Moon Pack Monday

It’s been a while since I did one of these so I thought I’d post one today. I’m including one of my favorite couples. I will do some of the rarer ones over the next few weeks or maybe you could leave a comment about what couple you’d like to revisit.


Steven sighed and patted the large animal trapping him on the couch.

“Babe, could you get up?”

The tiger tilted his head and snorted.

“But I can’t reach the remote.” He wasn’t whining and he’d call anyone a dirty liar who insisted he did. However, if he watched the same insurance commercial one more time he wouldn’t be held responsible for throwing his beer at the screen.

The tiger snuggled in further, rolling until the patch of sunlight shone on his thick fur.

“Yes, you are a very pretty tiger, but I think my legs fell asleep.” He poked his boyfriend, Dare, on his furry nose only getting a slight growl for his efforts.


Dare huffed but moved enough to allow Steven to stand. He shook his legs hoping to return feeling to them once again. “You know I love snuggling with you but sometimes you forget your a big ass tiger and not a kitten.”

He received a disdainful glare and a flash of fang. “Why are you so cranky today anyway?”

No response.

Dare rolled over, giving Steven a fine view of his back.

“Be that way.” He scooped up the remote that sat innocently on the coffee table, just far enough away to be out of reach from the couch.

Deciding to take advantage of his new freedom, he took a quick trip to the bathroom then grabbed another beer and a bag of popcorn. Now he was ready for binge viewing.

“Scoot over.”

Dare ignored him. Only a flick of an ear revealed he’d been heard.

“I will sit on you,” he warned.

In a blink of an eye Dare changed from a beautiful tiger to a stunning man. “Did you bring me a beer?”

“Here you can have mine. I’ll get another.”

Once a beer had been retrieved and negotiations over the choice of viewing settled Steven leaned against his sulky lover. “Want to tell me what’s wrong?”

“I’m unhappy with what I’m doing.” Dare propped the beer on his knee as he curled up on the end of the couch.

“You don’t want to be a bartender any more?” Steve had always thought Dare enjoyed working at the bar.

Dare shook his head. “While I was blind had a lot of time to think. I really examined what I wanted to do with my life. I want to go back to school.”

“For what?”

Dare found his knees very interesting if his sudden attention to them was any sign.

Steven patted Dare on the leg. “Whatever you want to do I will support you.”

Dare cleared his throat. “I want to be a kindergarten teacher.”

“Really?” Steven took a swig of beer. “Well you are always good with the kids.”

“I love kids.” Dare’s loopy smile sent twinges of worry through Steven.

“You don’t want any of your own do you?” Panic made his voice a little higher than before.

Dare frowned. “Not right now, maybe some day.”

Steven regulated his breathing back to normal levels. He could put off the panic attack to some day. “Okay. Then we can revisit that idea later. I’m sure if we talk to Silver we can get you signed up for college to get your degree.”

“You think so?” Dare’s smile warmed Steven’s heart.

“I’m sure we can.” He ignored his practical voice that told him a big tiger would make better security detail thank kid teacher. If Dare wanted to teach Steven would make it happen. He grabbed Dare’s hand and kissed his palm before closing Dare’s fingers into a fist. “I’m here for you. I would be a horrible mate if I didn’t help you achieve your dreams.”

The possible crushed ribs were worth it for the tight hug he received.

“Thank you,” Dare whispered in Steven’s ear. His warm breath sent shivers down Steven’s spine.

“You don’t need to thank me, Dare. That’s what partners do.”

“Well let me show you my appreciation.” Dare turned off the television and dragged Steven toward the bedroom.

“Well it’s always nice to be appreciation,” Steven agreed.

Autism Awareness Blog Hop

Autism existed a long time before there was a name for it. It’s only recently started to be understood.

Autism is a condition that is a huge factor in my family and in a lot of others that I know. Anyone with a relative who has autism has a quirky story or two tell about their autistic friend/relative/or personal experience. The spectrum of Autism is wide ranging to being unable to speak to having more minor issues. Two people with autism can have widely difference issues to deal with. My younger son has autism and it has led him to be a quirky imaginative individual who I wouldn’t trade for a child not on the spectrum.

