Quentin Heart – Day 26

Quentin Heart 400

“Let me make a phone call.” Jaks pulled out his phone as he walked out of the hospital room.

“Are you sure about this?” Quentin couldn’t imagine her as a vampire but he didn’t want to imagine her dead even more.

“Yes. I want to stick around and see your life with Mr. Jakinson and see you be the man you were meant to be. Life hasn’t always been easy. This would give me a second chance.” Her voice might be shaky with exhaustion but her eyes told the truth. She really did want to be transformed.

Quentin held her right hand between his. “If this is what you want, then this is what you’ll get.”

“We need to take her back to my house,” Jaks said. “We have the ability to change her there.”

“You can’t transform me in a hospital?” Quentin’s mother asked.

“No. They won’t know all the procedures. Besides, this way we can have another member of my coven change you.”

“You don’t want to do it?” she asked.

“I don’t think you want your son’s lover to be your vampire sire do you?”

Quentin’s mother appeared to think it over for a few minutes. “No, I guess not.”

“Quentin, can you teleport us back to my house?”

“Yeah, not a problem but is it safe?” Between the storeroom and the bomb Jaks’ home wasn’t exactly safe.

“I’ll have my most trusted men taking care of your mother. We can leave again once we make sure she’s settled.”

Quentin didn’t know what to say about Jaks naiveté. Anyone who’d seen at least one century mark shouldn’t believe things would magically work out. “Do you want to get dressed first, mom? Or do you want to wear your snazzy gown that ties in the back.”

“I’d prefer to dress but I don’t think I have the energy to change,” she confessed.

Quentin concentrated on his mother’s close. With a wave of his hand he transformed them into a pair of jeans and his mother’s favorite gypsy shirt.

“Nice.” She smiled at him.

“Are we all set now?” Jaks asked. Although the vampire smiled Quentin could hear the impatience in his tone.

“Yes.” Quentin wrapped a hand around each of their wrists. They were soon in Jaks entryway. “You really need to put a blocking spell to stop teleporters from coming this close.”

Anyone could’ve breached Jaks flimsy defenses. He dropped the subject when Jaks glared at him.

“He’s right. You should make sure Quentin can’t just pop in. You should make him use the front door.” Quentin’s mother smiled.

Quentin shook his head at her. “Who’s doing the transformation?”


“Really?” Quentin didn’t get the impression the vampire particularly liked him.

“He’s one of the few I’d trust with your mother.”

Quentin didn’t think that said good things about Jaks’s trust in his people. The vampire in question stomped down the stairs. The scowl vanished from Braed’s face when he spotted Quentin’s mom.

“Hello beautiful.”

“Um, hello.” Quentin had never seen his mother blush before.

“Braed this is Trina Heart my mate’s mother and the woman you agreed to transform.”

“My pleasure Trina,” Braed took her hand and kissed the back of it. “I look forward to showing you the vampire way.”

“That’s not all he wants to show her,” Quentin muttered.

Braed flickered a glance over to Quentin but didn’t say anything. No doubt keeping in mind he was flirting with Quentin’s mother.

“What do we need to do?” Quentin asked.

“Nothing. You two get out of here before you are attacked again. I’ll take care of your mother,” Braed said.

“Attacked!” His mother said.

“Thanks.” Quentin glared at Braed. “We’ll talk after you are vampirized.”

“Vampirized?” Jaks asked.

“Transformed, whatever,” Quentin waved a hand indicating all encompassing vampirization.

“It is a sacred change from human to vampire,” Braed said, scowling.

“If it was so sacred how come Glenn was abandoned?”

“We’re still looking into that,” Jaks reassured him.

“How is he?” Quentin asked.

“I’m fine!” Glenn rushed down the stairs, his gait smooth and unnaturally graceful. He threw himself into Quentin’s arms. Before Quentin could object Glenn lifted him up and spun him around. He yelped when Jaks snatched him back.

“Keep your hands off my man,” Jaks said, his tone low and dangerous.

Glenn blinked at him a moment as if not understanding the issue. “Quentin, when did you get together with Mr. Tall, Dark and Growly?”

Quentin couldn’t stop the smile spreading across his cheeks. Glenn was healthy and still as perky as ever. “You know how it is get a lab, a grant, a vampire.”

Jaks pinched Quentin’s ass making him squeak.

Glenn laughed. “I see he knows how to keep you in line.”

