Thank you everyone!

I want to thank fans and author friends who joined me for my birthday month. This has a been a hard month for me. I had so many great plans of all the things I would go out and do to celebrate my 50th birthday, but with the pandemic none of them were possible. Now I’m done with my self-indulgent whine 🙂

December is next and I hope to be back to writing full force. I spent a lot of this month working on story ideas and hope to bring new ones to you soon. I’m getting super close to finishing something (I know you’ve heard that before).

Let’s get through December and hope 2021 is a much better year! If you have questions for me I am always available at

*birthday hugs all around* (safe and virtually)


Everyone who entered did a great job. I picked the ones I thought I could make a cute short out of. Winners should contact my assistant Sheri at Thank you for entering!

For those who participated in the Storymatic contests the winners are:

#1 Jessica Parsons
Ever since becoming a ex-super hero i have lost count the number of times i have been stood up just because i no longer did any hero stuff and wanted to enjoy my dream job at a aquarium. Even my lucky underwear couldn’t help with my dating prospects unless you counted the sea creatures feeling me up when i wore them.

#2 dejamaw

It served him right. It should have been just another one night stand. One night with the most beautiful man he had ever met. He had spent one glorious night with him and then left for the mission at 0 dark hundred. He should have claimed him; instead, he had left his unclaimed mate to finish his mission. He was supposed to be back in just a few days. He had promised.

Instead he was sent on a mission that lasted 7 months with no contact stateside. As soon as he was back, he went to Marcus’s apartment and received his first shock of the night. His apartment was empty. Marcus didn’t live there anymore. In fact, Mrs. Kravitz, the neighborhood tattle-tale took great relish in telling him all about how “that boy” had been gone for over 6 months. Just packed up one weekend and left without a forwarding address. All that was left behind was a small package that had arrived for Marcus. With dismay, he realized Marcus had never received his contact information. Marcus would think he had abandoned him. Mrs. Kravitz was more than happy to give it to him when he said he would deliver it. His second shock arrived after he had to call in few favors from his old team, and found that Marcus had been admitted to the hospital. Now, he was sitting in the waiting room at OHSU with the unexpected box for Marcus containing his plans for their life together waiting to find out if his mate-to-be was suffering from separation angst or pregnant. Either way, he had some ‘splaining to do. Now all he had to do was wait, and survive the grilling that awaited him from Marcus’s guard dog of a best friend. He always cut to the chase, and never shied away from asking the questions no one else would dare ask an alpha.

#3 gameistress77
there he sat, all by himself – ostracized, ignored — yet you could tell it didn’t matter to him. his confidence surrounded him, filling that empty corner of the cafeteria where he alternated between eating, tapping away on his laptop and scribbling in his notebook. that thick sandy blonde hair kept just long enough to start to curl a bit in waves and dark wire rimmed glasses still made me feel things I knew I shouldn’t, couldn’t allow myself to feel. if only i hadn’t made those promises to my father before I met him, hadn’t said I’d follow thru on the agreements father and his business associate had entered into to unify their companies via marriage between their heirs. if only I was truly free. when he raised his head and looked straight at me, it was as if he could read my thoughts from across the room. looking into his deep blue gaze, even from that distance, it brings back all the feelings to the fore front, making me long to return to those secret meetings where it was just the two of us and reality could be forgotten. how will i ever manage to be happy again?

#4 Maria Ellner with
“Casey was down on his luck after the mishap in the laboratory. The only thing between him and poverty was the heirloom that he was getting readyt to pawn. That’s when he saw the poster announcing the beauty contest. The prize was $50,000.00!!! With that money he could do something! He would have to dress as a woman, but that was no problem for him. He loved to dress up. Did he dare?”

Every Party Needs a Game and a Prize

Welcome to my actual birthday. Today I turn 50! That’s right the big 5 0!
To celebrate this occasion let’s play a game.

This little beauty is something I picked up a while ago at a seattle bookstore then left in my drawer. I pulled it out just for you…I know… you feel special.

From this box we pick four cards. Two copper and two gold. The rules are you combine the two gold cards to make one character and the other two copper cards lead the story. I’m leaving the other character up to you so there will be more variety. I just want a short blurb of your story using these 4 card. A few lines will do, more if you’d like. I will run 4 contests. Each contest will have one winner who will receive either $50.00 cash through paypal or a $50.00 Amazon card, winners choice.

For the four final picks I will write a one shot 1000-2000 words during December on random dates. Perhaps Sundays…

Contest #1 Good Luck

Happy Birthday Bash!

If you are new to my site, every November I have a birthday celebration. This year I feel the celebration isn’t as celebratory as usual. I’ve been in a writing slump, something I never thought I would experience as a fairly prolific writer. I turn 50 this year and prior to coronavirus, hubby and I had thought we would take a trip this year to celebrate. Sadly that wasn’t to be. I’ve thought over how to organize this year’s bash and whether I should a short blog story. I haven’t had the best results lately in finishing them lately. This month we will celebrate writing, all things pumpkin and birthdays! My goal is to lift our spirits and celebrate another year of living.

To kick off the November season I will promote the short story I’ve included in this Christmas Anthology. I’ve included a short Moon Pack story. All proceeds go to charity. Buy link is here here

My short story is A Santa for Trin which explores the lore of Santa and how Anthony doesn’t understand the concept.


I posted all of the first Hellbourne book. There is a second one and I had planned on writing a third. What is your opinion of re-issuing. Should I reprint with 1 & 2 then write 3 or should I wait and put them all together? What are your thoughts?