This blog post is supposed to be about childhood toys. It was actually through toys that I noticed the difference between child and others. My child could do complex puzzles at a ridiculously early age. He could also build Legos into intricate structures especially if he saw a video on it once. While my older son had been an early speaker my younger child conveyed his ideas non verbally through pictures or hand motions. He’s 13 now and an amazing teen who can tell you to the brushstroke where a company changed their logo. LOL!

There is so much we still don’t know about autism. Through study and research hopefully we can find a way to help those with autism lead productive lives. My younger son is considered high functioning autistic but his difficulties focusing and understanding social cues will follow him for his entire life. The best we can do is love and guide him and hope we can give him the skills to be able to cope with the realities of life.

RJ’s masterpost for the Autism Blog Stop is here

This is where I should probably boost a new book but I don’t have anything new out. I do have a lot of ideas in the words so stay tuned. However if you’d like a free read to check out my writing style here is a link to my Amazon BN or Smashwords pages.


$20.00 amazon GC for one person picked by next Saturday. What was your favorite childhood toy.

The weekend is around the corner..and contest.

Comicon has come to Seattle. I’m spending most of today and Sunday there. I’m always inspired when I come into contact with so many creative people. Story ideas are bouncing around like rubber balls, each daring me to try and catch them while percolating thoughts try to tempt me from my current paths, However, I am determined to finish the books I’ve started. Of course that doesn’t stop me from sketching a quick idea down or two. A superhero book might come into being or a magical portal library has been spinning into creation. We’ll see. The important thing is I’m getting back my inspiration.

What inspires you? What gets your creative wheels spinning? Enter your favorite creativity sparker and one of you lucky winners will receive two free backlist ebooks of mine…your choice. Of course if you are a super reader you can always pick a future one, but I make no promises on publication date. Happy Friday!!!

International Women’s Day

My husband texted me this morning to inform me that it was International Women’s Day. To my shame I was unaware of it until his text. That got me to thinking about how much I take women’s rights for granted. I’ve never lived at a point in time where women in the United States can’t vote or get an education or aren’t given the same rights (at least on paper) as other citizens in our country. Women in some other countries are still struggling for equal rights.

Wikipedia has an excellent breakdown of the origins of this day (check it out here). The first National Women’s Day was celebrated in 1909 in New York promoted by the Socialist Party of America.

There are many ways that women are suppressed but we should take a moment today to think about how far we’ve come and celebrate the people who have helped us get here. While we have a long way to go for equal rights for everyone, each accomplishment should be acknowledged along the way.

Have a Happy International Women’s Day.

Quentin 2

The goal is to have the book out this month. *crossing fingers* Great cover though right?

Snippet: (unedited. I thought I would warn you.)

The chiming ring pulled him from his foggy haze enough for him to lift his head.

“Ignore it.” Jaks cupped the back of Quentin’s head and pulled him into another passionate embrace. “They’ll stop calling.”

“Mmhmm.” Quentin allowed Jaks to pull him into another kiss but a little doubt winnowed into his head. It was awfully early for a phone call.

The ring began again. Quentin ripped himself away from Jaks. “I-I’ve just got to see who it is.”

Jaks groaned but didn’t try to stop him. He flailed his hand out and swept his phone from the side table. “Grevin?”

“I thought he was nocturnal.”

“He is. All necromancers are.” In all the time he’d known him Grevin had never called him during the day. As he contemplated returning the phone call a text appeared.

Help 666.

“Oh crap.

Jaks leaned over Quentin’s shoulder to read the text. “Shouldn’t that be 911.”

“No. We have a series of codes. 666 means something went wrong with a demon summoning.” A chill sank into Quentin’s stomach. He pulled up Grevin’s name and pushed the call button.

It rang.

Then rang some more.

Quentin bit his lip as the phone continued to ring on his end with no one picking up on the other.

“We know he was close enough to the phone to call you.” Jaks rubbed Quentin’s shoulders as if sensing his mounting tension.

“Unless he called from his watch.”

“He still could’ve picked up with it.”


The call disconnected. Quentin threw the phone on the bed. “I’m going over there.”

“I’ll come with.” Jaks slid out of bed before Quentin could say anything.

Not that he would argue. If something weird had happened at Grevin’s place he would prefer to have a kickass vampire at his side especially if there were any demons.

