My Subby Valentine – 8


“Stay still,” he commanded.


“Sorry, what?”

“Sorry, Sir.” Kit’s white-knuckled grip tightened around the bars.

He slid the feathers from Kit’s stomach down the top of his thigh.


Kit complied. He opened his mouth and slid his pink tongue across his lips giving them an alluring shine and almost derailing Mase’s plans as he imagined sliding his cock inside Kit’s slick mouth.

Still smiling, Mase slipped the tickler beneath Kit’s balls, jerking a soft sound out of the sub.

“Doing all right?”

“Yes, Sir.” Kit’s voice was garbled and his body tensed from the feather’s gentle attack.

“You’re doing well. Just a little longer and I’ll give you a reward.”

With his uncertainty of the situation, Kit hadn’t been erect when they’d first started. Now his cock hardened and twitched beneath the feathery attention.

Mase kept up his tender assault for another few minutes until Kit’s toes curled from the sensation and his jaw tightened from clenching his teeth.

Pearls of pre-cum formed on the tip of his cock.

It would take little effort to make him come. Mase wrapped a hand around Kit’s cock and gave it a firm pump. “Come.”

With a cry, Kit gave it up—splashing across Mase’s fist, his hips leaving the mattress as he tried to get as much sensation as possible. When the sub finished, Mase grabbed some wipes from the drawer by the bed and cleaned up both his hand and Kit’s skin.

“You can let go now.”

Kit released the headboard, shook out his hands then reached for the blindfold.

“Did I say you could take that off?” Mase made sure his voice reflected his displeasure.

Kit snatched his hand back. “Sorry, Sir.”

Mase made a silent vow that one day Kit would call him Master.


Kit took a deep breath. Resting his hands by his sides, he waited for his next order. He felt boneless—as though Mase had melted his spine.

Tears pricked his eyes.

What if Mase was finished with him? What if there wasn’t a repeat performance in his future?

He let out a sigh as the Dom slid the blindfold off his face. Blinking to clear his eyes, he looked up at the older man.

“How do you feel?” Mase’s face showed nothing. A ball of fear formed in Kit’s stomach, derailing the relaxation he’d achieved a moment ago.

“Good.” He looked at the obvious outline of Mase’s cock. “Anything I can help you with?”

“No.” Mase gave him a look he couldn’t decipher. “Today was about building trust. Tomorrow is about my enjoyment.”


“If you want to continue to learn more about submission, be here tomorrow at six.”

Kit climbed off the bed feeling unsettled and embarrassed. “Have I done something wrong?”

Mase tossed the blindfold on the bed and cupped his face. “No, you’ve done nothing wrong.” He pressed a hard kiss to Kit’s mouth. “You did everything right.”


“I’m tempted to keep you, but you need to go home and think about what you really want. You’re young and I don’t want to railroad you into something you’re not ready for. You need time.” Kit got another kiss, a hot pressing of lips to lips that had him whimpering and willing to agree to anything to get another one.

Mase pulled away but granted him a kind smile. “Get dressed, go home and come by tomorrow if you’re still interested.”

Nodding, Kit went to retrieve his clothes. As he quickly dressed, his mind raced a million miles a minute—so focused on what Mase thought of him, it took him a while to realize what was happening. Mase was afraid. Whispered rumors claimed that Mase’s lover hadn’t been able to handle their relationship. And Mase wasn’t going to rush Kit in case the same thing happened.

He turned to face the sexy Dom. “I’m not changing my mind.” One taste of Mase’s domination and he was ready to sign up for the full tour.

Mase cupped Kit’s cheek in a gentle touch. “We’ll see. Call me when you get home.”

Kit smiled. “Yes, Sir.”

He felt a warm glow in his heart over Mase’s concern. Unable to resist, Kit kissed Mase’s cheek before darting out the door. He’d convince the sexy Dom to take a chance on him.

The sparks between them could start a fire. Now, it was up to him to keep Mase interested.

