Forever My Love #9

*sorry it’s a little short this time but I’ll have another tomorrow*


Trent drove down the bumpy road, looking for signs of an accident. They’d received a report about a group of rowdy campers, but so far he’d seen no signs of them. His mind wandered to the night before and his time spent with Lee.

Had he really seen Antonio’s ghost? Or was he just imagining it after all of those pictures and Lee’s broken-hearted stories. Could someone’s memories bring a ghost to life? Something ran in front of Trent’s truck. He slammed on his brakes, the tires skid on the dirt road as the vehicle slid on the gravel.

“What the fuck!” As soon as his truck came to stop he jumped out to see what he almost hit.

A man lay on the road, bare-chested, wearing tattered jeans and no shoes. He was still but Trent could see his body moving as he sucked in oxygen. Cautious, with one hand on his gun, Trent approached the fallen man.

“Are you okay buddy,” Trent called out as he walked closer.

No response.

Trent tried again. “Do I need to call a doctor?”

Damn, he should have waited for backup. But half the department was out with the flu, and he’d thought it was just a matter of telling some campers to move along. Now, with a half naked man lying on the road he wondered if it might be a bit more.

He grabbed the radio mounted on the holster around his hips and called it in. Their one dispatch operator assured him help would be there soon. One of the deputies was nearby.

Trent didn’t know if he had that much time. Should he call an ambulance or take the man in himself? The man still made no motion to stand on his own.

Finally, when Trent was steps from the stranger, he rolled over. Trent barely held in a gasp. Some big-city cop he was, when a few scratches shocked him. But these claw marks crisscrossed the man’s chest and bled sluggishly.

Dropping to his knees beside the injured man, Trent shook him lightly. “Hey, are you all right?”

It might have been stupid to ask because the man if everything was all right because obviously something had attacked him. But what else could Trent ask? Interrogating him at this moment seemed cruel.

The man’s eyelashes fluttered. Brilliant blue orbs stared up at him filled with pain. “Am I safe?”

“From what?” Trent looked around, no one else was in the area.

Before the man could speak, wolf howls echoed through the forest. Panic widened his eyes. “From them. They’re after me.”

Trent wondered how much alcohol the man had consumed before he stumbled out of the forest. Was this just a case of too much booze around a campfire? Or maybe a stronger drug in his system?

“Come on, let’s get you checked out at the hospital. They can at least treat those scratches.”

He reached down to help the man up. Despite his injuries, the man scrambled backwards and away from Trent. More wolf howls had the men shaking violently. “Don’t give me to them.”

Yep, must’ve been drugs.


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