Grab your copy of Gears today!

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My name is Marbrey Small, but my vision has always been large. By hard work and study, I got myself off the street and built a business from the ground up.

Now my magic is changing and mechanical people are beginning to look like you and me. Others have claimed it is my fault, but can I be blamed for things out of my control?

My lover is trying to protect me from the fallout, but even a duke can’t fight back against the magistrate all alone. This is my story of how a street rat became a duke’s lover and the beacon of hope and hate.

Birthday Contest #2

Today we celebrate Amber’s birthday! We have 5 Gears prize packs and a few gift cards giveaways. Each pack comes with a unique Gears necklace, and yes it is open to international winners too!

As always for the first contest, let’s all wish Amber a Happy Birthday!

Today is My Birthday & First Contest!

Today is my birthday. I turn 51 this year, so yay I made it another year. We will be running several contests today. One of my closest friends is visiting this week to celebrate with me which is always fun. Later I will be going to see the new Ghostbusters. I’ve been a lifelong movie junkie. I love movies, even bad ones 🙂

To enter this first contest share with me your favorite movie! Winner will be announced at the end of the month and win a $50.00 GC with Amazon. If you’d like my latest book to enjoy on my birthday. You can get a copy of Gears here!