Coming in September!

Because I only did one blog entry today. Here is a excerpt for Hellbourne 2

Keep in mind this is unedited :

“Come on out—I know you’re here,” he called. He kept his tone light and unconcerned.

No one needed to know how unnerved he felt over his mystery visitor. Who knew what his brother would try to do now that he’d permanently escaped hell’s clutches?

As Luc blinked, a skinny, blue-skinned demon appeared before him. The creature dropped to its knees and prostrated itself on the floor.
“S-sir Hellbourne.”

Crap! A messenger demon. The little blue beasts never relayed any good news. Of course, their messages were delivered from hell—that could be their excuse.
Luc stood up and approached the creature. He might be standing naked in his bedroom, but he’d stab himself in the chest before he showed any weakness to even the smallest creature from down below.

The little demon might not pose a threat, but he could still report back details of Luc’s life to someone in power. He’d definitely have to see about putting up some wards to block all demons except Carn from gaining access to his home. He’d been lax about security, thinking that his reputation and his mate would keep people away. Obviously he’d been mistaken.

“Y-your father sent me!” the demon blurted out, his caramel-coloured eyes wide with fear as he took in Luc’s demeanour.

Luc frowned. The last time he’d seen his father, bone angels had been attacking him after Luc had set them free. Their captivity in Lucifer’s throne had driven them mad, but there had been no doubt in Luc’s mind that his father would eventually prevail. No one truly ever won out over the devil.

Curiosity—the devil’s bane—poked at him and forced him to ask, “What’s your name?”

He didn’t deal with any demons without knowing their names, an added insurance against their deception. With a demon’s name, Luc could command control of the creature if it deceived him.

“I-I’m Blinok.” Shivering, the creature delivered its message, “G-Galthine has taken control of hell. Lucifer needs your help.”

Luc laughed. “I don’t think father has need of me. He’s done fine all these years without my assistance.” More than likely, Lucifer would trap him back in hell and never let him free—a chance Luc had no plans of taking.

“N-no, he r-really needs your help. Galthine has captured him and he can’t escape.”

“Galthine?” He wouldn’t have thought his brother had it in him for such a bold move.

“How did he trap him?”

Blinok shrugged. “I don’t know.”

Luc leant forward until they were almost nose to nose. “Listen, Blinok, I worked hard to get out of hell and I’m not going back, especially to save my father. It matters not to me if Galthine or Lucifer runs the underworld. Go back to my father and tell him that. I’m sure he’ll get out of there eventually. I have faith.”

“Yes, sir.” Blinok shook with fear, no doubt worried about returning to the devil with his task unfulfilled. Luc forced himself not to care. He couldn’t protect all the demons in hell. Blinok gave a short bow before vanishing with a loud popping sound.

Luc sighed. Now he really needed a shower. A demon straight from hell always left a stench on everything around it. He probably stank like rotten eggs.

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  1. Hellbourne was your first book I stumbled across. I’ve been a fan since. A sequel is awesome!

  2. Can’t wait to read the full book. I think his right, and Dad is trying to trick Luc. I’m looking forward to finding out.

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