Lord of Small Magicks- Final

I only have one more posting for this story. I’m hoping to make the final version a much more detailed one and with a lot more intrigue but for now it has ended in a spot good for the blog story in the final there will be more battles and magic. The new year will bring lots of new stories and some refreshed older ones. I will begin a new blog story in the new year. I’m thinking to have them twice a week along with other postings.


Anders resisted the impulse to shove Meck behind him and protect him from the King Tierness’ sight. Hiding his wizard would only peak the king’s interest. Instead he gave a low bow as befitting his visitor. From the corner of his eye saw Meck bowing alongside him.

“Greetings General Anders, I’ve come to see how the battle is faring. I’ve heard that we have yet to turn the tide and run these scum back to the holes they come from.

Anders kept his expression impassive as the king spent a few minutes ranting about their lack of progress. One didn’t interrupt a king if he planned on seeing the next sunrise. He let the king ramble on not daring to rise from his bow or fidget beneath the royal’s regard.

“Rise General along with your friend. Who is this?” The king’s cool gaze settled on Meck.

“Your Highness, please allow me to introduce my personal wizard Meck. He’s been assigned to me for the length of this battle.” Anders didn’t really know how long he would be able to keep Meck assigned to him but better to make it seem a long time than for the king to think he had a shot at absconding with Meck. If the wizard’s appointed him Anders personal wizard the king would be less willing to annoy them by reappointing Meck somewhere else.

“You must be the wizard I’ve heard so much about.”

Meck offered another shorter bow. “I’m pleased you’ve heard of my work.”

Anders hid a grin at the wizard’s neutral tone. Meck neither sounded pleased nor like he cared of the king’s opinion.

King Tierness’ mouth twitched as he examined the small wizard. “Are you happy taking care of my general?”

Anders almost forgot to breathe while he waited for Meck’s verdict. Did Meck really enjoy being his servant?

Meck nodded. “I’ve enjoyed my time spent caring for the general. I hope he thinks I’ve done well.”

“Not many will go into the heart of battle to rescue me. I am very happy with my assigned wizard.” He didn’t think threatening the king with retribution if he took Meck would go over well.

Tierness’ thoughtful look didn’t reassure him much. He knew the whims of kings could change with the tide or the flicker of a royal eyelash. “I heard he can ward armor better than my wizards.”

Anders tried not to let his apprehension show. He placed a hand on Meck’s shoulder. “I’m sure the prince has told you the truth.” He wouldn’t offer more information than necessary.

The king nodded. “Then it is best he stays among soldiers. Maybe if time and energy permits he can charm other people’s armor.”

He squeezed Meck’s shoulder to prevent him from speaking. “If he has time and ability. I’ll not have him drained for others whims.”

“Understood. Good to meet you, wizard.” With a final piercing glance at Anders the king left their tent in a swirl of his cape.

Silence rested between them for a few minutes before Meck finally broke the quiet. “So that was the king.”


“His son looks just like him.”

Anders had to agree. In twenty seasons the prince would greatly resemble his father. Maybe it was royal magic of its own sort that had all males from that line become carbon copies of their sire.

“I don’t think you need to worry about being sent anywhere. If the king says you can stay here I’m willing to trust him.”

“Good.” Meck said turning to kiss Anders on the cheek. “I’m finding this a good place to stay.”

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Lord of Small Magics – 33

The next few days Anders felt the impending king’s visit with a sense of unease. Meck spent the time cleaning up the tent and fixing the dents in Anders armor. By the time the wizard finished Anders had armor more highly polished than he ever had before. He could blind his enemies if he couldn’t overcome them with his fighting skills.

“We will begin moving north tomorrow,” Anders said, interrupting Meck’s focus on his sword. He had mixed emotions about Meck placing any kind of spells on his weaponry but so far none of Meck’s spells had failed and Anders would rather have extra protections than fall in battle.

“Hmm,” Meck hummed as he slid his index finger along the flat of the blade. Blue sparks burst from his finger and dropped into the blade like falling stars.

“Dare I ask what you’re doing?” Anders propped his chin on his hand and continued to watch the wizard. Part of Meck’s charm lay in his complete lack of understanding over how amazing he was.

Anders could spend the rest of his life praising Meck and not once worry about him becoming too full of himself. He could count on one hand the number of people he could say that about.