Max & Adam – 5

“Good. Than would it be presumptuous to ask for a kiss?” Adam stepped closer and cupped Max’s cheek in his hand.

“It would be a crime not to.”

“Hmm, can’t have that with me being a cop and all.”


Before Max could change his mind or vanish like a dream, Adam claimed his lips. A soft moan tore through him. He had kissed many men in his life but this particular kiss wrapped him in a warmth he hadn’t expected. Sure, he knew he wanted Max but with one kiss he needed him.

Max’s grip tightened and Adam groaned before pulling away. “We can’t get too handsy we are still in public.”

“Hmm, I can see the headlines now. Detective arrested for indecent exposure.” Max’s grin had Adam smiling along.

“I had a good time tonight,” he confessed. Many times attraction didn’t lead to anything more. He couldn’t even count on the number of dates that started out promising only to fair after a short dinner due to lack of interest.

Conversation with Max had kept him captivated the entire time. Max had a way about him that Adam appreciated. The calm way he listened and how he offered his own stories without trying to one-up Adam or brag about his success.

“I’d like to take you out again some time,” Adam said trying not to sound too desperate.

“Does that mean this date is over?” Max asked.

“No. It just means I’d like a repeat.” Adam picked at the buttons on his coat. For some reason Max’s answer seemed pivotal to his Adam’s continued happiness.

“I’d like that.” Max took Adam’s arm and they continued their walk along the water. “I like the sound of the waves. One day I’ll win the lottery and buy myself a beach house.”

“Hmm, sounds like a solid financial plan.”

Max punched him lightly on the arm. “Don’t crush my dreams. It could happen.”

“That’s true. The odds are against it but it could happen.”

Max nodded as if Adam had just shared his wise opinion. “What are your long term goals? Going for captaincy?”

“No, God no. I like being a detective. What about you? You seem to be too skilled for your current position.”

Max shrugged. “I like the job, he politics not so much. I’d prefer it if they just left me alone with my computers but they want to make me take sides on who puts out the best report or helps bring in the most cases.”

“You do.” Adam replied without hesitation. He pushed at the sand, making little indents as he walked.

“I’m sure there are others who do better.”

“No. Trust me you’re the best. Why do you think I keep trying to put you on my cases?”

“I thought you just wanted to flirt with me.” A dimple appeared on Max’s left cheek that Adam hadn’t noticed before. He brushed his index finger across the mark.

“That might be part of it but you are really a good at your job and I appreciate your reports. You always find the details everyone else misses,” Adam insisted. He didn’t want Max to think he was only pandering to him. Max’s skills were one of the reasons he really liked the guy. He hated incompetence.

The clouds moved and a half moon glowed in the night sky.

“The moon is beautiful tonight,” Adam said enjoying the peaceful beach.

“She is always beautiful,” Max said, a strange tone to his voice.

“Are you a stargazer?” Adam asked. Max had seemed more of a down to earth person but how much could he really determine from a few conversations?

“In a way. I appreciate the celestial bodies and how they influence the environment,” Max grinned as if sharing a private joke.

“You are a strange one Max, good think I like strange.” Adam pressed a hard kiss against Max’s lips before starting to walk again.

My Subby Valentine – 7


Kit flashed Mase one of his sunlit smiles. “So sexy, are you ready to play now?”

A wide smile crossed Mase’s lips. “Don’t you mean ‘are you ready to play, Sir’?”

“You don’t have to call me Sir.” Kit winked at him.

Mase resisted the urge to roll his eyes. The man was adorable but definitely needed some discipline. He hid his amusement until Kit began to shift uneasily.

“Strip and stand at attention.”

Kit slowly unbuttoned his shirt.

“Nice,” Mase said with approval. “Now the shoes.”

With only a few fumbles, Kit removed his dress shoes. Mase held back a chuckle when he saw the sub struggling with double knots.

Kit slid off his socks and tucked them into his shoes. He flashed Mase a come-hither smile before completely removing his shirt, pants and underwear. He folded them neatly and set them on the couch.