“Glenn! How was it?” Ms. Heart asked.

“Incredibly painful at first then it fades to a low ache. I feel really good today. They let me drink some wizard blood. It didn’t seem much stronger than regular, I bet it wasn’t yours,” Glenn said staring at Quentin.

“Quentin’s blood will never be your problem,” Jaks said. He wrapped an arm around Quentin’s waist and stared the smaller vampire down.

“Okay buddy, I get it. Keep my hands off the pretty wizard.”

Quentin sighed. He was quickly becoming tired of being the bone of contention Jaks gnawed on when anyone got too close.

“Keep us informed,” Jaks said.

Quentin hated the idea of leaving his mother, but with the way Braed was eyeing her she’d be safe.




Quentin Heart – Day 25

Quentin Heart 400

Had a rather rough day today so this is a little short.

Quentin grabbed the phone and quickly pressed the connect button before whoever was calling gave up.

“This is Quentin Heart,” he answered.

“Mr. Heart. This is Patricia from Anders General. Your mother has taken a turn for the worse. We thought you might want to come and see her.”

Quentin remembered Patricia. A big woman with brown eyes, a sweet smile and a Latina temper when one of the doctors said something she didn’t like to a patient.

“Thank you Patricia, I’ll be right there.” He hung up. He took a long gasping breath. As much as he’d prepared for this he’d never truly be ready for his mother’s death.

“What happened?”

Quentin jolted at the feel of a hand on his shoulder. In his grief he’d forgotten about Jaks. He wiped the tears away with his hands. “My mother took a turn for the worse. They don’t think she’ll last the night.”

The nurses didn’t say that of course but they’d never asked Quentin to come by before. It didn’t take a genius to read between the lines.

“Get dressed. I’ll go with you.”

“Really?” Quentin stared at Jaks as he collected his clothing.

“Of course. If you are going to be mine I have to share your life. I’m not only with you for your teleportation skills.”

Quentin snorted. “You don’t like teleportation.” He’d noticed that when Jaks rubbed his stomach the last time they’d traveled.

“I like you.” Jaks kissed Quentin’s forehead. “Get dressed.”

After all of Jas declarations the act of going with Quentin to see his mother touched him the most. Words were all well and good but actions spoke a thousand times louder.

“Do you still think she could be a vampire?” Quentin recalled Jaks words earlier.

“I can ask her if you’d like. I won’t make the offer without your say so. She’s your mother.”

Quentin nodded. “I’d like you to ask her.”

“And if she chooses not to become a vampire?”

“You think she won’t?”

“She’s your mother what do you think?”

Quentin thought if over as he slid on his clothes. “I really don’t know.”

“Then let us go and see. If she says yes I’ll have you bring one of my people back to the hospital to change her.”

“Okay.” Quentin tried to conquer his fear. What if his mother didn’t want to be a vampire? How much worse would it be to know she could’ve been saved but she’d chosen to die instead?

“I’m ready.” Jaks moved up next to Quentin.

Quentin stomped his foot into his remaining shoe then stood. Without another word he grabbed Jaks wrist and they teleported to the hospital.

They arrived just outside the emergency room doors. Quentin quickly walked to the elevator and then to the oncology wing. His mother’s room was on a few doors down from the elevators.

She glanced up as they entered. “They didn’t have to call you,” she whispered.

“I can’t stand the thought of you being alone.”

And dying. Quentin didn’t say the last aloud but the silent statement drifted between them.

“Who’s your friend?” She asked staring at the vampire.

“Mother this is Jakinson the master of the local coven.”

“Nice to meet you Master Jakinson.”

Jaks picked up her hand kissed the back of it. “A pleasure to meet you too Mrs. Heart.”

Quentin’s mouth almost dropped open when he saw the blush on his mother’s face.

“Mother, the nurses say you aren’t doing that well. Jaks has offered to have one of his vampires change you. What do you think about that?”

His mother’s gaze went from Quentin to Jaks then back again. “I-I don’t know. Would it hurt?”

“Yes. I’ll not lie to you. The transformation can be quite painful but you son will be there to ease the way.”

Quentin’s mother licked her lips, nervousness all but pouring off of her. “I-I don’t know.”

“Come on mom. Would you rather die?” Quentin asked. Frustration had his voice rising.

“Of course not but if my other option is drinking blood I have to think it over.” She closed her eyes for a minute, her fact going pale. “I just don’t know.”

