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Blog Story Delay

Sorry I’ve been trying to get other things written. I will post two blog story posts over the weekend. I’ve lost the plot on the blog story a bit but I’m determined to see it through even if I have to make a lot of changes later 🙂 Bear with me please.

Blog Story #22

Sorry for the delay. There isn’t a lot going on this section but its needed to build the story.

Despite all his mother’s books on the fae, necromancers were barely touched upon. A footnote in his favorite book ‘All About Fae’ only held a small mention of their existence. They were considered political ambassadors because death doesn’t pick sides.

“I’m never going to get my job back,” Finn moaned.

“Don’t be dramatic,” Criss waved away Finn’s concerns with a languid hand. “What better detective is there than one who can ask the dead who murdered them.”

“Or it will make me a target for every murderer. A smart killer wouldn’t leave behind a person who could talk to their victims.” Finn couldn’t help pointing out the flaw in Criss’s statement.

Amon wrapped an arm around Finn in a side hug. “Everything will be fine. Necromancers are an essential part of fae culture. You’ll be able to help the king communicate with his ancestors to guide him. In the past a necromancer was essential to every royal court.”

Finn raked a hand through his hair, tugging at the locks in frustration. “And how many necromancers do you know?”

“The last fae necromancer died two hundred years ago,” Krane offered. “But there are other races that have their own death talkers.”

“Death talker? Is that what you call necromancers here?”

“Only Krane,” Criss said, his expression neutral. “We’ve been without a representative on the necromantic board long enough that there has been talk of death having abandoned the fae.”

“Is that a good thing or a bad one?” Finn shrugged at their expressions. “What? It’s a valid question.”
Amon groaned. “I forget that you didn’t grow up fae. You never want to be abandoned by a god, Death or not. Every deity is essential to a healthy society. If Death no longer answers our call we lose our connection to our ancestors. No ancestors. No history. All that knowledge is lost if we can’t talk to the ones who came before us.”

“Huh. I never thought of it that way.” The idea of being a bridge between the living and dead appealed to Finn. He’d become a cop because he wanted to help people. He’d always loved history. If he could get over the creep factor, talking to the dead could be amazing.

Criss spoke again, breaking into Finn’s thoughts. “We’ll have to get you trained.”


“Unless you know how to spontaneously call the dead to your side we’ll have to send you to another necromancer to teach you their ways. From what I remember fae necromancers access their magic differently but another necromancer can give you a solid foundation,”Krane interjected.

“And where will we find this mystic mentor?” Finn fiddled with the sheet on his bed. Things were changing too fast for him to plan ahead.

Krane slid a finger across one of Finn’s feathers. A pulse of pleasure ran down his spine. “We’ll talk to the king. He’ll be able to get you set up. Go take a shower. I’ve put some clothes in the bathroom for you.”

He couldn’t put to words his lack of excitement over seeing the king again. While he didn’t have a preference of light over dark when it came to the fae, the dark king scared the crap out of him. Not seeing a way out of this situation, Finn went to take a quick shower and get dressed.

Finn had barely glanced at the clothing before plunging into a hot shower to wake up. His muscles pulled as he washed his hair, unused to the weight of wings, wispy or not. He rolled his shoulders trying to settle them back into his skin. It took more time than he liked, but eventually they sunk back beneath his flesh. “I hope I get the hang of that soon.”

It wasn’t until after he’d bathed that he got a good look at the clothes Krane had left behind. The pants were black leather made from something that definitely wasn’t a cow and the shirt, also black, flowed across his body in strips. Confused about the construction, Finn slid his head through the hole in the top. The front was a solid rectangle with a strange emblem on the front of some flower he didn’t recognize. It wasn’t until he released his wings again that he the shirt’s construction made sense. He was in the land of fae, of course they would have clothing to accommodate wings.

“Idiot,” Finn chided his reflection. “I look like something out of someone’s winged porn book.”

“I’d buy that book,” Krane offered.


