Win Amber’s Releases for a year!

Hey everyone. Sorry I was late posting this, I had no internet yesterday.


To enter to win all of Amber’s 2017 releases, just let me know which series you most hope Amber will return to 2017.

Good luck!

262 thoughts on “Win Amber’s Releases for a year!

  1. I would love for amber to finish Blood, Moon and Sun.
    I can’t wait to see how Randall handles having fae wings.

  2. Dragons of Seattle I would love to know what’s been happening there. And The series started by The Wizard and the Wrreeolf? Happy New Years!!!

  3. I have to say it’s really hard to pick just one. I really enjoyed all her books but I would have to say I can’t wait for the next book in City of Keys series.

  4. Omg there are so many, Moon pack , dragons of Seattle, city of keys, end street detective, a wizard’s touch, supernatural mates! I want them all!

  5. Torn between continuing with the Moon Pack or catching up with the Supernatural Mates, I have re-read these series over and over. But then I wonder whatever happened with the Dragons of Seattle? Ugh, I’m at a loss, can we say all three?

  6. I would love Moon Pack or perhaps the Keys! I could not choose just one. If I had to, I guess Moon Pack.

  7. It is very hard to choose. I would like her to finish the Cob Brothers and I love the End Street Detective Series. I also love the Moon Pack series!

  8. I would like blood moon sun or my man Declan I really want to know what happens with the other wolf and vampire

  9. Planetary submissions. The moon pack. Larsen legacy. Oh hell. I want them all I can’t choose. 😘

  10. WoW… There are many many series I would love to keep reading, but I think I’m gonna go with Keys, it’s such an interesting world that I just can’t get enough of It.

  11. I really want the next book from the City of Keys series but I also want a sequel to Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter.

  12. Love everyone of the series but would love to see what is next for Ouentin Heart or the Dragons of Seattle. Like most here any of the series will do.

  13. I want more of all, but if I have the hard choose on my hands, I’ll say Mixed Mates, Dangerous Lovers and Killers and Thorns. That are amazing and I really will love to know how continue the story.

  14. This is too hard, because I have like five favorites…our maybe twelve! From Amber alone I am DYING for the next City of Keys. From collaboration I would love another End Street story. Thanks for the chance!!!

  15. Looking forward to reading the next book in End Street Detective Agency and Moon Pack. For my wish list, I’d love to read the next installments for Love & Vampires (My Shining Star), Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter, or, as a special treat, My Man Declan (I just loved that book). For a special treat could you please wave your magic wand and present us with the completed “Lord of Small Magics” and “Graven”?

    Yes, I’m dithering and can’t decide which one series to choose, but Amber’s so good and as a fangirl, I tend to gush. Wishing you a wonderful New Year.

  16. I’m excited about more than one so here is my list lol:
    1. End Street Detective Agency
    2. Moon Pack
    3. Dragons of Seattle
    4. Larsen Legacy
    5. Cob Brothers

  17. There are several series that I would love for Amber to work on but I think Moon Pack would be at the top of my list.

  18. Definitely Moon Pack and Keys. I have been following the Moon Pack since Attracting Anthony and have read the series repeatedly. I loved Moon Pack Mondays. They were my fix while I wait for the next installation. Keys! How can you not continue Keys?

  19. City of Keys
    Dragon Mates
    Hidden Magic
    and Wizard’s Touch! 🙂

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Amber and family and Sheri!

  20. You can’t really expect me just to pick one can you? My top 3 are:
    Larson’s Legacy, Supernatural Mates or Moonpack. Though I really enjoyed Quentin Heart, Vampire Bounty Hunter as well. I just didn’t know that it was going to be part of a series.

  21. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ONE OF MY OLD TIME FAVORITE AUTHORS.. Any of your series would be ideal.. But moon pack is always and will always be my favorite and I would love to read about Anthony, silver the Baby and the new path that story is taken. Dragon mates also would love to see more of those. ooohhh musician in the fairy court , city of keys, End Street Detective Agency, Dragons of Seattle, Larsen Legacy, Cob Brothers, hellborne, hidden magic, larsen agency, Planetary Submissives,

  22. First choice Nick’s Tales, second choice Vampire Bounty Hunter and third choice Dragon Mates…. but they were all so close and really I’d take a book in any of the series 🙂

  23. Mixed mates series please. I have been waiting for so long for other books in this series. I don’t care if i win or lose, just remember about this series. Oh and …
    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, Amber & family & Sheri

  24. Three great choices are Moon Pack, Dragons of Seattle, and Cob Brothers. I just want to get my hands on an Amber Kell book for 2017. Happy writing, enjoy and let those creative juices flow. Happy 2017.

  25. I NEED to see what happens in the Larson Legacy. Also, we haven’t had a book in the Wizard’s Touch in a bit. That would be great too.

  26. I would really love to see a new book in either The Larson Legacy or the Blood, Moon, and Sun series. 🙂

  27. Would love to see what comes next for Destiny of Dragons. Would also love to see what comes next for the Dragon Groomer.

  28. I definitely want to see what’s going on with Tam and the rest of the Larsons. Also a Wizards Touch seems such a long time ago. I hope there will be more in the Dragon Groomer line too. Happy New Year All.

  29. I really would like to continue reading Quinton Heart’s story and Vampire Wanted. Stories had a little bit of everything, especially humor.

