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FOREVER MATES: Mikhail & Jace


AVAILABLE: Thursday, July 10th

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Mikhail Kyryap knew the sexy little blond was his forever mate the moment he stepped inside the roadside bar with his friends. Convincing the human of that might prove to be harder than leading an entire pride of tiger shifters. Jace is the most stubborn man Mikhail has ever dealt with.

Jace Marrok was one step away from being labeled loose by his friends when he followed a handsome stranger into the utility closet for a little fun. He just can’t seem to resist Mikhail, not even when the man shifts in front of him and Jace learns that he has been mated against his will.

Deciding whether to believe the sexy alpha when he says it was instinctual might be harder than staying alive when others in Mikhail’s pride take exception to him mating a human. When they are attacked, Jace has to choose between staying with a man he is quickly falling for or getting his friends and running for his life.

Jace wiggled back against the warm hard body behind him. He smiled when the muscular arm wrapped around his waist tightened. He could seriously get used to waking up this way every day for the rest of his life.

That thought sobered Jace in an instant, the smile falling from his lips. He remembered begging Mikhail to bite him the night before, to claim him. He guessed after that the rest of his life was pretty much worked out.

He was somehow bound to a mountain of a man that could transform into the largest white tiger Jace had ever seen. Mikhail was also the sexiest man Jace had ever seen. He’d rocked Jace’s world so many times the previous night, Jace still felt the deep ache in his ass. And strangely enough, he wanted more, even knowing what Mikhail was.

It was all too much to think about this early in the morning. Jace needed coffee, he needed a shower, and he needed clean clothes. Only then could he really start to think about what all of this meant to his life.

“Mikhail, I need coffee.”

“Mmmm, downstairs in the kitchen, baby,” Mikhail murmured without even opening his eyes. He just tightened the arm wrapped around Jace’s waist and buried his face in Jace’s neck, going right back to sleep.

“Uh, Mikhail, you have to let go of me.” Jace patted Mikhail’s warm skin as he tried to turn over in the man’s arms.

“Don’t wanna.”

“I’ll bring you a cup of coffee.” He was willing to use bribery to get what he wanted.

“Not worth it.”

Jace chuckled. “I’ll bring you a cup of coffee and blow you while you drink it.”

Mikhail’s eyes popped open. “You’ll what?”

“I need coffee, Mikhail.”

“That’s not what you said, Jace.”

“Prove it.” Jace broke out into giggles when Mikhail growled and rolled over on top of him. His hands were quickly pinned over his head, Mikhail’s larger body settling between his spread legs.

When his lips were claimed, Jace forgot about everything but the man above him and the sweet feel of the lips plundering his. The kiss sent the pit of his stomach into a swirl. No one on the planet kissed like Mikhail.

Only the need for life giving air could have made Jace pull away. He almost groaned in protest when he needed to. Panting softly, he looked up into the emerald-green eyes staring down at him. What little breath he had caught in his throat at the adoration he could see in Mikhail’s soft gaze.

“Mikhail,” he hissed softly and turned his face into the hand that stroked down the side his face then moved back to curl in his hair.

“Are you going to stay, Jace?” Mikhail whispered.

Jace could see the hesitation in Mikhail’s eyes, the anxiety, and even the fear. He knew his answer was important to the man. He couldn’t just give one of his usual glib replies. He really needed to think about it and not while Mikhail touched him because that just made Jace lose his mind.

“I’d like to, Mikhail, but I really need to think about this. It’s a big decision and I’m not talking about the whole shifting thing either. You and I are not exactly easy going people and we don’t know that much about each other. I can’t make this decision lightly, no matter how much I want to.”

Mikhail stared at him for a moment then slowly nodded his head. “I understand.”

When Mikhail started to turn away, Jace quickly reached up and cupped the man’s face in his hand. “I want to stay, Mikhail. Please believe that. I just need some time to think.” He smiled up at Mikhail to show him he wasn’t upset. “And I need coffee first.”

Mikhail chuckled and dropped his head down to rest against Jace’s forehead. “Okay, baby, I get it. There’s a pair of old jogging pants that might fit you in the dresser and coffee downstairs in the kitchen. You go get a cup while I jump in the shower real quick. I’ll join you as soon as I’m done.”

“Getting all cleaned up for me?”

Mikhail laughed as he moved to the side of the bed. The corners of his lips were curled up in a smile as he glanced over his shoulder and winked at Jace. “I’m still hoping for that blow job.”


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