“No problem. Krane stepped up to join Finn in front of the mirror. “We make a cute couple.”
Finn rolled his eyes. “We aren’t a couple. I’m going to help the royals find the killer and then I’m going back to my job.”

Amon took that moment to join them. “As cozy as this is we need to join the king for breakfast.”

Finn sighed and followed them out of the apartment. The trio surrounded him as they traversed the palace like his own sexy bodyguards. It really was unfair how attractive the fae were and his group in particular.

Criss wrapped his arm around Finn’s as they walked. Finn tentatively tried to take it back only for Krane to capture the other. He cast a helpless look at Amon over his shoulder and received a smirk in return.

Three turns later they were in the dining hall.

As they entered all eyes fell upon them. Only the fae holding his arms held him from fleeing. Which was probably why they were clutching him like barnacles.

“Welcome necromancer,” the king declared into the silence.

Finn bowed his head. “Thank you, my king.”

The trio offered their own greetings before the four of them found places to eat.

Blog Story #21

Sorry it took so long to return but I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. It’s a little short but I did it so yay! LOL

Finn didn’t remember when he fell asleep but waking up was a special hell filled with spine-bending, soul-piercing, brain-melting agony he would recall to his grave.

Pain surged, twisted and dove down deep into his bones in a grinding, aching force of evil.

“Shh, hold on sweetness,” A voice, Finn thought he should recognize, whispered in his ear.

He wiggled, trying to shrug off their hold. Anything against his skin was more punishment than soothing. He trembled and tried to scoot away from his burning skin but couldn’t escape himself. Something wasn’t right. This couldn’t be a gift, not this hell.

“It’ll be all right,” another possible male spoke. Voices distorted through his throbbing headache.

“You’ll get through this.” Finn had given up trying to discern who said what. Did it even matter when he wouldn’t live past the next few minutes?

Cool, welcome wetness coated his forehead. A sigh escaped.

“There you go. You’re almost through You’ll be fine.”

Was he? How could anyone tell? Were there signs to determine when it would all be over. Even his wings ached inside his back, trembling as if someone had shoved a cattle prod against his spine. A scream ripped from his chest. Halfway through, the yell transformed into a howl as if a feral beast had been trapped inside his chest and now was set free.

“He’s magnificent,” someone whispered.

Blackness swallowed him, a blissful relief.

Grey light faded the pitch black surrounding him. Finn took another step, closer toward what appeared to be a thin forest of willowy trees. The firm footing of nothing but blackness turned mossy. Was this an improvement or further proof of his insanity? If this was his dream where did he come up with this strange forest with bone white trees and grayish moss that sent wafts of orange scent where ever he put his feet.

“Greetings, dearest.” A light soprano voice tinkled through the air like wind chimes in a gentle breeze.

Finn’s head snapped to the side to get a better view of this visitor.

Terrible beauty was what he found. Her voice might be ephemeral, but her eyes burned with a possessive light.

“Do I know you?” Shouldn’t he at least be acquainted with someone calling him dearest?

“In deeper ways, then you think,” she replied cryptically. “You have always known me.”

“Hmm.” He had no response to that. Damn, cryptic fae.  “What are we doing here?” Fae weren’t know for forthright responses, and her fluttering wings betrayed her species.

 “I know what you are doing here? It is your dream.” She offered a sly smile.

“And why are you here?”

“I’m your great, great grandmother.”

Finn stepped closer. “Are you?” Upon closer inspection he could spot a shared eye color and perhaps the cheekbones, but they didn’t appear too much alike.

“Yes.” She sighed as if he was being purposely difficult. “We are much alike.”

Between one blink to the next the beautiful woman changed to a faerie dog. Her fur glowed greener than the moss at her feet, her tail coiled in a curl that would’ve been adorable if she didn’t have enormous paws that could swipe a man’s head from his shoulders. Tipping back her head she released a low howl.

Finn rubbed his arms, soothing the bumps that erupted across them at the sound.