  30. wow, you don’t make it easy for us now do you, lol. Moon Pack has to be at the top of my list. I thought the ‘O’ was already supposed to be out by now? 2. Dragons of Seatle

  31. It is so difficult to choose one of the series, my favourite werewolfs from Moon Pack or maybe magical boys from Dragons of Seatle? But because I am a passionate feline lover I definetely can’t wait to see what new adventures are wating for Talan’s pride from Supernatural mates. It’s been so long from the last episode, I miss them tremendously.

  32. Toss up between Blood, Moon and Sun and the Dragons of Seattle……. Either series has lots of potential for adventures and expansion. Love all your characters so with thanks and Christmas wishes to you Amber and your family!

  33. So hard to pick just one. I’m going to have to go with Supernatural Mates. Second is a close tie between A Wizard’s Touch and The Thresl Chronicles.

  34. I just want more of everything, but if I can only choose one. I want to find out what happens to Quentin Heart. After that the blog stories need to come out so I can have them for keeps:), then maybe any other shifter story she wants to write, I want to read!

  35. I would like to see another of the Moon Pack books or another book in the city of keys series. Hope you’ve had a great holiday season!

  36. Dragons of Seattle, Alphas Series, Blood Moon and Sun, Hidden Magic, Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  37. I think if I had to choose my first choice would be the cob brothers. Then city of keys, would love to see what happens with the other two. Finally, the Larsen legacy, those boys are just great. But, i would also love to read the ending to your m/f books, the two blog stories were very good and I would love to read the endings!

  38. hidden magic (was interesting world/char that seemed to have more possibilities) or a wizard’s touch (you started the next gen & left us hanging)

  39. Quentin Heart – vampire bounty hunter – would love to read more stories or the Larson Legacy series….

  40. As I love everything I think I would like to see more of the Dragons of Seattle since it also has the characters from Banded Brothers.

  41. Happy Holidays ad Happy New Year. Thanks for the chance.
    1. Moon Pack
    2. Larson Legacy
    3. Mercenary Love

  42. Can’t I just say all of them???? But if I have to choose…Dragon Men
    Thank You! Have a wonderful New Year

  43. Its not a series but I’d like to see Amber return to Barely Human (from Tuesday teasers). Otherwise more Wizards Touch or Hidden Magic would be nice. 🙂

  44. I love all of Amber’s books and series but I am really forward to the City of Keys book. loved the first book can’t wait for the second!

  45. I would love to see her go back to End Street Detective Agency! I would also love to see her go back to others but this one is topping my list currently!

  46. 1. End Street Detective Agency
    2. Thresl Chronicles
    3. City of Keys
    4. More in the Quinton Heart, Vampire Hunter world
    5. More in the Dragon Groomer world

    Those are my top hoped for, but I haven’t read any that I haven’t wanted more of.


  47. So many to choose from…
    Loved Banded Brothers so would like
    to see what happens next in the
    Dragons of Seattle series…

  48. I would love to see more Thresl Chronicles – Stormy Glenn and I keep hoping for more. I would also love more Dragon Mates.

  49. I would love to see more Planetary Submissives or the Mate series ( the one with dragon mates on the dragon planet).

  50. There are two series I hope to see more books from in 2017. The first is the End Street Detective Agency – really want to know how they get the brother back from death. Also, more books in the Quentin Heart, Vampire Hunter series.

  51. Hmmm. Let’s see. Maybe anothe Thersal book. More dragons definitely. Really whatever she puts out I’ll be reading. Even the re-releases.

  52. Dragon mates! I read these over and over again I just can’t get enough of this story line. I even bought the first two in print.

  53. Dragons of Seattle, Keys, and the Larson family! I would love to win your books, and wish I had your talents.

  54. I would love to see more from Hellbourne. Quentin’s a good choice too. Ooh, I know it’s not a series, but if there was a follow-up for Matchmaker, Matchmaker, that be great! I love Blood Signs so that’s another great choice. I could go on for days.

  55. Looking forward to the next adventure for the Moon Pack. Who is after Anthony? Who will be the next pack mate to find love?

  56. The Moon Pack because I am excited to know who is coming after Anthony and how he is going to take his new God powers.

  57. Blood, Moon and Sun, Dragons of Seattle, A Wizard’s Touch, City of Keys…. So many to choose from. Pretty much anything. ☺️

  58. Blood, Moon and Sun, I Love Randall and can’t wait to see where his story leads. Also, Dragons of Seattle I love the Banded Brothers series and it’s extension Dragons of Seattle. One of the best!

  59. The Larson Legacy please. I enjoyed Tam; I like them spunky and sarcastic with spines. And there are plenty of secondary and tertiary characters to explore. Same goes for almost all of your books, though. I like how your mind works.

  60. Umm, all of them? I don’t think there’s a series that I don’t like. Though I would really love to see a third book in Blood, Moon & Sun or a sequel to Hellbourne.

  61. Dragons of Seattle OR would really love a brand new series: Lord of Small Magics with Meck-Anders and Vedder-Farlon…..

  62. Fanged Love, Nick’s Tales, Dragon’s of Seattle, Moon Pack, and Supernatural Mates. In that order!!

  63. Can I say all of them? No, ok then I am looking forward to more Blood, Moon & Sun and more Dragons of Seattle but then again Moon Pack too.

  64. Moon pack, to have a human more of those, dragon groomer, the blogs stories you just introduced, yearning love

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