“I completely understand your wish to consider all aspects of the transformation but if it helps, you would be completely cured of cancer if you changed to a vampire.”

She gnawed on her lower lip as she considered her options.

Quentin sat in the chair beside her bed. “Mom. I don’t know what I would do in your place but I can tell you I’d rather you were a blood-sucking vampire than dead.”

She gave Quentin a sad smile. “You were always such a good boy even as a child. I think you’d do just fine without me.”

Quentin’s heart sank. Jaks squeezed his shoulder in support.

“However, I refuse to die before I get to see you married. And for that alone I will accept your offer Mr. Jakinson. Make me a vampire.”

Quentin Heart – Day 24

Quentin Heart 400


Quentin let his gaze slide up and down Jaks. He couldn’t deny he’d been holding back before hoping the vampire would change his mind. The level of commitment Jaks required scared Quentin to his soul.

“It’ll be all right, my sweet. I’ll take excellent care of you.”

“Uh, huh.” Quentin eyed Jaks. “You think I’m going to sit around like the little lady and expect you to take care of me?”

Jaks placed his hands on Quentin’s hips leaving a foot separating them. “I want you to be whoever you want to be I just want to be part of it. Now how about you stop being so stubborn.”

He should argue. He was planning on it. Yep, any minute now he’d tell the tall, sexy vampire that he wouldn’t be accepting his terms. Maybe after another kiss.

Quentin made the first move stepping into the space Jaks had made between them. “I’ll take care of myself. I don’t need you to fight my battles, I need you to be by my side.” Quentin couldn’t stress too much how he wouldn’t be coddles. He’d taken care of himself most of his life. Growing up with a single mother created independence.

Jaks slid his fingers across Quentin’s face as if mapping them for a quiz later. Quentin imagined he could feel every dip and ridge of Jaks fingerprints as he traced his face. Heat began to build, warming him deep down then spreading like tree limbs throughout his body.

Quentin’s mouth opened in a gasp only to be covered by Jaks firm, warm lips. How could a being that lived on blood remain so warm? All thoughts were pushed out of his mind when Jaks invaded Quentin’s mouth with his tongue, tasting all Quentin had to offer and coming back for more.

For a few minutes Quentin let Jaks have his way responding but not taking control. He didn’t wish to trigger Jaks hunting instincts not when he hoped to lure the vampire into his bed.

Jaks lifted his mouth allowing Quentin time for air. “Where’s your bedroom?”

“At my apartment.”

“Then why did you come here?”

Quentin sighed. “Because my first instinct was to think of home.” He looked around the small living room. “And no matter how long I’ve been away at college this is still home.”

Jaks grinned. “That’s sweet. Now teleport us to your place. I need a horizontal surface to show you properly how much I want you.”

“I like how you think.” Quentin grabbed Jaks and teleported to his bedroom. Before Jaks could comment Quentin shoved. Jaks toppled backwards onto Quentin’s bed. He stood and admired his new lover for a few minutes before stripping off his shirt.

Jaks jumped up and immediately began removing his own clothes. This was no sexy striptease meant to titillate a new lover. They were both too hungry, too needy and in too much of a hurry to prolong the buildup. If either of their clothes were usable after this it would be a minor miracle.

Quentin slid onto his bed, naked and willing. His cock bobbed ahead of him like a divining rod seeking his mate.

“You are gorgeous,” Jaks said, his voice hushed and worshipful. “I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect mate.”

Quentin could feel the burn on his cheeks. He wasn’t used to compliments on his looks. His mind had garnered more than a little interest but his face and body weren’t as highly prized.

“I’m glad you’re happy.” After all Quentin was the last guy Jaks would ever have sex with.

“Oh I’m very happy.” Jaks crawled onto the bed until he lay beside Quentin.

It was hard to concentrate on banter when sleek skin and firm muscles were on display. He could barely focus on his next thought much less string together consonants and vowels into coherent words.

Giving up on verbal communication Quentin slid a hand behind Jaks neck and pulled him closer. This time he was the aggressor. He rolled them until Jaks lay beneath him. Quentin sighed against Jaks’s mouth at the full body contact of warm bodies together. Damn, nothing had ever felt this good. He moaned against Jaks mouth as he kissed the vampire ending the embrace with a playful bite of Jaks bottom lip.

“You don’t want to be toying with a vampire, my sweet.”