With his hands behind him and feet spread shoulder-width, Kit stood at attention like the perfect obedient sub.

Mase wondered, not for the first time, about Kit’s level of experience.

It had been a long time since Mase went through the motions of being a Dom with someone he could come to care for. Kit was his chance to be complete again. With Mase’s reputation, the chances of finding someone else were slim…well, someone who would want him for him and not because he was considered alluringly dangerous. Everyone wanted to try to tame the bad boy but rarely did they want to keep him. The only reason he’d been let into the club was because of his acquittal…and the large sum of money he’d donated. He’d learned long ago that money smoothed everything over.

The sad part was that Mase wasn’t even a murderer like everyone thought. He was only a regretful man—a man who had lost part of himself when his sub took his own life and people he thought cared for him pointed at Mase with accusing fingers.

Mase circled Kit as he gathered his thoughts and centred himself. “Are you willing to put yourself in my hands and obey my orders?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. What is your safe word for slow?”

“Umm, yellow for slow, bubble gum for stop.”

The sub appeared to have given the situation the careful attention it deserved. The calmness in Kit’s gaze reassured him. The younger man’s eagerness practically poured from him.

The tight ball of anxiety in Mase’s stomach unfurled. For the first time since he’d met Kit, he settled into his role as a Dom with old familiarity.

He could do this. He could make this sweet, beautiful sub his. Mentally, he backtracked and reminded himself it was only for the night, even as the thought of another man touching Kit made him grit his teeth. Some men wouldn’t be as gentle with a new sub as Mase.

He slid a hand from the top of Kit’s head to his lower back to soothe both of their nerves. The sub’s body trembled beneath his touch.

“I’ll be gentle. We won’t go too deeply into a scene. I’m not going to test your limits. We need to get to know each other better before you’ll trust me to do many of the things I want to do to you.” He didn’t want to scare Kit off. His mistake with his last sub had been that he’d rushed him too far, too fast. He wouldn’t make that error again. Kit would have nothing but happy memories to sustain him.

Kit swallowed. “I trust you,” he said in a shaky tone.

Mase shook his head. “You might say you do, but trust takes time. I know it took a lot of guts to meet with me. You’ll take things at the speed I set or you can go.” He made his tone firm even as his heart thundered in his chest. It would crush him if Kit went elsewhere but he couldn’t take the chance of losing a sub again. He just couldn’t.

“N-no. I will do what you say.”


He stood behind Kit, so the sub couldn’t see his wide smile.

“Follow me.”

Without another look at Kit, he walked past the naked sub and headed to his bedroom. He didn’t stop for Kit to look around. He’d give Kit the grand tour later when Mase wasn’t ready to jump his bones.

The short walk to the bedroom was enough to help calm Mase’s erection. Now he would concentrate on making the sub feel good. Giving Kit a touch of submission, enough to tempt him to more, was the goal of the night.

“Climb up on the bed, lay on your back and hold onto the bars. Don’t let go.”

Kit walked past, flashing him a curious glance, but didn’t make any complaints as he climbed up on the bed then rolled onto his back. Through his lashes, Kit watched Mase as he wrapped his fingers around the metal bars forming the iron rod headboard—a headboard Mase had bought for that very reason. Not to mention, handcuffs wrapped nicely around the frame. Mase didn’t plan to cuff Kit—not this time. For their first encounter, Kit wouldn’t have physical bondage. Less chance of Kit freaking if he decided submissiveness wasn’t for him.


Mase walked to the armoire bolted to the wall, opened the doors and looked over his selection. Dozens of whips, flogs, cuffs and other toys were lined in tidy rows on shelves, inside drawers and hanging on hooks from the large doors. He opened a drawer at the bottom and pulled out a leather blindfold.


Removing the blindfold and leaving the cabinet door open for Kit’s wide-eyed perusal, he headed back to the bed.

