Take Time for Inspiration

People often ask me where I get my ideas. It is probably the most common question writers get asked along with when is your next book? For me I find my inspiration when I leave my usual environment. It doesn’t even have to be anywhere exotic.

Although I was inspired to create the world of Keys when I visited the catacombs in Paris, I thought up dragons of Seattle, and I live in Seattle. Think of what brings you inspiration and spend more time doing it. It doesn’t have to be writing, maybe it is drawing or crafting or cooking. I firmly believe that creativity is what feeds a person’s soul. If you aren’t finding a way to feed your soul then chances are you aren’t feeling truly fulfilled by your life.

In periods when I find myself lacking creativity, I know it is time to break my usual day of sitting in my office and writing. I just have to make sure I get back there to put down my ideas. So take a moment and really think about what gives you inspiration and make time for it. I know I’m trying to.

Now I just have to come up a story to go along with this shipwreck we visited along the Orgen coast.


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The Swimming Swan

When the sea god’s only son is told his fated mate is the marine biologist of his extremely wet dreams, Reef is beyond thrilled. Unfortunately, becoming human is harder than he thought, and if he doesn’t get the Arian Prince to acknowledge their blossoming love, he could become nothing but sea foam.

In this next story of the Cob Brothers, Swan Prince meets the Little Merman, and the stakes have never been higher as the battle over Aria continues to spill over to Earth.

The Helpful Swan

When Prince Kedrik Cob sees the sexy man in leather decorating the store window, he knows he has to see him again. Unfortunately, his date for the night doesn’t figure in his plans, so he continues on his way. His mind doesn’t let him forget about the handsome stranger, so a few days later, he finds himself returning to the store.

Cadell Shumaker has watched Kedrik for most of his life. After following the man from Aria to Earth, he places his store right in Kedrik’s path. Despite his positioning, it takes a while before Kedrik notices him and falls into his arms. Unfortunately, when Kedrik finds out Cade isn’t as innocent as he appears and a certain shape changing spell takes effect, more than a little magic is needed before this couple can make their way to happily ever after.