“You are a Coin-Sith.”

She changed back in a flash. “As are you,” she grinned.

“What does that mean for me?”

“You will have to wait and see.”

Finn gritted his teeth.

“Now don’t be like that?” Her eyes glowed in her colorless environment. “You need to relax and enjoy life, my child. You’ve been too serious. Those beautiful men around you can take care of that.”

Finn coughed. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me.” Her sharklike grin was too salacious to belong to a woman who claimed to be his great, great grandmother.

Finn rubbed his sweaty palms on the cotton drawstring pants he was oddly dressed in. A favorite outfit from his college days. Unfortunately it had been eaten by a heavy duty dryer at the laundromat years go.

“I’m here to find out who is killing the fae.” He enunciated each word as if talking to a child.

She waved a hand as if brushing way the issue. “Yes, yes, very important but you need to have fun. These people will die one way or another but you need to learn to live.” Another wide smile sent shivers down his spine.

“Do you know who is killing people?”

She tapped a finger to her chin. “Yes, but if I told you it would take away from your reputation. You need to be seen solving this case if you don’t want to be thrown into the category of another useless royal.”

“How about a hint?”

“Are you asking for help?” Her eyes lit up like mini moons.

“No!” Finn cleared his throat. “I’m not asking for anything you don’t want to provide freely.”  He’d be damned if he got caught up in faerie trickery.

“You are cleverer then I expected.” She pouted, beautifully. “Look in the dark corners.”

“Thank you for your words. What is your name?”

“Cassandra, but you can call me grandmother.”

“Then good day, grandmother.”

“Merry meet, grandson.” She flashed a wicked smile.

How long had she been watching him? Finn opened his eyes to find three beautiful fae staring down at him. Criss, Krane and Amon were all staring at him with wide eyes.

“G-good morning.” Finn’s voice came out raspy.

Amon helped him set up and Criss handed over a glass of water. Finn drained it in several long gulps. “Thank you. What happened?”

“You went through your magical transformation,” Amon replied.

“Yes, but how do we figure out what skills I got?”

Krane offered a wide grin. “For you we can just look in the mirror.”

Finn accepted the hand mirror. “What are you doing here?”

“Guarding.” Krane replied, unaffected by Finn’s confusion.

Finn lifted the mirror and gasped. Shadows flowed around him like puppies begging for a treat. “What the hell am I?”

Amon grinned. “The rarest of fae. A necromancer.”

Finn stared at his image unable to process the change. “Fuck.”

Blog Story! #20

See, I didn’t abandon it…just a little. LOL! I will definitely be revamping this story before it’s published but until then we will chug along to its final ending. We are up to almost 19k words…and still so much to learn.

“Magic is claiming you,” Criss whispered in his ear.

“What does that mean?” Despite having read a lot of fae lore in his life, nothing had covered the event of one claiming a member of the family. Most fae rituals weren’t mentioned in regular books. The fae were a secretive race and Finn had to learn as he went along.

“It means you have all the privileges of a royal without the responsibility,” Criss replied.

“Hmm.” Life had taught Finn if things sounded too good, they were. Before he could continue the discussion a gold ball sized ball of yellow energy slammed into him. Pain. Sharp, piercing, can’t-catch-his-breath pain engulfed Finn from head to foot radiating out of the point of entry.

Finn pressed a hand to his chest, gasping to regain the air in his lungs. Shallow pants were the deepest breath he could acquire. He didn’t realized he was clutching onto Criss until a soft pained breath puffed against his ear. Unable to speak he released his tight grip and patted the injured space. His chest squeezed and Finn had to turn all his attention breathing and trying not to throw up.

The air glowed, a kaleidoscope of color surrounded him. Finn blinked rapidly, trying to get his eyes to focus. They kept wandering left, then right in flickering looks as he couldn’t decipher what he was seeing. “What’s happening,” he pushed out between his lips, bare puffs of wasted breath.