He held up the blindfold for Kit to see. Not giving him a chance to say yes or no, Mase wrapped it over the sub’s eyes. If Kit wanted to object, he’d have to use a safe word.

After the blindfold was secure, he returned to the cabinet and removed a black feather tickler.

“Keep your hands on the bars.”

“Yes, Sir.” The soft answer reassured Mase that Kit was still with him.

He made sure his steps were quiet as he approached the bed.

Smiling, he slid the feathers across Kit’s stomach. The sub jolted from the contact. With a blindfold covering Kit’s beautiful eyes, Mase didn’t have to keep the blank face of a serious Dom. He could let the joy filling him show.


The word whispered across his mind as he watched Kit twitch beneath the feathers.

My Subby Valentine – 6


Kit’s hands shook with a combination of excitement and nerves as he followed Mase’s car. He wanted everything to go perfectly. Mase’s sleek BMW stayed in view the entire time as he followed it up a long hill in his battered Honda. The road led up to a group of luxury homes built a few years ago. He remembered thinking when he’d watched them going up, they weren’t anything he’d be able to purchase in his lifetime.

A huge iron gate blocked the entrance to the community. Mase paused in front of it and must have activated the switch with a remote because the barrier smoothly slid aside. Kit drove as close to Mase’s car as he dared until he was through, not wanting to be caught in the gate as it closed to keep out the undesirables. Each house they passed looked bigger than the one before. Kit knew he was outclassed but damn—he’d never wanted a guy as much as he wanted Mase. He didn’t care about Mase’s reputation, not when he’d never been more certain that a man was innocent. He believed Mase when he said suicide had ended his lover’s life, even though he knew that didn’t mean others might not try to talk him out of a relationship with the sexy Dom.

A few blocks later they stopped outside a contemporary styled house positioned on a cul-de-sac by itself. No other house sat in the circle but a decorative stone fence surrounded the property on both sides. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected when he followed Mase home but if he’d given it any thought, he’d have imagined Mase living in a high rise, something made of glass and steel. It would be interesting to see how this home reflected the man Kit longed to know more about.

Kit pulled his car to a stop in front of the triple garage where Mase parked his car. Rubbing his sweaty hands on his pants, he gave himself a pep talk. “I can do this.” Kit might not be super experienced but he knew what he wanted and he wanted Mase—desperately.

Taking a deep breath, he opened his car door and shakily climbed out.

Mase was there before he could change his mind and run off.

“Come on in.” The warm smile he received banished any doubts he might have had about the gorgeous Dom. He needed to be here, to be with this man. Docilely, he let Mase lead him inside.

The inside of the house reflected the luxury of the exterior. Thick carpets splashed color against dark wood floors, rich leather furniture dominated large spaces and dark accent tables were scattered across the floor in an artfully designed way. The room had no soul. It looked as if it were a perfectly designed stage that showed nothing of the owner. But Kit wasn’t here to examine Mase’s soul.

He was here to play.

Mase’s intent stare sent tingles of desire up and down Kit’s spine. “It’s a nice place.”

The Dom shrugged. “It’s home. I had an interior decorator do the furnishings. I always thought I’d change it once I settled in but I haven’t changed anything yet.” He gave Kit a wry smile that thoroughly charmed him.

Kit looked around. “It could use a few personal touches but it is a good start.” He’d always thought about studying interior design but had veered into computer graphics instead. Still his sense of color and form had him often being recruited by his friends to help them with their places. More than one apartment had had a little help from Kit.

He gasped as Mase’s body pressed against him from behind. His entire back warmed from the body heat of the man behind him.

“I didn’t bring you here to critique my interior designer,” Mase growled.

“No? Wanna see my color swatches?”

Mase laughed. “That’s horrible.” He nipped Kit’s ear, sending shivers of need down his spine. “What’s your safe word?”

“Bubble gum.”

“Hmmm, so if you say you want to blow me, I shouldn’t consider it a safe word call?”