“I don’t?” Quentin raised his eyebrows, teasing Jaks with a smile. “I think I might.”

“When you bite me, I’ll bit back.”

“Promise!” Quentin needed to be bitten. He had to know what he was getting into. If he couldn’t handle Jaks needs then they’d have to come up with another solution to their bonding. At this point Quentin was all in and needed some reassurance that this might work out after all.

“I will always keep my promises to you, my mate. You will be the one person I will always share the truth.”

“Good.” Quentin slid down Jaks body kissing as he went. He lapped and bit a Jaks’s right nipple until Jaks growled and plunged his fingers into Quentin’s hair to pull him away. “Sensitive?”

“I didn’t think so until now.” Jaks’s incisors had descended and lust gleamed in his eyes.

Quentin’s ego took a boost, shooting up to the height of the stars in the sky. He scooted down further intent on tasting his prize.

A soft tune interrupted his goal.

“Do. Not. Answer. That!” Jaks demanded.

“I have to. It’s the hospital.” Quentin’s stomach sank as he searched his pockets to find the little device.


Quentin Heart – Day 23

Quentin Heart 400

Quentin stared at Jaks. “You’re not serious.”

“About what?”

“How you’ll never get over my leaving. I mean it sounds romantic and everything but there are other guys out there. I’m nothing special.” Quentin couldn’t hide his horror. How could he be Jaks only chance?

Jaks pressed Quentin against the door, aligning their bodies until Quentin could feel every delicious muscled inch. “You don’t understand do you Quentin? Vampires can have as much sex or partners as they want but there is only one person made specifically for them and once they find their one, everyone else fades away.”

“But what if I’m killed? What happens to you then?” Quentin tried to concentrate on his words but Jaks scent filled his nose and he had to use all of his concentration not to press his face against the vampire’s neck and inhale. He could roll around in Jaks smell forever.

“I die. Once we’re bonded. If you are dead I’ll no longer have the will to go on.”

Quentin held back a snort of disbelief. Jaks eyes didn’t have an inch of humor. He fully believed what he told Quentin. “That’s a lot of responsibility to place on another person.”

“It is. But once we’re bonded you will be harder to kill as well. I’ll also be happy to transform your mother.”

“I don’t think she could survive that even if she wanted to be a vampire.” The thought of his mother getting better had his heart race.

“She could. It would actually be easier to transform her since she is closer to death. Talk to her. If she’s willing I’ll have someone change her.”

“Not you?” Quentin didn’t trust another vampire that close to his mother.

“No. If I changed her that would make me her sire, like a father and since I’m your mate it would make relations awkward.”

“Who would you pick?” Quentin didn’t like the thought of a strange vampire draining his mother.

“I would ask for volunteers and let you choose. I expect many would volunteer because they want to curry favor with me.”

“Oh.” Quentin wanted to rush to the hospital and talk to his mother right away.


“What?” Quentin changed his focus to the beautiful man still pressing against him.

“Stay with me. I don’t want your mother to be between us. If you choose not to be mine I will still transform your mother because of the favor you did taking out Vlad. Don’t pick me to save your mother.”

Quentin flushed. “Can you read my mind?”

Jaks chuckled. “No. But you aren’t that hard to figure out. Anyone who would take on the dangerous job of hunting vampires to pay his mother’s medical bills wouldn’t think anything of binding himself to one to save her. Although I admire your dedication I’d like some of that pointed toward me.”

He didn’t know what to say. “I appreciate you giving me the option. I do. I’m very attracted to you Jaks. When you are close like this I have difficulty thinking. And yes I would take your offer to save my mother.” Quentin went to his tiptoes to kiss Jaks. After a brief hesitation, Jaks groaned and took over.

The sweet brush of lips turned into an all out assault. Jaks slammed Quentin against the door, rubbing their erections together through the layers of their clothing.

A low frustrated groan rolled up his throat. He grabbed Jaks shoulders and pushed. After several more kisses Jaks allowed the separation.

“If you are turning me down, you are failing spectacularly, my sweet.”

“I have a lot of enemies after me. If we are going to bond you should know this.” Quentin didn’t want either of them to come into this with anything less than full disclosure.

“So do I and mine have teeth,” Jaks said.

“Mine have a lot more.” He waited to see if Jaks would say anything more but when he remained silent Quentin continued. “Fine. Let’s bond.”

