantasy romance. Finishing one of your books always puts me in a good mood- happily ever after romances touch my heart.
    I was wondering if you were planning to continue the Thresl Chronicles? I’m also really interested in hearing more about anything in the works for continuing the Moon Pack series (I miss Moon Pack Mondays), Dragonmen (which I see you have in the WIP list here) Cobb Brothers, Destiny of Dragons series, and can’t forget Hellbourne. Maybe consider putting the series name next to the book in your WIP list because it’s a little difficult to know what’s what except that you’ve got a lot going on.
    Keep up the good work! You’re doing a great job!

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