Kit broke into laughter. “I think you can assume I’ll always want to blow you.” His mouth watered at the thought of sucking Mase. Kit loved performing oral sex. He was a little fixated on it and damn if Mase wasn’t the source of his obsession.

“I thought we’d take things pretty tame tonight. Test and see if we’re compatible. I don’t want to push you out of your comfort zone on our first session.”

Kit almost objected, but then realised if he were trying to convince Mase he’d make a great sub, arguing wouldn’t be the best way to start. Reluctantly he agreed. “Whatever you want.”

He got a slap on the ass.

“Ow.” He turned to face Mase. “Why’d you do that?”

“You’ll call me sir when you’re in my house.”

“Okay, Sir. But you could’ve just said that.”

Mase gave him a wide smile that did weird things to his heart. “I could’ve but then I’d have missed your expression when I spanked you.”

Kit rubbed his ass. “You have a weird sense of humor.”

Mase raised one eyebrow. Kit corrected himself. “I meant you’re strange, Sir.”

Laughing, Mase pulled Kit into a tight hug. “You’re learning.”

Kit went onto his tiptoes and kissed the only bare bit of Mase’s neck within reach. “What did you want to start with, Sir?” Kit wiggled impatiently. He desperately wanted to be naked and filled with the hard rod rubbing against him. Unfortunately he had a feeling Mase would make him squirm before fucking him.

“I want you to get naked. All through dinner I was wondering what you had beneath those clothes.”

Adam & Max – 4

Max stopped raising the coffee cup to his lips. Instead he set it back down and kept his gaze on the tablecloth.

“I’m so sorry, it’s the detective in me.” Adam winced at his thoughtless words. Not the best way to get a second date. He’d never get into Max’s bedroom if he kept this up. He reached over and placed a hand over the one Max had on the table. “You don’t have to answer.”

“No. No it’s okay.” Max cleared his throat before freeing his hand from Adam’s grip and taking another sip of his black brew. “She was killed by her boyfriend.”

Adam sat back in his seat and stared. “Did they catch him?”

“Sort of.” Max ran his index finger along the top of the chipped coffee cup.

“What does that mean?” They either had the guy behind bars or they didn’t there was no halfway when it comes to catching a criminal.

“They caught him but he escaped.” Max sighed and lifted his gaze to meet Adam’s. “I don’t really want to talk about it.”

“Fair enough,” Adam agreed quickly. His detective instincts were screaming at him to pursue the conversation but Max apparently didn’t wish to discuss murder during their dinner date and Adam could respect that. “If you ever need me to make a few phone calls don’t hesitate to ask. Okay? I doubt there is anything I can do but they might be willing to give some extra information to another cop.”

The faint smile on Max’s face warmed Adam. “Thanks. I appreciate the offer.”

Adam puffed out a breath. “Now that I’ve ruined dinner want to go for a walk?”

The restaurant he’d chosen was on the beach. They’d watched the waved crash against the sea walls during their meal, the view was breathtaking even in the setting sunlight.

“You don’t think it will be too cold?” Max asked.

“This is where I make a suggestive comment about keeping you warm,” Adam teased.

Max laughed. “Well, in that case how can I resist.”

“You can’t.” Adam raised a hand to get the waiter’s attention. Within ten minutes they had their bill paid and were walking on the sand in awkward wobbly steps.

“I’m taking my shoes off,” Max announced before following his words with actions. Using Adam for balance he pulled off his right shoe then his sock and tucked it inside before doing his left ones. He wiggled his toes in the sand with a contented sigh.

“Not too cold?” The wind had picked up a bit, not enough to be freezing but there was a definite chill to the air.

“No, I’m pretty warm blooded.” Max’s teasing smile had Adam grinning in return.

He didn’t know what it was about the young researcher but Adam always had a boost of happiness whenever Max was near, almost as if he could sense him.

“Thank you for going out with me. I hope you’ve had a good time.” He needed Max to enjoy himself. It was the first step in getting Max completely dependent on him so they could settle down together and eventually get married. Despite what Jaimie said he wasn’t a stalker.

