Take Time for Inspiration

People often ask me where I get my ideas. It is probably the most common question writers get asked along with when is your next book? For me I find my inspiration when I leave my usual environment. It doesn’t even have to be anywhere exotic.

Although I was inspired to create the world of Keys when I visited the catacombs in Paris, I thought up dragons of Seattle, and I live in Seattle. Think of what brings you inspiration and spend more time doing it. It doesn’t have to be writing, maybe it is drawing or crafting or cooking. I firmly believe that creativity is what feeds a person’s soul. If you aren’t finding a way to feed your soul then chances are you aren’t feeling truly fulfilled by your life.

In periods when I find myself lacking creativity, I know it is time to break my usual day of sitting in my office and writing. I just have to make sure I get back there to put down my ideas. So take a moment and really think about what gives you inspiration and make time for it. I know I’m trying to.

Now I just have to come up a story to go along with this shipwreck we visited along the Orgen coast.


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What do you think this ship’s name was?

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