Jaks laughed. The rich chuckle curled around Quentin like a warm blanket. “You are completely delightful, my sweet, and absolutely mine.”

Before he could say anything else. Jaks lifted Quentin up and draped him over one shoulder.

“What happened to walking under my own steam?”

Jaks slapped Quentin’s ass with a playful pop. “Are you saying no?”


“Good.” Jaks opened his door and walked through.

The scent slammed into Quentin before they’d taken more than two steps. “Put me down.”

Immediately Jaks set Quentin on his feet.

“Stay right there,” Quentin ordered without much hope the vampire would obey. Jaks hadn’t shown a great deal of tendency to do as told but Quentin remained hopeful.

“What’s the danger?”

“Someone has been in here. I can smell their magic.” Quentin waved his right hand in a complicated pattern. Gold sparkles lit up the room. They settled in a thick layer over Jaks’s desk.

“What’s that mean?” Jaks pointed at his desk.

“Whatever they were looking for they must’ve thought they’d find it there.”

“I wonder why? I don’t keep any important papers in there. Those are for casual letter writing.”

“What vampires don’t have email?” Quentin asked.

“Some old school vampires don’t have computers or don’t trust them. I have a few old mentors I still correspond with who prefer the old ways.”

“Why would it matter if you sent them a letter?”

“It wouldn’t unless they were looking for someone.”

“Hmm.” Quentin used his magic to continue his investigation. A hard object met his search. “Oh crap.”


Quentin grabbed Jaks wrist. “We need to get out of here.”

He pulled his magic and wrapped it around both of them. Seconds before they teleported the sound of the explosion deafened Quentin’s ears.

They landed in his mother’s living room. Quentin shook his head willing his hearing to return.

“What the fuck just happened?” Jaks asked.

“Someone tried to bomb you. I thought they were after me but maybe they were hoping to trap me in the store room as an attack on you.” The novel idea of Quentin not being the target still was sinking in.

“It’s possible. Maybe now isn’t the time to claim you. I don’t want to bring you into my danger.”

Quentin stepped away from Jaks and began to laugh. “I have bone wolves following me around, a stepmother who hates me and happens to be the fae queen, a freaky vampire that tried to kill my closest friend and my mother is dying. You think you can add anything more? You need to step up your game if you think you’re even a contender.”

“Oh is that right?” Jaks walked over to Quentin and slid his fingers into Quentin’s hair before pressing a soft kiss to his forehead. “I think I have enough game.”

Before Quentin could speak again, Jaks kissed him on the mouth. No kiss was too gentle of a word for the complete devouring of Quentin’s body and soul. In that moment he would’ve offered Jaks anything he wanted, anything at all. He’d always read those books where the hero melted and scoffed at the description. Now he knew what the author meant. Quentin could’ve easily have given up his will, his life, his everything to Jaks if asked.

When they finally broke apart Quentin almost cried at the separation.

“I’d give you up in a second if it meant keeping you safe but the more I know you, my sweet, the more I think you need me to make it past the next day. You are a trouble magnet and it will take my entire coven to keep one small wizard out of danger.”

“I’m not small, you’re just a behemoth,” Quentin grumbled.

“Of course, my mistake. How about we start that bonding now?”

“Shouldn’t we let everyone know you are safe?”

“My people already know. They would feel my death. Once I took over the leadership I connected everyone together with a psychic link. They can only feel what I let them but they would know if I was permanently gone.”

“Would it hurt them?” If the vampires would feel pain at the death of their leader it might eliminate a vampire as a suspect.

“Not really. They would feel deep sorrow but it would pass quickly unless they had a more permanent connection to me. If I sired them they would suffer.”

Quentin frowned as he tried to untangle the complexities of vampire relations. “So we should eliminate anyone you sired as a guilty party.”

“Not necessarily. If someone hates me enough they might think it worth the loss. Now do you need to do some sort of telepathic message to Grevin and let him know you are fine? I can’t guarantee my people will think to tell him.”

Quentin pulled out his cell phone. “I could just call him.”

A short conversation later he put away his phone. He let his gaze travel up and down Jaks body. “Now about that bonding.”


Quentin Heart – Day 22

Quentin Heart 400


Sorry this is a bit short but it’s my birthday so I didn’t have as much time to work on it.

“Do you have a lot of people after you?” Jaks asked.

“You’d be surprised. They seem to be adding up. The one capable of this wouldn’t need to.” The fae queen didn’t need to trap Quentin. She could’ve killed him at any time.

