Christmas Persuasion!

logo(1)While I’m wrapping up Mikel the characters from Loving Leif decided to play around a bit.

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* * * *

Fuck, he was never leaving his cozy cave again. The past six hours away from his mates had Rhaegar growling. He’d spent the day with his dragons chasing a wild herd of centaurs from their mountain. The bastards did nothing but play horrible pipe music and leave their wine jugs everywhere. Annoying assholes.

Unfortunately it had taken most of the day to round them all up and only after threatening to set their tails on fire did the herd decide to find a new home. Rhaegar might have mentioned the dark fae had a nice forest but he’d deny it if anyone asked.

Rhaegar paused, one foot inside his cave. Lights draped the walls, silver stars dangled from the ceiling and strange strings of sparkly metallic fringe slithered across his treasure pile. “What the fuck?”

“You’re home!” Blake flashed a guilty glance around the cave before rushing forward to hug and kiss Rhaegar.

“Uh huh.” He set his mate carefully aside. Not too far because he might need another embrace but far enough he could see Blake’s face while they talked. “What happened to my cave?”

Blake folded his arms across his chest. “Leif decorated the place for Christmas.”

Rhaegar winced. “Dragons don’t celebrate Christmas.”

Blake raised an eyebrow and met Rhaegar’s gaze. “All right you go tell Leif he has to take all his sparkly stuff down and while you’re at it you can tell him why he can’t go to the Fae Christmas party.”


“Rhaegar you’re back!” Leif ran into the cave and threw himself at Rhaegar.

Rhaegar easily caught his smaller mate and couldn’t stop the smile crossing his face. A bit of glitter glue was smeared across Leif’s right cheek. “What happened to you?”

He wiped away the gunk with his thumb reveling in the warm, silky texture of his mate’s skin.

“I was at the castle helping Sammy with some Christmas crafts. He’s getting everything ready for Santa Claus.” Leif said.

Rhaegar held back the growl bursting to come out. He was going to be pulled into entire Christmas thing he could already feel it. His little raven had a strong nesting instinct and wanted them to be a family. Rhaegar preferred to be alone with his mates where no one could see his beautiful men and think they were worthy of talking to them.

He didn’t need anyone else in his life. Unfortunately wolves and ravens were more social than dragons. Leif needed something to keep him occupied. Rhaegar would have to see if anyone had a foundling the trio could adopt. The little raven had a tendency toward trouble if allowed to find things on his own. Maybe if he had something to keep his attention he’d have less time to throw himself into danger or find mischief.

Rhaegar kissed his mate wallowing in the joy of having his raven in his arms. The press and slide of Leif’s mouth against his fanned the flame inside of Rhaegar. When Leif pulled back Rhaegar kissed him once again before he let him go.

“Our dragon was just telling me what he thought of your decorations,” Blake announced.

Rhaegar resisted the urge to throttle the wolf shifter until he only had one mate.

Leif frowned. “You don’t like them?”

“I didn’t say that.” Rhaegar looked around and tried to think of something nice to say to his sweet mate. “They’re very sparkly.”

“I know,” Leif grinned.

Just like that Rhaegar gave in. No way was he going to crush his mate’s joy. Leif could wrap the whole fucking cave in tinsel if it made him smile. Still, Rhaegar refused to be social. “What’s this nonsense about the Fae throwing a Christmas party?”

“Nice diversion,” Blake mentally sent him. The wolf shifter stepped forward and kissed Leif before kissing Rhaegar again. He could almost taste his mate’s amusement at his expense. He allowed the nip on his bottom lip and only growled a bit when Blake pulled away. Time spent without one of his mates pressed against him was time wasted in his opinion.

“The Fae King is throwing a party for Sammy so he doesn’t miss out on the holidays,” Leif said.

“Dragons don’t celebrate Christmas,” Rhaegar insisted.

Leif looked at him through his long lashes employing unfair tactics. Blake wrapped a firm hand around Rhaegar’s nape and pulled him down until their foreheads touched. “We’re willing to make it worth your time.”

Rhaegar licked his lips. “It might take a lot of persuading. Dragons can be stubborn.”

“I think we’re up to the task, don’t you Leif?” Blake asked. The wolf shifter nipped at Rhaegar’s ear unfairly taking advantage of a hot point.

Leif dropped to his knees to unfasten Rhaegar’s pants. “I’m sure of it.”

Rhaegar growled. “I think I’m outnumbered.” He let a plume of smoke pour out of his mouth. The beast hovered close to the surface ready to pounce and devour the two seductive men before him.

“Don’t think of it as an ambush.” Blake said tackling Rhaegar to the ground. “Think of it as us making you have a very Merry Christmas.”

“I’m not going to play Santa,” He growled in case his raven had made any plans.

Leif swallowed him down to the root.

Blake grinned before latching onto Rhaegar’s left nipple.

“Fuck, fine anything you want.” Rhaegar relaxed into the not so tender care of his mates. Good thing he’d hidden their gifts beneath a large pile of gold coins, he could let them torture the location out of him later.

Happy Holidays to him.

* * * *

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