The icy floor froze Quentin’s bare feet. He shivered as he dressed in his best demon battling outfit of worn jeans and a cozy long sleeved shirt. Chattering teeth wouldn’t impress a demon any more than his battered sneakers.

If his current life trend continued he might have to look into getting a badass outfit and personal soundtrack to make his hero entrance complete. If nothing else it would make Jaks laugh.

They dressed in silence. Quentin grabbed some of his spell balls hoping he wouldn’t need them.

“Are those the improved ones?” Jaks asked nodding to the balls.

“The stronger cage ones and a new one I’ve developed.”

“What does it do?”

Quentin smiled, flattered that Jaks showed true interest in his work. “It sets things on fire once activated.”

“That could be dangerous,” Jaks frowned. “You don’t want to start a wildfire.”

He shook his head. “No it a magical flame. It will only burn things I tell it to since it will be linked to my magic.”

“Why did you create those?”

“I’m trying to look into binding various elements. These are good for taking down zombies I don’t think they’ll do much against demons. I’m only bringing them to see if they will work in the field.” Quentin shoved a bunch of balls into a backpack and a bottle of water he pulled from the small fridge they kept in the bedroom. He also grabbed a few packs of blood. He didn’t know how long they would be out and he couldn’t let Jaks take his blood if he needed all of his energy.

“Good idea to bring provisions. Hopefully we won’t need them. I prefer tapping straight from the source.”

“I prefer you doing that too.”

They shared a quick kiss before pulling apart again. Jaks was his personal magnet. If Jaks was near Quentin always gravitated to him. There were probably entire dissertations over the effect vampires had on their bonded but Jaks still struggled to understand how he fell in love with a vampire master to conduct any further research. Some days he still felt like the naive guy who walked into a vampire coven while reading his notes. It really was a miracle no one had killed him yet. He hoped to continue the trend.

Welcome to March!

Hello Everyone,

Winter is starting to fade away bringing spring flowers into bloom. I love this time of year. What is your favorite?

Right now I am working on Quentin 2. I will post a little blurb of it tomorrow.

This month I will be publishing the re-release of the Cowboy Lovin’ stories in one volume this Month. Here is the cover!

Here is an excerpt from Tyler’s Cowboy.

Tyler Remington looked at the head chef and took another deep calming breath—the three-hundredth deep breath of the afternoon. So far, his favorite meditation technique had kept him from throwing his ladle at the man’s head, but his nerves were beginning to unravel and his right palm would soon have a permanent imprint from his tight grip on the metal handle.

When he’d been hired on as sous chef to the famous restaurant entrepreneur Hans Berner, Tyler had been thrilled. After graduating top of his class, the tough job market had caught him by surprise. With his school loans weighing him down, any employment had seemed like a dream come true. Only a few days on the job, he had discovered there was a reason Chef Berner couldn’t keep any workers.

The man was a complete and total ass.

“You did not add enough garlic to your soup.” Chef Berner tossed his tasting spoon into the sink, ignoring the messy splatter he left behind. “You have ruined my recipe.”

Tyler didn’t bother to argue that the soup was perfect, even though he’d followed Chef Berner’s recipe to the letter and hadn’t given in to the urge to add fresh rosemary.

It really needed rosemary.

“Yes, Chef.” It wasn’t worth an argument. What the head chef said was how it was. A well-run kitchen was sort of like the military. You did what you were told, and if Chef Berner was in charge, you didn’t ask questions. He hated questions.

After three months, Tyler hated his job. He hated coming to the fancy hotel every day, and he was ready to slit his wrists if it would get him out of making the same damn soup twice a day.

Most of all, he hated Berner.

Luckily, it was break time. Under the sympathetic gaze of his coworkers, who equally despised the chef, he escaped out the back door for the measly fifteen minutes he had between prep times. He grimaced at the lovely reek of rotting food from the dumpster, but even the stench was an improvement over remaining in the kitchen with Berner. He had to get out of there before he turned Berner into soup. He spent a few minutes in the fantasy where his coworkers covered up his crime in happy celebration.

Tyler blinked back frustrated tears. Graduating cooking school should have culminated in reaching his dream, not creating a nightmare.

He jumped about a foot when his pocket vibrated.