“I enjoyed dinner,” Max said. “I always like kabobs.”

“I like how they cooked them at the table.” Adam always liked to see where his food came from. “Even if you like yours way to rare for my taste.”

“I just like to scare them with the flames then eat them.” Max said.

Adam grinned. “I like this side of you.”

“What side?” Max gave him a sideways look from beneath his lashes.

Swallowing back a needy moan Adam pulled Max to a stop. “Relaxed and enjoying yourself. I’d like to see it again.”

Max’s eyes shone oddly in the fading sunlight. “I’d like that too.”

My Subby Valentine – 5


To make up for my neglect.

Mase tilted his head indicating Sean needed to leave things alone. He didn’t want Kit to feel uncomfortable with his relative’s curiosity even though he knew it would be all over the restaurant in a few minutes that he was on a date.

After Sean left, Kit pinned him with his green eyes. “Your cousin is very protective of you, isn’t he?”

Mase took a deep breath, marshalling his thoughts as he tried to find the right words. “Philip isn’t the only one who still gives me problems about who I date. When Jeff died several people blamed me.”

Kit placed his hand back over Mase’s. “Tell me.”

Mase didn’t really want to discuss his dark history over a nice dinner but Kit deserved to know what sort of man he was dining with. At least then he could leave before Mase became too invested in him.

“I don’t know what you heard, but I became involved with a young man who was new to BDSM. Unknown to me, he was also mentally ill. He wanted me to show him the ropes. After doing a few scenes together, we progressively sank deeper into the lifestyle, but he couldn’t handle it. One day he snapped and ended his own life.” Mase didn’t go into the details of how he’d found out too late that Jeff was manic-depressive and had stopped his medication. It was one of the reasons the jury had deemed him not guilty.

“That wasn’t your fault,” Kit gripped his hand tightly.

“How do you know?” That question haunted Mase. He should’ve seen the signs…something.

“Because from what you said he already had problems. Add that to questions about his sexuality, and apparently it was enough to push him over the edge.”

“But if I hadn’t pushed him…” Mase could feel the hollow ache begin in his chest—the pain that grew larger each time he spoke of or thought about Jeff.

“Did he have a safe word?”

“Of course.” Mase never played with subs who didn’t even know the basics like a safe word.

“Did he use it?”


“Did you stop when he said it?” Kit took a drink of water, his eyes never leaving Mase’s.

That was an easy question. “Absolutely. I would never not accept a safe word.”

“Then I don’t know how you can think you’re responsible.”

Mase sat stunned. No one had ever presented it to him that way before. Sure, he’d known intellectually it wasn’t his fault, but deep down lived a kernel of blame heavy enough to crush a house.

“I keep telling him it wasn’t his fault.” Sean set down the salads in front of them. “Maybe he’ll listen to you.” He gave Kit a friendly smile before disappearing back into the kitchen.

“Maybe I chose the wrong place for our first date,” Mase growled.

Kit laughed—a happy sound that made Mase want to smile with him. Where Jeff had been all doom and gloom, Kit had an inner light that gave a sparkle to his eyes and a perpetual upward tilt to his lips.

“Our date could still have a happy ending,” Kit’s smile went from slightly sweet to decidedly wicked.

“Hmm, maybe.” Mase wasn’t going to commit to anything further, but he was enjoying dinner with Kit. Whether or not he planned to take the other man home was still up in the air. Choosing a mentally imbalanced sub once was a mistake…twice would be sheer stupidity on his part.

While eating the cool crisp lettuce, they moved away from serious discussions to talk about Kit’s job as a graphic designer. The sub shared some of his funny stories about client demands and soon had Mase chuckling over Kit’s impression of one of his high profile clients.

“Oh, I’m sorry I missed that.” He brushed back tears of laughter as Sean arrived with their pasta.

“I see you two are having a good time.” Sean looked between them as if trying to assess the level of their attraction. Mase could’ve spared him the trouble. Kit’s appeal was off the charts.