Amon pulled him out of Criss’s arms and cradled him close. The heat of the fae’s body soothed anxiety Finn had barely acknowledged. “Shh, we’ll get you through this then we’ll explain everything.”

Finn managed a slight nod, far shallower than he wanted to offer, however moving his head caused his vision to swim even worse. He regretted the little he did move it.

“Easy.” Amon kneeled beside him and began massaging the back of Finn’s head where it met his neck. “I’ve got you. There is no hurry to get back up.”

When did he lay down? Memories went a bit hazy after the magical punch of power slammed into him. He still couldn’t breath properly. He blinked up at Amon, once again unable to express his needs

“He will be fine,” the king announced from across the room where he towered over them.

“What happened to him?” Criss asked the question Finn also longed to know the answer of.

“He got his inheritance.” The king watched Finn with and emotionless expression. “Now we will wait to see what he will receive.”

“What talents you acquire through ritual adoption,” Amon translated.

He hoped his eyes conveyed his thanks because the words weren’t coming out any time soon.

“Put him to bed. We will talk in the morning,” King Eohric ordered.

Before he could figure out how his body worked Amon lifted Finn in a bridal hold, surprisingly avoiding placing undue pressure on Finn’s wings.

“I could take him,” Criss commented.

“I already have him. You can get all the doors. Where do we take him?” Amon asked the king.

“The royal wing. Ask one of the servants in the hall. Everyone knows where I was going to put him,” the king replied.

Criss bowed low, Amon nodded, and Finn concentrated on my puking all over everyone’s shoes. Taking advantage of the situation Finn wrapped an arm around Amon’s neck and cuddled in close. If he was going to be carried like a damsel-in-distress then he was going to milk it for all it was worth. He didn’t know if he liked Amon in the romantic way but it was never a bad situation when you got to hold a gorgeous man close.

No one spoke until they exited the ritual room and Criss caught the attention of a young lady carrying a duster. After a short conversation they were back on their way. When they reached a staircase Finn offered to walk but stopped after the glare he received.

“It is my honor to carry you, my prince,” Amon said.

Finn sighed over the address but smiled when the air in his lungs didn’t hurt. “Thank you.”

He didn’t meet the eye of anyone they passed. Word of him being carried through the castle would spread faster than wildfire but there was nothing he could do about it. He would have to pick his battles. Finn rested his cheek against Amon’s warm chest. He’d been in worse predicaments with less benefit.

After he rested Finn vowed to investigate what this royalty gig meant to him. Did it tie him to the realm or would he be free to return home after he got used to his wings and strange power? Whatever that turned out to be. Too many things were spiraling out of his control. Nothing had gone according to plan since he’d been given the serum and his detective instincts were screaming at him to look into the fae deaths.

“Here we go.” Criss opened a door to reveal a large, luxurious bed-chamber even bigger then the one he’d been assigned in the light kingdom. A large sitting area with comfortable couches and low tables were all done in beautiful wood tones and lush fabrics. Two doors were on the opposite side of the room.

“Wow.” Finn spoke before he could catch himself.

“It is impressive,” Amon agreed, “almost worthy of a prince.”


“We haven’t seen the bed yet.” Amon’s heated look shut Finn up.

“This way.” Criss headed for the door on the left. He opened it and peeked inside. “Yep. This one.”

Amon carried Finn through the door. Inside sat the biggest bed Finn had ever seen.

“How many people are invited to this orgy?” Finn blurted out. A blush crossed his face.

Criss flashed a wicked grin. “At least three.”

Out now!


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Blog Post #19

The walk with the king took them through halls of soaring ceilings and unimaginable luxury. Gold gleamed off door handles and gems caught the sunlight from their spots embedded in the walls. It was like walking through a dragon horde. He eyed the king to verify he was more birdlike than dragon.

“Something wrong?” Eohric asked.

“No. Just trying to understand the difference between the two kingdoms.” That was partially correct at least.