He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and frowned at the unfamiliar number on his caller ID. Great, it was probably a salesperson. Of course, at this point, he’d talk to anyone who wasn’t the head chef.


“Is this Tyler Remington?” a deep baritone asked. The rich, softly accented voice sent sultry shivers down Tyler’s spine.

“Yes, I’m Tyler.”

“My name is Cody Stark. I’m your brother’s partner at the ranch.”

Icy terror made the hand holding the cell phone shake. “What happened to my brother?” That could be the only explanation for a total stranger to call him.

He’d never met Baron’s partner, but he’d heard nothing but good things about the man from his older brother. Baron always came out to see Tyler. Baron met Cody after Tyler started culinary school, but Tyler hadn’t been at the ranch since. A fact he now regretted.

“There’s no reason to be too concerned, but Baron’s horse got spooked and threw him today. He broke his collarbone, a couple of ribs, and the doctor says there’s some brain swelling. Now, he’s a tough cowboy and he’s gonna be fine. The only reason I’m callin’ is because you’re on his emergency contact list and I know your brother would want you to be informed. So far, he hasn’t regained consciousness, but the doctors are optimistic. They will need you to sign some paperwork. We can have it faxed over to you if you can’t make it here.”

Tyler cut off the man’s chatter. “I’ll be right there.”

Now all he had to do was tell Jack he was leaving town. His boyfriend never liked it when he wasn’t the center of attention.

Telling Jack turned out not to be as big of a problem as he’d thought. His boyfriend had news of his own.

“What do you mean you’re getting married?” Tyler stared at his lover. He couldn’t think of any other words.

Jack looked away, his handsome face flushing. “I-I can’t be with you, Ty. I can’t be gay.”

When he showed up at his boyfriend’s apartment, he’d expected him to be upset and maybe sulk, not give him a damn wedding invitation. It was funny how he was no longer the owner of Jack’s heart when Jack decided he wanted kids. Tyler threw the invitation back at him.

“What the fuck was I then, an experiment? Fuck you! Is that why you didn’t want to go out in public? I thought you weren’t out at your job. I didn’t know I was your dirty little secret. I was coming to tell you I had to go out of town because my brother Baron had an accident, but I guess it doesn’t matter now.” Tyler clenched his hands into fists to stop from wrapping them around Jack’s traitorous neck.

“Don’t be like that.” Jack put a hand on Tyler’s shoulder. “I love you, Ty, and I’m sorry about your brother. I know what he means to you.”

It hurt worse that Jack actually sounded sincere. Ty angrily shrugged off his ex-lover’s grip. “Love! You don’t know anything about love. You don’t tell someone you love them, then turn around and marry someone else.” He waved an irritated hand between them. “This was scratching an itch while you waited to get married. I don’t ever want to see you again.”

He was tempted to ask who the girl was, but he wasn’t that much of a glutton for punishment. He didn’t care. Furious, more with himself than with his clueless ex-boyfriend, Tyler stomped out of the apartment. Good thing they hadn’t moved in together. No wonder Jack had avoided that conversation when Tyler tried to bring it up. Jack had no intention of taking their relationship to another level.

Hell, they didn’t even have a relationship. This was turning out to be a banner day. Brokenhearted, Tyler headed home to pack and go see the only man who still loved him.

His brother, Baron.

Hello, Fans,



February and January were super fast months for me. Was it the same for you? I am looking at my former blog story and I am going to pre-write a bunch and have them resume in March. I’m not sure how often but minimum once a week possibly two. Or once with the occasional two posts but we’ll have to see.


I am going to be working hard to get new things out in the next few months. For those of you who are sending me emails, I promise I am trying to get my old books reissued it just takes time so please be patient. I’m happy to hear you are wanting them up and I’m sorry it’s taking so long.


I will be at RWA in July signing books if you happen to be in New York on the 25th (I think that is the date) and giving out free print books.

I might also be at Euro Pride Con at the end of June but I’m waiting on a few things to decide.

New Works

For what I’m working on now I have 75% of Gears written (sequel to Keys) and 25% of Quentin Heart 2 finished. I will be posting bits of QH2 in the future. It should be a fun book and I hope you all enjoy it.

That’s All

Thanks for your patience with me and I will be posting things more consistently in the future. Hugs all around. I adore each and every reader and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support.