Mase nodded but didn’t say anything else. Kit gave the chef a sweet smile. Sean got the hint and served the food without further comment.

Mase observed Kit as they polished off their meal. As sexy as he found the sub, it was the man’s sense of humour that had Mase entranced. Would Kit still have his perpetual smile and sparkling eyes when Mase had him tied to his bed and a cock ring fastened around his erection? Somehow Mase thought so.

They finished the pasta and split a serving of tiramisu before leaving the restaurant.

Mase walked Kit to his car and saw the flash of disappointment in the young man’s eyes when Mase opened the driver’s door for him.

Despite his vow to keep a distance between them, he found himself writing his address on the back of a business card and handing it to Kit.

“Follow me. If you get lost you can meet me there.”

“Okay.” Kit’s smile could’ve lit up the night.

Max & Adam -3

Yes I am off day. LOL This is just a filler section. More exciting actions next time.


It took him a while to decide where to take Max. After taking an informal poll at the office he settled for a Turkish restaurant. Apparently Max loved kabobs. Now he just had to not come off so strong. He didn’t want to scare Max away before he had him. Best alert him to his possessive behavior after it was too late to run and hide.

After a quick shower, Adam pulled out a nice pair dark jeans and a grey button up shirt. Not the most dazzling of color palettes but he looked presentable enough. He resisted the urge to put on a tie. He could just imagine the teasing he’d get if he showed up to pick up his favorite nerd with a tie on.

Unfortunately he’d lost the battle for picking Max up from his place. His cautious boy had told Adam he’d meet him at the restaurant. Apparently Max already was anticipating a bad date and wanted an exit strategy. Adam tried not to take it too personally. He appreciated a cautious man.

After making sure he had his wallet, phone and keys, Adam left his apartment.


The line out the restaurant door surprised him a bit. He knew the place had opened a few months ago but hadn’t known it was so popular. He mentally congratulated himself for calling ahead for a reservation.

While he was examining the line Max sidled up to him. “Good to see you detective,” he said, flashing a grin.

“I think on a date you can call me Adam.”

“Hmm.” Max stroked his chin as he pretended to think about it. “That might be too informal on a first day maybe I can move from detective to sir and work my way down.”

Adam smiled. “I’m sure there are many instances where calling me sir will work out very well.”

Max snorted. “In your leathery whippy fantasies.”

“Exactly.” Adam grabbed Max’s hand before he could say anything else and dragged him to the front door. He didn’t stop until they got to the little podium where a girl was writing down names. Adam gave her his name.

“Your table will be ready in just a few minutes if you want to stand over there,” she said pointing to a spot by the bar.

They nodded and went to stand where pointed. “I wanted to thank you again for your help with the report.”

“Hmm, is this a thank you dinner?” Max lifted his left brow at him.

“No. This is an I want to get to know you well enough to get you naked kind of dinner.”

“Long name,” Max teased.

“Yes, but it gets the pointa cross.”

“It does indeed.” Max opened his mouth to say something else but the waitress interrupted with news their table was ready.

“Thank you,” Adam said following her. He pulled Max after him since he’d never let go of his hold.

Once they were seated and given their orders Adam could focus on his date. “You look adorable tonight. Sorry I didn’t tell you earlier.”

“Thank you.” Max wasn’t dressed up but he wore a red top that accentuated a firm, flat stomach.

“You must work out a lot to be in such great shape working at a desk.”

“I run a lot,” Max said. “I’m still not certain about the whole dating someone from the office but I’m willing to see if there is a spark between us.”

Adam was pretty sure there was an entire forest fire worth of attraction but he wouldn’t say so. It would be foolish to tip his hand too early. “We’ll have a better understanding after a couple of dates.” He’d lure him date by date if he had to. Max was too adorable to let go without a fight. Adam was more than happy to fight for him.

Over dinner he learned Max had two sisters and was the baby of the family. In return he shared he was an only child. Finally curiosity and his cop senses had him asking.