“Hmm. There is only surface difference between us. Tatiana lives in the air and light but underneath the shiny gloss of good press is a pit of deceit darker than the darkest fae. Never trust the glow of the light they use it to bedazzle you from their flaws.

Amon made a soft noise as if he wanted to disagree but didn’t dare.

Eohric cast a glare in his direction but didn’t engage. He smoothly continued his lecture. “The dark, on the other hand, welcomes our darkness and display it for the world to see. We might be monsters, but we are honest monsters all the same. We do not bother with pretty lies.”

Finn nodded along to the king’s blatantly biased speech, but didn’t refute anything. From Eohric’s perception he was completely correct. The walked on in silence before stopping before a pair of enameled doors. Across the surface a great tree stood, shining like a beacon. “This is where we will test your blood.” Eorhic’s vicious grin didn’t reassure Finn on any level.

He gathered the tatters of his resolve to ask the needed question. “What will I have to do?”

Eohric shoved open the doors. “Stand there, look pretty, and bleed.”

Amon grabbed his arm as if sensing Finn was seconds from fleeing and chancing it in the other realm. Maybe he should quit being a cop and examine careers in dental assistance. A cop’s life wasn’t agreeing with him any longer.

“Easy, my sweet” Amon whispered in his ear. “Let’s find out your background before you try to escape.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Finn hadn’t tried to give an innocent look since he’d left his teens and from Amon’s amused expression it didn’t work anyway.

“Of course not,” Amon agreed.

Criss laughed behind them.

Finn tilted his chin up and ignored his annoying companions.

Eohric glanced over his shoulder. “Problem?”

“Nothing, your majesty.”

“Call me Eohric, Finn. We are kin of a kind and there is no formality between family.”

“As you wish,” Finn agreed easily. He wasn’t the best at formal greetings anyway. Best if he didn’t have to remember them.

“Don’t worry we’ll send you to etiquette training once we find out where you fit in the hierarchy.”

“Yeah.” Finn whispered.

Amon snickered.

The king gave another amused glance over his shoulder. Guess Finn wasn’t as quiet as he thought.

Finn allowed Amon to drag him to the middle of the room where the king waited by a stone altar.

“I’ve seen this movie before.” Finn dug in his heels pulling Amon to a stop beside him.

Eohric laughed. “If I’d known you were so amusing I would’ve looked for other king ages ago.”

“Glad to entertain,” Finn said dryly.

“Come, I have other things to do today,” Eohric demanded.

Unable to deny the powerful king, Finn approached the altar. The lack of bloodstains reassured him…a little. “What do I need to do?”

“Place your hand on the middle stone.”

Finn turned his attention to the details of the altar, tracing the individual stones with his right forefinger. The middle stone glowed a light amber.

“Press your palm right there.”

Finn nodded but kept his questions to himself. The king didn’t appear willing to share. Instead the royal appeared amused over Finn’s caution. Worries piled onto worries, but Finn took the plunge and pressed his hand where indicated.

At first nothing happened. Then the amber stone glowed brighter, a low hum building. It started quiet but gradually grew in both light and sound until Finn had to grit his teeth to stop the vibration and close his eyes to protect them from blindness.

A bell tolled, echoing through the room and crashing through him like an ocean wave. Finn blinked at the soft pop of sound followed by the light dimming to nothing.

“Lift your hand,” King Eohric commanded.

Finn snatched his hand from the altar. Words began to glow on the stone to his right. He couldn’t read the writing. He didn’t know the fae language.

“Hmm,” Eohric stared at the stone.

Criss gasped. “Wow.”

“What?” Finn looked from one man to the other. Neither were speaking.

“You are a child of my younger brother Dolan and a descendant of queen’s cousin Bedelia.” Your light connection is more distant than your dark one making you a member of my court. I, King Eohric, claim you, Finn Bronich, as my nephew may the goddess guide your footsteps.”

The words were barely out of his mouth when an otherworldly wind swirled around him.