“I’m going to have to get a tracking spell put on you that way, I know where you are at all times. We won’t have this problem again.” Jaks tone indicated he didn’t expect Quentin to argue.

Quentin wisely didn’t comment.

“Come with me,” Jaks ordered.

“Maybe I should just go home.” Exhaustion beat at Quentin. Too much had happened over the past few days. He wanted a long rest and to not to anything the next morning. Luckily he didn’t have any classes or anything the next day.

“Come on, sweet. You can come sleep in my bed.”

“I don’t know that I’m good for anything else.” Quentin’s eyes were starting to slide shut. He’d expended too much energy over the past few days.

“I’ll determine what you’re good for. Do you want anything to eat before you come to bed?”

“No. I’m not hungry.” Quentin couldn’t remember the last time he ate but he couldn’t imagine eating anything right now.

“Braed, see that Grevin gets a room and have some food sent to my suite.”

“I told you I’m not hungry,” Quentin said.

“What if I am? I can’t have you undernourished.”

Quentin shoved his hands in his front pockets. “Yeah, sorry I didn’t think of that.”

When would he remember that he was food for Jaks. He’d forgotten his one function. Jaks didn’t need him for anything but his blood.

“You’re forgetting why you’re here,” Braed said, a smirk curved his lips.

“Way to be an asshole!” Grevin snapped.

Jaks slid a hand around the back of Quentin’s neck. “Quentin is more than food for me. He is everything. Remember that when you address him.”

“Yes sir.” Braed bowed low to Jaks then Quentin. “I’ll go make sure everything is how you requested. If you’d come with me Mr. Grevin I’ll find you a place to stay.”

Quentin didn’t speak again. The wolves bared their teeth as Braed walked by.

Braed eyed them as he hurried past. Grevin followed, slower. “I’ll see you in the morning, Q. We’ll figure this out.”

“Okay.” Quentin’s heart hurt.

Jaks squeezed Quentin’s nape. He leaned down to speak directly into Quentin’s ear. “Don’t pay any attention to anyone but me. You are my everything and I will show you how much every time you start to doubt me.”

“Jaks, you don’t know me? How can you want me so much?”

Jaks’s eyes glowed. “Because when vampires meets the perfect one they know. I knew when I saw you that we would be bound together.”

“But what if you’re wrong?” Quentin didn’t know if he believed in fated connections. “What if you get to know me and you decide I’m not the one.”

Jaks slipped two fingers beneath the chain around Quentin’s neck. “When I put this around your neck and it didn’t kill you I knew you were mine.”

“Wait, it could’ve killed me?” Quentin’s mouth dropped open.

“No. Because I knew you were mine.” Jaks kissed Quentin not giving him time to speak again.

Quentin leaned against Jaks. The hard, muscled body supported him as Jaks devoured him. A sigh left him lips as they tangled tongues and pressed lips.

A cough had Quentin lifting his lips. He turned to face three vampires staring at them.

“Go away,” Jaks grumbled.

“Are you going to introduce us to your consort?” the vampire in the middle asked.

“No.” Jaks lifted Quentin up in his arms. “We’re going to spend the evening bonding instead.”

“Is that what we’re calling it now?” Quentin asked.

Jaks grinned. “Yes.”

A blur of speed had the world spinning around them. By the time his vision cleared they were outside of a set of double doors. Jaks set Quentin on his feet.

“Not going to carry me inside?” Quentin asked.

To his surprise Jaks didn’t smile back. “No. Everything from now on has to be with your consent. I want you as invested in us as I am.”

Quentin stared at Jaks. “And if I’m not willing?”

“Then I will take back my necklace and mourn you for the rest of my life.”




Welcome to My Birthday!


Finally, my birthday is here! I’ve always enjoyed my birthday maybe because I share it with my sister. I was born on my older sister’s 4th birthday so I’ve always considered it a fun day. My sister…not so much. LOL!

To celebrate today I am going to run a contest every hour. My wonderful assistant Sheri has come up with some fun contests for you to enter. Some of them you can enter to win a signed copy of End Street Vol 1 from RJ Scott and myself (yes international fans are welcome), or your choice of one of my ebooks. I will also be giving away ARe giftcards and Amazon gift cards and few prize packs.

All entries will be put in a big pot at the end of the month and one person will win a Kindle Paperwhite!