Blinking as it took effort to pull out of his deep thoughts, Meck transferred his intense focus to Anders. His stomach flipped a few times at the targeted expression. “I’m reinforcing the integrity of the blade and putting an ever sharp charm on it. I’m not sure you much it will help but I have a feeling you will need it.”

“Thank you. I don’t like depending on others but I like it even less to have my blade dull.” Part of an apprentice’s duty would be to sharpen Anders sword but he hadn’t claimed a new apprentice since the last one ran of with the baker’s daughter.

“What was it you said about moving?”

Anders pushed away the heady rush he received from getting Meck’s full attention. It was embarrassing how easily the wizard affected him. “We’re going north tomorrow. The prince wants to see if we can corner the military group that retreated.”

“Meck turned and added a few more spells to Anders armor. He didn’t know what they were but they made his suit glow blue for a long while. “Dare I ask what you did?”

“Nothing you need to worry about.” Meck’s innocent expression did little to relieve Anders curiosity.

“Why doesn’t that make me feel better?”

Meck shrugged. “I have no idea.”

Anders caught the smirk on Meck’s face but didn’t comment on it. He allowed his lover to have his fun.

“I’ve had some people coming to me to request your services.”

“Doing what?”

“What you do for me.” Anders paused at Meck’s expression. “The armor spells, not anything else. My bed is the only one you will visit.” He’d snap the neck of anyone who thought they could have Meck in their bed or take him away.

Relief crossed Meck’s face. “I’m glad to hear that. I don’t want to be traded like used goods.”

Anders walked over to Meck then cupped his face between his hands. “You are precious to me. I’ve never taken to anyone as quickly as I have to you. For now and for all the times ahead I hope to be worthy of your care.”

Meck blushed. “I hope so too.”

Content with that answer Anders kissed Meck. The sound of someone clearing their throat broke them apart. Anders grabbed his favorite dagger from its sheath ready to impale the intruder. He barely held back when he discovered who it was.

“Your majesty,” he said in a strangled tone.

Graven – part 7 (and last)

Okay I’ve checked the file twice and this is the last of it. I thought i had a bit more but if I did it has vanished into deleteland. I would like to eventually expand this story quite a bit but we’ll see when I have time 🙂

(warning over 18 scene up ahead)

Graven wasn’t surprised when his beauty’s eyes flared bright with anger. Damn the man was gorgeous angry. “Touch my sister and that will be the last thing you do fang boy.”

“Fang boy?” Graven laughed as he pulled his mate back into his arms. “Relax my sweet. I have searched for you for over four hundred years. There is little I wouldn’t do for you. What can I do to make you feel more at ease?”

The prince inhaled the scent of his mate and was surprised at the absence of fear. If his mate was afraid there was little hope for a long happy union. There was a hint of anger in the warm golden flesh but no fear. Giving a sigh of relief Graven licked a long trail up his mate’s neck.

A low moan poured out of Steerl.

Need filled the vampire until all he could feel was the heat and desire coming off his lover in waves of lust.

“Give over to me. Let me have your blood.”

“Yes.” Steerl exclaimed. “Take it.”

Filled with triumph Graven lowered his fangs and bit deep into his mate’s jugular. Steerl’s memories flooded his mind. A group of smiling people, the emperor’s face filled with love, a beautiful woman with Steerl’s eyes leaning forward for a hug. A good life. A life filled with happy memories and people who adored him.

With a pang of guilt the prince retreated his fangs licking his lips to absorb the last drop of blood. “You’ve had a good life.”

The beautiful man’s brows pulled together. “You say that like it’s over. Am I now going to have a shitty existence? I thought you were supposed to love, adore and cherish your mates.”

Graven brushed a hand over Steerl’s sculpted cheek. You will now be in a position of power as my mate. Others are not so kind to those who hold high positions.

Steerl’s forehead smoothed and he flashed a brilliant smile. “Is that all that’s bothering you? I’ve been part of a powerful family my entire life I’m used to cretins who try to use others with power.”

Graven gave the spirited beauty a warm smile while he stroked the golden skin. “Your father has protected you so well that I never even knew what you looked like. You won’t have that kind of handling here.”

The prince couldn’t stop himself from trying to warn this man away. Even though he knew they were fated mates he didn’t want the younger man to suffer. He wanted the beauty to continue to live in his bright bubble where he was surrounded by love and acceptance and where the only looks he received were adoring ones. The thought that his vicious relatives could take away even a smidge of Steerl’s glow was like a dagger to Graven’s heart.

