Romance Revisited Book #1

Attracting Anthony 400x600Okay this is a bit of a cheat since everyone can download this book for free. But it’s a good one if you haven’t read any of my Moon Pack books before. I heard a nasty rumor that there were a couple of people still out there!

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Anthony Carrow never thinks to find the love of his life when he goes to a bar with his best friend Steven Dell. Getting over the death of his lover has been a hard task for Anthony. After two years he’s still broken-hearted and doesn’t have any intention of joining the dating scene. However, going with Steven to scope out a werewolf club to help his friend find a mate leads to unexpected consequences.

Silver, alpha leader of the Moon pack, has been searching for his mate for a long time. Unhappy with the men he meets he’s given up searching for the man of his dreams until Anthony walks into the bar.

Can a man who’s already suffered a loss once be persuaded to give love a second try or will fear hold them back from finding the love they both deserve.


“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” Anthony Carrow muttered to his friend, Steven Dell, as he glanced around the club. After two seconds, he seriously considered walking back out. If it hadn’t taken Steven weeks to get a membership to the shifter-owned club, Anthony would’ve left after the first few minutes. However, he wasn’t going to ruin Steven’s first visit.

No matter how much he wanted to.

He’d dressed how Steven had requested but that didn’t diminish the fact that he felt like an idiot. He wore his leather pants without a shirt, exposing both his pierced left nipple and the brilliant memorial tattoo on his back. It made him feel more naked than he was used to in public. It took him a moment to realize less people were looking at him than at the young man walking past him with a leash attached to the harness around his cock; a leash clasped in the firm grip of a slim man with silvery hair, wearing a designer suit and walking with the smooth grace of a werekin.

In reality, with his magical disguise, he drew less attention than the dozens of men standing around like they were waiting to take part in a Mr Beautiful pageant.

He remembered the days when he used to bar hop, until he’d been taken off the market by the love of his life. Pain jabbed at him as he remembered why he could now visit these kinds of places again.

This is all a horrible mistake. The thought whipped through Anthony’s mind in a dizzying fury, setting his nerves strumming so loudly he was surprised the noise didn’t echo off the ceiling of the crowded bar.

Panicked, he turned to flee.

A strong grip clamped onto his shoulder, holding him in place.

“No escaping. You promised you’d come with me, and we both know you need to get out more,” said Steven, Anthony’s best friend. He watched the provocative pair with the cock leash pass with interested eyes.

“I know but I don’t think I’m ready,” Anthony stuttered. How could he convey the utter terror he had of falling for someone else just to lose them again? Drew had been Anthony’s sun, moon and shining star. To stand there in a sea of attractive people for the sole purpose of finding someone again struck Anthony as wrong on so many levels he could barely function beneath the weight of them.

“You’ve barely dated since Drew died.” Steven flashed Anthony a sympathetic smile. “You know he’d want you to move on, and although I appreciate your new look, I don’t think you did it for me.”

Anthony stifled his laughter at Steven’s rueful expression. Even though he had agreed to accompany his friend to the club, he’d cast a strong suppression spell on his appearance so he wouldn’t stand out in the crowd. Anthony didn’t need a stampede in his direction on his first night out. Easing into the dating scene gently was the only way he could even think about dating again. Even now, it felt more like dropping straight into the ocean rather than a gentle wade to get his feet wet.

Looking at the club’s clientele, Anthony had doubts he was going to find a nice, quiet man to dominate him. He missed his Drew, the strong man who’d been his lover until a heart attack killed him at the age of fifty. Anthony was brokenhearted at the death of his lover, especially knowing that if he’d been home at the time, he might have been able to save him.

Magic did nothing if you weren’t there in time to use it. Instead, he got home to find his lover dead on their living room floor. An event in his life he knew would stay with him for hundreds of years. Despite what they said about ‘time heals all wounds’, he knew some injuries to the soul never healed. They might scab over a bit but underneath the pain would always be tender.

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  1. Ah, the book that started it all for me. And I can’t believe that there are any who don’t have it.

  2. I love this series so much I rebought them LOLthe only thing that would make them better.. if they were longer hehehehe

  3. I love this series and I actually just got finished re reading them on Wed. Love them looking forward to the rest of them.

  4. I really enjoyed this book and when I went to down load it to my kindle to read again I can’t find it so thank you for giving it away for free.

  5. I own this book. *GRINS*
    It’s beginning is very like the “Wrangling#1” posted, in the underlying ‘so a supernatural/human person goes into a bar with a friend’….
    I love this premise.

  6. I loved this book and the whole series. Though I was late I started this one and just had to keep going.

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    So, love this series~

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