“Don’t worry darling. I can take care of myself. Did you want to go and introduce me to your relatives now that I’ve been claimed?”

“I want to claim you further. Completely.”

Steerl slipped out of Graven’s arms and his clothes before sprawling across the grand bed and spreading his arms and legs in a sacrificial pose. “Then take me.” The beauty said with a grin.

A low growl built in the prince’s throat. He barely removed his clothes completely before pouncing on the feast lying sacrificially on his bed.

Like a starved man he licked and nipped every inch of his beautiful mate. Inhaling the other man’s scent until it became part of his essence. Graven nuzzled his mate’s balls and ran his tongue across Steerl’s luscious cock lapping at its head until it rose to its former glory. For a brief moment he wondered what it would feel like inside him but that was a sensation for another day. Now was for the formal mating. Steerl wasn’t going to leave this room without a complete mating.

“Turn over so I can do our first mating properly.”

For a moment he was transfixed by the shape of his lover’s ass but the prince snapped out of it and returned to his task.

Ripping open his night table drawer, Graven pulled out a pot of oil and liberally coated his fingers and his cock. With careful nudging he slid one finger, then two scissoring gently before inserting a third to his mate’s cursing

“Fuck me already.” Steerl screamed.

Graven laughed feeling carefree for the first time in centuries. “I will, my mate, but you have to be prepared. I’m not a small man.”

“No you’re not.” The prince smiled at the satisfaction in Steerl’s voice.

After he was certain his beautiful mate was relaxed enough to receive him, Graven lined himself up and slid inside of paradise.

“Ahh.” He sighed. When his body was completely merged with Steerl’s he stopped to enjoy the sensation of the two of them becoming one.

After a moment Steerl started wiggling.

“Stop that.” He smacked his lover’s ass.

Steerl gave a low moan and wiggled some more.

He smacked him harder.

“Ouch.” Steerl turned his head to glare at him. “Spousal abuse isn’t nice.”

“Poor baby. “ Graven gave Steerl a kiss on his cute nose. “I’ll kiss it and make it feel better later. Right now I have other things to do.”

Gripping Steerl’s hips Graven slid out and then back in, slowly pumping into his lover’s body and from the low moans, driving him out of his mind.

With his lover’s moans as encouragement, Graven gripped Steerl’s cock and pumped it in time to his motions. A few moments later they both came. Steerl collapsed on is lover, his bones melted.

An unfriendly fist smacked his back.

Confused he looked down.

“Get off me.” Steerl said gasping for breath.

“Sorry love.” Graven slid to one side and gave his mate an apologetic kiss. “That was amazing.”

Steerl’s eyes lowered then blinked open again.

“Go ahead and take a nap. My relatives can wait. They waited this long, they can wait a little longer.”

Content for the first time in centuries, Graven wrapped himself around and bonded mate and slid into a peaceful slumber.

Lord of Small Magics – 32

Anders woke to find Meck sitting in a chair by his side. He took a moment to examine his wizard. Even in sleep Meck looked tired. The young wizard hadn’t left Anders side since his injury and had been bringing Anders food and drink taking the work away from the healers to lighten their load.

If a seer had told Anders he would become fond of his personal wizard he would never have believed them. In the short period he had known him Meck had turned Anders life around. Meck gave warm and caring out like hand made candy making everyone around him eager for more.

“He is quite devoted.” The prince’s voice pulled Anders out of his inner reflection.

“I was just thinking the same thing.” Maybe not the exact thing, but close enough.

His grace entered the tent, careful not to wake Meck. When the prince came up to Anders other side he set his gaze on Meck and didn’t look away as he spoke. “He’s a tiny thing for all the fuss people make about him.”

Anders smiled. He couldn’t argue. First it was unwise to argue with his future king. The other it was true. “He isn’t the largest of men,” he agreed.

“Perhaps the gods made him cuddle size for you.” The prince’s amused expression allowed Anders to grin. He never wanted to appear to be laughing at a royal when they were being serious. It was a good way to be an ex-general by way of death.

Anders nodded. “I believe you are right.”

The prince sighed. “I came to warn you.”

“About what?” Anders hadn’t sensed any danger coming which made the prince’s news further unwelcome.

“My father will be visiting.” The prince’s fatalistic tone had all the angst of a teenager expecting his parent to embarrass him.

“Is he that concerned for our war effort?” The king rarely left his castle these days and since they’d wont he last battle Meck wasn’t sure why he would show up now.

“No he’s collecting again.”

Anders cast a quick look at his wizard. Rumors across the kingdom said that King Tierness the third collected the best and brightest and kept them tucked behind his castle walls. Since few were allowed inside most of those rumors died and unsubstantiated death.

“So it’s true.”

“Yes, and your pretty wizard would be just the kind of person he’d like. Anything that leads to my father’s further comfort would be snatched up before you can say ‘where did my wizard go?”

“Thank you for the warning, your grace, I will try to keep Meck out of sight.”

“That might not be enough. Word has reached him that you have a comfort wizard who can cast a spell strong enough to repel anything from your armor. He already sent me notice he wants Meck.”

Anders froze. He hadn’t even had his wizard a fortnight and already he was the focus of the greedy monarch. “I will have to let the king see him and remind him that as a fighting soldier I have more of a right to comfort than a sitting king.” Anders fierce words had the prince smiling.

“Promise me one thing, my good general,” the prince all but purred.

“What?” Anders made no promises without knowing in advance what he was agreeing too. He might not be a royal, but he wasn’t an idiot either.

“Let me be there when you tell my father that.” The glee in the prince’s eyes had Anders laughing.

“I will do my best, my prince.”


The prince took his leave with a jaunty step while Anders began to plot.

Lord of Small Magics – 31

Even though he knows it will take hours for Anders to wake up, Meck doesn’t give up his vigil. He dragged a folding chair closer to Anders and watched him sleep. Eventually he could feel his eyes drifting shut and after some time he lost his battle with sleep.

A warm hand stroking his face wakes Meck. Blinking rapidly he tries to clear the gunk from his eyes until eventually he gives up and uses his fingers. A yawn cracks his jaw open before he finally focuses.

“Are you feeling better?” He asks, barely alert enough to speak.

“What no good morning?” Anders teases. His smile eases the knot in Meck’s stomach.

“Is it?” Meck tilts his head and listens for any signs of battle but everything is quiet. Too quiet. He sits up and glances around. Good thing no one decided to kill him in his sleep. One more reason he’d never make a good soldier. “No more fighting?”

“No. The battle ended a few hours ago. You’re wizard friend came in and told me we’d won the fight. The ones we haven’t killed ran off.”

Meck rubbed his stomach as nausea swirled around. His nurturing personality hated the thought of all those deaths.

“Do you think they’ll come back?”

“Maybe.” Anders’ unconcern didn’t reassure Meck at all.

“Are you worried?” He tried to see it from a soldier’s perspective but never being in battle took away his ability to understand.

“We are ready for them if they come. Worrying about it only makes them an enemy to fear. I won’t give them that kind of power over me. Right now we are the stronger force. We have to take battle while we have the advantage.”

“Where are we going?” It just occurred to Meck that he had no idea of the point of their trek across country.

“To fight them in their own homeland. If we sit around passively for them to come after us we give them the advantage. We have to try and dig them out at the root like all noxious weeds.”

“Won’t they have the advantage on their homeland?” He might not be a battle strategist but even Meck could see the flaws in this plan.

Anders shrugged. “They will have some advantage but I think we can overcome it.”

“And then what happens? Are we going to occupy their city? Will we be staying there?” Thoughts of quitting his assignment flashed through his head, only the gut wrenching he experienced when thoughts of leaving Anders went through him held him back.

“No. We will leave behind occupying forces and a few lieutenants but you and I are going back to my homeland for time off after this latest skirmish.”

“So take over a city, get a vacation. Got it.” Meck nodded. “That can’t be too hard.”

Anders burst out laughing. He smacked Meck in the arm. “I like your attitude.”

That was going to bruise. If that was the worst bruise he got, Meck would be a happy guy. Somehow he didn’t think it would end there. Any non-combatant wizard who hung around with soldiers was going to end on the injury list.

“Glad I can be good for something,” Meck said, a wry smile curving his lips.

Anders stopped laughing. “You have many uses and are a valuable member of my staff not to mention my personal wizard. There is nothing insignificant about you and if anyone says anything you let them know that you pulled my broken body off a battlefield and saved my life.”

While Meck was still thinking over his words Anders kissed him. Meck wallowed in the affection pouring from Anders to him. “Thank you.”

He might die a fiery death but at least he was appreciated.